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  • i Tqzy
    i Tqzy Day ago

    No African country is a "Victim" of European Colonization, We made life better for them. You see what is happening in these countries now.

  • templar knights1
    templar knights1 3 days ago

    No foreign aid

  • Zerefyy
    Zerefyy 4 days ago +1

    Where is the Islamic rep of northern new Zealand

  • Cabdixakim Salan
    Cabdixakim Salan 5 days ago

    So many stupid comments by stupid people here! There is hardly any comment deserving a reply

  • Sckoux Da Sckoux
    Sckoux Da Sckoux 6 days ago

    How is South Africa not on the top of this list...

  • Robert Kööp
    Robert Kööp 8 days ago

    ur mom

  • *Stale Buns*
    *Stale Buns* 8 days ago

    Lol these filthy endians are worried about Pakistan when they should be more worried about their disgusting caste system, lack of hygiene and malnutrition

  • Nep Nep
    Nep Nep 8 days ago

    Where is NEPAL? A country ruled by corrupt Bahun and Chhetris.

  • *Stale Buns*
    *Stale Buns* 8 days ago

    Wheres India tho?

    • Raju
      Raju 8 days ago

      *Stale Buns* If you did not paid attention India was shown at the very first of the video and praised it as developing improving face of the world.

  • James Gilbert
    James Gilbert 8 days ago +3

    Where is Pakistan?

    • King Ali
      King Ali 3 days ago

      James Gilbert its in south asia ! and hey where is india?

  • tv Box4k Tv
    tv Box4k Tv 9 days ago

    Venezuela 1000000% de conversar inflação.

  • Lau XI
    Lau XI 9 days ago

    0:15 that's one heck of a pass time.

  • james cagle
    james cagle 9 days ago

    the commentary of this shows an extreme bias. This video is a great example of the words you chose to describe things being a dead give away of how you think. Just so everyone knows, these countries, aren't in danger of failing because of european colonialism lol. And Somalia, since it's independence, has never been stable; the thought of, it's stable mainly due to it's dictatorship, was absolutely hilarious

  • Ronen1123 K
    Ronen1123 K 9 days ago

    Black folks can't create successful countries

  • warrohan gaming
    warrohan gaming 9 days ago

    how are these African countries victims of colonisation when the Europeans left them in such a good condition
    if you ask me they caused they own problems through poor choice in leaders

  • анонимное LulSec

    He missed Sweden and Pakistan

  • Kaali _h
    Kaali _h 10 days ago +1

    Just came to see smelly India

  • plank god
    plank god 10 days ago

    Really? No Pakistan?

  • Crush Communism
    Crush Communism 10 days ago

    Pakistan will surely fail inshallah.
    Watch it
    India will break it into 4. We already broke pakistan into 2 pieces back in 1971.
    Pakistan army is bankrupt and gets has decommissioned chinese tech.

  • George Savitskiy
    George Savitskiy 11 days ago

    Victim of European colonization? Cut the BS. The last time when Africa was a normal place to live was actually during the colonization. Hopefully China will get the continent in order.

  • Deejay Shaf
    Deejay Shaf 11 days ago


  • PerryDaBud
    PerryDaBud 11 days ago

    Where is Vietnam? They're selling northern parts of their country and a lot more islands to china. They're going to sell their whole country soon In my opinion...AND DON'T JUDGE ME AND SAY BAD THINGS ABOUT ME, THIS IS ONLY MY OPINION OK? :P

  • Mhlengi Ntswane
    Mhlengi Ntswane 11 days ago

    Aftermath of colonization

  • NUURI tv TV
    NUURI tv TV 12 days ago

    Somalia haanolato

  • Doc Tom
    Doc Tom 12 days ago

    How will the impending reversal of the Magnetic Poles effect this sort of thing?

  • Gandalf 1536
    Gandalf 1536 12 days ago

    lol wheres pakistan its already failed

    • Khawaja Faheem
      Khawaja Faheem 12 days ago +1

      Gandalf 1536 lol...you are watching too much indian news i guess

  • kashi mkr
    kashi mkr 13 days ago

    Modern wars are not fought using military... It is fought by intelligence services.. by paralysing country through economy and isolating it from world stage .. PAKISTAN will lead in failed country list... JAI HIND ... BHARAT MATHA KI JAI ... INDIA 🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳

  • kashi mkr
    kashi mkr 13 days ago

    Where is Pakistan?

  • Ab c
    Ab c 13 days ago

    European nations have destroyed everything for so many nations for their own personal benefits.

  • Sandy G
    Sandy G 13 days ago

    Seems u missed Pakistan on this list on purpose or simply dont consider Pakistan as a country

    • Khawaja Faheem
      Khawaja Faheem 12 days ago

      Sandy G lol...watching too much indian news i guess

  • Pew Brad
    Pew Brad 14 days ago

    Pakistan should be on the top of this list. I can't understand why this country is even in this world and people who lives in this country are worst people present on the earth and in the history of mankind.

