Sean Evans Goes to The Late Show With Stephen Colbert | Hot Ones Extras

  • Published on Aug 22, 2017
  • In case you missed it, Hot Ones recently made its late-night debut with an appearance on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. Check out some unseen behind-the-scenes moments from the big day, plus a special message from Sean Evans to the day-one fans.
    Watch Stephen Colbert take on the Hot Ones challenge here:
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  • J R
    J R Month ago

    Best show for sure. Best way to get a real interview. This show is boss af. Keep up the good work Sean. Get Will Ferrell and Jon C Reilly!! That shit would be off the walls hilarious.

  • Ed Carlson
    Ed Carlson 3 months ago

    Let's see Jimmy Kimmel or Jimmy Fallon try this, I bet they are too chicken

  • stingleonard
    stingleonard 3 months ago


  • ohhaimaia
    ohhaimaia 6 months ago

    The support in that office is amazing. Love it.

  • Imorokr
    Imorokr 7 months ago

    I don't understand who any of these people are.

  • Chika I.
    Chika I. Year ago

    The black chick at 1:47!! Isn't that the girl from the Migos vs Joe Budden meme?!

  • JC CJ
    JC CJ Year ago

    Soooo proud

  • Golgren
    Golgren Year ago

    Love ya Sean, keep em coming! Can we get Sean Connery next season?

  • Maddie Michelle
    Maddie Michelle Year ago

    Goddammit, he’s so adorable when he smiles, it actually hurts 😯

  • Jr Beans
    Jr Beans Year ago

    God damn can I get a date with the ‘full body hoodie girl’?

  • Indranil Majumder

    u made it,, :3 i cud cry ri8 now,,

  • 5%LowBattery
    5%LowBattery Year ago

    1:47 is the lady in the glasses in a meme?

  • Charlie Basta
    Charlie Basta Year ago

    Yay, birthday video. Love your channel. Sean you are an amazing personality on this channel. Keep doing good work.

  • roywhiteo5
    roywhiteo5 Year ago

    The best episode by far was Jan Michael Vincent. It was so hot that he had to have his legs amputated

  • Jonny Mick
    Jonny Mick Year ago

    Congrats man!! You make a fantastic host and should definitely be on tv. Apply for some *A1* show hosting gigs and youll get one for sure and become a household name. Keep up the good work man, and FYI I live in ohio but can smash your challenge with every wing drenched and will happily drive across the country to shit on this challenge & set a completely new standard.

  • Matthew Griffin
    Matthew Griffin Year ago

    Oh my god, the girl at 0:36 is beautiful

  • RuK?
    RuK? Year ago +1

    1:15 BIG BOOOOY

  • PeytonsPawPaw 1
    PeytonsPawPaw 1 Year ago

    Been a sub from early days happy to see people finally get it.....CONGRATULATIONS! !!

  • John Doe
    John Doe Year ago

    Awesome stuff Sean! What a great opportunity. A quality show getting great recognition.

  • johnson99quinton
    johnson99quinton Year ago

    What jacket is Sean wearing?

  • Mitchell Lewer
    Mitchell Lewer Year ago

    Swelled with pride when you mentioned being here since the MGK and Key & Peele episodes. Been a while!

  • marcelstjean
    marcelstjean Year ago

    RIGHT ON. cheers.

  • Oracle Atlas
    Oracle Atlas Year ago

    Day one fam! Congrats with all your success. You're a true professional Sean

  • Devin Olson
    Devin Olson Year ago

    I appreciate you, Sean! Keep doing what you do! I am so happy to see your show on the late show!!

  • Tony Wirth
    Tony Wirth Year ago

    studio a drinks rc cola

  • Lauren Steenkamp
    Lauren Steenkamp Year ago

    This made me crrrrrryyyyyyy so much!

  • D3ck3rCain
    D3ck3rCain Year ago

    Congrats Sean. Way to go Feast Team! Is Stephen a nice guy in person?

  • Kimberley Powell
    Kimberley Powell Year ago

    Love it! CONGRATULATIONS! Shout out Sean!

