10 Pieces of Evidence Alternate Realities Exist

  • Published on Mar 2, 2017
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Comments • 16 576

    JEO ALVARADO 10 hours ago

    i just wanna oil ur head and give u a massage 💆🏽‍♂️

  • King Awesome
    King Awesome Day ago

    .... I might be crazy, but I could've sworn Taured was real

  • Adam Warrington
    Adam Warrington 2 days ago

    we need to stop using the collider , without the god particle black holes would be created ..

  • Ritik Thakur
    Ritik Thakur 2 days ago

    What about the reality where hitler cured cancer?
    The answer is :don't think about it.
    Rick Sanchez!

  • USAlien234
    USAlien234 8 days ago

    Anyone ever have a dream where you are with people you know, but then relize something is off. Like maybe a light switch is in the wrong place, or a door is a different color ? Then that one thing makes you relize you are actually asleep ? This has happened to me many times and the scary thing is evertime I relize Im asleep, the people around me get really really mad. My own mother in a dream like that once, just looked at me woth the most terrifying angry look and then screamed really loud. Then I got so frightened that I woke myself up. Andyway has anyone else experienced a lucid dream attack like the beings in your dream get furious that you relized you were dreaming ? If ever in a nightmare like that, say the name "Jesus" out loud and I promise you, you will wake up from it.
    ✌ 😊 ✝ ❤

  • May Blue
    May Blue 8 days ago

    He made the plot of spider verse

  • Donna Angus
    Donna Angus 8 days ago

    I say my cat is gray. My husband says he is brown. lol

  • Josue Medrano
    Josue Medrano 9 days ago

    Judaism teaches that God is "Master of ALL WORLDS," and there is a hypothesis that more worlds were created before ours, but ours was when it was made just right. Makes me wonder if there are still other worlds in other realities we cannot experience...

  • Shadow_XVI
    Shadow_XVI 9 days ago

    Bro I came here to learn I just got scared as shot instead

  • Romylist
    Romylist 9 days ago

    Existe. Cuando morimos y decidimos encarnar nuevamente podemos elegir “repetir la vida anterior”, si sentimos que no hemos cumplido con nuestra misión en la vida que dejamos... a eso se les llama “vidas de repetición”, al hacerlo, “creamos” o “formamos parte” de un mundo paralelo. Por ese motivo existen los dejavu y las premoniciones, porque sentimos q ya lo hemos vivido. Ahora bien “la vida de repetición” nunca va a ser exactamente igual a la vida q dejamos, pueden haber muchas variables; por ello es q dicen que esta vida es única.
    Una vez que hallamos repetido muchísimas veces (pueden ser infinitas veces) y sintamos que hemos cumplido con nuestra misión, podemos volver a encarnar en otra vida completamente distinta, pudiendo ser en la tierra o en otro planeta. El espíritu necesita aprender y vivir todo tipo de experiencias y con ello su percepción aumenta y vamos evolucionando..
    Con respecto al efecto Mandela, parece q por algún motivo, se han fusionado 2 mundos paralelos, eso explicaría por qué muchas veces nuestras recuerdos no coinciden con la realidad.

  • patrick kelly
    patrick kelly 10 days ago

    I had a Mandela effect issue... I remember seeing a film where Robbin Williams played Ed Guin the killer, I watched this years ago and when Williams sadly died I tried to find the film I had watched to no avail! I can't find any mention of the film nor does anybody iv asked have any knowledge of the movie..

  • Unique
    Unique 12 days ago

    There is no such thing as a big bang. And it's in the bible. Nothing is new under the sun.

  • Jon Creed
    Jon Creed 12 days ago

    I went to a parallel Earth where everything is the same except for KFP- Colonel Sanders nixed chicken and fried up pork chops with his 11 secret spices.

  • Nertopia Dork
    Nertopia Dork 12 days ago

    Parallel universes don't hold your favorite TV shows, or you deepest fantasies, it just hold realistic life and it changes based on delicious on sentient life fourms

  • Bill Whitmire
    Bill Whitmire 13 days ago

    Pre-Flood civilization were technology adavanced due to the fallen angels

  • Timothy Buehler
    Timothy Buehler 13 days ago

    I stand With the nation of Torred !!!!