  • themutantlizard
    themutantlizard 15 days ago

    America is collapsing

  • fugu fugu
    fugu fugu 15 days ago

    why so much hateful on pakistan here, the country with nuclear power ? im just curious ????

    • Khawaja Faheem
      Khawaja Faheem 12 days ago +1

      fugu fugu cuz those people are watching a lot of indian news.. lol

  • Pura Periculo
    Pura Periculo 15 days ago

    I have visited central Africa republic it’s quite lovely in spring

  • Jay Jay ingocnito
    Jay Jay ingocnito 16 days ago

    the first country that will collapse will be the strongest one in africa

  • Luka Nahirni
    Luka Nahirni 17 days ago

    It´s impossible for Kosovo to stay "independent", there will probably be something between Albania to split the region or fully annex it into one country (which I hope happens for Serbia), whether it will happen with war or just politics is unsure, but it´s definitely gonna.

  • ST 321
    ST 321 18 days ago

    >all are former European colonies

  • Vainom
    Vainom 18 days ago

    all in africa.

  • Magnus Kalá
    Magnus Kalá 20 days ago

    Victim of colonization, then a failed state ! leftist propaganda at its best ... How contradictory !

  • That Guy
    That Guy 21 day ago

    But, do they have oil or carebear tears... like from this video... oops forgot the ?

  • Ace O. Mauler
    Ace O. Mauler 23 days ago

    Somalia is back on the recovery road!!

  • Hamza Malik
    Hamza Malik 24 days ago

    where is bharat?

    • Hamza Malik
      Hamza Malik 7 days ago

      no offence, because you watch Hindu extremists news channels

    • Raju
      Raju 8 days ago

      Hamza Malik The expertise in that is held with Pakistan. Just mention Pakistan, what comes in Mind?? Bearded Maniacs with guns crazy enough to blow themselves and people surrounding them.

    • Hamza Malik
      Hamza Malik 8 days ago

      so now they are going to terrorize moon and mars. pity

    • Raju
      Raju 8 days ago

      Hamza Malik Bharat is busy in sending Manned Mission to Moon and Mars.

  • Isaac Bakan
    Isaac Bakan 26 days ago

    I mean, Latin America is kind of a result of Colonialism too but despite the many horrible things the Spanish did do, they did try to create a unified and cultural identity driven empire rather than a purely economic one like European powers did in Africa which has made Latin American nations more united and stable.

  • Isaac Bakan
    Isaac Bakan 26 days ago

    Many it's best they fail. But not just randomly. They are established enough that that would be an absolute mess. I more mean in and organized planned way through things like independence referendums and recourse and economic distribution planning

  • Isaac Bakan
    Isaac Bakan 26 days ago

    I mean. No wonder. Just the name Central African Republic suggests it's artificially. People who make a nation for themselves love it and feel special and give in a special name to reflect themselves like Lebanon. Central African Republic sounds like some European power made a sticky not so they would know where the region was.

  • Isaac Bakan
    Isaac Bakan 26 days ago

    Exactly. I get how it is defeatest and pro western. I mean, Africa was widely more small tribes originally and many this big state thing just doesn't work as well in that part of the world and break up into smaller states it just what will be better. It's not like the current states were even some great African tradition to begin with. I mean many if them have done well in embracing the situation but a lot of these states are artificial and products of colonialism

  • Isaac Bakan
    Isaac Bakan 26 days ago

    A state failure isn't necessarily a bad thing. I mean often it hurts people but if a state colapses but people live better in the new states I wouldn't really consider that a failure

    • Isaac Bakan
      Isaac Bakan 26 days ago

      I mean a state shouldn't be the final goal. That's facism. People should

    DILSHAN HADI 27 days ago

    USA's 300 million people's economy will definitely collapse before 2030(may be 2025) because of India's and China's rising.
    USA looks highly developed with only 19 trillion dollars economy.
    While some parts of China look poor with 26 trillion dollar economy.
    And specially the entire India looks very poor with 11 trillion dollars economy.
    So, there is a logic.
    As of quality of life before 2030, It will be very hard for USA's 300 million people to achieve 30 trillion dollars economy as USA's 300 million people already looks highly developed with only 19 trillion dollar economy.

  • Plenda Future
    Plenda Future 28 days ago

    Please don't spread hate. What would anyone gain by slandering people whom you haven't met , how can you have an opinion about people you haven't met . India , Pakistan , everyone like seriously are we still so immature that we don't realise everybody is a normal human being going about living their lives .

