• Published on Mar 18, 2017
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  • Shaka The Bookie Smacker

    Shaka The Bookie Smacker . com

  • John McGuinness
    John McGuinness 3 months ago

    $15k Louis Mink + $30k suit + $50k Rolex watch = $95k
    Mayweather's Hublot LaFerarri watch = $250k

  • ben winwood
    ben winwood 3 months ago

    Unbelievable ego driven cunt

    • SPORTS
      SPORTS Month ago

      That ego made him earn 100M

  • William Manh
    William Manh 3 months ago

    That bitch alweis talk shit

  • Tariq Miah
    Tariq Miah 3 months ago +1

    Hes a wannabe floyd ina 50 k this 20 k that. When floyd soeaks he says in 10 mil necklace 5 mil rimg 2 mil watch. Hahahah this guys trash

  • F Fu
    F Fu 4 months ago +1

    50K watch...step yr game up...Floyds got a 1.4 million watch

    • John McGuinness
      John McGuinness 3 months ago

      And it wasnt even Floyd's most expensive watch but it still worth approximately one Conor McGregor's UFC fight.

  • miguel martinez
    miguel martinez 4 months ago

    He should shocked the world lol

  • eduardo montez
    eduardo montez 4 months ago

    Ya fookin blew et

  • banger aye
    banger aye 4 months ago

    Fook him

  • كيم جونغ اون
    كيم جونغ اون 4 months ago

    you got nothings just your raning your mouth coner

  • George Chatman
    George Chatman 4 months ago

    this is funny

  • w26240
    w26240 4 months ago

    FUCK THE McGREGORS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Assof Spades
    Assof Spades 4 months ago

    He gonna need a go fund me account call it white boy fooled me up

  • Assof Spades
    Assof Spades 4 months ago

    We're not taking part were taking over hope y'all enjoy this old man getting asswhoopedit's use guys fault

  • Assof Spades
    Assof Spades 4 months ago

    Fook Mayweather

  • Fred Polster
    Fred Polster 5 months ago

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  • Egor Savchenko
    Egor Savchenko 5 months ago

    last year I paid a lot of money for fights network. NEVER AGAIN ! now I am watching fights online via ScreenVariety , It's the best tv broadcaster this year

  • Jasse Golestani
    Jasse Golestani 5 months ago

    He used Floyd Mayweather's name to get famous I hate this little bitch go to hell you're not down with Jesus we not down with you welcome to America we love Jesus go back to your raggedy-ass country

  • Max Maximus
    Max Maximus 5 months ago

    He only spoke for about 3 mins, but damn you can feel the energy, charisma and passion oozing from this man - entertaining as hell!!!

  • 04zambo
    04zambo 5 months ago

    Cocaine's a helluva drug...Love this guy...

  • don taylor
    don taylor 6 months ago

    Floyd bout to kick his ass I know y'all white folks want McGregor to win but he's not jus like Floyd would get his add kicked if he stepped into his world big ups doe Floyd fuck that pale Caucasian up lol

  • Slick Tiger
    Slick Tiger 6 months ago

    Anyone who says CM will beat FMJ is clearly delusional. I am in NO way a FMJ fan In fact I don't think he is in the top 10 of the greatest boxers of all time but I know the sport of boxing and I have been around it my entire life. I boxed in the late 80s to the mid 90s as an amateur and had a fair amount of success in the amateur ranks. I have studied boxing and know for a fact there is no comparison between the speed, accuracy and power between the punches of a boxer and a MMA fighter, boxers are much faster and hit much harder as well as trained to take punches. I am not knocking MMA whatsoever but MMA fighters are jacks of all trades and masters of none. A lot of people say Floyd Mayweather runs and I dare them to show me one fight where he runs because he doesn't. Is he a knockout puncher? Yes he is but he decided later in his career to win without having to brawl which is very smart ( Doesn't make for exciting matches) but smart. Anyway point is that Conor McGregor has absolutely ZERO chance of winning in fact he will get knocked out cold Guaranteed. I am Irish from Belfast but more than that I am a fan and student of The Sweet Science so I want all the millennials out there to see the difference between a real boxer and somebody who thinks they are a real boxer. Come August 26th there will be no more discussion!

