• Published on Aug 22, 2018
  • Jesse: bit.ly/McJuggerNuggetsChannel
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Comments • 5 327

  • Jonathan
    Jonathan 13 hours ago +1

    He also makes me uncomfortable... he talks in a way that's too sexual and suggestive. To friendly too fast.

  • Bryan Tarango
    Bryan Tarango 2 days ago

    That dude gets on my nerves

  • Roció Blondin
    Roció Blondin 2 days ago

    Honestly I don’t mean to be rude be he make me feel weird and uncomfortable and I’m pretty sure that he likes Lance more than a friend...

  • Kevin Song
    Kevin Song 3 days ago

    Mcjuggernuggets definitely has the hots for you, he gets really weird!! And I come from his channel...

  • Anne Heichel
    Anne Heichel 10 days ago

    Theo even gets bad vibes from this dude he's fucking disturbing

  • Vanessa The Unicorn
    Vanessa The Unicorn 10 days ago

    Leave him alone stop you are so so disgusting leave Lance alone you were being so weird fuck off

  • Vanessa The Unicorn
    Vanessa The Unicorn 10 days ago

    Fuck off

  • darren Reed
    darren Reed 11 days ago

    Well if i were you i would NOT

  • darren Reed
    darren Reed 11 days ago

    I would not come to his house ever

  • jazmin menchaca
    jazmin menchaca 12 days ago

    I mean I don’t judge either but I feel like he’s being weird around lance he literally doesn’t want lizzy to be around lance and I feel like lance should remove him from his life because he’s being really weird and like want lance to him self I’m like lance I’m a really nice person and don’t try to be mean on purpose I would just call the cops on him if he was doing those things a lot

  • Niya Andrade
    Niya Andrade 12 days ago

    Stop fucking wit that bitcagot

  • Mr. Random
    Mr. Random 14 days ago

    Jesse is better

  • Jesus Nazareth
    Jesus Nazareth 15 days ago


  • malicka deme
    malicka deme 16 days ago +1

    Is it me or does anyone else fill uncomfortable just by watching this 😳😅

  • Crystal Jahangard
    Crystal Jahangard 17 days ago +1

    Even the dog doesn't like the guy in the house major creepy 😖😖😖

  • Cherry Swan
    Cherry Swan 17 days ago

    Around 1:45 he scooted closer
    I hate watching him in your videos so much.

  • Elizabeth P.
    Elizabeth P. 18 days ago

    Even if he is faking it these vids are so weird and awkward and it’s like seriously creeping me out 😂

  • Josh Olson
    Josh Olson 19 days ago +1

    We are the lance steward fan club and we stick together with lance and his loving girl friend. I have a bad vaib just saying its a bad idea to have Jessie in the house he's turning into boogie

  • Tyler Artibey
    Tyler Artibey 19 days ago

    Hey bro lance this budy is so weird go watch some of his video

  • insanesavage gaming and outdoors

    He wants to touch your butt lance

  • The Random YouTuber
    The Random YouTuber 21 day ago

    When two TVcliprs are falling down the drain. Lol

  • Max De Lille
    Max De Lille 22 days ago

    why does he make me instamaaaad??

  • Kelsea Garcia
    Kelsea Garcia 22 days ago

    Be careful with him.... I think he was the one that threw the rock in your window

  • William Brisky
    William Brisky 22 days ago

    I think this is all a skit.

  • Bambino Vlogs
    Bambino Vlogs 23 days ago

    WTF 😂😂😂

  • Tre -O
    Tre -O 24 days ago

    Damn im 16 and i know this man is going wayyyyy to far💀💀💀

  • Cameron Cousett
    Cameron Cousett 24 days ago

    That’s suspect

  • Mark Rosales
    Mark Rosales 24 days ago

    Stay far far far away from him Lance...people like him go crazy...they snap...they are the stockers...dangerous people.

