Murder on the Orient Express - Movie Review

  • Published on Nov 8, 2017
    Chris Stuckmann reviews Murder on the Orient Express, starring Kenneth Branagh, Tom Bateman, Penelope Cruz, Willem Dafoe, Judi Dench, Johnny Depp, Josh Gad, Derek Jacobi, Leslie Odom Jr., Michelle Pfeiffer, Daisy Ridley, Marwan Kenzari, Olivia Colman, Lucy Boynton, Manuel Garcia-Rulfo, Sergei Polunin. Directed by Kenneth Branagh.
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  • Zahra Basiri
    Zahra Basiri Month ago

    Screw the movie.I WANT THAT SHIRT

  • Black Duskull
    Black Duskull Month ago

    I was so disappointed with how pretentious this film was that I had to go watch the David Suchet version. It may not be as pretty or have as high a production value, but it's leaps and bounds better.

  • rbc21
    rbc21 2 months ago

    Who else thought the main character is antonio banderas

  • 3rd Gunman
    3rd Gunman 2 months ago

    Super disappointed in this movie. Literally watching it now and can't believe I have like almost 30 minutes to go.
    I didn't care for the direction at all and absolutely hated that god awful accent the detective was doing. Sounded like a cartoon character.
    This movie just completely lacks character development. I felt nothing for the murdered individual which we get like one scene of before they're killed.
    I wasn't concerned about any of the other characters because we don't get to know them. This movie is all tell and no show.
    Endless exposition in hard to understand dialogue. Really, Really let down by this one.

  • grvonny
    grvonny 2 months ago

    Cool shirt dude!!

  • Seraphima Nickolaevna Bogomolova

    I guess Chris has never read the actual story written by Agatha Christie... What was done with the story is rather mediocre. It is just filled with famous actors but they do not play well at all as they are not given space really, which is taken by the film director himself. I feel sorry for Agatha Christie and her story really... and for Chris thinking it is a good old fashioned movie... obviously, he has not been on the orient express either...

  • DK Dempcey Knight DK
    DK Dempcey Knight DK 2 months ago

    Usually I loath remakes, more so remakes of movies that were already done very well however, in this case I really adored this movie due to the new actors/resses. I very much enjoyed seeing many of my favorite actors/resses work. The only thing that could have made this movie better for me is if Anthony Hopkins was in it.

  • MrWkelly1974
    MrWkelly1974 3 months ago

    I Enjoy The Film A Great Deal. Yes, The Story Is Highbrow, According To Today's Standards, Yet Perhaps That Is The Very Reason Why I Appreciate The Efforts, Which Were Put Forth.
    As Of Such, I Plan On Watching The Original Series, Plus The Film.
    When It Comes To Attraction Of Visuals, And Yarn Spinning, I Prefer Stories Which Stands Proudly Outside Of The Mundane. Regardless Of Time Era Or Genre, They Run Deep Within Me.

  • Mikko Amour
    Mikko Amour 3 months ago

    Your review didnt mention johnny depp a single time. hmmmmm

  • Chevy Mac
    Chevy Mac 3 months ago

    I'm quite surprised that you didn't give David Suchet an honorable mention; and more importantly he is quite franky THE! Hercule Poirot.. I dare say he was born for the this role. In my opinion I believe actors should be able to evolve their characters and develope them until they don't resemble the likeness of any other character before or after them in the same role. Actors should not simply read a script and act out a series of cliched or prescribed directives, but perhaps to make me as the viewer believe that the character I'm following is for lack of a better word "Natural" with discernable characteristics or fine tuned idiosyncrasies. These differences are quite evident with Mr David Suchet, even when I revisit his Poirot series I'm pleasantly surprised to find new peculiarities that engage my interest as if I'm watching for the first time. Just to be fair, my opinions come after watching the original actor (s) before and after. David Suchet has really owned the character and the role as Agatha Christie's Poirot, a true talent that is unmatched to date.

