50 People Try to Slice an Avocado | Epicurious

  • Published on Nov 29, 2017
  • Sure, avocados are great mashed into your guacamole, or (shudder) spread onto your toast, but how do you get it there from it's fruit form? 50 people try their best!

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    50 People Try to Slice an Avocado | Epicurious
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Comments • 6 076

  • Hayden South
    Hayden South 10 hours ago

    Your chef at the end always sucks lol

  • NailUnicornNatio n
    NailUnicornNatio n 21 hour ago

    Notice that pretty much all the people that did it right...
    We're millennials.

  • SN1PAB0Y
    SN1PAB0Y Day ago

    A Chef should never be teaching novices to use a knife to take the pit out like that. Number one way people are getting hurt in the kitchen right now

  • KenFromYT - Roblox
    KenFromYT - Roblox 3 days ago

    2:53 that guy's face tho XD

  • Alex Carlton
    Alex Carlton 3 days ago

    How come some people reacted like they have never heard or seen an avacado

  • Potato_girl Karla
    Potato_girl Karla 4 days ago

    Was cringing The Who entre time I love those and I have trees of them I am Mexican that’s why and it’s not just that

  • lua ne yioue
    lua ne yioue 4 days ago

    Grabs cleaver: Cleaves entire avocado(and seed) cleanly in half without bruising it. Smirks like a teenage boy in a bra-shop

  • Gisela 06
    Gisela 06 4 days ago

    There not even doing it right! Even the professional chef (kind of) it was cringe worthy to watch! I’m like basically the avocado Queen!🥑🥑😁😁👑👑

  • paulanicolle Hipa
    paulanicolle Hipa 4 days ago




  • June Sekido
    June Sekido 4 days ago


  • Vanessa Cortes
    Vanessa Cortes 5 days ago

    I looove Avocados 🥑💚

  • Kaweewee Boy
    Kaweewee Boy 5 days ago

    im willing to bet that ill be able to do most of the things they do in this series, and im a 13 year old kid LMAO

  • Bobby Lol
    Bobby Lol 5 days ago

    Oh my god!!! I'm shocked how many of these people didn't even know how to cut an avocado!? That's embarrassing😂 how is this possible!? As an adult!

  • Xander Leidig
    Xander Leidig 5 days ago

    How... do... they.. not... know

  • Jossan Isaksson
    Jossan Isaksson 6 days ago

    I’m eleven and i can cut an avacado better then them! Like are they born in a stone!?🤨

  • Ximena Regalado
    Ximena Regalado 7 days ago

    1:07 so he started in the bad side? Damn

  • Anubis Ent
    Anubis Ent 8 days ago

    This has to be fake

  • Dan-go-ros
    Dan-go-ros 8 days ago

    Me, a latina watching grown up adults failing at what is chilean culture for 10 years olds: pathetic

    (jk, I know I have cultural advantage but it's still funny to watch)

  • w ha t i a m A E S T H E T I C

    This makes me cringe lol

  • maja holmvard
    maja holmvard 9 days ago

    Bruh. This has got to be fake right

  • gods eye
    gods eye 9 days ago

    Try avocado+sugar+milk.. smash avocado a little bit.. taste good. Or avocado+condensed milk=yummy!

  • Trinity
    Trinity 9 days ago

    1:33 o h m y g o d

  • Izabell Is Never Great

    T-that is so easy! How do people fail???

  • Castelo :D
    Castelo :D 10 days ago

    All this people need mexican hability

  • Lilly La Follette
    Lilly La Follette 10 days ago

    I've been able to cut a avocado for as long as I can remember

  • 718 Neil  GAMEZ
    718 Neil GAMEZ 10 days ago

    Those people are stupid

  • Zoey Rauterkus
    Zoey Rauterkus 10 days ago

    Yay SOMEONE used a spoon

  • Ello m8
    Ello m8 11 days ago

    Are they serious? I’m 12 and I know how to cut a avocado better than them 😆 Maybe because I make guacamole
    almost every week.

