Film Theory: All Your Memes Are DEAD! (Article 13)

  • Published on Nov 24, 2018
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    They are coming for your internet. Who? The EU. They've come up with a copyright law that will change the way people use the internet FOREVER. Theorists, it's up to us to understand what Article 13 is and how it is dangerous. For the love of memes and TVclip videos, let's make our voices heard.
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    #Article13 #SaveYourInternet #EU #Memes #EUBan #MemeBan #EUArticle13 #FilmTheory

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Comments • 49 771

  • Zenlarrus Hiro
    Zenlarrus Hiro Hour ago

    Up next: *The UN established Article 13 World Wide*

  • Brianna Greene-Stepan
    Brianna Greene-Stepan 10 hours ago

    Stop those normies from killing the memes.

  • Julia Dietrich
    Julia Dietrich 11 hours ago

    Wait what about like Canada and Asia and stuff?

  • Perla Tamayo
    Perla Tamayo 11 hours ago

    I dont get it

  • Ech0
    Ech0 12 hours ago

    MatPat said "corners of the earth"?! FLAT EARTHER CONFIRMED

    • Zenlarrus Hiro
      Zenlarrus Hiro Hour ago

      Flat Earth is heresy according to the Imperium Of Man.

  • Abraham Powell
    Abraham Powell 15 hours ago

    All right guys turn on the alarm the apocalypse had began

  • Gacha Pics
    Gacha Pics 17 hours ago

    Dear TVclip I Hope You Delete A3 It Is Not Okay Please TVclip Call Police On These People This Is Not Okay.

  • Pros and Cons
    Pros and Cons 20 hours ago

    So you're saying fair use content in the EU shall be deemed infringement and may make TVclip liable to it directly as being uploaded on youtube

    DINOTOOTH TV 22 hours ago


  • Kanzi Yanzi
    Kanzi Yanzi Day ago +1

    me: bro why am i dead i didnt even see my self die
    god: you are copyrighted
    me: how?
    god: you didnt make life

  • Noble Monkey
    Noble Monkey Day ago

    How did I not see this video until now.

  • Niger Gaming
    Niger Gaming Day ago

    Hello I Am From Africa In Me A African Country I Am Think About Joining The EU Even Though I'm Not In Europe And In Africa, I Am The Country Of Niger

  • Lilly Curtis Gaming

    LOL This Is Why I Live In California

  • Sadie Johnson
    Sadie Johnson Day ago +1

    Oh god...... passed. We are all dead.

  • TetrisTed2605
    TetrisTed2605 Day ago

  • Random PlayZ
    Random PlayZ Day ago

    *Article 13 launched*
    Europe citizens: *Backlash to the maximum*
    EU: i dont see the problem

  • Natalia Pagani Cruz
    Natalia Pagani Cruz 2 days ago


  • Catto McProngles
    Catto McProngles 2 days ago

    Article 13 sounds like pure fucko

  • Ashleyleaf Blade13
    Ashleyleaf Blade13 2 days ago

    *Long live the memes*

  • Matthew Watson
    Matthew Watson 2 days ago

    Me...Olde Townnnn Roaddddd

  • Trash Can
    Trash Can 2 days ago


  • Anthony Huang
    Anthony Huang 2 days ago

    Article 13 is obviously corrupted by companies

  • Leandro Baltazar
    Leandro Baltazar 2 days ago

    The EU is just a bunch of anti-vaxx moms who baby and overprotect their children

  • Krisgames
    Krisgames 2 days ago

    Im going to go live in the us...

  • Lazar Petrović
    Lazar Petrović 3 days ago

    Aaa time when its good living in non european union. (Btw im from Serbia).

  • Outta This_World
    Outta This_World 3 days ago

    I live in Europe no...i got scared when you said that on the start.

  • TheBekken9500
    TheBekken9500 3 days ago

    (sorry if my writeing is the equivalent of cancer)mat. look at cinema wins.he tends to try to protect what he thinks are good movies. "and many of the movies. people think are bad. but many are good" and wheter u think his work is good or bad. i think u would like the guy. he is very optimistic. just check him out please. he is an amazing youtuber

    • TheBekken9500
      TheBekken9500 3 days ago

      and ha norway issent a part of the EU XD

  • ChristyGrace TV
    ChristyGrace TV 3 days ago

    He made an undertale refrence! (He turned to dust)

  • Pepe The frog
    Pepe The frog 3 days ago

    Eroupe population gose down to 0

  • legendary game boy
    legendary game boy 3 days ago

    so basically f*ck European article 13 supporters and their creators

  • Faith Rodriguez
    Faith Rodriguez 3 days ago

    Funny article 13 became a meme tryin to stop memes

  • Heirli Hilf
    Heirli Hilf 3 days ago


  • R.K. Force Guy
    R.K. Force Guy 3 days ago

    I'm gonna get a vpn, curse you, article 13.