  • Ava Bowers
    Ava Bowers 25 days ago

    He made my feel uncomfortable watching the video

  • Jayelene Sanchez
    Jayelene Sanchez 28 days ago

    He is being weird I don’t like it and he says I want my dad to met you and see who I really am And doesn’t want Lizzy around he looking mad when lizzy is around and lizzy sleeping with lance it’s just werid

  • Lsg 0558
    Lsg 0558 29 days ago +1

    This guy has mental problems

  • Luis Ortega
    Luis Ortega Month ago +3

    Im so uncomfortable...ehhh

    DRUGZ EMT Month ago

    I think he is g##

  • VX Cl1pzZ
    VX Cl1pzZ Month ago

    What a freak

  • Dont Hate
    Dont Hate Month ago

    is he wearing ser winter march

  • QCBarbers
    QCBarbers Month ago

    I’m gagging

  • Hosea Hopkins
    Hosea Hopkins Month ago

    Jessie is goat

  • Harlie Jo
    Harlie Jo Month ago

    He is hella pised

  • karyn griffith
    karyn griffith Month ago

    I hate Mcjugget nuggets

  • Kallazar Drakul
    Kallazar Drakul Month ago

    Some people say it's an act but I don't think it is. It looks like he keeps doing whatever he can to try to make a move on you, Lance.

  • Rose Flood
    Rose Flood Month ago

    I think he is in love with you like😘

  • Rose Flood
    Rose Flood Month ago

    He needs to stop touching people I think that Lizzy is getting really werider out because he is like in love

  • Rose Flood
    Rose Flood Month ago

    I thought that he killed his dad on one of his videos

  • 2PURDY
    2PURDY Month ago +1

    Wow, you little kids are so gullible for believing any of this!

  • The corgi team Go go go corgis let’s go corgis

    That guy is a bitch got the fuck him away from u

  • Samantha Smith
    Samantha Smith Month ago

    So cringy just watching! Wtf?!

  • Dusty Taylor
    Dusty Taylor Month ago

    F u not u lance the other guy

  • That Active Investor

    I get this is a series but hella awkward

  • That Active Investor

    What about making us feel awkward???

  • miss Kozak
    miss Kozak Month ago

    It's so hard to be nice to someone if they keep getting I your bubble

  • joel&janet Vlogs
    joel&janet Vlogs Month ago

    The weird part is when in the other video lance told him he could sleep in the guest room he didn't say anything for a little and the fact that he asked if they sleep together

  • xdande lionx
    xdande lionx Month ago

    You can still tell lance is really nervous cuz he avoids eye contact and keeps fidgeting with the plastic thing

  • Aj Fitzhugh
    Aj Fitzhugh Month ago

    He’s so cringyyyy😂😂😂

  • Kimberley Rocky
    Kimberley Rocky Month ago

    He seems like he's into Lance !

  • WRF Lad
    WRF Lad Month ago

    I wanna punch Jessie’s angry resting bitch face


    To set it straight lance was in on it to because it all in act and thats how TVclip Works now to get more viewer and more subscriber's. (Like) if you agree or (Comment) if you disagree

  • Darienne Walters
    Darienne Walters Month ago

    I know this is a skit but it’s so uncomfortable.😬

  • Belle Ngieng
    Belle Ngieng Month ago

    Kiss lizzy

  • Madison Acampora
    Madison Acampora Month ago

    I thought Anthony and lance were cousins

  • Alisha._. Wbu
    Alisha._. Wbu Month ago

    1:31 is he try a touch his 🍆

  • Alexandra Ayala
    Alexandra Ayala Month ago

    Lance my only guess is that Jesse wants attention to get subscribers and more money and he knows that your making lots of money so he is probably thinking well this guy has lots of subscribers maybe if i make him uncomfortable he will posts videos of me and then i will have to show up in the video while im at it i speak about the videos i make so the Lance Stewart subscribers go and check his content

  • Alexandra Ayala
    Alexandra Ayala Month ago

    like the way he said "do you think thats really necessary" when Nina asked Lance to take Lizzy with him. He didnt sound like he was kidding at all

  • Alexandra Ayala
    Alexandra Ayala Month ago

    bruh this dude is givin me very bad vibes like he is up to no good

  • Xcfr tyju
    Xcfr tyju Month ago

    Jesse be careful with thus friendship

  • Luis Cervantes
    Luis Cervantes Month ago

    bruuuuuhhh i think he was going to touch your dick

  • Carolina
    Carolina Month ago

    I’m so uncomfortable 😬😂

  • Destiny Back25
    Destiny Back25 Month ago

    that person is so so so weird like if u agree and he makes me uncomfortable

  • Leslie Sonora
    Leslie Sonora Month ago

    He’s soo weird lol I just have this bad vibe about him watch out lance

  • The Lion Master
    The Lion Master Month ago

    In the previous video did anybody else hear him say “ya man bend over” to lance

  • Madison Putt
    Madison Putt Month ago

    2:38... yeah you want him to see that you have the HOTS for a Lance.... 🤦‍♀️

  • Nevaeh Symonds
    Nevaeh Symonds Month ago

    Lance he is fucking crazy

  • Ryan Hilton
    Ryan Hilton Month ago

    hes sooo stupid cant u see how uncomfortable lace is

  • Isamar Marin
    Isamar Marin Month ago

    Lance don't do anymore videos with him.

