Borderlands 3 Review

  • Published on Sep 10, 2019
  • Borderlands 3 reviewed on PC by James Duggan. Also available for Xbox One and PlayStation 4.
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  • IGN
    IGN  2 months ago +2418

    Concerning spoilers: While we do fully understand and appreciate that some fans have very low tolerance for any new information or images not revealed in a game's trailers and previews, we believe that you cannot effectively review a game without discussing it in detail. However, in this case and others, we adhere to both developer-recommended guidelines and our own judgment for what constitutes a spoiler that would unnecessarily damage someone's enjoyment of a game and try our best to avoid them. Everything we show here has been considered by the reviewer to be inconsequential to Borderlands 3's story and revelations. We believe that gamers can safely watch this review without fear of significant spoilers.

    • Equillibrium_LXXXVIII
      Equillibrium_LXXXVIII 18 days ago

      All you have to do is place a banner in the title that reads "May Contain Spoilers" problem solved.

    • Zil Co
      Zil Co Month ago

      I wanna put a big giant Amazon store spoiler on a 95 Honda Civic automatic with the SOHC engine, then put a K&N sticker on it. Yess! Spoilers are freakin cool AF... 🤣😎

    • Thomas Krocker
      Thomas Krocker Month ago

      @Descartes' Apparition How does one review a game without revealing aspects of it? Who decided that the story is the most important aspect of a loot shooter? You don't see people who think gameplay is important complaining about in game footage prior to release. The reviewer owes you nothing You don't need trigger warnings guiding your life.

    • Descartes' Apparition
      Descartes' Apparition Month ago

      You didnt even spoil anything. Just a bunch of weak, feeble minded youth this trigger warning hugbox culture cultivates.

    • Descartes' Apparition
      Descartes' Apparition Month ago

      @Thomas Krocker Im not certain if youre joking or mentally insufficient. I dont want to make fun of someone legitimately mentally challenged so I will just say: Why would someone ever want to see what reviews are like for a game that might not be worth buying? Reviews are like a tour of a city youve never been to by a trained guide. Helps you know what purchases to make. Do you know that 60 dollars isnt pocket change to most of the world, including America.

  • Aaron Starling
    Aaron Starling 3 days ago +1

    Apex did dint start the ping system portal 2 did

  • Wolf_Endz
    Wolf_Endz 4 days ago +1

    I think this game is over rated its not a high tear game like gow or last of us

  • gato caca
    gato caca 4 days ago +1

    awesome 😝

  • DaRealOlso
    DaRealOlso 6 days ago

    *cough cough* Borderlands 2 is still better *cough cough*

  • RideTheLightning
    RideTheLightning 7 days ago

    Performance issues not being fixed been two months, bosses feel like bullet sponges, making it seem like I'm playing Final Fantasy game with guns. Nerfs. This game is easily 7 out of 10. Better off playing BL1 and 2 since they're the best in the series. BL3 is decent like BLTPS. Gearbox is too lazy to give a damn, it shows. Their events are garbage and are a distraction to direct us form their laziness from not fixing their game. Save your money unti this game drops to $20.

  • Fav
    Fav 8 days ago

    Just finished the campaign, I ended up disappointed, the game literally ignores that you exist the whole game, your character doesn’t acc appear in all cinemtics. The quest are find the key open the door kill boss making it so repetitive. But again the fact that the script and the game itself ignores your character is the worst experience I’ve ever felt

  • Jebalita BattleBush
    Jebalita BattleBush 10 days ago +1

    Why would anyone play this when outerworlds exists

    • Jebalita BattleBush
      Jebalita BattleBush 8 days ago

      GamebroTV I mean I’m sure most wouldn’t rather play an overglorified dlc than one of the best RPGs this decade

    • GamebroTV
      GamebroTV 8 days ago

      Because outer worlds is single player...if you have friends this is the better choice.

  • Ro Ye
    Ro Ye 10 days ago

    jesus what a boring game

  • Rewind Studios
    Rewind Studios 11 days ago

    Why is there no zer0

  • DooYouEvenLiftBro
    DooYouEvenLiftBro 11 days ago

    Wait, Borderlands already had pings.

  • Kam Mis
    Kam Mis 13 days ago

    I boycott this game because the cover offends my religion

  • Mike Toyo
    Mike Toyo 13 days ago

    Hype for this game is dead.

  • Everymomentis1hp
    Everymomentis1hp 14 days ago

    how does borderlands 3 get a 9 but outer worlds only get an 8.5????

    • RideTheLightning
      RideTheLightning 7 days ago

      Because IGN is bought out that's why. The never give honest reviews.