  • C H A I N chomp
    C H A I N chomp 4 days ago +1

    you will never take my memes!!!

  • Eco
    Eco 4 days ago

    So Europe is being an asshole
    a BIG ASSHOLE cause they r FUCKING stupid
    Europe plz stop this

  • Comedy king
    Comedy king 4 days ago

    Rescue comment awards

  • JB Animations
    JB Animations 5 days ago

    Poor European animaters

  • sebi sebi
    sebi sebi 5 days ago +1


  • SpaceWalkerGaming
    SpaceWalkerGaming 5 days ago

    Wait will the same things apply to twitch?

  • minecrafters epic diamonds

    Pee is stored in the balls

  • Grayson LaFond
    Grayson LaFond 5 days ago


  • Christian Jimenez
    Christian Jimenez 5 days ago

    Fight back!!

  • #Bad Joke
    #Bad Joke 5 days ago

    Yay my country is now part of europe now

    And then this thing comes around the corner:
    "Hi i won't let you make gaming videos HA HA!"


    This thing:
    "This message was blocked because of usage of "FUUUU...." MEME, please contact creator for details"

  • KittyKattAnimate
    KittyKattAnimate 5 days ago


  • Pablo Andrade
    Pablo Andrade 5 days ago

    Damn E.U.

  • D3SP4C1T0
    D3SP4C1T0 5 days ago

    The UK is leaving the EU to post memes

  • Jack Quigley
    Jack Quigley 5 days ago +1

  • Killian Billings
    Killian Billings 6 days ago


  • Discount Supplies
    Discount Supplies 6 days ago

    Is that jackaboy at 0:08

  • Jazza Ball
    Jazza Ball 6 days ago +1

    ......and that’s why you need nordVPN...... 5% of now with the code f*ckarticle13

  • Brennan Vega
    Brennan Vega 6 days ago

    8:42 I just watched all of gravity falls on TVclip for free...
    Is TVclip illegal?

  • Display K4RMA
    Display K4RMA 6 days ago

    My mobile games: premium =no ads
    Me: ( ̄(工) ̄)
    Article 13: I got u bro

  • European Union
    European Union 6 days ago

    No memes allowed without notarized consent from the state. 📝

  • Katana cherry blossom

    Its was passed and that is how world war lll started
    Teacher 2045

  • Lizbet Ramirez
    Lizbet Ramirez 7 days ago

    You small companies are 10x better no wonder U.K left the EU

  • Kawaii _Chan
    Kawaii _Chan 7 days ago +2

    MatPat: You may have heard the words article 13
    Me: we do not speak of that

  • Adolf Hitler
    Adolf Hitler 7 days ago

    How can we defeat article 13? There are two ways.
    1) Diplomacy
    Convince the owners if their content that they should let us use their content because of fair use.
    Kill everyone who aproved article 13 until they take it down

  • Amanda Miller
    Amanda Miller 7 days ago

    just move to the usa

  • Dawid Lipski
    Dawid Lipski 7 days ago


  • luna lovegood
    luna lovegood 7 days ago

    Just go on baidu. in china we have almost ZERO copyright law. right now i can go on baidu and watch all the movies in the world for FREE.

  • Mantas Main
    Mantas Main 8 days ago

    This is our last war! make us proud! we made the content we enjoyed it and now its the finale war!
    make us proud we laughed we cried people died we all cried and make us proud we need to save our precious internet!
    we made blogs, vlogs, content, we streamed! pewdiepie will have to get a job if we lose and other TVcliprs like dantdm, The Film Theorists and what are you waiting for? spread this news to everyone! if we protest we will make content great again!

  • Mr McGregor
    Mr McGregor 8 days ago

    Fuck you EU

  • Masked Señorita
    Masked Señorita 8 days ago +1

    I know what we can do

    Boycott the big guys by using piracy until they fix this crap
    I am not responsible for any illegal actions you decide to do

  • Masked Señorita
    Masked Señorita 8 days ago +2

    TVcliprs: I HATE ARTICLE 13
    Pirates: What’s article 13

  • Masked Señorita
    Masked Señorita 8 days ago +1

    Breaking News: Europe Population Drops To Zero

  • Zefrogking
    Zefrogking 8 days ago

    Is ireland on the eu then how im i watching memes

  • Unknown_spring bonnie the killer bunny

    I'm just sad...being from Europe(Romania To Be Exact) and not being able to talk to my fans and internet friends over 2 years just makes me depressed...i hoped to be popular in the future won't happen...

