Based on True Story: Trĩal By Fire (1995)

  • Published on Jul 19, 2016
  • When Paulette Gil (Gail O'Grady), a local high-school teacher, tries to help one of her troublεd male students (Andrew Kavovit), he takes her gεsturεs the wrong way...
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  • Mai Giza
    Mai Giza Day ago +1

    So nice 👍👍👍💓💓💓😋😋

    DARKKISS 2 days ago

    The guy that plays her husband was in Kill Bill. "My name's Buck and I'm here to fuck."

  • Bethlehem Eisenhour
    Bethlehem Eisenhour 3 days ago

    She shouldn't have her body parts hanging out as well.

  • King Valliant
    King Valliant 3 days ago

    She looks way older than 28!!

  • liza carlsen
    liza carlsen 3 days ago +1

    Great movie. The husband by her side. Awesome tks.for sharing.

  • Maritza Aponte
    Maritza Aponte 4 days ago

    terrible movie

  • Somer King
    Somer King 4 days ago

    It would be easier to watch if they weren't portraying them to be in their 20' like 40's..

  • Erik Herdelin
    Erik Herdelin 5 days ago

    @13:35 the same lawyer from unlawful entry

  • Sharon Sheehy
    Sharon Sheehy 5 days ago

    Don’t blame Paulette for not wanting to return to teaching ,,,,

  • Paradise Soon
    Paradise Soon 6 days ago

    A teacher should never go dressed with a short skirt to teach
    It’s bad .....
    Specially if they are around 13-18
    There hormones are sky high . It’s great that her husband stood by her
    If a child called for help I would have gone with my husband or a friend never alone

  • Morgan Caumont
    Morgan Caumont 6 days ago

    she's so beautiful

  • Philip Dawes
    Philip Dawes 8 days ago

    Thanks for the upload. An interesting story demonstrating how some ordinary people become so evil to accuse an innocent teacher who cares and has a heart.

  • Madam Scuttlebutt
    Madam Scuttlebutt 8 days ago

    22:37 Elise (Insidious).

  • Jett McKenzie
    Jett McKenzie 10 days ago

    A caring, understanding teacher lost to the profession because of poor parents, school pastoral system and bullies

  • Tee Kay
    Tee Kay 11 days ago

    A great passionate teacher indeed! She loved teaching and had to make the hard decision of not doing it again due to such allegations! I hope she did great as well being a lawyer! God Bless her!

  • Mary Quin
    Mary Quin 14 days ago

    Por favor podrias colocar esta pelicula en español es muy buena y deseo verla!!!!!

  • Krissy
    Krissy 15 days ago

    I agree, Teachers aren't friends, they are only teachers.. She should have never meet with students outside the classroom. Even if it's innocent people will think other wise.

  • Florentina Ofong
    Florentina Ofong 16 days ago

    Very nice story full of moral lessons

  • Pussycatfeathers
    Pussycatfeathers 17 days ago

    The boy was running around bragging to his friends that he was sleeping with even if she was, which she wasn' hardly sounds like this boy thought it was sexual assault now does it!!!...there is, wether we like it or not, a difference between male sexual experience and female sexual experience!!

  • Pussycatfeathers
    Pussycatfeathers 17 days ago

    Is the lawyer Stephen Collins brother?....looks a lot like him!

    • Tinkzy Gummi
      Tinkzy Gummi 3 days ago

      Im surprised thst nobody recognized keith caradine

  • Jay
    Jay 19 days ago

    Not all dogs bark especially older ones or if the dog knows your sent. So, that wasn't a good example for the criminal defense.

  • K R
    K R 19 days ago

    I remember when this happened..

  • Dennis White
    Dennis White 20 days ago

    The parents didn't seem to care about the kid there was problems in the house he committed suicide then they wanted to point the finger at someone who cared shame on them

  • Carol Worth
    Carol Worth 20 days ago

    It was very nice to see both Keith Carradine And Gail O'Grady, again. And, in a good film without language and/or violence. Please, Hollywood, bring some morality back into movies!

  • Eliran Pinhasov
    Eliran Pinhasov 21 day ago

    Wow great movie
    Love true life based movies
    My heart almost skipped a beat when the woman juror announced the verdict
    Know the teacher and student from 90s and 2000s
    Eliran from Israel

  • welddoctor
    welddoctor 23 days ago

    This is a no-win situation nowadays anyone can say anything and not be punished when found to be lying, I was in a situation were I was looking after a few kids so my friend could go to bingo well did I get a surprise, the 16-year-old boy wanted my leather jacket I said no, of course, the first words that came out of his mouth was, he was going to tell the school I was abusing him, these kids know the system and won't hesitate to use it we all lose never again and that is sad .