  • David Bryson
    David Bryson 3 months ago

    It's a shocker all right! Run for the hills, don't look back, crawl on your blooded hands and knees and never, never go to a cinema which has Branagh's name in the titles. He's appalling!

  • Marit Ørndal
    Marit Ørndal 4 months ago

    should have had some lgbt representation.

  • King Savage97
    King Savage97 4 months ago

    Anybody else think Johnny Depp was the detective before this movie came out lol?

  • S.L.S
    S.L.S 4 months ago

    This Branagh version stank !

  • SkySlasher
    SkySlasher 4 months ago

    I’m going to say this mr Racett I don’t like your face

  • Miloš Ćirić
    Miloš Ćirić 4 months ago

    Is A best grade?

  • AdrianFox2000
    AdrianFox2000 4 months ago

    Okay, about the story there's one thing still confused me and i want to ask here hope anybody help me I'm appreciate.
    *Spoiler alert*

    Is Bouc was involved the murder or he just an innocent ?

  • Ramses Barrios
    Ramses Barrios 5 months ago

    The only problem I had with the movie was that u couldn’t really hear what they where saying

  • Bob Smithers
    Bob Smithers 5 months ago

    Ms marple was also made by agatha Christie and i like when he uses his grey cells

  • Who Knew 22
    Who Knew 22 5 months ago

    Agree with the review although Branagh is not the best Poirot Suchet on TV and then Ustinov and Finney on film

  • Prod. Hxrford
    Prod. Hxrford 5 months ago

    lol he can't pronounce Poirot

    Da BUTCHER 6 months ago

    This movie was a C at best

  • berry nutter
    berry nutter 6 months ago

    Please add me to list that said how could this guy so butcher the pronunciation of Kenneth Branagh and Hercule Poirot..For that reason I had to give it a dislike.

  • Aldestructo4321
    Aldestructo4321 6 months ago

    I think the fact that they are background characters makes it seem like they are less suspicious despite the truth

  • Danijela Savic
    Danijela Savic 6 months ago

    The best Poirot is David Suchet!!!

  • Seriaz Sound
    Seriaz Sound 6 months ago

    Love the Fury Road Shirt, but boy is the artwork bad

  • Edher Aldaco
    Edher Aldaco 6 months ago

    I fell asleep in the first 20 minutes

  • Kingthlayer L.
    Kingthlayer L. 6 months ago

    Imma let you finish but David Suchet is to Hercule Poirot what Hugh Jackman is to Wolverine.
    Although I like Kenneth Branagh too.

  • Future Karlos
    Future Karlos 6 months ago

    It's pronounced "Branna"

  • _あらたさたらかはたは

    The Adventure Time version of that is better

  • Nushi Wooshi
    Nushi Wooshi 6 months ago

    Have you seen Starchaser: The Legend of Orin. 80's Cartoon?

  • Arden Charles Santos
    Arden Charles Santos 6 months ago +1

    Honestly, I found this movie so boring and cliche-ic. There's no new idea put unto it.

  • vintage sky bee 1
    vintage sky bee 1 7 months ago

    One of the murders was going to kill again so why let them get away with it. The so called great detective is no so great.

  • Moo Moo Puppy
    Moo Moo Puppy 7 months ago

    For someone like me who has yet to watch this, would you rather watch the old one or the new one? The old one it is.

  • NIX
    NIX 7 months ago

    excellent movie!

  • Sapphire The Rain-Wing
    Sapphire The Rain-Wing 7 months ago +1

    That mans moustache though....

  • TheDamienwashere
    TheDamienwashere 7 months ago

    This movie was a horrible dumpster fire

  • Karr Tim
    Karr Tim 7 months ago

    I saw it and I found it very disappointing, really boring and unneeded. I wouldn't even give it a D. As many others said here - the BBC version with David Suchet is far far better.

  • jayyflow22
    jayyflow22 7 months ago


  • Matt Thornton
    Matt Thornton 7 months ago +2

    I finally watched this and had some high hopes as I love a good murder mystery. But I was honestly bored out of my skull.