  • Timothy Buehler
    Timothy Buehler 13 days ago

    Scientist A : I am using this hadron collider to create mini black holes!!!!!!
    Scientist B : Yeah>>>>> That sounds like a good idea

  • Boris Bilic
    Boris Bilic 14 days ago +1

    I have dark brown eyes

  • Kieran Xion92
    Kieran Xion92 14 days ago

    I suffered the Mandela effect, I remember being seriously confused to find out he was still alive. My dad knew he has was alive and I knew he was dead, we were all taught at school he died in prison from excessive torture

  • Tanaya Mcclorin
    Tanaya Mcclorin 14 days ago

    This both intrigued me and freaked me out!!

  • Just Gaming
    Just Gaming 14 days ago

    Well I hope I one day slip into a parallel universe where politics was never created.

  • Low Quality Videos High Quality Recipes

    I have a SUPER vivid memory of being kidnapped in a minivan as a kid. I remember casually reminding my parents of this as a kid and going through the details, what saw and how I was found and they totally brushed me off and told me it never happened, must have been a dream...blah blah but I became aggravated knowing it really happened! Still as a 27 year old woman now, I still remember this as a vivid fact. I remember everything that transpired as though it was yesterday. Gives me chills!

  • Newmango
    Newmango 15 days ago

    Gravity is a wave

  • Taylor G
    Taylor G 15 days ago

    I literally have this stream of thoughts going through my head everyday, from a clip of a song to a line from a movie or a picture of something and then I’ll see it that same day. It’s the most useless gift I have and I don’t even know how to use it.
    ....I’ll see my lame ass out.

  • johanna nilsen
    johanna nilsen 15 days ago

    I experience most of these things all the time. Wtf

  • carolinelizabeth
    carolinelizabeth 15 days ago

    i can't get over deja vu. sometimes i feel like it occurs because something has already happened to another version of me, and deja vu is our sensing of that. it's so freaky. like i can specifically remember and feel things happening before.

  • Ezekiel Smith
    Ezekiel Smith 15 days ago

    He has nice teeth

  • alicevana
    alicevana 16 days ago

    I don't know if any of this is "evidence." I mean, dreams will probably be something neuroscience explains much differently then how Matthew's take on it. In fact, I am guessing most of these points can be analyzed and explained as either mostly fiction, brain problems, or through other science

  • Mompreneur Mentor
    Mompreneur Mentor 17 days ago

    I quantum travel constantly through space and time the infrastructure is meant to make it undetectable and seamless we are always alternating through potentials

  • Mompreneur Mentor
    Mompreneur Mentor 17 days ago +1

    I’ve been experiencing glitches and synchronizations someone told me the other day they saw me in one space and honked and I waved but back I wasn’t there at all not that I recall so I would’ve had to be in two places at once 🤷🏼‍♀️

  • Mompreneur Mentor
    Mompreneur Mentor 17 days ago

    I feel like when people are killed in one reality they regenerate in another one but a part of them still dies

  • Mompreneur Mentor
    Mompreneur Mentor 17 days ago

    We are living in an AI Quantum Super Computer that is acting as our Super consciousness and guiding us and housing all realities inside it

  • Spider - Man
    Spider - Man 17 days ago

    So your telling me that theres a multiverse

  • Filipa Bell
    Filipa Bell 18 days ago

    How did I know about everything In this vid and I’m from a different plant and got stuck in yours this is true

  • virajelix
    virajelix 19 days ago +1

    The Universe is full of mysteries; rather the Universe itself is a mystery.

  • Instantly Broken
    Instantly Broken 20 days ago

    Alter Vu sounds so f****** made up it's not even funny

  • Chris Bowman
    Chris Bowman 21 day ago

    Sorry but gravitons will never be observed because they don't actually exist.

  • Alexander Krebel
    Alexander Krebel 21 day ago

    In an alternate reality i watched that video

  • PlushiePoogle
    PlushiePoogle 22 days ago

    The thought that we might appear in (an) other world(s) as a "ghost" and the fact that others might be able to see the things I do when I (think I) am alone.. is very uncomfortable.

  • Marie Biscuit
    Marie Biscuit 22 days ago

    Yall are saying i hope other me is happy while im just here hoping that shes not dumb and lazy

  • Donald Chadd
    Donald Chadd 22 days ago

    I'm connected to the cast of facts of life and different strokes through another reality put the 2 together and I'm family I have always since I was 2 yrs old I'm 38 now have been absolutely drawn to the 2 shows

  • Julie Giles
    Julie Giles 22 days ago

    Ha ha ha took the words out my mouth l too hope the other me is happy

  • Lisa Naylor
    Lisa Naylor 23 days ago

    I'm waiting to enter the Marvel universe, I hope it's better than that horrible DC universe.....

