10 Secrets You Need To Know About BLACK PANTHER

  • Published on Jun 19, 2017
  • With the release of the official Black Panther teaser trailer, here are 10 Secrets You Need To Know About BLACK PANTHER! Subscribe to our channel: goo.gl/wMuSDD
    If you're not yet acquainted with Black Panther you will be, his Marvel feature will be in wide release this winter. So take it from us, in preparation - you'd better bone up on this list. For a black superhero the slings and arrows sometimes can be the hearts and minds of average people, becoming the first hero of colour in a mainstream comic was huge. To Black Panther's credit he's the subject of the first graphic novel. A near flawless hero who has a much depth character wise and he has the proclivity for kicking butt. Like the time he took on the Klu Klux Klan in the deep south which really brought the weight of race relations to light. We also can't forget his romantic in his marriage to Storm which ended with a couple of broken hearts. Spiderman stole his thunder in Captain America: Civil War as a late arriving cast member, diluting Panther's objective role. The Panther could be called the Batman of the Marvel Universe, maybe he's even a little better. He knows when to team up with other heroes but this free agent does it all to guard his beloved nation of Wakanda. It's been a long haul but T'Challa's existed in other forms and almost portrayed by Wesley Snipes. His world view includes protecting it from space invaders with his cohorts, the Ultimates and their record thusly is pretty damn solid! They turned Galactus into a nice guy. What the...!

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  • Austin Otero
    Austin Otero 3 months ago

    I like black panther

  • Cate Ashlee
    Cate Ashlee 7 months ago

    How people pronouces " Black Panther "
    Americans: " Black Panther "

    Zuri: " Bleck Pentha "

  • World123 CC
    World123 CC 8 months ago

    That guy is Black Magic

  • ItsFocus Yt
    ItsFocus Yt 8 months ago

    Yes black panther is the best

  • Efrain Hernandez
    Efrain Hernandez 9 months ago

    whats black panther real name

  • Efrain Hernandez
    Efrain Hernandez 9 months ago


  • Unsheathed
    Unsheathed 10 months ago

    Watching this after panther got dusted lol

  • Karen Chell
    Karen Chell 11 months ago


  • DarkShadic 9632
    DarkShadic 9632 Year ago

    This video doesn’t exactly tell SECRETS about Black Panther, just facts. It’s still a good video, though.

  • Hayden H
    Hayden H Year ago

    Blacks are victims of a 50% abortion rate.

  • G.G
    G.G Year ago


  • frompiosjockey 567
    frompiosjockey 567 Year ago +1

    Just saying you said "black panther is the 8th smartest person" the ninth must be dumb coz black panther was a bit big headed in infinity war

  • Dominick Masc.
    Dominick Masc. Year ago

    Blue Marvel?

  • Petelo Fine
    Petelo Fine Year ago

    black panther will smash batman batman only knows 120 types of martial arts but t"challa knows all 160 martial arts

  • Fluxed Megalodon
    Fluxed Megalodon Year ago

    Black panther is my favourite FOREVER

  • Nic Jackson
    Nic Jackson Year ago

    Pleas take the time to read all of this.I think Batman would definitely beat black panther.if you watch one of the Lego Batman movies it tells you that Batman's trainer taught him the move that physically disconnects you body parts but your steal alive.now that is bad ass!

  • Nigele Barclay
    Nigele Barclay Year ago

    Black panther in the movie is cool and hot at the end

  • Pinoy keyboard warrior

    For all you know, black panther not only relies on advance tech but also of sorcery or the mystical powers of their tribe. He has, in fact, healing powers like that of wolverine and the ability of captain america - without his suit on. So it is safe to conclude that batman would not stand a chance against black panther.

  • Black Panther T’Challa. Son of king T,Chaka

    Yes. Finally Black Panthers my favorite superhero

  • Stripling Warrior

    Strength and stamina superior speed. If anyone has had a fight with someone that doesn't tire you'll probably loose.

  • Doctor Cthulhu
    Doctor Cthulhu Year ago

    And now 9months later, and Black Panther is the biggest Superhero movie of all time. Outgrossing, even adjusted for inflation, the original Avengers, and will likely only be eclipsed by 20 movies in the making Infinity Wars.
    While there are some problems with the movie, like all superhero movies, it’s still a good film right up there with Winter Soldier in quality.