    MUGODA SIMON Month ago

    And the next country is the United Kingdom of...... following the after math of Brexit. After the Collapse of the UK, I'll be here on this channel waiting to see if it has done any changes - Good luck "Britain" after BREXIT!

  • Joseph Decorrevont
    Joseph Decorrevont Month ago

    Victims of colonialism? They benefited from colonialism.Also a average IQ below 70 doesn't help. There is absolutely no way to sustain a Democrat republic when the average IQ is below 90.

  • Issac Arellano
    Issac Arellano Month ago


  • Jarel Davis
    Jarel Davis Month ago

    Does anyone want to learn about Jesus Christ and his teachings?

  • Shakir Shukir
    Shakir Shukir Month ago

    This is a lie nothing is about to collapse

  • Tuhin chakraborty
    Tuhin chakraborty Month ago +1

    Although not a country but Antarctica is literally going to collapse.

  • Vtron
    Vtron Month ago

    If only Europeans left the African Kingdoms alone, then they'd be rather fine.
    The Lands of Africa aren't for a Western world, and the Western world isn't ready for Africa!!!

  • Willem Van Aswegen
    Willem Van Aswegen Month ago

    South Africa should be on this list - comparing where it was and how it decreased overall. The country was well run in 1994 - and now it falls apart. Stop blaming colonialism. Compare average IQ against these fail states has a direct correlation.

  • Brennt Ramoutarius
    Brennt Ramoutarius Month ago

    Colonilization by European countries have been blamed and are still blamed today for many African failures. But you look at Asia and blame dosen't go that far. Those nations recovery have been exceptional vs the African recovery.

  • Saffron Surge
    Saffron Surge Month ago

    Thanks for showing india in good light in the beginning of video.

  • The Woob
    The Woob Month ago

    🔴 what about .......CALIFORNIA???🔴

  • Mo Afhar
    Mo Afhar Month ago

    Why america

  • Jacob Simpson
    Jacob Simpson Month ago +1

    if africa stayed in the hands of its colonizers it would be much more stable

  • TheBlueZoo
    TheBlueZoo Month ago

    Armenia was so close a few months ago, that they had to change government and leader

  • Remnant Soul
    Remnant Soul Month ago

    Somalia is nowhere near as troubled as people make it out to be. We've definitely seen our fair share of war, but the country is slowly building back up to it's glorious days. We've got a government that is focused on improving agricultural yield and improving the economy as well as building a well functioned military.
    Piracy is no more, and Al-shabab reduced to hit and runs. Long live our beautiful Somalia.

  • Joshua Iyalagha
    Joshua Iyalagha Month ago

    I hate to say this as a fellow African but maybe the states should be allowed to fail. Then we can actually build something. Propping them up just prolongs this misery.

  • Kevin Lane
    Kevin Lane Month ago

    First, Central African Republic
    Second, Federal Republic of Somalia
    Third, South Sudan
    I just came up with an acronym for the Central African Republic: the CAR.:-)

  • heri styono
    heri styono Month ago

    Indonesia? No? Really?

  • Saad Awan
    Saad Awan Month ago

    Stupid Indians came here thinking that Pakistan would be on the list 😂😂😂
    Seriously, stop living in dream world.

  • Fredrick Smith
    Fredrick Smith Month ago

    Someone is guilty of depriving these of there true potential it's not a culture it's multiple things going wrong I wish everyone on this earth could be happy but until we say enough is enough children elderly and men and women and animals and the environment will suffer I hate it if I was a billionaire I would help so many people animals and the environment I think I could change quarter of the suffering

  • Fredrick Smith
    Fredrick Smith Month ago

    World's gonna fall if we don't stop drilling for oil and burning fossil fuels

  • West African Diamond
    West African Diamond 2 months ago

    The guy who was leaning over the fence dressed completely relaxed, but is bombing people.😂🤣

  • D LOUI
    D LOUI 2 months ago +1

    this broken world rules by the devil. take courage. on jesus second coming the order will be restored and giving it back to the original owner...

  • Tacitus
    Tacitus 2 months ago

    The Idea that the countries on this list are still Victims of colonialism, especially consiedering that the former colonial powers are actually helping many of their former colonies, is ridiculous!
    Take South Korea as an example, it was a Japanese colony for 35 years, the japanese where no better than the european colonizers and in the 30s and 40s where actually far worse and then there was the Korean war, wich left the entire peninsula in ruins.
    Yet despite all of this South Korae rebuilt itself in the same time the African Nations screwed up and today South Korea is on one level with western industrial countries like Germany or France.
    And South Korea has no substantial natural resources compared to the African Nations!

  • The Politix Guy
    The Politix Guy 2 months ago

    Basically every country in Western Europe is missing from the list.

