Darius Garland Has The BEST SNEAKER COLLECTION! Inside Look At His 200 SHOES 🔥

  • Published on May 30, 2018
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    Darius Garland has the most INSANE SNEAKER COLLECTION EVER! He gave us a sneak peak into his 200 kicks. They all SUPER FIRE.
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Comments • 229

  • Drew 25
    Drew 25 2 months ago


  • Jonmyster The Long
    Jonmyster The Long 3 months ago +1

    my favorite draft prospect got shoe game shoe game

  • Andrew Yang
    Andrew Yang 3 months ago

    His voice be sounding like sum asmr

  • Criss
    Criss 3 months ago

    I love the stan smith

  • philip cooper
    philip cooper 3 months ago +1

    His pops was a NBA player what u expect

  • Bk K
    Bk K 3 months ago

    I take it this gentleman comes from some money. Good for him!

  • yungmatt009
    yungmatt009 4 months ago

    All the top recruits nowadays got money

  • j wilyumz
    j wilyumz 4 months ago

    This guy seems way chill lol

  • Jaiden Playz
    Jaiden Playz 5 months ago

    Do one with jalen green

  • Gabby Park
    Gabby Park 6 months ago

    We needs part two to this video because his sneaker collection is ridiculous 🔥🔥🔥

  • Hunter York
    Hunter York 6 months ago

    Brentwood money right there lol

  • Aidan Dailey
    Aidan Dailey 7 months ago

    Rich 🔥 Fire

  • Walka Wood
    Walka Wood 7 months ago +1

    ok his collection is *FIRE* but they was overpricing his shoes a lil bit😂😭

  • Jose Contreras
    Jose Contreras 7 months ago

    He is just another publicity stunt saying hes the next big thing where basketball is all just for money, no heart!.

  • Alvyn Gonzalez
    Alvyn Gonzalez 8 months ago

    Fortnite in the back

  • Era Cashing
    Era Cashing 9 months ago

    Off whites Air Force 😭😭😍😍😭

  • Zonuna Hrahsel
    Zonuna Hrahsel 10 months ago

    I only got 3 wearable shoes here....This video almost got me depressed😅

  • Matt Pearson
    Matt Pearson 11 months ago +1

    IM 100 percent positive yeezy 250 z2 does not go for 1700 more like 400

  • King Dorne
    King Dorne Year ago

    this dude is Isaiah Thomas twin

  • Bay Paw Bay
    Bay Paw Bay Year ago

    2:20 you can hear Fortnite

  • Mana T
    Mana T Year ago

    Thought it was Isaiah Thomas son for a min lol

  • Ethan Contrera 6605

    But i can’t lie that collection is fire

  • Ethan Contrera 6605

    These schools be paying players to play for their team . That’s why they be having the money to afford all those sneaker and clothes.

  • Jaren Caldwell
    Jaren Caldwell Year ago

    Jalen springer

  • Jaren Caldwell
    Jaren Caldwell Year ago

    Jalen springer plz

  • Rojen Plays
    Rojen Plays Year ago

    Where they get the prices from

  • Jacob Ehrlich
    Jacob Ehrlich Year ago

    Bro where do these kids be getting the money for this shit ??? I honestly don’t get it

  • Adam Bernal
    Adam Bernal Year ago

    Did y’all see Julian’s week collection😂

  • Straight Fax
    Straight Fax Year ago

    Thought the title was clickbait😂DG got hella shoes😂😂

  • Fl3xup. GodlyYT
    Fl3xup. GodlyYT Year ago

    This nigga a noob skin but he play basketball I’m sleep still a gg fa da sneaker collection

  • Future weapon
    Future weapon Year ago

    Where can I get a custom stan smiths like that

  • Glide Lethal
    Glide Lethal Year ago

    They said bred yeezys for 1.8k wtf

  • Wambui Wambui
    Wambui Wambui Year ago

    200 sneakers 😷 I'm a girl and I don't even have 20 pairs of shoes

  • mike black
    mike black Year ago

    Imagine if these kids would sell two pairs of shoes and invest them into a few stocks... Then when they get to the NBA they could already have a down payment for a car or a house without even touching there NBA check. No pun intended, but I wish i was in their shoes haha

  • David Auguste
    David Auguste Year ago

    What hoodie is he wearing

  • Deion Sanders
    Deion Sanders Year ago

    Been waiting to his shoe collection since mcdag 😂

  • Ev G
    Ev G Year ago +1

    These type of vids are dope! Make some for some other hoopers like Zion, Will Pluma, Bol Bol, and who ever else has heat! 🔥🔥

  • Frank Chilled
    Frank Chilled Year ago

    The breds are not that much😂😂

  • Stephane Lauture
    Stephane Lauture Year ago +1

    Fake prices

  • Jonas N
    Jonas N Year ago

    Where did y'all get the prices from, flight club?

  • supreme_trooper supremetrooper

    I wonder how much they all costed?

  • Henry_09 king
    Henry_09 king Year ago

    You are extra bra 200 i only got 15

  • The GG Family
    The GG Family Year ago

    How can they afford these in high school

  • Martin Wallace
    Martin Wallace Year ago

    Shoe game sick

  • Keith L king
    Keith L king Year ago +1

    Flexing on his parents money, im not. Hating tho

  • anthony kalafut
    anthony kalafut Year ago


  • Toulong vue
    Toulong vue Year ago +1

    Where overtime getting these resell numbers 😭💀

  • Austin Byer
    Austin Byer Year ago

    That fortnite in the back 😂

  • X Curlyheadjj
    X Curlyheadjj Year ago

    How did he get dreads again if he cut it wouldn’t they be smaller

  • Bj Shiftteam
    Bj Shiftteam Year ago

    Jq got more heat

  • Hezuss
    Hezuss Year ago

    Y’all really think their parents would be wasting this much money on shoes? Most of them got valid shoe plugs which they get their stuff for really low or even free...

  • A-man Ankola
    A-man Ankola Year ago +1

    these prices were so off💀😂😂

  • SheLovesJre
    SheLovesJre Year ago


  • BapeGod
    BapeGod Year ago

    DG NBA Superstar

  • J Buckets
    J Buckets Year ago

    How do these high schoolers that are teenagers come up with the money for all these shoes

  • Kylan Selmer
    Kylan Selmer Year ago

    His dad use to hoop in the league he got bank✅

  • Brown Kararot
    Brown Kararot Year ago

    Was it supposed to say AJ or MJ?

  • Nathan Yidnekachew
    Nathan Yidnekachew Year ago +1

    JQ mad af 🤣🤣🤣

  • Quay_Blizzy5
    Quay_Blizzy5 Year ago

    so is there gonna be a part 2 ?

  • Quay_Blizzy5
    Quay_Blizzy5 Year ago