  • Jack Maddox
    Jack Maddox 7 months ago +3

    BEST INTERPRETATION of this character...?!! Have you not READ any of her stories? Have you not seen David Suchet's portrayal..?!! You claim to be a fan, but you don't mention David Suchet and his absolutely perfect (and might I say accurate) portrayal of Poirot over the course of 24 YEARS and 70 EPSIODES...?! When I saw that ridiculous caricature of Poirot's mustache on Bran-haw's face I laughed so hard I knocked over my tisane (look it up), and couldn't stop noticing how obviously fake it was until I turned off this sadly-now-typically over-blown and self-aggrandizing production by the once-great Sir Richard so I wouldn't have his ham-fisted and uninformed interpretation of the hallowed Belgian sleuth permanently etched into my consciousness... It seems you know about as much about Christie's Poirot as you do about Doyle's eponymous detective Sherlock Holmes, based on your review of 'A Game of Shadows'. Check out Suchet's 2010 version of Murder on the Orient Express; it will clearly illustrate everything wrong with this movie... little grey cells hurt....

  • Nadia Cash
    Nadia Cash 7 months ago

    I really appreciate your honest reviews. I wait around til the end even with reviews of movies I don't care about to hear you say Stuckmanized lol

  • Ethan Anderton
    Ethan Anderton 7 months ago

    there is a television show called death in paradise which
    has a who did it like this

  • Cesar C.
    Cesar C. 7 months ago

    Gay ending, Should’ve Arrested everyone, they were Murderers.

  • Veyvovv Sapkota
    Veyvovv Sapkota 7 months ago

    Jeremy just Over-React during videos!

  • Veyvovv Sapkota
    Veyvovv Sapkota 7 months ago +1

    Fury Road in T-Shirt!

  • Nour Mourad
    Nour Mourad 7 months ago

    Awful movie.

  • Virginia Russo
    Virginia Russo 7 months ago +1

    Davis Suchet is and will be the best Poirot ♥ I didn't like this film, it was just fine.

  • Joester gaming
    Joester gaming 7 months ago

    it was Amazing!

  • Archontasius
    Archontasius 7 months ago +3

    The first half hour seemed like a lighthearted movie, then it turns 180° to be dark and serious after the murder. And it should be dark, it's a very sinister case.
    Suchet's version is the best, although the music on his version was too distracting. on a murder mystery like this, where the tension is built by the dialogue, i prefer silence.

  • Baronarx V
    Baronarx V 7 months ago

    Truly hideous movie. Bad review.

  • BrettGB
    BrettGB 7 months ago

    Could you review Clue?

  • Brian Fuller
    Brian Fuller 7 months ago

    David Suchet is Poirot but I did like the film. I liked Kenneth Branagh and the whole cast.

  • goran415
    goran415 7 months ago

    mountains in Vinkovci hahaha I live there and we don't even have hills here its all just flat

  • TNO73
    TNO73 7 months ago +1

    Now I am not going to disagree with the look of the film as it does indeed look great, but Branagh as Poirot was a complete bust for me. he occasionally acts like the character that Christie created, but not enough. The quintessential Poirot is the small screen's David Suchet. He looks and acts the part the most as is written. I can say that Albert Finney was my 1st version of the character & I really enjoy the 1974 version. Seeing how you mention that you have seen the 74 film how can you compare the 2 versions of the character? Branagh is seen running around & fighting as an action hero would at one point & that is NOT Poirot's forte. That is my biggest problem with the film the main character, but the NEED in today's world to make things PC. The story is set in the 30's and you have things that would happen if the story was set today, but again it is NOT. Personally I would say skip this & watch the 1974 version.

  • Tim Treakle
    Tim Treakle 7 months ago

    I hated the mustache and this film.I Gave it a grade of D.

  • Bassel
    Bassel 7 months ago


  • Jan Jordaan
    Jan Jordaan 8 months ago +5

    David Suchet is the best Poirot ever.

