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  • Published on Jun 19, 2018
  • I hope you enjoyed this pot of digital GOLD! If you find any of these drafts that make it to Twitter (hint: they will) reply saying "drafted" on them! Leave me a comment about what other videos you want to see AND I'LL MAKE THEM!
    If you’ve read this far, comment Meh-nono Blehn-yuck
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    Hi you! I’m Megan Batoon! Oh, what’s my channel about? I’m so glad you asked. It’s an amalgamation of everything I’m into: dance choreography, comedy vlogs, cooking videos, DIY’s, who knows what I’ll do next? (Not me) I upload every Tuesday and release a new episode of my advice podcast ‘Just a Tip’ on Fridays! Wow, two things every week just for you. I hope you’re happy xx
    Tweets from my Drafts Folder | MeganBatoon
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  • gremlinsbreath
    gremlinsbreath Month ago

    Nothing catch me off guard like an attractive person at the BMV.

  • gremlinsbreath
    gremlinsbreath Month ago

    Just came from the BMV ( Bureau of Motor Vehicles) and they tell you that you can smile but you can't show teeth so now everyone just looks kinda pissed in their photos.

  • Lizanne Glasgow
    Lizanne Glasgow Month ago

    I started actually yelling at my phone during the “quick brown fox” bit because my brother is a graphic designer, so I know it’s “the quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog” 😂

    SHIVANI MUNDLE Month ago

    Megan: You know when everything's distorted and you're like... "I don't feel good"
    *Starts laughing hysterically*
    I felt that😂

  • Jyl Johnson
    Jyl Johnson 3 months ago

    Her voice reminds of Jennxpen and Gabbie Hanna mixed

  • Rashiq Chowdhury
    Rashiq Chowdhury 4 months ago

    Your smile is everything

  • izzeˊˎ-
    izzeˊˎ- 4 months ago


  • Scarlett Hyde
    Scarlett Hyde 4 months ago +1

    "The moon is lazy because it has a night shift" should be new merch

  • Maya Probert
    Maya Probert 4 months ago

    dancing as celebrities! (Video idea)

  • Mia Blomfield
    Mia Blomfield 5 months ago

    My favourite draft tweet of mine:
    ‪My dads favourite child is my sister‬
    ‪My mums favourite child is my brother ‬
    ‪My cats favourite child is me and that’s all that matters ‬

  • Kermit the Frog
    Kermit the Frog 5 months ago

    Omg literally the same person as ayydubs

  • Tej Dalwadi
    Tej Dalwadi 5 months ago

    Gained weight?

  • Max The Psychic
    Max The Psychic 6 months ago

    I ship your camera person and Shane’s camera person
    They have amazing laughs and just laugh behind the camera

  • Eve M
    Eve M 6 months ago

    2:37 me neither cuz i wasnt born

  • danixdanny
    danixdanny 7 months ago


  • Samerina
    Samerina 7 months ago

    Omg my ex watched a show without me that we started and he didn't give a f. Oh yeah that's why we are exes. Lol

  • Emily Zehm
    Emily Zehm 8 months ago

    Just found your channel and this video had me dying 😂😂. May get back on Twitter just to *hopefully* see some of these tweets in my feed.

  • Nesoro
    Nesoro 8 months ago

    All of the tweets made me laugh XD

  • LA 824
    LA 824 8 months ago

    I feel like the reason Tim Berners-Lee invented the world wide web is so I can binge on Megan Batoon videos on TVclip.

  • Kคฬคเเ Cђק
    Kคฬคเเ Cђק 8 months ago

    2:35 i was born in the year 2005 😂❤️

  • Just MyOpinion
    Just MyOpinion 9 months ago

    *"i don't even have memories from 2005"* 😂😂😂 SAAAME!!!!

  • Mayzie Rosberg
    Mayzie Rosberg 9 months ago

    I’ve watched this video like 6 times since it was uploaded and it’s still funny

  • Joel muñoz
    Joel muñoz 9 months ago

    its been a while since a seen ur channel, ur a lil bit fat now but u always be my dream girl 😉

    • Joel muñoz
      Joel muñoz 9 months ago

      goddammit i accidentally but "bs" instead of "be" and had to edit it and now everyone knows i edit it my comment

  • jimena trz
    jimena trz 9 months ago

    megan istg you're SO FUNNY

  • Maria Mendo
    Maria Mendo 9 months ago

    what yo Instagram?

  • Taylor Jacque
    Taylor Jacque 9 months ago

    When are you posting a new video?

  • 24suzukir
    24suzukir 9 months ago

    who are u dating? are u dating the camera guy in shane?

  • Zuzia A
    Zuzia A 9 months ago

    5:24 needs a trigger warning. I was not ready for that.