  • Amy Givan
    Amy Givan Month ago

    Yeah you your a fucking psycho who's like this I mean your so gross if I was Lizzy or you I'd beat his face in prob a serial killer and who's like secretly like stalking Lance and his family wow get a restraining order against this wack job

  • Blue 777
    Blue 777 Month ago

    Dude even Theo could tell some shit was going on

  • Jeremy Madrid
    Jeremy Madrid Month ago

    this guy is tweaking

  • natalia
    natalia Month ago

    even his dog has bad feelings about him💀

  • Yoshi 1567
    Yoshi 1567 Month ago

    When im watching these it like makes feel hella awkward and uncomfortable

  • Maria TrenthamHTD
    Maria TrenthamHTD Month ago

    I'm sorry but this guy has always gave me a uncomfortable feeling. There is a such thing as being too friendly and that he is!! He can keep his Nuggets to himself! Lol! BTW new subscriber! Watched you with Omar and James the prank of kidnapping your Grandmom. You seem pretty cool man!

  • Dee Crossyamind
    Dee Crossyamind Month ago

    Aww Lance you’re so nice and not trying to be mean, but I can not anymore with this dude hangin around you. It could get so much worse. It’s like he’s really lowkey digging you and flirting. I mean I know myself I’m a female and I like girls but in this kind of term of his behavior is over board and I can see you are trying to be calm about things but at the same time you’re really uncomfortable. Much love to you Lance but becareful. & yes, he’s irritating and pissing me off. I’m like mad FOR YOU . 😔

  • Undeadgamer
    Undeadgamer Month ago

    Why does Jesse remind me of Trevor all of the sudden in this video lmao

  • Hypecoop Coop
    Hypecoop Coop Month ago

    It’s okay to touch friends. But he touches lance in the most weirdest places🤨

  • Kongo
    Kongo Month ago

    The most awkward Video Ever so awkward its uncomfortable to watch

  • kravve. ry
    kravve. ry Month ago

    I'm uncomfortable asffff. how do you even wanna make videos with himmm😭 He's weird cut him off lanceee. lmao love you tho

  • MarquiseTha Goat
    MarquiseTha Goat Month ago

    Like this if y’all agree he the one who broke lance window n wrote that note cause he said he been around for a long time

  • littclipz
    littclipz Month ago

    i can tell lizzy dont like lol

  • littclipz
    littclipz Month ago

    "should lizzy come with us no that not necessary excuse me?" LMAO!!!!

  • Katie Owen
    Katie Owen Month ago

    3:30 scared me

  • Vesa Kytö
    Vesa Kytö Month ago

    Työ guy is really strange. I'd kick him out and never let him back in...

  • Lisandro Miguel
    Lisandro Miguel Month ago

    He’s tooo touchy son

  • Lisandro Miguel
    Lisandro Miguel Month ago

    I really wanna fight him

  • Edwin Rodriguez
    Edwin Rodriguez Month ago

    hes pissed that he cant touch u

  • Edwin Rodriguez
    Edwin Rodriguez Month ago

    hes so awkward lance

  • Madison Herald
    Madison Herald Month ago

    he is a weirdo

  • Latricia Curry
    Latricia Curry Month ago

    Broooo Shii Cringy I’m Glad Dis Shii Ainn Real😣😣

  • Kimberly C
    Kimberly C Month ago

    This was so awkward to watch it was soooo weird what the hell that last part when he said hug it out bro lance was like what the hell are you doing that is awkward

  • The Two Guys
    The Two Guys Month ago

    He's using that as an excuse so he could be weird

  • The Two Guys
    The Two Guys Month ago

    Seriously do not trust them he was bad to Angry Grandpa son like seriously yeah she's f***** up in the head like for real

  • Cole 4564
    Cole 4564 Month ago

    I love you guys but I hope your faking this shit for views cause this kid is weird

  • Ryan1345 1345
    Ryan1345 1345 Month ago

    They were talking about 22 from Taylor Swift