  • kimberly bahrs
    kimberly bahrs 23 days ago

    Good movie

  • Grace Mukemba
    Grace Mukemba 25 days ago

    o gelukkig ik ben blij dat zij heeft gewonnen.

  • M-Cool
    M-Cool 25 days ago

    I think i know why he kill himself because those ass hole kids keep bulling him about him not getting laid by the teacher and the kid was trying to show them prove but they just kept bulling him high school man nothing but ass hole kids they will push you to your limit rip Chad

  • Karen Hector
    Karen Hector 26 days ago

    I'm sorry, but I totally disagree with most of these negative comments. The kids lied to save face, the parents got explosive and demanded something be done to punish her, and the community of rich and powerful rallied around to destroy this poor woman.
    It's actually a very sad tale.

  • Ja Nay
    Ja Nay 28 days ago

    As a H.S teacher, you are expected to never cross a line. How she dressed and the things she allowed them to say crossed the line. I seen alot of my kids after work hours but I worked at a daycare so I babysat. You can't do the same with hormonal H.S kids. Even if they lied, you must stay professional. Period.

    • Ja Nay
      Ja Nay 25 days ago

      +Karen Hector you still here...

    • Karen Hector
      Karen Hector 25 days ago

      +Ja Nay Right on! 👍 You go girl! Right on! 🤣🤣🤣
      Maybe you'll watch this movie again in 15 or 20 years. Just a suggestion. Maybe then you will be able to open your mind to a different way of looking at things.
      It's sort of a learning thing that happens to a person naturally when they grow up and are more confident in who they are. I say this to you in sincerity. Hang in there, kid? I know you'll get there.
      Sometimes it's ok to NOT win the battle. The important thing is to win the war (in life). God bless.

    • Ja Nay
      Ja Nay 25 days ago

      Have a good night. Find another comment section to be right on.

    • Karen Hector
      Karen Hector 25 days ago

      +Ja Nay whatever. If you need to win, you may.

    • Ja Nay
      Ja Nay 25 days ago

      Exactly. An opinion is just that being that neither you nor I know what she actually wore. Something triggered the kids whether they lied or not. So her overall interaction, clothes and off time with the kids had to have been inappropriate in some way. If something about this WASN'T inappropriate then this whole case wouldn't have happened and with that said we can agree to disagree.

  • planetjody
    planetjody 28 days ago

    47:26 what’s the jazz that starts at that time

    KADISH BABY Month ago

    The teacher really went too far with her students

  • Hahge Hahge
    Hahge Hahge Month ago +1

    people always sees kindness as something else because they are mean nasty, if you help they they think you're stupid or weak.

  • Sweelen Simpson
    Sweelen Simpson Month ago

    After already being in trouble for one she still allow another boy to walk up on her she is flirting with thboys and showing legs,then tell him not to compliment,slutty

    • Karen Hector
      Karen Hector 26 days ago

      She's telling him to back off. Setting limits!

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  • 901 cutie
    901 cutie Month ago

    There should be a part 2 to this movie...great movie

  • SpanishVamp🇨🇦
    SpanishVamp🇨🇦 Month ago +1

    if teacher had been male, and very academically involved with his students, would he do house calls for a female students, or go for
    I think this teacher is an alien.
    her actions pre accusation is abnormal.
    her actions post accusation and during trial is abnormal

  • Andrew Magallanez
    Andrew Magallanez Month ago

    Justice have been served!! That poor lady went through hell but glad that the people saw the reality in what was really going on and not listen to teen gossip

  • Amber Cranford!
    Amber Cranford! Month ago

    This is a great movie!

  • sister uniqua
    sister uniqua Month ago

    When he touched her hand I was like de faq

    • you you
      you you 2 days ago

      exactly, and I read through lots of comments nobody point it out. I thinks she hit on him too.

  • Maximus Dan
    Maximus Dan Month ago

    What kip. did was wrong but at the same time i felt sorry for him he needed psychological help

  • Maximus Dan
    Maximus Dan Month ago

    Umm couldn't she have fixed her skirt when she was sitting on the desk😒😒

  • Jasmine Badon
    Jasmine Badon Month ago

    Patsy’s dad is a jerk...