  • Rizen
    Rizen 11 days ago

    0:44 don’t know how to cut

  • •PotatoDoge•
    •PotatoDoge• 11 days ago

    Next Video: *50 people try to breathe air*

  • 28 stAb wouNdS
    28 stAb wouNdS 11 days ago

    I watch these videos to get me pissed off

  • Sky High
    Sky High 11 days ago


  • megaslayer b202
    megaslayer b202 11 days ago

    Some of the people is from Conde nast traveler

  • thatemokid101
    thatemokid101 12 days ago

    An 11 yr old can do this and that’s me

  • PsychologyVEVO :D
    PsychologyVEVO :D 12 days ago

    I cut avocados with a spoon 😐

  • Faisal Bundakji
    Faisal Bundakji 12 days ago

    are these people actually human?

  • Cross Ratita
    Cross Ratita 12 days ago

    No mames en serio!!!!en mexico incluso un niño de 8 años lo sabe cortar!!!!!!!

  • Catty Cat
    Catty Cat 12 days ago

    I’m very surprised that some adults don’t even know how to cut avocado, I’m 11 year old and I know how to cut avocado 🥑

  • Xxgames_ modexX
    Xxgames_ modexX 12 days ago

    These people can't do anything

  • Little Jumpers
    Little Jumpers 13 days ago

    I have never lost this much brain cells in 3:07 minutes. This people need to never touch an avocado ever again.

  • Min Yoongi Hugs
    Min Yoongi Hugs 13 days ago

    I'm... Ashamed 🤣

  • GalaxiaGalaxy
    GalaxiaGalaxy 13 days ago


  • Pokemon Master 09
    Pokemon Master 09 13 days ago

    I am 10 and I know how to slice an avacodo great vid thou

  • itali_mancebo
    itali_mancebo 13 days ago

    You can't be serious.......can they

  • Jakeee
    Jakeee 13 days ago

    I just put soy sauce on it and eat it

  • Filip Gligora
    Filip Gligora 13 days ago


  • Grigory Efimovich Rasputin

    Also its called a pit not a seed

  • Grigory Efimovich Rasputin

    Fresh avocado

  • Elizabeth Ramos
    Elizabeth Ramos 14 days ago

    This is fake right I be been cutting avocados since I was 5

  • gangster panda119
    gangster panda119 14 days ago

    I wonder where they found 90% of these people, even if they never cut a type of food, just use some common sense, but some of them are great like the Asian guy at 1:55 I noticed him using his brain in most of these videos.

  • Minzi Anu
    Minzi Anu 14 days ago

    Robert Ramsey? Is that even his real name? 😆

  • Tommy Vo
    Tommy Vo 14 days ago +1

    If you ever feel useless, watch these videos

  • Selida Ayala
    Selida Ayala 14 days ago

    It was actually 60 people I did the math

  • BubblyRxice
    BubblyRxice 15 days ago +1

    I never knew, Adults doesn't know how to cut avocado's ;-;

  • Scarlett Nelson
    Scarlett Nelson 15 days ago

    how do they not know i learned when i was 5!

  • emily pereira251
    emily pereira251 15 days ago

    Do these people have aids

  • Kaitlyn Kelly
    Kaitlyn Kelly 15 days ago +1

    0:16-0:20 when you get a F- on the test you studied so hard for

  • Danilo F
    Danilo F 15 days ago

    Dios mio, que desastre!

  • Beauty Tech
    Beauty Tech 15 days ago

    Next video ‘50 people try to eat an apple’

  • CK gaming
    CK gaming 15 days ago

    When I was 10 I knew how to do all of these how people don’t know it now I’m 13 and still do

  • Tanisha Shetty
    Tanisha Shetty 15 days ago

    1:06 for the first time this guy doesn't know how to do the task xD
    1:42 WAIT WHAT

  • Rian Leroy
    Rian Leroy 16 days ago

    I’m 12 and I know how to cut an avacado

  • Em Jay
    Em Jay 16 days ago

    I love when they’re easy to peel BACK!