  • John Gallagher
    John Gallagher 2 months ago

    It is wrong to blame everything on colonization. The Africans themselves are unable to rule themselves and that is not the fault of Europeans. They (the African Countries) need to take responsibility for their own troubles. The are not victims of colonization they are victims of African tribalism and they are screwed by religion. A nd AID needs to have strings attached because they are able to rule themselves. You call them victims, well victims of their own ignorance and stupidity. Other countries were at some point that backwards, but they were not that ....and ....the...word.... is SAVAGE. The French only inspired the Dictator of the Central African "Empire" to act like Napoleon They would be better of as Colonies if the colonizers could keep themselves from ripping them off..

  • Dylan 2928
    Dylan 2928 2 months ago

    God I love Earth, don't you? The mountains, the wildlife, the war-obsessed, self-destructive, colonialist, racist, sexist, polluting, intruding, culture-wrecking, parasitic patriot shitbags known as humans. No wonder aliens have been avoiding our planet this whole time...

  • Bartek Terebus
    Bartek Terebus 2 months ago

    It seems like europe is going backwards. Scotland, Bavaria, Catalonia (Brittany too i think) all want independence. Years ago people wanted to unify those lands but now the opposite.

  • Mc Water
    Mc Water 2 months ago

    When I read the thumbnail, I simply said: Greece.

  • Hoo- Rei
    Hoo- Rei 2 months ago

    I'm surprised that USA hasn't taken over Africa. It is loaded with natural minerals....nope too late China,s beat you again.

  • Admiral Aladeen
    Admiral Aladeen 2 months ago +1

    Just say Muslims killed Christians rather than saying Religious beliefs

  • Murad Khan
    Murad Khan 2 months ago

    the people's who say Pak in the list let me tell u something
    Pak ISI super in world
    have best atomic bomb
    world best doctor in California mayo clinic from pakistan!Pakistan defeat Russia in afghnaistan! pak have world two best port gwadar and Karachi !Pakistan is the only county middle East China trust it!Pakistan have world fantastic pilot most countries in Pakistan neighbour fear of Pakistan !!in the end ! Pakistan and India is one country same race same language no need fight in the end of day Indian and Pakistani will the only people who protect their race no one help u !from Germany 👍👍✌

  • ripped knife
    ripped knife 2 months ago

    They are falling countries because they were given independence, they should of stayed colonized.

  • MrForsas1
    MrForsas1 2 months ago

    USA should be at the top of the list.. Once everyone realizes that dollar is a ponzi, sad things will happen..

    IMxYOURxDADDY 2 months ago

    i’m in the USA right now and so far everything is good here

  • buster117
    buster117 2 months ago

    Ahh , wherever you go there is an ak 47 in the hands of the rebels

  • GottJäger
    GottJäger 2 months ago

    I would guess, Smaliland, Zimbabwe
    , China (massive internal strife), North Korea (inevitable economic collapse).

  • Andre Villegas
    Andre Villegas 2 months ago

    Venezuela. You can't live without hunger, legal citizenship papers are not reachable for poor venezuelan people and you can't renew your passport.

  • 66RedEarSlider99 ကြ

    Things will fix. My home country Greece sufferd sivil war just after its devlararion of independance on 1821

  • Grimsim Kopa
    Grimsim Kopa 2 months ago

    european union

    • Anonym 1
      Anonym 1 2 months ago

      Grimsim Kopa That's not even a country.

  • Bruce Ruttan
    Bruce Ruttan 2 months ago

    The CAR did just fine (by comparison) under the various colonial rulers. Only after the Soviet civil wars sent the European Masters back did the financial collapse and social mayhem become an art form. The average CAR citizen has a 2nd-grade education and is dumb as a box of rocks.

  • Big Stikk
    Big Stikk 2 months ago

    singapore, malaysia, indonesia, india, theyre all victim of colonization.

  • Magnus
    Magnus 2 months ago


  • DV Bravo
    DV Bravo 2 months ago

    Boko Haram is responsible for countless war crimes but I didn't hear their name mentioned.

  • Kevin T. Brinkley Jr
    Kevin T. Brinkley Jr 2 months ago

    I've always wanted to be an African dictator, but A nice dictator...but a dictator.

  • liwaza Memon
    liwaza Memon 2 months ago +1

    So many indian maniacs in comment section. Too bad they didn't find pakistan in the list. Sorry but you never will!!😝😝😏😏

  • Sherko Pedawi
    Sherko Pedawi 2 months ago

    Read about Kurds issue in Iraq

  • Leonhard LM
    Leonhard LM 2 months ago +1

    You forgot Germany

  • Alperen Akküncü
    Alperen Akküncü 2 months ago

    Another victim of European colonization

  • agw97
    agw97 2 months ago

    Wherethefuckistan should be on the list.

  • Rikil Shah
    Rikil Shah 2 months ago

    Entire Europe is responsible for colonisation of Africa and Asia. They are responsible for millions of deaths.