  • Michael Goodman II
    Michael Goodman II Month ago +1

    I'll be honest I've definitely had a few crushes on a lot of my female teachers when I was younger but I couldn't help it out at all,however I did say some inappropriate things to them that they've cut me off for. But it's OK... Cause I've learned my lessons about self respect sharing the right kind of love towards my teachers but thankfully god gave me a chance to rewrite my wrongs, but at the time I never thought it was alright to have feelings for a teacher especially if they are too old for you too,also I didn't think I really would have really deserved a girl friend in my life because of times I've screwed up on the numerous occasions SMH,but I know that I was Young ,but full of hormones and I'm trying to reevaluate my self to be more of a better man instead, no means no am I'm attempting to cross that line ever!.

  • Ryan Kopp
    Ryan Kopp 2 months ago +1

    THANK YOU for uploading this WONDERFUL and TOUCHING movie.

  • nancy long
    nancy long 2 months ago

    Hey, the actor (Kipp) was on the soap opera Days Of Our lives!! He was Hope and Bo's son I believe...🤔

    • nancy long
      nancy long 25 days ago

      +Karen Hector 😉

    • Karen Hector
      Karen Hector 25 days ago +1

      +nancy long 😄 you go girl!

    • nancy long
      nancy long 26 days ago

      +Karen Hector I have the memory of an elephant! 😆

    • Karen Hector
      Karen Hector 26 days ago +1

      Really!! That was eons ago!!!! 😆 Good eye!

  • Kuhle mragala
    Kuhle mragala 2 months ago

    Beautiful movie. The main actress. (Gail) she's so beautiful ❤️

  • Pauline Achieng
    Pauline Achieng 2 months ago

    She wasnt guilty and I like that she reached out to those kids but again a lesson to female teachers not to be too close to teenage students because they will always misinterprate their teachers' to something else thus creating misunderstandings, Also kindly teachers to always dress appropriately when in any education institute. Good acting though.

  • barry melias
    barry melias 2 months ago

    great movie

  • Joy Corcoran
    Joy Corcoran 3 months ago

    She may be good as a pornography actor- with VERY FEW LINES: OR NONE- CUZ SHE DIDNT IMPRESS ME HERE

  • rebecca hooper
    rebecca hooper 3 months ago

    does that mean I cannot even talk to a minor because I might be accused of rape

  • Charlie.
    Charlie. 3 months ago

    Michael Bowen, who played Kip, was 38 years old when this was filmed!

    • ny. robi
      ny. robi 2 months ago

      Isnt it Andrew Kavovit who played Kip?

  • Mandy Pillsbury
    Mandy Pillsbury 3 months ago

    What a amazing husband she has to stand by her through all that.

  • happy water
    happy water 3 months ago

    So slow

  • Erin McGowan
    Erin McGowan 3 months ago

    I always enjoy cool movies watching them on boxxy software in my audio language with subtitles - and everything is for free

  • Sunil Lazar
    Sunil Lazar 3 months ago


  • Johanna Kampstra
    Johanna Kampstra 3 months ago


  • Arty Joseph
    Arty Joseph 4 months ago

    I wonder what happened to those kids who lied and testified against Paulette. When someone lies, they have a chance to correct the issue otherwise those kids will pay for the consequence.

  • Lisa Green
    Lisa Green 4 months ago +27

    I love the fact that Paulette husband stood by her without doubting her innocent, really loved that, very nice movie

    • Ruby Ang
      Ruby Ang 4 days ago

      Me too :-)) ...I admired him really..and her lawyer did a good job :-))

  • Lisa Green
    Lisa Green 4 months ago +1

    Jesus why in the world did they put soooooo much makeup on kip face??? Gezzzz he look ugly and cute, Lmaof

    • you you
      you you 2 days ago

      lol, I notice it too the first moment his face shown, too much foundation it looks weird.

  • Shivangi Patel
    Shivangi Patel 4 months ago

    There are teachers that really do this. A lot of older women have sex with younger guys. I know plenty of guys that had sex with older women. These women are married or in a relationship and they have sex with younger guys. When you guys are at work you guys don’t know where your wife or girlfriend is. The girls don’t know where there man or husbands are when they’re not around. The guys I know and other guys have slept with older women. These guys also had sex with people there age and younger girls. No one knows how sneaky people are. You never know what anyone is doing behind closed doors or when they aren’t around. If the truth came out there would be so many divorces and relationships breaking. I know what people are doing. So many sneaky people. The things people do but all eyes are on me.