  • Sohaib Akhtar
    Sohaib Akhtar 6 months ago

    whats this theme song

  • Steven Price
    Steven Price 6 months ago

    Mcgregor doesn't know what he's getting himself into. Floyd will school and embarrass him on the night. Mcgregor is lucky that he isn't fighting GGG...would be a hospital job.

  • BN Sport News
    BN Sport News 6 months ago +1

    McGregor is gonna beat Floyd

  • Lady Red Pill
    Lady Red Pill 6 months ago

    Fook Floyd 😂

  • Ricky Saran
    Ricky Saran 6 months ago

    kugan got his red pantie night with this interview over a million hits

  • Ricardo Maniram
    Ricardo Maniram 6 months ago

    fuck flyod yeah

  • Simon Andrews
    Simon Andrews 6 months ago

    Fuck off boys it will be a case of t bagged in the dressing room by mayweather senior

  • Marie Burke
    Marie Burke 6 months ago

    Conor, he’s a very good and maybe even one of the best strikers for MMA. But there is a very big difference between boxing striking and MMA striking. Let’s say you think Conor is a good boxer, which is a pretty big compliment for someone who’s never had a boxing match. But even then, he’s definitely not a great boxer or an elite boxer, and Floyd doesn’t get hit by elite boxers.

  • new born
    new born 6 months ago

    Conor is a disgrace for any sport. That asshole gives a bad name to anything. He is just a clown with a big mouth making a circus out of everything he touch. Remenber Nate Diaz who made him quit..

  • Cobey Huish
    Cobey Huish 6 months ago

    This guy is too cocky. Going to get wooped. It's like having a professional roller blade hockey team playing against a professional NHL all star team on ice. Both Hockey teams no the sport/rules but 2 different disciplines and one team would look like a fool. He has been cocky before and got his but wooped.

  • BizzaDamm
    BizzaDamm 6 months ago +4

    Conor is so fucking coked up in this interview hahaha

  • Obama Change
    Obama Change 6 months ago

    Conor you knock his ass out !!!!!

  • marco vanbasta
    marco vanbasta 6 months ago

    You guys are missing the point... Conor Mcgregor is a GENIUS self promoter, landed a 100 million fight with Floyd Mayweather, HE WON THE JACKPOT , the bout is a sideshow...

  • Malc B
    Malc B 6 months ago

    conor vs nate , nate will take it 2-1

  • Nostoping
    Nostoping 6 months ago

    Conor fans are stupid. they problaby came from wwe to support that big mouth. They are fans of people, not of mma sports.

  • W Md
    W Md 6 months ago

    looks coked out of his freakin gourd

  • CharlesXavier
    CharlesXavier 6 months ago +3

    Looool I can't stop reloading 2:50. If you don't know what someone on Coke looks like. There you go

  • Biggieboss power
    Biggieboss power 6 months ago

    When i hear Conor says believe me the Whole Boxing World will be in Shock i know he will do something in this Fight he knows knocking Floyd out or beating Floyd is the Rise to the Top of the World he would be the biggest Star in Combat Sport for a long Time People would talk about him for Ages

  • Gary Byrne
    Gary Byrne 7 months ago

    Connor is gonna knock Mayweather out

    KPOPFANBOYUK 7 months ago

    ask conor about fighting billy joe saunders would be more entertaining

  • Hayden Hudson
    Hayden Hudson 7 months ago

    This fight has rocky vs apollo written all over it Connor is southpaw like rocky and mayweather is orthodox like apollo

  • Bcfcmansell
    Bcfcmansell 7 months ago

    Do you want some fuckin cocaineeeee!!!!!! 🐲

  • Azzan Khan
    Azzan Khan 7 months ago

    We all wrote bellew off and look what he did

  • Lee
    Lee 7 months ago

    Calling it now Mcgregor is going to win the 1st fight shock everyone then they will setup a rematch for even more $$$$ Mayweather would make close to 1 bil with two fights but it would take Mayweather letting Mcgregor winning the 1st so it could create big hype for a rematch and they will get even more buy rates. Mayweather winning won't make people interested in a rematch that's why the best thing is to have Mcgregor take the 1st then Mayweather wins the second. He'll still be 50-1 and make a shit ton of money it would be historic om top of that Mcgregor would make a lot too. win for both sides.