  • Solbon Chimit
    Solbon Chimit 8 days ago


  • Solbon Chimit
    Solbon Chimit 8 days ago

    No more memes

  • Aiden Aiden
    Aiden Aiden 8 days ago

    My country is not removed get memes

  • KaylaPlays45
    KaylaPlays45 8 days ago

    We are all doomed

    They passed it

  • KaylaPlays45
    KaylaPlays45 8 days ago

    HOW DOES THIS VIDEO HAVE 6.6K DISLIKES!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

  • Savage Army
    Savage Army 8 days ago

    Nobody can stop us we will just go to warr cmon join me

  • Sezzadore
    Sezzadore 9 days ago

    Money hungry badtards

  • sans the skeleton
    sans the skeleton 9 days ago

    Which is in a week

  • sans the skeleton
    sans the skeleton 9 days ago

    OH NO! NO MORE NERDY MATH AND SCIENCE! Im telling my school when my holidays over

  • alfie the hacker
    alfie the hacker 9 days ago

    we....WE DIDNT WIN!!! :C

    LANTIC MAN 9 days ago


  • Jackson George
    Jackson George 9 days ago

    I T S A M E M A R I O

  • Ian Casey
    Ian Casey 9 days ago


  • Ian Casey
    Ian Casey 9 days ago


  • Ian Casey
    Ian Casey 9 days ago


  • Ian Casey
    Ian Casey 9 days ago


  • Ian Casey
    Ian Casey 9 days ago


  • Moon-Light_101 Jackals


  • Mino Shalla
    Mino Shalla 9 days ago

    After watching your video u inspired me to use article 13 for my english essay, and i got an A!!! Thank you mat

  • Tom Sky
    Tom Sky 10 days ago

    Me fearing that TVclip will ban all memes: NONONONONO!!!
    Me when article 13 is passed and literally nothing changed outside the EU:

  • God’s Honest Truther
    God’s Honest Truther 10 days ago +1

    Thank You 😊🤐🍿✅🐇🕺🏼🎶🎶💙💙💙

  • NewMallenium
    NewMallenium 11 days ago +1

    Article 13 was passed. But by the end of this week, I will upload a video to reignite the spark you lit. #AvengeTheInternet

  • lps Adrian's famely
    lps Adrian's famely 11 days ago

    I'am from EU . Actuly from Croatia

  • Annlynn Jax
    Annlynn Jax 11 days ago

    As though we won't find a way get around this. We are the internet. We always find a way to break the law massively without getting caught. Keep talking us down, you're talking to yourself.
    Like the bugs that become immune to the pest killer. Like a dandelion covered in cement, ee will get stronger, bigger. We'll grow up through the cracks. This whole platform is ours. EU is in a phase.
    There will soon be an area between the surface and the dark web. That is where we will start a new colony. That is where we fight back. And we will win.

    Yes, we will win.

  • Sophia Bishop
    Sophia Bishop 11 days ago

    I even sent this to my mom. It's 2019 now.

  • eclipse moon
    eclipse moon 11 days ago

    Actually article 13 only destroying your be in europe

  • WarGamer 999
    WarGamer 999 12 days ago

    Well time to use a vpn

  • Tt inc.
    Tt inc. 12 days ago

    TVclip, FB, Etc. Are the alternative of TV where you don't have to do contracts, go to colleges, etc. But this article will kill all of the easy ways to get our ideas OFF paper and ON screen if these morons do this then years on if you literally want to post a 3 minute random video, you can't because the only alternative is TV and you have to do regulations and what is worth people's money and yours.

  • aj furever
    aj furever 12 days ago


    sorry im overracting

    OR AM I


    i saw at the beginning you had markiplier dont think i dont know who he is matpat

  • Adamadon13
    Adamadon13 12 days ago

    #SaveYourInternet. Why don't we all use a free vpn

  • Radford Healsworth
    Radford Healsworth 12 days ago

    Well it will not be implemented as proposed there's always revisions to such things

  • Ian Kunecke
    Ian Kunecke 13 days ago

    Matpat is that why you're now in front of the camera so often did you do it because of Article 13. I'm not denying you the only problem I have with your new episodes of sound quality for some reason?