  • hari krishna
    hari krishna 4 months ago +1

    very nice movie

  • ugalis bbq
    ugalis bbq 4 months ago

    She was a good woman and a good teacher but no one should be this naive!!! She dint seem to understand her boundaries. Going to a students house, his room at night...Red flags. That's why she's getting all this fire and what's with discussing her business & dinning with her much younger student/ friend did she not have friends her age?

  • Jan Rahn Faust
    Jan Rahn Faust 4 months ago +2

    People are talking about her dress. I think her dress issue is a movie thing not the real thing.

  • RahThaKid #
    RahThaKid # 4 months ago

    I'm soooo hungry

  • Ava Goldsby
    Ava Goldsby 4 months ago

    What a slut

  • Ava Goldsby
    Ava Goldsby 4 months ago

    All I can say is wow

  • Robin Richter
    Robin Richter 4 months ago +1

    I myself as an empath have many times been scrutinized for caring too much. I have been lied about, my feelings hurt, but I will never stop caring. I will always trust that my heart will overcome any and all hidden agendas on behalf of others whom are either jealous or just don't understand true heartfelt feelings.

  • Thomas Baldwin
    Thomas Baldwin 4 months ago +3

    It is shameful that rich people think it is always some body else fault that their spoiled brats are not perfect,and be very comfortable to destroy a good teacher that can reach their son or daughter when their own parents didnt know something was wrong. This Teacher did what the parents should have been doing

  • Irishmsb
    Irishmsb 4 months ago

    Was really surprised to see such a very young Sean Murray playing the character of Danny. Recognized him immediately as Agent Timothy McGee from NCIS. :)

  • kewanw16
    kewanw16 5 months ago

    Those kids made up all that bullshit about what was going between Paulette and Kip and went to their parents with it .

  • Surah Online
    Surah Online 5 months ago +21

    *I'm glad I randomly found this movie. It's really good!* 👍

  • Phennie Morghane
    Phennie Morghane 5 months ago +8

    Support strong from the hubby 😋😋😍

  • Athena griego
    Athena griego 5 months ago

    I dont care how inappropriate the student is , It is up to the teacher to set boundaries. She knew about the boundaries she just chose not set them. She should have never had coffee with this girl. If I were husband Id be pissed too. If it were the other way around we would be pissed at the man and automatically blaming him. Why are people feeling sorry for her? Cause she speaks with he naive damsel in distress voice?

  • Athena griego
    Athena griego 5 months ago

    Teachers are supposed to be professional at all times. She was alittle too nice for my taste. She enjoyed the fact that he liked her. Im not saying its her fault that the kid wasn't playing with a full deck but I think she could have found a way to be less friendly and more of a teacher.Not reprimanding him after the pickup lines.Not telling her husband! Going to his house! Im not buying she was naiive. She plays naïve. Having coffee with him Telling him her personal business ! Hanging out with students outside of school. Talking about her husband to students! Cmon she was very inappropriate !A lot of female teachers enjoy the school boy crush. Look at the way they talk and lean and smile cross there legs. Look at what they wear. They giggle like a school girl when boys make comments instead reporting it. Teachers whatever happened to being teachers? Stop trying to be the cool teacher!There is a 4Th grade teacher who wears tight fitting dresses you would wear to the club. She know she has a smokin body. She has the big huge butt. Probably purchased . And Big huge breasts. Looking for attention obviously.Not appropriate for teaching. So this teacher was not a saint. She needs to find another profession. She didn't kill him but she did encourage him.

    • you you
      you you 2 days ago

      I agree with you. When he held her hand it was a red flag for her to stay away from that boy. And I am quite suprised how come no one mentioned about the blue panties he kept. Whose is it belong to, why they never tested it for DNA?

  • Coree Jacobs
    Coree Jacobs 5 months ago +1

    Not even all the way through the movie but she is a complete idiot for keep talking to children considering the charges

  • Tandy Bennett
    Tandy Bennett 6 months ago

    Lesson of the day: fuck teaching

  • Clara Mallah
    Clara Mallah 6 months ago +8

    I'm glad she was found not guilty. thanks be to God

  • fanghicheck
    fanghicheck 6 months ago +2

    keep coming back the system works ?

  • Scrips Pharma
    Scrips Pharma 6 months ago

    Teachers are very kind. They will treat the students as children, so no suspicion. Good Movie. Thanks.