  • Lucas Choi
    Lucas Choi Year ago

    Cool bra

  • Wendy Donovan
    Wendy Donovan Year ago

    Cold tiger

  • Ryan Lewis
    Ryan Lewis Year ago


  • Yakshit Poojary
    Yakshit Poojary Year ago

    0:17 salida del sol

  • Sharon Nemesvolgyi

    My fav heroes are moon knight, batman and black panther but black panther world destroy both of em

  • Black shadow
    Black shadow Year ago

    Black panther beats everybody including Bruce Wayne

  • Malik Earl
    Malik Earl Year ago

    Black Panther is definitely the BEST hero.

  • Immortan Joe
    Immortan Joe Year ago

    Stop making everything political

    TRIX GAMER Year ago

    Move capten.......i wunt ask eh sec0nd taime

  • Shark123
    Shark123 Year ago

    Batman would destroy black panther

  • Shark123
    Shark123 Year ago

    I just saw the black panther movie 2 days ago

  • tenielle labarrie



  • DannyX OG Gaming
    DannyX OG Gaming Year ago

    Black Panther Captain Africa

  • Sky Kid
    Sky Kid Year ago

    The wedding date you put is my birthday besides the year

  • PrestigeJel
    PrestigeJel Year ago

    It Must Be April Fool's Day...

  • Gaminggod 920
    Gaminggod 920 Year ago

    Black panther beats bat man death battles shows it

  • Isaac The Dark Diamond

    Batman might struggle against Black Panther but he beat Superman and other gods and trained for over 8 years also he beat the entire justice league in a giant hulk buster like suit called the justice buster and also beat Hulk in a crossover comic book were all Batman hade to do was throw down a poison gas bomb and kick hulk in the stomach noting him out.

  • Aron Rezene
    Aron Rezene Year ago

    Black panther is by far the best ,strongest super hero and will beat the living shit out of any super hero

  • gamer squads
    gamer squads Year ago

    Why you guys talk about batman

  • Cristian Ruffat
    Cristian Ruffat Year ago

    You are crazy black panther can destroy batman in a fair fight and my favorite super hero

  • W H
    W H Year ago


    SAINTS NATION Year ago

    Black Panther 🙌

  • Black Panther
    Black Panther Year ago +3

    Just came back from watching BLACK PANTHER at the Cinema (in the UK it was packed) it's amazing !!! OKOYE, (Black Panther / King Tchalla's) top bodyguard is Badass, don't mess with her ! Lupita can also hold her own. Chadwick Boseman perfectly portrays Black Panther as a new King who loves and wants the best for his people, while struggling with thoughts of whether Wakanda should do more to help other countries. I loved all the characters the women were beautiful, the acting is so good you feel like you actually know the characters. The fact that the movie highlights or imitates some of Africa's culture, medicine, tradition, rituals, hairstyles, clothing, music and language made this A MUST SEE, FEEL GOOD MOVIE. I basically left the cinema wanting to be African lol. NOW I'M JUST WAITING FOR BLACK PANTHER 2.... I'll just have to buy the DVD and watch that in the meantime.

  • nabil chowdhury
    nabil chowdhury Year ago

    Batman hasn't mastered 127 martial arts, he mastered every fighting style ever created. Also BP vs Batman is a VERY GOOD FIGHT I could see either winning. BP has superhuman strength, speed, reflexes, stamina, etc. Batman while on paper is still human(although DC describes his physical abilities as being far beyond the finest human athletes) however he is always portrayed as havving incredible superhuman physical abilities which is why so many pple hate him(the fact that he is supposedly human but can do all the stuff he can do)T'Challa I believe has an edge physically because he is an official superhuman although it isn't that big. they both posses incredible tech although BP is more advanced I believe but Batman has gadgets that are standard issue which can easily take advantage of BP's weakness due to his enhanced senses and the gadgets can exploit vibranium's weaknesses as well. Also, the only human who is smarter than Batman in DC is Lex Luthor(makes sense since batman has 12 masters degrees and several PhDs). T'Challa may actually very well win this one. I mean Cap would most definitely lose but BP is really another story. But, IDK since they are so evenly matched imma give batman the benefit of the doubt since HE'S THE GODDAMN BATMAN.