  • Azamat E
    Azamat E Year ago

    "So we got Sean from Hot Ones over here with his awesome show about chicken wings. So Sean, fuck Trump m'i right? Haha yeah fucking Trump and white people. Thanks for coming over Sean, good night everybody"

  • R L
    R L Year ago

    I am so proud of you guys. I'm sincerely happy for Sean and the rest of the team!

  • Party Bot
    Party Bot Year ago

    Fine work, sir!

  • Gareth David
    Gareth David Year ago

    Just here to dislike the video because f**k Stephen Colbert. I'd rather go lick some roadkill than watch him if given a choice.

  • thelordcommander
    thelordcommander Year ago

    Bring Steve for a proper hot ones episode

  • dagoelius
    dagoelius Year ago

    Fuck Stephen Colbert- he needs HOT ONES more than HOT ONES need this left wing, trump hating bullshit show.

  • F. G. III
    F. G. III Year ago

    I saw the colbert show. Great Stuff! And I remember the Key & Peele episode. ;)

  • DRGloy91584
    DRGloy91584 Year ago

    Have Jon Stewart on next

  • Haku
    Haku Year ago +1

    *Gordan eats chicken* " It's fucking raw!"

  • Taco socks
    Taco socks Year ago

    atta boy Shawn!

  • white wolf
    white wolf Year ago

    Well done shaun, love your show, you and your team deserve recognition.

  • Nanashi Personne
    Nanashi Personne Year ago

    It's cute. Too much music for my taste again. Otherwise nice.

  • Ryan Ristau
    Ryan Ristau Year ago

    Discovered the show during the Eric Andre episode. Was immediately hooked!

  • topgunffx
    topgunffx Year ago

    great job Sean, you and your entire crew earned this

  • Arica Miller-Rudling

    Smiled the whole 2:28 minutes. Well deserved, so proud of you all.

  • GAN0R0
    GAN0R0 Year ago

    I've been here since Chilly Klaus. That's a long time I think.

  • Wolf
    Wolf Year ago

    we did it! hahah

  • justinfuzzyhat
    justinfuzzyhat Year ago


  • OK
    OK Year ago

    Congratulations! So well deserved.
    Sean Evans with the hot wings and even hotter questions.

  • jenesuispasbavard

    We out here.

  • Marcel Marechal
    Marcel Marechal Year ago

    Stephen Colbert is a complete dirty asshole. He is a pussy fucked by the long hard dick of the man! And he loves the sauce on his face.

  • lilppblunt
    lilppblunt Year ago

    I just wanna kiss Sean on his spicy mouth for being such a good pepper boy. As a long time ghost pepper fan I've followed him for awhile now. Pepper on, pepper boy, for you will always have space for spice. His show is a blessing.

  • Shane Flores
    Shane Flores Year ago

    How do I watch the actual interview???? I dont have cable :(

  • Zagreb Dementor
    Zagreb Dementor Year ago

    shaun is such a good guy im so sad


    1:46 Is from your favorite meme

  • TinUser
    TinUser Year ago

    I haven't been that proud to be a fan since Rhett and Link were on The Tonight Show.
    Some random youtube channel I started watching years ago ended up on National Television, but I knew they would.
    If I could have ever guessed or picked another channel that was destined for greatness, it would be Hot Ones. Literally one of the best shows on TVclip ever, and I got a tear in my eye from watching you on Colbert's stage (and cause of this hot sauce).
    Sean Evans, the entire crew, congrats to you all.

  • PronomicalArtist
    PronomicalArtist Year ago

    Thats a really nice jacket :o I want one.

  • andrew machard
    andrew machard Year ago

    love you sean evans

  • Oscar Niebla Fuentes

    Angelos Pizza next door is really good

  • #storytimewithdee


  • IZZY Eatz
    IZZY Eatz Year ago

    Sean Evans is the RYAN secrest of you tube hes a star!!!!!! this guy is a host of amazing future of tv.... greta guy!!!!

  • Mr Sticker Paden
    Mr Sticker Paden Year ago

    GREAT JOB Sean!!! Its been a great ride watching your show all this time! Just watched the show,I wish he'd come on your show now!

  • trevor0701
    trevor0701 Year ago

    This is very cool, congrats Sean!

  • Michael Haslam
    Michael Haslam Year ago

    the Key & Peel episode was what brought me here!