  • Mika
    Mika 8 months ago

    I just watched this, I fully agree with Chris, the way its directed is something we dont get alot these days. But watch David Suchet's portrayal, an absolute classic.

  • Dead
    Dead 8 months ago

    this movie wasn't just a 10/10 for me. it was an easy 10/10. I can understand why most people do not think so though cuz i haven't seen the other movies.

  • Dawwwg Online
    Dawwwg Online 8 months ago

    One thing not mentioned is that the French & German in this movie is pretty spot-on, which imho shows real care & eye for detail.
    And wish they'd stretched it 20m longer, I strongly agree the cast was a little underused whilst giving stellar performance !

  • Dewi
    Dewi 8 months ago

    I love the novel much better. And I love Sherlock Holmes much much much better.

  • Llamaseatfruit
    Llamaseatfruit 8 months ago

    “I’m probably the greatest detective in the world.” *imagine dragons blaring*

  • Cinema Cool
    Cinema Cool 8 months ago

    r u being serious with braun-haw? Americans lol

  • Vimal V
    Vimal V 8 months ago

    "Beautifully shot" is an understatement.. The last scenes where Poirot walks out of the train in one single take was immensely incredible! It had me salivating at the camera showing the intrinsic details of the train, the color tone and the final shot where all the people sit in the last car - Incredible film making!

  • Ricke Sundström
    Ricke Sundström 8 months ago

    Bran-Hawg!? Really? His name ENDS with the H.. which is silent.

  • Ali Brown
    Ali Brown 8 months ago

    It seems nothing like the book

  • Hector Nonayurbusiness
    Hector Nonayurbusiness 8 months ago

    Am I the only one who thinks the original story is stupid.

  • Ryan 255
    Ryan 255 8 months ago

    I disagree. It was kind of boring

  • John Bailey
    John Bailey 8 months ago

    Cool mad max shirt Chris

  • Jay Allen
    Jay Allen 8 months ago

    I found the movie really enjoyable and the reveal was brilliant, I do feel that we need more old timey murder mysteries, they really mess with you and this one lured me in with my conclusion but when it got to the mystery solved I was shocked, it plays with the people that think those 2 characters have done it, due to the leading, I thoroughly enjoyed this movie and I would recommend it to anyone

  • Gatta
    Gatta 8 months ago

    Everyone ends up being the murder

  • Andrew Deen
    Andrew Deen 9 months ago


  • LionHeartNoMercy
    LionHeartNoMercy 9 months ago

    Crappy movie - *Spoiler* why would you want to go watch a murder mystery and end up not having a culprit, but have everyone guilty? And if so, they worked together to kill the big bad, why didn't they come up with alibi to protect each other? Why did Depp's character kill Daisy when he wanted a ransom? This wasn't even explained...oh and the end? A detective who solves a case but doesn't finish it or bring it to justice, is not a detective anymore. THERE ISN'T AN INBETWEEN when it's a matter of good and bad. This movie failed so much.*End of spoiler*

  • L W
    L W 9 months ago

    I ❤️ anything with Kenneth Branagh in it!

  • Alpha Beta
    Alpha Beta 9 months ago

    Your credibility as a movie reviewer just sunk to the ground without mention David Suchet (2010 Poirot).

  • Jerry Roman
    Jerry Roman 9 months ago

    Movie sucked!!

  • Vincent Fremont
    Vincent Fremont 9 months ago

    Just saw it in the cinema, it is rare that a film makes me regret this much spending money on a movie ticket, it was boring, badly acted, with a lot of horrible CGI.. One of the most unnecessary remake I have ever seen.

  • 60 Seconds of Change
    60 Seconds of Change 9 months ago

    I think it deserves better than a B. I was on the edge of my seat the whole movie. I didn’t know the plot coming in. And I thoroughly enjoyed it!