  • Ron Wylie
    Ron Wylie 14 days ago +8

    This is the best, most professional review I have ever seen, brilliant in every way, I subscribed

  • N E E K O
    N E E K O 14 days ago


  • Brice Moore
    Brice Moore 14 days ago


  • Graeme L
    Graeme L 14 days ago

    Mad Max , Tank Girl and more stuff!...future fun with brilliant 3-D animation for me!

  • Ogtik
    Ogtik 15 days ago +1

    Bro I'm sick of borderlands Yeah i get the game is cool and all but it's always the same thing there's nothing new u just keep shooting at enemies

    • Ogtik
      Ogtik 6 days ago +1

      @RideTheLightning exactly

    • RideTheLightning
      RideTheLightning 7 days ago

      BL3 is bland, I expected it to be like Borderlands but all I got was Borderlands lite. Pre Sequel is suppose to be Borderlands Lite.

    • Ogtik
      Ogtik 12 days ago

      @DoomFinger511 iam playing a different game

    • DoomFinger511
      DoomFinger511 13 days ago

      then go play a different game

  • MonkeyRides
    MonkeyRides 15 days ago

    Before i even finished this video, i was on steam buying it. Thanks..

  • Aidan Davis
    Aidan Davis 16 days ago

    This game is spectacular. On my 3rd playthrough now

  • Aidan Davis
    Aidan Davis 16 days ago

    Man killavolt was easy. I got him first try every time.

  • Adam Fox
    Adam Fox 16 days ago

    Let’s go bois high rating👌👌

  • brady prpich
    brady prpich 17 days ago

    Ping system was used in gears of war WAY before apex was even thought of.

  • Zizor FTW
    Zizor FTW 17 days ago +1

    Yeah im gonna buy this game right now, thx for review @IGN

  • Modern Assassins
    Modern Assassins 19 days ago

    Im watching ign reviews just for gameplay

  • 1234567890sunshine
    1234567890sunshine 20 days ago

    Spoilers much

  • [] Zone []
    [] Zone [] 22 days ago +1

    Story is not written well, is the main complaint i have

  • CaptainRetro
    CaptainRetro 23 days ago +2

    This game really made me *feel* like a psycho

  • docbroc81
    docbroc81 23 days ago

    @4:23 overheating gun problems :D

  • Tommy Ellis
    Tommy Ellis 23 days ago

    30 hour campaign? It took me under a day's worth of play to beat it on "normal mode."

    • Tommy Ellis
      Tommy Ellis 18 days ago

      @StevenT2002 I mainly just went straight through. I'm at about 44 hours now, and about a quarter of the way through TVHM, with some side missions in between.

    • StevenT2002
      StevenT2002 19 days ago

      I guess it depends on how many side missions you do and how much time you spend exploring. I had 38 hour play time by the end of my first playthrough

  • stephen zork Review
    stephen zork Review 24 days ago

    nice review

  • stephen zork Review
    stephen zork Review 24 days ago


  • John Ward
    John Ward 25 days ago +3

    A fresh group of friends? What's wrong with his old buddy's? 😁

  • Иосиф Сталин
    Иосиф Сталин 29 days ago +2

    Moze: *Titanfall*

  • Sean C
    Sean C 29 days ago +1

    When you said "non-randomized Diablo 3 rift", at that very moment if I were a woman I'd be humid in the nether regions....
    Still, I miss the sploding heads from BL1 :/

  • Shadowfaxxe
    Shadowfaxxe 29 days ago

    Spoileralert: Everyone dies

  • Ollie Cheung
    Ollie Cheung Month ago

    Why not a 10/10?
    Didn't hear any negatives?

  • GhostStalkerFX
    GhostStalkerFX Month ago

    Where are all the other 8 hero's, WTF unite all of it jees.

  • colin davis
    colin davis Month ago +1

    Ive heard the game is really short like all my froends beat it in a week and it wasnt like they played nonstop

    • StevenT2002
      StevenT2002 7 days ago

      @RideTheLightning borderlands 2 is on average 10-15 hours. Borderlands 3 is on average 30-45 hours. It's not a short game.

    • RideTheLightning
      RideTheLightning 7 days ago

      Its short. I beat it within a week, doing some side missions as well. I work 48 hours a week. BL2 main game Longer than Pre Sequl but I feel that BL1 and 2 are longer than BL3. BL1 and 2 better content.

    • Bea Force
      Bea Force 15 days ago

      @StevenT2002 3 times borderlands 2 is huge stretch

    • StevenT2002
      StevenT2002 Month ago

      It's about 3 times the length as borderlands 2. I beat it in 38 hours with most side missions. But the game has 4 characters all with completely different play styles. And each character has 2 playthroughs so there's reason to do atleast 8 playthroughs right there. Plus, as a looter shooter, the game has a lot of replay value because of farming and trying new builds. The game also is getting monthly content updates with new missions locations and loot. Alot of the new content will be free but the 4 main dlc packs cost £40 for the season pass or about £12 separately.