  • Gina Rosa
    Gina Rosa 6 months ago

    I really feel sorry for the teacher she doesn't deserve it. I hope she sued those teenagers families who lied. I wonder what she's doing now. Sure she should've put her boundaries but I don't think she did nothing wrong. I have a teacher just like her, most students would meet her after school or the weekends because volunteering for our school weekends events. She would help her student every way she can and there was nothing innopropiate was going on. Bless her. Lot of student trusted her and she was really fun and easy to talk to. Sometimes it's all innocent and no need to suspect. I also had another teacher in my school who I had a crush on. He was only 6 years older than me. He was so hot and lot of girls had a teenage crush on him. I was one of his favourite student and there were times we were left alone but nothing happened. I really respect him as my teacher. He was really nice but he was never innopripate with me. Sometimes teacher natural nature they are too nice but sometimes they get judge for that.

  • rene florencio
    rene florencio 6 months ago +3

    This teacher is really crazy...look what shes wearing,,,,sitting on top of the table and exposing her legs to the student....

  • ChastityChained
    ChastityChained 6 months ago

    This film was based on the story of English & Spanish teacher Lou Ann Hogan & 16-yr.-old student Chad Cadenhead. Hogan taught at Clark High School in San Antonio, Texas & was accused of inappropriate sexual conduct with Cadenhead & Cadenhead eventually committed suicide. Hogan was terminated from the school based upon written witness statements from Clark H.S. students & Hogan sued her accusers.

  • Nurse Drine
    Nurse Drine 6 months ago

    She seems like a good teacher but her dressing choices were not the best and anyone could see the boy had a crush smh. Sad story all around

  • #Lan Sign
    #Lan Sign 6 months ago +1

    I had a beautiful teacher in college and very approachable like this woman. I was always early in her class. :-)

  • erim lucerna
    erim lucerna 6 months ago +2

    Good story!!!

  • Piper 1027
    Piper 1027 6 months ago

    I wish I had a reacher like that! I remember boys in H.S. making up stories about girls and teachers and what they have done or would like to do.. Teachers gotta be careful with their kindness most people dont appreciate it..

  • Forgotten Palace
    Forgotten Palace 6 months ago

    she makes the burger and chips look delicious.

  • Tracy Brooks
    Tracy Brooks 6 months ago +27

    teachers should not dress like that, I'm sure not a prude but her skirt is way too short for her to be sitting up on that desk flashing her students.

    • M-Cool
      M-Cool 26 days ago

      dude i think teachers do that purposely i had a female teacher always showing her big boobs like u can see the middle of her chest i even saw guys flirting with her if teachers know is wrong they should not do that teacher always win it dont matter what students say

    • Happy Hour
      Happy Hour 29 days ago +1

      This film is only a dramatization. It is possible the teacher's clothing was not that revealing in real life. As long as her clothing did not violate school policy as far as dress codes, her clothing should have never been an issue. If her clothing did violate school dress codes, then her superiors should have said something to her about it. From everything I have read, there was no mention of school officials reprimanding her for her clothing. The way she dressed didn't seem to be an issue until the accusations began.

    • Domina Luxxie
      Domina Luxxie 29 days ago +5

      Or mothers can teach their son's to be decent human beings.

    • Jessica Wilson
      Jessica Wilson 2 months ago +4

      But no matter how she was dressed, she doesn't/didn't deserve anything that happened to her.

    • Jessica Wilson
      Jessica Wilson 2 months ago +1

      I do agree and I'm no prude either! But I was a little shocked at how short her skirt was when she was sitting on the desk.

  • alexander hoyos
    alexander hoyos 6 months ago

    Bad news she gave up. Education is about struggle, great movie.

  • Denise Lott-Wilks
    Denise Lott-Wilks 6 months ago +1

    Those clothes though! #teacher?

  • betty crocket
    betty crocket 6 months ago

    not trial by fire thou,...……………...hate when not the film u thought u be watchin

  • Lisa. Danley
    Lisa. Danley 6 months ago

    A Older woman and younger guy fell love with older teacher.

  • Lynda Poysor
    Lynda Poysor 6 months ago


  • Savage Panda
    Savage Panda 7 months ago +6

    All the kid wanted was some love and attention

  • mzfancy ITCANONLYBE
    mzfancy ITCANONLYBE 7 months ago +3

    Got to love a good lawyer

  • Adam Harris
    Adam Harris 7 months ago +2

    Boys bullied Kip.

  • Scary Tales
    Scary Tales 7 months ago

    Gail was a stunner x

  • starflightkk
    starflightkk 7 months ago

    punks wish they could of had sex with her, all them punks should of killed themselves