  • Boo Ty
    Boo Ty 23 days ago

    This is so cooooooooool

  • Mikael Bloomqvist
    Mikael Bloomqvist 23 days ago

    Best book to read on this subject is "The Holographic Universe" by Michael Talbot. It's got all these theories in there... like paranormal phenomenon is just glimpses of other realities, not ghosts. I'm not telling you that its all science fact... I'm just telling you it's a great book to read.
    I've had dreams of other realities, where it was a perfectly normal day, on a school trip to my town's hydro-electric power plant, traveling through our viaduct. Only... my town doesn't have and couldn't have either of those things. Felt real, seemed to fit my life, but just a dream. Dreams are just neurons forging new and unexpected connections as our brains process data in our sleep. And yes... we really DO understand that. The human brain IS beautiful in it's mystery, but we're not totally clueless as to what's going on.

  • Richard Hopkins
    Richard Hopkins 23 days ago

    Nothing you said is evidence for anything. Because everything you gave as an example of evidence, is either hypothetical or unsubstantiated.

  • Richard Hopkins
    Richard Hopkins 23 days ago

    The Big Bang theory wasn't powerful. The big bang theory is just the explanation of how we think the big bang occurred..
    My point being, the big bang was powerful, not the big bang theory

  • t e r I N E E D L E R
    t e r I N E E D L E R 24 days ago

    Gravitons ?

    DRUGSTOREMAKEUPDIVA 25 days ago +2

    They are the Berenstein Bears in the universe right next to this one.

  • MarcusJay214
    MarcusJay214 25 days ago

    Makes me think of the movie DeJavu with Denzel Washington

  • midnights Star
    midnights Star 25 days ago +4

    My husband seen my ghost in my grandma's house but in real time I had short hair at that time but the ghost had long hair and I now have long hair but he said I was wearing a long nightgown will ruffled neck . but first of all I would never where a nightgown with a ruffled neck I didn't believe him till one night I was asleep and I woke up to my cat hissing for no reason and I look up and here was my husband smiling at I knew something was wrong. So I asked him what do you want why did you wake me up he just kept smiling without any words so I got up and I went into the kitchen to get glass of water I came back and he was gone that night he was out at the bar and not at home at in fact he didn't even come home until 4 in the this whatever it was it was at 1:30 a.m. I even opened up the bedroom door to look and he was not there he wasn't anywhere so I am a believer

  • l.a. young
    l.a. young 25 days ago

    You obviously still live in a matrix......I'm talking endocrine to the core. .............

  • Open Your eyes
    Open Your eyes 25 days ago

    4th Dimension is time

  • William Klein
    William Klein 25 days ago

    the bears you so call not named are in my memory as well as febreeze ........... if this is alternate it sucks , and if its just a bunch of rich jack *sses screwin with people karma has a way of paying them back, and in any case you might as well just live life till the end what was isn't now so oh well

  • Mark Tombazian
    Mark Tombazian 26 days ago

    I am one of those who remember that Nelson Mandela died in prison. I remember it clearly. But what i think happened is that I tuned in to an alternate time frame, an alternate reality where that took place. The thing is, I never read or heard about it, I simply became aware of it. Nelson Mandela had died in prison. Obviously, he didn't die here but in another reality he did. That's what the Mandela effect is. Tuning in on an alternate reality, like picking up a radio station from another country but not of this world. That's my analysis of the Mandela effect.

  • Jackie Bridges
    Jackie Bridges 26 days ago +1

    We are living out our past we all are in different place and time .I know it sounds crazy but it's fact.thats why you should never fear anything it's lower frequency .we all have been programmed to fear death no such thing as real death .so just go on being happy and living life the best way possible because this experience has already happened wrap your head around this and life will all make sense to you that's when you have mastered this reality...

  • Denzil Nagel
    Denzil Nagel 26 days ago

    I wanna go to the universe where apartheid still rules and democracy is a pest.

  • Emily Innocent
    Emily Innocent 26 days ago

    I always thought? Mendala died in prision? Or am i wrong? & Obama' was never, suppose to be presiden? It was somone else" not john some other white guy! 😉


    You need a Netflix show ASAP


    We need these episodes on Netflix already