  • guardian Be17
    guardian Be17 Year ago

    How thinks the now Spiderman homecomingsuite is butter then the other suites

  • Will Brummer
    Will Brummer Year ago

    Lol, how could you say Batman could best BP in martial arts, lol, BP actually has mastered every known fighting style known to man


    I knew all of these already

  • C.J. Strickland
    C.J. Strickland Year ago

    Great video thank you for this! Could you do a Static video Dawayne Mcduffie characters were crazy good. Happy black history month😁

  • Scorpio Rocks Gacha

    This just proves that marvel is sorry for not giving a black person their own movie or they just need that money

  • Chris Dodges
    Chris Dodges Year ago +1

    Black Panther doesn't need his suit to fight. He has magic from the herb as well.

  • Ronn -Ammon
    Ronn -Ammon Year ago

    In terms of fighting skills, I doubt either would win easily or everytime; but even without his suit, Panther is physically superior on several levels. I absolutely would like to see T'Challa reunited with Ororo/Storm. The WATCHER himself found their marriage significant enough to attend, and allegedly, smile about. I'd like to know what Uatu forsaw.

  • CDW
    CDW Year ago +2

    Batman was beat by Bane, BP would take both.

    • nabil chowdhury
      nabil chowdhury Year ago

      he lost once, every other time, batman smoked Bane

  • Bruce The Sentinel

    You keep pronouncing his name wrong, it’s spelt T’Challa but it’s pronounced Ch-Talla

    CEONHD Year ago

    Catwoman and storm the same lady

  • Arthur Morgan
    Arthur Morgan Year ago +1

    Im only human, If T'challa had no powers I will stand a SLIGHT chance.

    • Arthur Morgan
      Arthur Morgan Year ago

      Miles Morales thank u

    • Miles Morales
      Miles Morales Year ago

      Bat Man unfortunately, he is better than the best Olympic athletes , you probably die but you kind of have chance

  • Troy1941
    Troy1941 Year ago

    You call Black Panther the 8th smartest person on the world, but Batman is the world's GREATEST detective, not just a master detective as you say.

  • Tony Jones
    Tony Jones Year ago

    He would crush Batman plus he is the 3 best hand-to-hand combat superhero in his universe

  • Nirbaadh bhardwaj

    I am not being racist marvel and DC has low minority character

  • the gamers
    the gamers Year ago


  • Tommy Clayton
    Tommy Clayton Year ago


  • Jesus Hernandez jr

    Batman is my favorite comic book character out of DC & Black Panther is my second favorite out of the MCU but ...
    Keeping it real Black panther would get the best of the Bat !
    Aka win the battle but ..
    We all really know that Bruce
    Will win the War....
    That's what he does..
    That is in a sense his Super power ✊

  • ᴛɪᴛᴀɴ ᴠᴇɢɪᴛᴏ

    Black Panther without the suit is still LEVELS above Batman's "120 fighting styles" .
    T'Challa has also mastered various deadly martial art styles around the world, & with that he is past normal peak human strength. He's at Mystical levels of strength, speed, agility, durability, endurance, mental & unbelievably heightened senses from not only the *heart shaped herb* but the *Blessing from the Panther God* to raise his Mental, Physical & Spiritual capabilities even FURTHER. Batman will look like a girl scout in kindergarten within 10 secs of simple sparring with the Panther.

  • Ezra Nicholas
    Ezra Nicholas Year ago


  • Tiani Sankey
    Tiani Sankey Year ago

    bp is like the best there is...physically, emotionally and mentally trained in battle, smart asf, gives no shits whatsoever..pls WAKANDA FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • YewGang
    YewGang Year ago

    I love Batman but he is no match for Black Panther. He will serve him on a vibranium platter.

  • rilluma
    rilluma Year ago

    smartest man in world. thats awkward..

  • Tony Maccio
    Tony Maccio Year ago

    hahahaha he said batman has greater martial arts than bp. wow this narrator is funny af...

  • Leo Maisels
    Leo Maisels 2 years ago

    The 8th smarteat Person is Amadeus Cho

  • That One Bitch That Guards The Aurora

    Spiderman and Black Panther r my fav

  • Jerry Yang
    Jerry Yang 2 years ago

    cbr is the best!!!!!!

  • Josh cox Cahill
    Josh cox Cahill 2 years ago

    Can I get a like

  • shadow ninja
    shadow ninja 2 years ago

    you are so fucking epic

  • my dad
    my dad 2 years ago

    u miss miles morales
    black guy superhero

  • JSF
    JSF 2 years ago

    Is it just me or is black panther a bad ass