10 Pieces of Evidence Alternate Realities Exist

  • Published on Mar 2, 2017
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Comments • 16 183

  • Blue Bid
    Blue Bid Hour ago

    If the possibilities are infinite, then there is a universe where people can travel on different universe and there's a possibility that those people are evil that they destroy all of the other universe except their universe.
    Then why do we exist?

  • Milan Dilan
    Milan Dilan 7 hours ago +1

    Go to Google and search for the global truth project and read the
    book named The Present so you will discover all the answers of the big questions of life ⬆️⬆️

  • CaYlYa
    CaYlYa 8 hours ago

    I like that the alternate universe you is you with hair

  • Genny Mikel
    Genny Mikel 19 hours ago

    We dont know as much as we thought..........big fat epic DUH!

  • Patrick Pinay
    Patrick Pinay 22 hours ago

    great! now I can jet li my way through other dimensions until I became the one.

  • Alice Meraviglia

    You can't have blue eyes in this universe and brown in some other. Only what is possible can exist. So a lot more than just the eye color genes would be different. For all purposes, you would just be another person with different traits and a totally different life history.

  • syed amaanullah shah

    Hi i think i am from parallel universe ...plz help me😞😕😕

  • Czar Rigor Hapac


  • Czar Rigor Hapac

    Nice One 😊

  • Czar Rigor Hapac

    Ji wish my othee self is successful 😊

  • Amilia Savage- Urban Spaceman

    I like your way of explaining complex things, I don't feel like a complete idiot watching your videos... I like that! 👍💯😉

  • Misty R.
    Misty R. Day ago

    examples of words used numerous times: throughout this video: might, suggested, claim, if, could, supposed, can’t, theory, IF.
    Is possible, based on, seems to, could be, ..
    The only fact is there is so much we do it know about the universe, etc. Science has a solid explanation for the things mentioned that have been proven to be true up to this point in time. This evidence that he mentions plenty has not been proven definitively. There was a few more things that he touched in but basically ends the same: no definitive proof. Just because somebody may have a room full of fake money does not make them actual millionaires.
    The possibility of alternate realities exists. it remains just that: a possibility which is not a fact just as “suggests what may be” gives us a lesser probability of 100% (not completely true).

  • 141Mal-vrick
    141Mal-vrick Day ago

    Wait, just wait a sec writers like Lovecraft were influence by there dreams.
    And if what you say is true then does that means Nyarlathotep is real ?

  • Kristy Kidman
    Kristy Kidman Day ago

    Science fictions at its finest, they can't even figure out how the pyramids were build, yet they want to talk about the creation of the universe and the alternate realities crap

    • Amanda Ranae'
      Amanda Ranae' Day ago

      Kristy Kidman okay, let's see your mathematical calculations that disprove multiple dimensions.

  • [YTP] Walker
    [YTP] Walker Day ago

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    ⭐STARLORD⭐ BINGO ● the TVclip video GAME #11:11 (2019) Jump to 🎵 'Fitz and the Tantrums HandClap [Official Video]' to start...

  • Pie Luvr
    Pie Luvr Day ago

    Yes with 2 other witnesses seen a ghost train shadow heard the horn n sound on track but the catch is that another long train facing opposite direction of the shadow ghost train travel many other things but just a quik true life story

  • Shoaib  Imran
    Shoaib Imran Day ago

    Why does mathew santoro have to bring ghosts in almost everything....its 2 am and i m scared now!

  • Christian Pauya
    Christian Pauya 2 days ago

    Number 7, it's all fun and games until you experience sleep paralysis. Your spirit if lifted up to the ceilings and you can see your body sleeping while you feel that you're being choked to death

  • rockwilder davhkid
    rockwilder davhkid 2 days ago

    The fourth dimension is time, retar

    VERDE VALLEY 2 days ago

    i have studied this several yrs and i hope one day that someone will interview people like me that have had experiences in this-i was in a hospital and all my nurses were identical to my neighbors-i knew this to be impossible but i also knew in quantum physiscs is all possibilities=and another time i was watching tv and i saw myself in the commercial and again =if i had never studied quantum physics would have thought i crazy=but i am a scholar of bible and have pursued things in it i never understood and one was =we sit in heavenly places with him-thru quantum physics i know atoms can be in 2 places at once and if atoms can -so can i as i am made up of atoms.