  • Panda Jacket
    Panda Jacket Month ago

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  • Tiong Kuo
    Tiong Kuo Month ago +1

    This must be the most dissapointing game this year. Just replayed Borderlands 1 remastered and it just feels so so much better than this. I just couldn't wait for 3 to finish which seems like and eternity.

    • Tiong Kuo
      Tiong Kuo Month ago

      @StevenT2002 B3 felt more like a multiplayer game with the mess of enemies and I didn't like that I couldn't see enemies damage or it was too small to see. It just didn't feel like a single player looter with coop play anymore. I guess gearbox catered to the new masses now and after waiting 7 years and getting this, I was gutted.

    • StevenT2002
      StevenT2002 Month ago

      @Tiong Kuo it didn't run smooth for its time though... PS3 and Xbox360 version runs at like 24fps. And the pc version dips to like 40fps when I turn on dynamic shadows.
      My pc isn't great but I can run borderlands 2 perfectly fine.

    • Tiong Kuo
      Tiong Kuo Month ago

      @StevenT2002 B1 runs so smooth and that's all that matters.

    • StevenT2002
      StevenT2002 Month ago

      How? Borderlands 1 has some of the most boring missions I've ever seen. Borderlands 1 also has much less dialogue so the game feels empty. And there is absolutely no location variety in borderlands 1

  • A.I. Privilege
    A.I. Privilege Month ago +3

    I'm setting here trying to muster up enough give a crap to keep playing this after one play through. It's not working.

  • Kade
    Kade Month ago +1

    0/10 for epic games release
    11/10 when it actually comes out

  • WillGameRecord
    WillGameRecord Month ago +2

    Made the reviews like a badass, really awesome work!

  • Kendral Hunt
    Kendral Hunt Month ago

    I love borderlands 3 it's much smoother and better than the other borderlands games.Its more funner and content driven.borderlands 3 I got it for $59.99 and it was worth it.

  • lbarto88
    lbarto88 Month ago +3

    I have just one question: Does this have the awful low-grav system that the pre-sequel had?

    • StevenT2002
      StevenT2002 Month ago

      @o j well not really. That area is basically just a slightly higher jump. That's nothing like how anti gravity was handled in pre sequel

    • o j
      o j Month ago

      just for 1 mision

    • tripaloski adidas krasovski
      tripaloski adidas krasovski Month ago

      lbarto88 I liked the low grav system

    • Davon Lewis
      Davon Lewis Month ago +2

      lbarto88 no

  • B Train
    B Train Month ago

    You guys know the ping system was in battle born right?

  • Leonardo Vela
    Leonardo Vela Month ago

    Is this worth playing in single player?

    • ruairi shannon
      ruairi shannon Month ago

      I've been playing mostly solo and it's still a really fun experience, you can also use match making online and there's a massive community on Facebook and reddit if you needed a group to grind legendaries with after you've beaten the game

  • Kaden-Ω Bone
    Kaden-Ω Bone Month ago +5

    Wow they literally give every major title a 8 or higher XDD

  • rub ber
    rub ber Month ago

    love the villians make fun of youtubers and streamers..why every youtuber HATES just get a job bro...and quit begging for money.. Borderlands FTW

  • Venom Nomnom
    Venom Nomnom Month ago +1

    Boooooorinnnnnnng... And weird. Blah.

  • Mark Dando
    Mark Dando Month ago +1

    I think the game is missing the quick weapon swap function, aprt from that its a shed loads of fun.

    • StevenT2002
      StevenT2002 Month ago

      You can enable it in the game settings

  • Samuel Mote
    Samuel Mote Month ago +1

    Not a fan of Ava in this game

  • Gamer Suite
    Gamer Suite Month ago

    all manufacturers are distinct:
    Jakobs is great.
    atlas has aimbot
    torgue alt. is sticky
    vladof had alt fire modes
    maliwan lights up the ground.

  • MrMagee78
    MrMagee78 Month ago

    this isn't on steam?

  • Matthew
    Matthew Month ago

    When he points out killing yourself for a reward man jack did that nothing new just like the game

  • Jeremy Hutchings
    Jeremy Hutchings Month ago +1

    "Easily the best" ... .not even close. Feels like the game hasn't been balanced and the drops are strangled to lead to DLC to get half decent weapons.

  • Anthony Romero
    Anthony Romero Month ago +2

    If I’ve never played borderlands should I play the older once first ?

  • Str8DV8
    Str8DV8 Month ago +5

    What is Borderlands?
    Destiny: Taken -King- Cocaine