  • Jerry Larson
    Jerry Larson 9 months ago

    Yay megan balloon haha team edge vids amazing

  • 773Nessa
    773Nessa 9 months ago

    What happen w u n Andrew?😅

  • stephanie Vlaar
    stephanie Vlaar 9 months ago

    Do you smile in driver license pictures in the states? In Canada they all look like mug shots like no joke when you get your licence and you show some one the first thing they say is why crime you did to make you look why you do.

  • Andrew Novitsky
    Andrew Novitsky 9 months ago +3

    Love ur surname. which in RUssian means a loaf of bread.

  • Titanium X
    Titanium X 9 months ago

    I swear your laugh is amazing

  • htteehee
    htteehee 9 months ago

    I forgot where I heard this but "Man bun is the millennial mullet"
    Meh-nono Blehn-yuck!

  • AsapRush
    AsapRush 9 months ago

    your dieing ahhhh :(

  • Isabella Tan
    Isabella Tan 9 months ago

    Meh-nono Blehn-yuck :0)

    KYLE HANAGAMI 9 months ago +114

    HAHAHAHAHHAA. i laughed so hard at the Manolo Blahnik

  • Claire Smith
    Claire Smith 9 months ago

    can you do a dance cover to a BTS please?

  • Jessica Brzuskiewicz
    Jessica Brzuskiewicz 9 months ago

    Mehnono blenyuck

  • Yasmin Rozana
    Yasmin Rozana 9 months ago

    3:10 only a designer would know this lol (or not)

  • AbdullahYT
    AbdullahYT 9 months ago

    she is fit

  • Jeffrey Cooper
    Jeffrey Cooper 9 months ago

    If i was in your life... you’d be much happier. Just FYI

  • عاصف الفرا
    عاصف الفرا 9 months ago +1

    From anwar jibawi 😁❤️

  • B P
    B P 9 months ago

    Are you gonna make more best of luck tshirts when you restock your merch??? Also whenever I see you've posted anything it makes my day

  • Miranda Dru
    Miranda Dru 9 months ago

    How are you so funny !!

  • Hotplayer426
    Hotplayer426 9 months ago

    I'm at a shoe store and see her in a picture

  • CLPastones
    CLPastones 9 months ago

    Meh-nono Blehn-yuck.

  • Bryant Vang
    Bryant Vang 10 months ago

    I usually always delete my drafts on twitter so i don't really have any tweets. The best time to read tweets are always after 12am to 3am because everyone becomes Dr. Phil and a masters in psychology. Your energy levels are unreal Megan! Would be cool to have some vlog videos here and there and some more dance choreo videos.

    BÆSIC 10 months ago

    You look kinda fat what happened ive have not watch you for a while

  • Aoiichi
    Aoiichi 10 months ago

    Have you tried the new " Loaded Fries " from Jack in the Box ?

  • Myesha Wright
    Myesha Wright 10 months ago

    What happened to monthly favorites?😭

  • HP.Suprchrg96
    HP.Suprchrg96 10 months ago


  • Kelli Ulloa
    Kelli Ulloa 10 months ago

    jillian lillian williams had me so dead omg

  • mya Xkenshin
    mya Xkenshin 10 months ago

    Can u get back with team edge or nah

  • Sinceriously Kevin
    Sinceriously Kevin 10 months ago +1

    I agree with the first 3 seconds of Let Me Blow Your Mind 😯

  • Tiffany Weng
    Tiffany Weng 10 months ago

    that one nguyen joke is just the highlight of this entire video highkey

  • xEternxlx Gaming
    xEternxlx Gaming 10 months ago

    Meh-nono Blehn-yuck

  • Zakwan Thahir
    Zakwan Thahir 10 months ago

    i wanna be friends with you .

  • Joanel Hernandez
    Joanel Hernandez 10 months ago +11

    Just a question no hate but did she ever get together with Shane’s camera man?

    • Elizabeth G
      Elizabeth G 6 months ago

      I’m pretty sure they didn’t end up together

    • Joanel Hernandez
      Joanel Hernandez 9 months ago +4

      Mikey Cook well I didn’t know that so it was just a question didn’t mean to offend you

    • Mikey Cook
      Mikey Cook 9 months ago +2

      Joanel Hernandez please stop asking it happened months ago and she said to stop asking and respect her privacy

  • Vlorchaga
    Vlorchaga 10 months ago

    Let's get Megan to 1 million subs!!!!

  • Fox King
    Fox King 10 months ago

    I love you Megan!

  • Anne Danao
    Anne Danao 10 months ago

    why do you look so cute? :(

  • Marie Sheehan
    Marie Sheehan 10 months ago

    you’re honestly the number one youtuber i keep up with. your content is hilarious, relatable, and keeps me engaged the whole time. i hope i can meet you one day to thank you for being someone who brings happiness to my life 😊

  • Hawa Jade
    Hawa Jade 10 months ago

    Meh-nono Blehn-yuck

  • vizcarra jose
    vizcarra jose 10 months ago

    All this laughter and joy, wish I didn't have to back to the fun house.