  • Shaelynne Drew-Burns

    If this is true the other me has a very sad life.. I've had dreams that my 3 year old passed and he was in a glass coffin, I was killed in my own home, and I couldn't get anyone to see me when the kids and my fiance got home. I remember he saw the Christmas lights on the tree through the window that I turned on as a ghost to get his attention and he came running in and I was so happy he knew I was there but he still couldn't see me.. so I really hope I'm alright and everything is ok over there

  • Yvonne Ross
    Yvonne Ross 3 days ago

    I have dreams of me being in the future well a few days ahead i actually be there for a second or i get a revelation about someone around me and what they about to do.i dream im at my grandmother for past 10 yrs every blue moon but her house is different in tge3 same spot but a different dimension everynody that pass away is there im always the same age im currently is at the presence time i visit my childhood home.

  • Psych Ward
    Psych Ward 3 days ago

    Ok so im going to say this I had dreams one day of a girl dieing the year was 1994 i was 18 then i don't know how it happened ,but two weeks later on September ,5 1994 i was at work took a 20 minute break it was 3am the 6th so im like lada da da ! I look at the front page and it was her im like wtf ? O wasn't shocked just of i could have remember her name she would have been safe she looks like my 2 year old now , ivr had dreams or pre dreams alot mostly if i get high Weed ! Sometimes its different a few times im drunk i fall asleep and im someone else i don't recall anything im going through my mind maybe a few bits and pieces but still can't say for surw but i feel like a leaper happened it was like wow i remember a sober voice i. My head whae i waa drunk speaking for me ? Or against me ? Im stul2 baffles!

  • S. H
    S. H 3 days ago

    This guy has crazy in his eyes.

  • Ricgeon Gladomain
    Ricgeon Gladomain 3 days ago

    Makes some sort of sense who knows maybe blowing up the largest partical accelerate can give us power of create a black hole its worth a try

  • wulphstein
    wulphstein 3 days ago

    One of many Earths? I would say that you have no common sense.

  • Kristin Wright
    Kristin Wright 3 days ago

    So what happened with that lady? Did she ever go back to her regular job? Did the correct boyfriend return? Or did she just continue with her "new reality"?

  • Michelle Peacock
    Michelle Peacock 3 days ago

    I can listen, but I can’t look at the crazy eyes.

  • DirectpointingZak 2
    DirectpointingZak 2 3 days ago

    And no, the fourth dimension isn't really hard to understand or imagine if you read carefully about relativity theory and the failure of simultaneity

  • DirectpointingZak 2
    DirectpointingZak 2 3 days ago

    OK let's be clear about this - the 4th dimension is not "just theoretical", the 4th dimension is not out of our reach, we experience it all the time (ironic to have to put it that way) and without it our existence would be very different . We exist in a 4-dimensional spacetime. The proof of this is simultaneity failure, check that out, and note that Einstein said "spacetime events exist independently of the observer's worldline", the fundamental importance of this statement is usually not fully appreciated

  • Saurabh  Gupta
    Saurabh Gupta 3 days ago

    Wanna time travel? Go to space when your friends are your age for 5 years. When u come back u r five years older but your friends are VERY OLD!

  • Kuaya
    Kuaya 3 days ago

    All I could think about with the first experiment was "so... Electrons are jerks and trolls" X'D

  • pct075
    pct075 4 days ago

    Good to see your videos, you are my go to funny guy.

  • Art4Therapy
    Art4Therapy 4 days ago

    I believe the human brain is key to having time travel

  • Dylan Teague
    Dylan Teague 4 days ago

    **text my Facebook** I think you want to hear this

  • bruce bourgeois desjardins

    You"re embarrassing yourself now Mr.Santoro, you should let this one go. The Antikythera mechanism was created around the same time the atomic theory was established, and by the same people. And as we know , the Romans destroyed them.... before destroying themselves!

  • Fizzo
    Fizzo 5 days ago

    I've had a lot of dreams and most of them actually happened in my life, sometimes twice and some dreams haven't (yet, i guess) it was just a short video in my head while i was asleep

  • P̷s̷y̷c̷h̷o̷p̷a̷t̷h̷

    i hope when i die i get switched to other me..

    not hell

  • Miss Eden
    Miss Eden 5 days ago +6

    So you’re telling me my fictional husbands exist in another reality?

  • ii oddlygaming ii
    ii oddlygaming ii 5 days ago

    11:12 6

  • Muzak killer of the dark side

    #3 so does that mean I could possibly have friends in a different reality?

  • Daniela Lozovska
    Daniela Lozovska 6 days ago

    Okay, so basically you may have just broken my brain. Thank you!..

  • Tom Kelley
    Tom Kelley 6 days ago

    Video summary: Unknown phenomena = Alternate Realities!!!!
    This is crap, Unknown phenomena = Unknown phenomena

  • Lyndon Castellanos
    Lyndon Castellanos 6 days ago

    why does he say ghost that way lol

  • 1000 Comments with under 400 subs challenge

    Ok, but why is the entire bar yellow and not black?