    EiRESKuLL 7 months ago

    This channel is still in SD?

  • KJohn060
    KJohn060 7 months ago +3

    Because of Floyd, he is about to make more money than he has ever earned his whole life.

  • PrankedUpBt
    PrankedUpBt 7 months ago

    He gonna be losing the fight and kick Floyd in the head

  • Arnold Mageee
    Arnold Mageee 7 months ago

    beir bua

  • LOL NightSauce
    LOL NightSauce 7 months ago +2

    connor looks like bruce lee when he smiles

  • technoviking
    technoviking 7 months ago +2


  • Tony Montana Orlando
    Tony Montana Orlando 7 months ago


  • cris sanchez
    cris sanchez 7 months ago

    18 is sunday wtf

  • It Is What It Is
    It Is What It Is 7 months ago

    Paddy Mcfuckface won't do shit to Floyd.

  • Solid Cold
    Solid Cold 7 months ago

    Connor is a clever guy, he always puts his opponents over, emphasizing their strengths etc. This makes him look even better when he wins.

  • get it in
    get it in 7 months ago

    couliflour ear to much ground and pound

  • Amanda Connelly
    Amanda Connelly 7 months ago

    Conor looks good and healthy for a change. Is it Ireland? Fresh air? Rest??

  • MrBadFish 21310
    MrBadFish 21310 7 months ago

    Oh shut the fuck up Conor before I call Nate Diaz on ur azz lmfao

  • Ray Ramos
    Ray Ramos 7 months ago

    Mayweather is the best boxer I seen.However on earth anything is possible.What if Connor landed a haymaker maker and shock the world. Wouldn't that be a site.

  • marcel epskamp
    marcel epskamp 7 months ago

    the boxing world is in shock after the fight mayweathe-mc'gregor FLOYD IS GOING DOWN

  • deeftonh
    deeftonh 7 months ago

    Ireland as 1 and Ireland as a whole, one for one and one for all 🇮🇪🖕🏻

  • Damien
    Damien 7 months ago

    wow views at 1000000

  • Elee Meza
    Elee Meza 7 months ago +1

    thats shameful for boxing

  • stupidfuck
    stupidfuck 7 months ago

    i feel bad for this guy, coz he gonna lose to floyd fucking money mayweather

  • FaZe Gecko
    FaZe Gecko 7 months ago +1

    Conor mcgregor would win

  • 504brando
    504brando 7 months ago

    My Favorite Fighter(Conor McGregor) will beat the best Boxer of all time(Floyd "Runny" Mayweather). If Floyd gets hit with that left hand its over...Conor by TKO in the 4th Round!!!! Im Taking all bets...my Twitter is @brando504...follow and Dm if u wanna bet

  • andrew Taylor
    andrew Taylor 7 months ago

    Fuck you you bomb why don't you fight Jones and shut the fuck up you sorry bitch Conor.

  • MrAtcjohn
    MrAtcjohn 7 months ago

    conor get your self to my town COUNDON county durham il out box you in my front garden and make you look like a little irish girl your are pure fanny and im not trolling anything just dont think you can box properly

  • Hotel # 34 MAIN ST 69
    Hotel # 34 MAIN ST 69 7 months ago

    It's more than obvious that McGregor respects mayweather because mayweather chose to fight him in the first place, and fighting mayweather will add millions more to your bank account, and what's it all about money and entertaining the fans for 12 rounds. Simple tings...mi bradda

  • max m
    max m 7 months ago

    looks like conors on some speed or some type of drugs he popin mollys?

  • Haani Chew
    Haani Chew 7 months ago

    Floyd mayweather is good but like the saying goes great things come in small packages and there is a big difference between USA and Ireland my take Conner will take him so good luck if this fight goes down

  • Raj Parmar
    Raj Parmar 7 months ago

    Shut your Fooking Mouth ,....

  • addiejonez
    addiejonez 8 months ago

    Connor wins or lose he ain't got non to lose. Floyd on the other hand it's a different story. Boxing is his life and if you lose to an MMA fighter it's tough to swallow. I say Connor win or lose you are still a champ for stepping outside your own zone.

  • Carlos Rosario
    Carlos Rosario 8 months ago


  • Giovannie Pinzon
    Giovannie Pinzon 8 months ago

    Floyd would fuck him up any day!