  • Madie
    Madie 10 months ago +2

    a brandy melville employee literally YELLED at me once for messing up his display because i asked a different employee to take the jacket off (bc it was the last one and i wanted it)

  • helen howells
    helen howells 10 months ago

    I wish she posted some of these lmao they’re so funny

  • Tyler Anaya
    Tyler Anaya 10 months ago

    Can I like this video 10 more times please?

  • Because it’s Jasmine
    Because it’s Jasmine 10 months ago

    “Dancing makes me sore, but that won’t stop me from pop lock and droppin to the floor”

  • Jordan White Music
    Jordan White Music 10 months ago

    *Posts picture with new glasses*
    New glasses who dis?
    no really who is this?
    I'm just now being able to see again

  • Jordan White Music
    Jordan White Music 10 months ago

    They call me germ bc there's a 99.9% chance you can get rid of me but a 100% chance that I'll come back.

  • Linda Johansson
    Linda Johansson 10 months ago

    Someday I hope to meet Jillian Lillian Williams

  • Lovely Chavez
    Lovely Chavez 10 months ago +1

    “if their venmo is poppin u know they party hard” i think it’s good but it feels mediocre idk

  • Rebecca Kallinkal
    Rebecca Kallinkal 10 months ago +1

    2:43 so truuuuuu, started a Netflix series with a girl I met my freshman year in college and the next semester she transferred - still haven’t watched a single episode of it since 😭😭😂

  • Rebecca Kallinkal
    Rebecca Kallinkal 10 months ago +1

    2:10 is it bad that I actually know what kind of blinds Roman shades are 😂

  • Angela Moananu
    Angela Moananu 10 months ago

    Everyone needs an Irene ❤️😂

  • thegamingshark great white shark

    Hey Megan I just saw a video of FBE and you were in it

  • NoahJames
    NoahJames 10 months ago

    AC in my car decided to stop working...On the bright side I now have a mobile sauna. DM me for membership prices

  • Shelly
    Shelly 10 months ago

    Megan you did the Mental health video in front of the bookcase :)

    • Shelly
      Shelly 10 months ago

      your adorable

  • Paulina Gabriella
    Paulina Gabriella 10 months ago

    Meh-nono Blehn-yuck

  • aLex Jbls
    aLex Jbls 10 months ago

    omg ily

  • yo
    yo 10 months ago

    i cant stop laughing at jillian lillian williams

  • maddie b
    maddie b 10 months ago

    someone please tell me why my only draft is “nonononononoNOO”

  • geidi rodriguez
    geidi rodriguez 10 months ago

    Ugh I lost with the tweet about the fox and the dog xD I write that when I’m changing my handwriting

  • Charlene Carreon
    Charlene Carreon 10 months ago

    I want a part two of this so bad

  • F. S.
    F. S. 10 months ago

    I really love puns. But it took me almost 5 minutes to get the Nguyen-Nguyen-Pun :D

  • GuyAmbrouso
    GuyAmbrouso 10 months ago

    “You can’t have hot dogs all the time...” and I believe it was supposed to be a dick joke #twitterdraftgold

  • mo
    mo 10 months ago

    such a beautiful thing

  • Gauri Rao
    Gauri Rao 10 months ago


  • jasgal2cute
    jasgal2cute 10 months ago


  • SocialMonkii
    SocialMonkii 10 months ago

    not sure about the lighting set up. aka the window on the left side of your face.

  • UglyFatBannana
    UglyFatBannana 10 months ago +1

    Rainbow Spaghetti noodles

  • bruna0330
    bruna0330 10 months ago +1

    ‪All of my insecurities stem from that one time in 2004 when I never got the @TMobile sidekick phone. #MyTwitterDraft

  • Brenda Wunsche
    Brenda Wunsche 10 months ago


  • Brenda Wunsche
    Brenda Wunsche 10 months ago

    You should have tweeted all of these out. You’re so funny 😭

  • Valerie Richards
    Valerie Richards 10 months ago

    Draft gold:
    End negative stigma against lemons

  • Emmanuel Alonso
    Emmanuel Alonso 10 months ago +1

    or giraffes folder :)

  • Jeremy de Ocampo
    Jeremy de Ocampo 10 months ago

    Irene's laugh is so contagious.

  • cindy agoncillo
    cindy agoncillo 10 months ago +2

    My drafts folder is empty because I apparently ignore that voice saying, "Mmmm, you sure you want to post that?"

  • KungFuWombat
    KungFuWombat 10 months ago

    "The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog. "