  • DoctorBarbarian
    DoctorBarbarian Year ago

    Last season Hot Ones surpassed GoT as my favorite show. Good to see them moving into the big time. Soon, Sean's gonna be vying for Colbert's gig.

  • looptyloop
    looptyloop Year ago

    action bronsons old too

  • Patricia Morgan
    Patricia Morgan Year ago


  • Jason Lurf
    Jason Lurf Year ago

    Has he ever done one with Conan?

  • tomastaz
    tomastaz Year ago

    I've been watching for so long I don't even remember when. Had to have been since one of the earliest episodes

  • Kevin Galbraith
    Kevin Galbraith Year ago

    So proud of you buddy!

  • Tiana B
    Tiana B Year ago

    Congrats! So happy for you!

  • Shaq Preston
    Shaq Preston Year ago

    1:45 it's the girl from the migos joe budden meme!!

  • Samuel Paulsen
    Samuel Paulsen Year ago

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  • Saul Espinoza
    Saul Espinoza Year ago


  • Marie Mertens
    Marie Mertens Year ago

    Destination her longtime debate yesterday competition humanity flat.

  • Kmar - IX
    Kmar - IX Year ago

    I just watched your segment with stephen colbert and dude!! Kudos to the team of Hot ones, this segment is for reals man!! Keep it up!! :)

  • bengalblitz
    bengalblitz Year ago

    Please tell me that asshole Cobert spontaneously combusted!!!!

  • Greg Lewis
    Greg Lewis Year ago

    good job sean-from a true day one fan.

  • kwmountainbikers
    kwmountainbikers Year ago

    Nice one man, congrats!

  • Allie Brown
    Allie Brown Year ago

    WE MADE IT!!!

  • huberttrocks
    huberttrocks Year ago


  • Max Gerhardt
    Max Gerhardt Year ago

    Dang, proud a you Sean and the team

  • Bodmerocity
    Bodmerocity Year ago

    Holy crap that girl is gorgeous (the one hugging her shin.)

  • DieOrBlink
    DieOrBlink Year ago

    Fuck Stephen Colbert

  • J. P.
    J. P. Year ago

    2:10 "Thank God I didn't throw up and pass out." My sentiments every time I make it through Late Show with Stephen Colbert. *YOU SUCK STEPHEN COLBERT. YOU COVERED UP THE MIGRANT RAPE EPIDEMIC IN SWEDEN FOR YOUR PAYCHECK.*

  • Sean Marren
    Sean Marren Year ago

    Research Sean Evans genes for spice tolerance to create chemical resistant humans.

  • Marie Oliverio
    Marie Oliverio Year ago

    so proud

  • xOogieBoogie3x
    xOogieBoogie3x Year ago

    Day one here.

  • Azrael Stormcloud

    can i marry the girl at the beginning

  • L S
    L S Year ago

    that's what it is like to get famous.

  • luna danielle
    luna danielle Year ago

    i mean i was tearing up when they were applauding him as he walked out but im not pussy though

  • ChipOn MyShoulders

    Get Ralphie May to try some HotttSaauuse.

  • Mukisa Lumala
    Mukisa Lumala Year ago

    0:53 Sean's smile was the greatest, CONGRATS ON YOUR SUCCESS

  • Carrie Rueden
    Carrie Rueden Year ago

    He's so cool😎

  • Taylor Fausett
    Taylor Fausett Year ago

    I watched it! I was so happy and proud of Sean! Fan from the beginning!

  • Kevin Krieger
    Kevin Krieger Year ago

    Sean, I just want you to know as a random fan how happy I am with your steady rise of success. Your interviews are great and you seem like such a stand up dude. Keep on wingin it bro. :)

  • Jerry Svensson
    Jerry Svensson Year ago

    you guys should have bryan callen on the hot ones. that would be a great one

  • GoForGold
    GoForGold Year ago

    GET IT!!!!!!!!!

  • Ruaidhri Conroy
    Ruaidhri Conroy Year ago

    So proud to see how far you guys have come, watched this channel explode

  • Smee Jay
    Smee Jay Year ago

    so much Colbert hate lol

  • Veronica Miele
    Veronica Miele Year ago

    Yeah man! Congrats! Well deserved.

  • Madison Smith
    Madison Smith Year ago

    We love you Sean