  • AcTive E13
    AcTive E13 6 days ago

    I am Sherloque wells 😂😂

  • Eric Otter
    Eric Otter 6 days ago +1

    4:12 idk if it’s only me but I don’t really believe in this theory, I’ve seen to much paranormal stuff to think that ghosts could just be someone from a different dimension phasing into ours

  • Epitaph Boi
    Epitaph Boi 6 days ago

    Poor Diavolo

  • Dave Sturdy
    Dave Sturdy 6 days ago

    Fascinating! Thanks !

  • Troy Tias
    Troy Tias 6 days ago

    In an alternate reality Matthew Santoro looks like a bald Mac Miller.

  • Lucien Nitely
    Lucien Nitely 6 days ago

    can I go to the alternate Earth number 34523? Anything but this one that I currently live in! :o

  • Atanas Baychev
    Atanas Baychev 6 days ago

    Guys you need to understand that every second with every decision we are making, conscious or unconscious, we are creating a new parallel universe. So yes, multiverse exists and you can manifest what your own universe/reality.

  • Yes Beach
    Yes Beach 6 days ago

    👽WATCH OUR VIDEO if you want to hear new theories on the TITAN MOON👽

  • starzzang
    starzzang 6 days ago +12

    we always switch realities depending on our decisions/thought processes.

  • MariVargr
    MariVargr 7 days ago +2

    The mandela effect is NOT a psychological phenomenon!

  • MariVargr
    MariVargr 7 days ago

    Sorry. The fourth dimension is time.

  • The Real Zailon
    The Real Zailon 7 days ago

    Im kinda seing loads of troll comments regarding a serious subject.... Well... Ignorants i guess. Still clickbait title dude... U state its evidence in this video, but most/all of them are just supositions or theries... So that's technically not evidence... Still the video is kinda interesting, its about subjects i usually read into myself, but as I said most of it is just speculation rather than evidence...

  • Jack O'Jack
    Jack O'Jack 7 days ago

    Trump is a famous philanthropist who fights for women's rights in an other universe.

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    Plot Twist: Matthew Santoro is a Time Traveler

  • Chenee Thompson
    Chenee Thompson 7 days ago

    This guy is weird
    I get a weird vibe from him

  • Irene Calderwood
    Irene Calderwood 7 days ago

    ...check put an ancient map of the area and see if the place used to exist....

  •  7 days ago

    Okay so hear me out, think of Deja Vu, what if Deja Vu(when you feel like you seen this particular moment before) is a moment where 2 parallel universes crossed or that moment happened in another universe.

  • Jeremy Beyer
    Jeremy Beyer 7 days ago

    I don't need science to tell me the multiverse is real.
    I already know it is.
    I would like science to tell me how to get home, though.
    Like the woman in the video, I know exactly when I jumped.

  • Light Bolt
    Light Bolt 7 days ago +3

    You create your own timelines by choosing options

  • Light Bolt
    Light Bolt 7 days ago +5

    What if dreams are an alternate reality that your brain creates

  • Light Bolt
    Light Bolt 7 days ago +2

    Take me to a universe where i’m the most subscribed channel

  • Dejah White
    Dejah White 8 days ago

    The 4th & 5th dimensions are time & space. Cmon Matt, get it together man!

  • Marissa Givan
    Marissa Givan 8 days ago

    English 😔 I feel so slow

  • Azure the Dragon king

    3:15 pucci from jojo

  • Kerm De La Crème
    Kerm De La Crème 8 days ago

    I do dream about zombies a lot, so to think if there’s an alternate reality. It must be of zombie apocalypse, and no kidding I got bit by a zombied hamster in one. Damn

  • Kerm De La Crème
    Kerm De La Crème 8 days ago

    Lol me appearing as a ghost in another reality “Hey what’s up bitches, got any Arby’s curly fries?”

  • labyrinthgirl17
    labyrinthgirl17 8 days ago

    So, scientists don't have much information on how or why the brain functions as it does? Does that mean brains are having a mid-life crisis? They don't know who they are or what they want. xDD

  • Shaine MacDonald
    Shaine MacDonald 8 days ago

    According to a quick Google search, there's a lack of evidence for the "man from Taured" story,

  • Mike Riley
    Mike Riley 8 days ago

    I wonder why dinosaur ghosts have never been seen. They were here a while lol

  • Anthony Jones
    Anthony Jones 8 days ago

    I believe in part worlds ifinet possibility like negativity and positive alternative worlds is only done on super natrul cuz the bang back theory is clever but who created it? Word are words of skeptic or a person thought like mine I believe it will be similar but also of different things in one other world African Americans were in our spot and rolls reversed in the same issue.