  • Cielo ღ
    Cielo ღ 16 days ago

    Pobres aguacates :'(

  • Ninja
    Ninja 16 days ago

    Is this a joke? This is staged right?

  • Tifu
    Tifu 16 days ago

    PALTA CTM!!!

  • Lakota Williams
    Lakota Williams 16 days ago

    I'm 11 and I know how to slice a avocado

  • Lakota Williams
    Lakota Williams 16 days ago

    1:04 lots of people eat it have you never tried guacamole

  • Lakota Williams
    Lakota Williams 16 days ago

    Are you serious😒

  • Carissa Iszkula
    Carissa Iszkula 16 days ago

    48 scoopy dop

  • YouSillyCunt
    YouSillyCunt 16 days ago

    all of these videos where they’ve got people trying to open or cut foods have to be fake people can’t be this dumb


    Man : i dont like avocado because green stuff is yucky
    Like if you like green

  • james sababan
    james sababan 17 days ago

    Those other ppl are dumb

  • Deedan Ayub
    Deedan Ayub 17 days ago

    Is it weird that I know how to cut a avocado and I’m 11

  • Leticia Dimaandal
    Leticia Dimaandal 17 days ago

    Next 50 people try to cut water mellon

  • Adrinette4Ever Starcofan

    Us Latinos know how to peel and cut a avocado 🥑:3 most

  • what a weirdo
    what a weirdo 17 days ago

    all I'm saying is,,,,,,natural selection is coming for y'all,,,

  • Bautista
    Bautista 17 days ago


  • I PopFizz
    I PopFizz 17 days ago


  • George Levi
    George Levi 18 days ago

    50 avocados wasted

  • Li Wang
    Li Wang 18 days ago

    Robert Ramsey is the guy in Gordon Ramsey’s undercover video.

  • Panda Pou
    Panda Pou 18 days ago

    Goddamit millenials/old people

  • Kevin A
    Kevin A 18 days ago

    Next is: 50 people try to pour water into a cup

  • Nora Korsnes
    Nora Korsnes 18 days ago

    0:17 .......when I got my first victory royale

  • nelmarie cordova
    nelmarie cordova 18 days ago

    Ay mira yo no te creooooooo

  • Portgas D Ann
    Portgas D Ann 19 days ago

    Some people don't know what a Chayote/Sayote is. Maybe in some places avocado doesn't grow?

  • Sabrina O
    Sabrina O 19 days ago

    Ugh.. this is bothering meh...

  • Eva S
    Eva S 19 days ago

    My sister is 10 and can do it better,faster and less dramatic🤦🏼‍♀️

  • I hope satan takes him with you bitch

    Is this fake? Isnt it is it???

  • Gachevie 2007
    Gachevie 2007 19 days ago

    You might not believe me but
    I am an 11 year old kid and even I can cut an avocado 🥑 !

  • Kain
    Kain 19 days ago

    Take the the p the the pit out

    • Kain
      Kain 19 days ago

      English is my 3rd language so i'm not sure but thats not a word is it?

  • laura a
    laura a 20 days ago

    I cringed waaay too hard... like OMFG , I hope they went home after this, and practiced how to cut an avocado

  • jula jaja
    jula jaja 20 days ago

    wtf this people

  • Vivoxy
    Vivoxy 20 days ago

    0.37 what in the hell is you doin!?

  • - Shiroyasha -
    - Shiroyasha - 20 days ago +1

    I don't like the taste of avocados, its gross

  • Jordan Young
    Jordan Young 20 days ago

    Next people try to drink water

  • Celia Begel
    Celia Begel 21 day ago

    ...i can't believe that. Do they really don't know how to cut an avocado ?

  • off my lawn
    off my lawn 21 day ago

    Next video: “people try to breathe”

  • Mia Martinez
    Mia Martinez 21 day ago

    They like 53 to like 80 years old oh old what an idiot do you cut the sides take out the paint and you eat the inside you dummies

  • Alexis Hayashi
    Alexis Hayashi 21 day ago

    This was the biggest cringe ever