  • Jorge Luna
    Jorge Luna 8 months ago +1

    #boycott floyd vs.mcgregor.

  • DukstarGaming
    DukstarGaming 8 months ago

    a lot of white boys gonna get butthurt when mayweather destroys mcgregor.... 😉😁

  • adrian cronin
    adrian cronin 8 months ago

    conor mac scrout. what a scum bag .

  • SanctumStudios
    SanctumStudios 8 months ago

    Defs got ripped on crappy suit/jacket

  • John McClain
    John McClain 8 months ago

    Come on really Man U know it's a good pay day this boy is ready for a beating he's thinking about retiring richer than ever

  • Wyatt Staggers
    Wyatt Staggers 8 months ago

    Conor seems like a respectful guy to interview

  • Ichigo Bankai
    Ichigo Bankai 8 months ago

    Connor just wants money, since UFC is only paying him pennies. LMAO

  • محب المطيريLoving Noah

    fooook you bitch McChicken

  • John Doe
    John Doe 8 months ago

    I'm a fan of both mma and boxing its not about which discipline is better its about the fact that if this shit happens, its gonna be HUGE and I'm definitely gonna illegally stream that shit online:)

    WALTER J.R. (RETARD) 8 months ago

    This guy just made ifl tv even more entertaining

  • Michael Ward
    Michael Ward 8 months ago

    mcgregor is such a fucking drip. cant stand him

  • Noartist
    Noartist 8 months ago

    Only way Floyd the Fluff would fight him is with big ass boxing gloves on in a strictly boxing match.

  • SuperMillwall1885
    SuperMillwall1885 8 months ago

    Hands down the greatest trash talker of all time in combat sports.

  • Karl karl
    Karl karl 8 months ago

    that Irish Plumber is a fucking prick

  • Etcher
    Etcher 8 months ago

    2:38 bloke vaping in the background while a "top athlete" like McGregor is interviewed. A perfect allegory for the UFC.

  • Demario
    Demario 8 months ago

    coked out of his skull

  • morgan williams
    morgan williams 8 months ago

    im a boxing fan and i have alot respect for this dude...a true fighter in every sense...good luck!!

  • money maker
    money maker 8 months ago

    maan im telling you conor has a legit shot against floyd everytime conor predicts whats giong to happen it happens 100% and you can see it in his eyes . hes gonna shock the sports world like nobody ever did before trust me there are limits but nobody ever broken that rule what hes planning to do and theres always gonna be something to be broken and thats the perfect guy to break the rule that the best mma fighter with no boxing fight will beat the best boxer ever and theres gonna be sombody in the future where the best boxer ever with no mma fight will beat the best mma fighter in the ufc

  • AlexFPS
    AlexFPS 8 months ago

    Yeaaah dat 50k rolex 😁👍🏻

  • sacke Tsiftsis
    sacke Tsiftsis 8 months ago

    Omfg i want his COAT !!!!!!!!!! what is it called how much does it cost ?

  • Em Dee
    Em Dee 8 months ago

    theyre milking the fuck outta this hype

  • Jonathan Reynolds
    Jonathan Reynolds 8 months ago

    Kick his monkey ass Conor!

  • Terry Sibley Jr.
    Terry Sibley Jr. 8 months ago

    One of my fav fighters in the UFC, now let's be realistic. This isn't the 1st 2nd 3rd etc etc time Mayweather has faced a big puncher. With catlike reflexes not even Canelo could catch Floyd like that and he's a very very good boxer with heavy hands and only 1 loss (by mayweather). Now 2nd thing I should mention. Conor has good hands yes but he struggled against a C level boxer in the UFC "Nate Diaz" ...... This is what's going to happen . Conor is going to get paid okay 🤷🏼‍♂️😂 and mayweather is going to embarrass him making him miss.i can't say "easy win for Mayweather but I will say challenging because when Conor has landed his left hand on every fighter he faces they drop. The odds of him winning is very low I jus don't see him having the stamina trying to catch him . "Challenging " win for May-weather not easy because anything can happen

  • YeshuaMyLord
    YeshuaMyLord 8 months ago

    You need to learn how to focus it's the 3rd videos I see totally out of focus ...