  • DrWhoRUSH
    DrWhoRUSH 9 months ago

    I've never read any Agatha Christie, the only reason I saw this movie in the theater is because of Doctor Who.
    This is because I'm a geek. (which used to be an insult)
    I had no idea this movie had such a stellar cast.
    I wish I could've gotten to know them better.
    I was really rooting for it, but in the end when you're supposed to be on the edge of your seat, I was mildly curious.

  • Ben Oncle
    Ben Oncle 9 months ago +7

    David Suchet is the Poirot par excellence

  • RemixZX
    RemixZX 9 months ago

    I highly disagree because this movie got me INVOLVED in the novel.
    In fact, the ending really blew my mind and got me thinking about it for days.

  • Mario Canseco
    Mario Canseco 9 months ago


  • Lightningbolt04
    Lightningbolt04 9 months ago

    All hail David suchet

  • Michael Davis
    Michael Davis 9 months ago

    Branagh, dude. pronounced Brana, the gh is silent. Brown-ha?

  • Jon Feist
    Jon Feist 9 months ago

    Bron Ha

  • Richard 0'shay
    Richard 0'shay 10 months ago

    Um ending was abit retarded.
    Eye for eye leaves everyone blind,
    This was the distruction of poirot,
    Poirot is destroyed in this movie, wtf is wrong with all you of today, attracted by grey?
    Hate the norm man fight the power bros!!
    You sympathise for the devil too much, the naive shall learn the hardway.
    "I really wanted one of them to shoot poirot dead on the spot, when he asked" would of made so much sense.
    He would rather die then lie.
    Like i said the end of poirot and everything hes done and stands for. Garbage
    Seen everyone stab (far gone) johnny depp was great.
    The guys sick n needs help
    Too much hunter s thompsons private collection of porn has destroyed his brain.
    Still better the that sjw pc cucked starwars last jedi movie, that was hot trash with lenseflares
    1st luke skywalker
    Now poirot. Does the generation have to keep shittin on the past.
    Sometimes i wish we never won the wars, we obviously dont deserve (too much heh)

  • Fly Flavius
    Fly Flavius 10 months ago

    I really think that The Great Gatsby’s remake is a lot better than the old one. It says more from the book

  • Jasmine Grayson
    Jasmine Grayson 10 months ago +4

    This movie was boring af.. i was literally in the theater mad i was there but because i spent $8 i stayed lol

  • Pygmalion
    Pygmalion 10 months ago

    I think Depp's character is reflective of how the world feels about him at the moment, but otherwise this is the worst film I've seen this year. I don't need to be constantly reminded that racism is bad, and the ending was a cop out, and an insult to logic.

  • E Vlog
    E Vlog 10 months ago

    I just watched it :)

  • Mrs K
    Mrs K 10 months ago

    Worst Poirot ever. You've got to be kidding! Have you ever read Agatha Christie???? This movie is absolute garbage, it should be illegal. :S

  • Joel Carver
    Joel Carver 10 months ago

    I liked it, but felt similarly. Was good but not great, the performance of the main character was beyond great, the cinematography was excellent, the actors were spectacular and the even the writing was great. The only problem was, and this is the problem with books2movies, is the amount of time to build each character. Sacrifices are almost always made.

  • Ricky Loves You
    Ricky Loves You 10 months ago

    10/10 better than star wars tlj

  • TheKnight OfCydonia
    TheKnight OfCydonia 10 months ago

    Dull movie and it's obvious who done did it.... never seen the other movie never read the book...... ya

  • Ross Mantle
    Ross Mantle 10 months ago

    Kenneth Bran-hah?

  • Lysets vokter
    Lysets vokter 10 months ago

    Omg..u haven't seen David suchet? Shame on u

  • Infocus Movie Reviews
    Infocus Movie Reviews 10 months ago

    Great review Chris!

  • Melvin Chong
    Melvin Chong 10 months ago

    When Mark Twain becomes Poirot.

  • Will Khan
    Will Khan 10 months ago

    Chris stuckman, I urge you to watch Dave Sutchet in the ITV feature length version. There is simply no comparison. He is Hercule Poirot. Brannagh is decent but pales in comparison to Sutchet.