Which Countries Are About To Collapse?

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  • Ashvinan Is sexy
    Ashvinan Is sexy 6 minutes ago

    I’m going to guess one....Canada

  • Bumfluffles
    Bumfluffles 21 minute ago

    African countries colonized by the British do far better than those who weren't. Stop pushing your false narrative and realize colonialism isn't to blame.

  • Losif
    Losif 52 minutes ago

    Why so many people expects the fall of the USA? It's not like something would change anyways (and the US never gonna lose the grap in the world they set a base too strong)

  • Toby Quach
    Toby Quach Hour ago

    North Korea.

  • stormin norman
    stormin norman 2 hours ago

    note how all of them are in africa

  • Shoah Goldberg Von Shekelstein

    (((NowThis World)))

  • SteveOwnsMC
    SteveOwnsMC 3 hours ago

    I blame the people, they just arent intelligent enough to have a country. If colonization was bad then explain brunei, singapore, the united states, macau and hong kong which are one of the richest in the world. Africa would be in such a better position if it was still under colonies or european-controlled countries.

  • Sarim Hassan
    Sarim Hassan 4 hours ago

    Well maybe if you European fucktards never colonized these countries,maybe they would be more developed and peaceful...

  • RR II
    RR II 4 hours ago

    The Central African Republic and Sudan are 🚗 s and Sudan is a sedan

  • king pin 146
    king pin 146 4 hours ago

    Where's Venezuela

    GARCORP 4 hours ago

    I think the UN needs a army name Grand Army of the United Nations

  • The Crimson Fucker
    The Crimson Fucker 6 hours ago

    Funny how almost all of the "victims of colonization" are African. I find it interesting that those former colonial domains run(up until recently, at least) by Whites, Indians, Asians etc. have remained reasonably stable. Between SAR, India, Hong Kong, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, the USA etc. I find it amusing that only the African nations are massive, devastating failures. I wonder if, perhaps, the colonialism might not actually be at fault here.

  • Karl the Barbarian
    Karl the Barbarian 6 hours ago

    How can a country that never existed before the colonial era, have been a "victim" of colonization?
    Attempting to push values of today on the past is dishonest and essentially denies part of history, making it more likely someone will repeat the mistakes of the past.

  • Jonteri
    Jonteri 7 hours ago

    i think healthy countries should invade poor countries because helping doesn't work

  • Blade - Z
    Blade - Z 7 hours ago

    The victim of European colonization? Yeah, like they would have done so much better alone, they had the same time as we did to develop a modern civilization.

  • Another Black Midget
    Another Black Midget 8 hours ago

    There's a serious lack of Sweden here.

    FRISHR 8 hours ago

    War is stupid.

  • sammy
    sammy 9 hours ago

    History repeats its self
    Over and over,
    Again and again,

    Why should we
    deceive ourselves.....

  • Inferioritycomplex Transfer

    Chemical weapons

  • Dennis Choi
    Dennis Choi 10 hours ago

    UN.. Rockefeller..

  • Malinoski
    Malinoski 10 hours ago

    Africa should still be an european colony

  • mr morgh
    mr morgh 10 hours ago

    Iran government will collapse for sure because
    1. The economy is just too weak
    2. Because of the poor economy, The wage is too low (500$ in month)
    3. The government doesn't have a good reputation between people
    4. Brain drain is the highest in The world since low support of government
    5. Not supporting human rights
    6. And finnaly, corrupt religious government

  • segafan93
    segafan93 10 hours ago

    This guy really likes the taste of niggerdick

  • koolipoiss27
    koolipoiss27 11 hours ago +1

    Answer: The whole Africa

  • Scott Wright
    Scott Wright 12 hours ago

    a country that actually purges Muslims well there's a few Muslim ones that purge evry1 else so its all good

  • Bikramjit Singh
    Bikramjit Singh 13 hours ago

    Brother plz make a video on Punjab, now which is part of Indian union(india). There is also a separate movement. Punjab is majority of Sikh (Sikhism religion). In 19th century Sikh have there own country known as Sikh empire, but is 1849 war with British sikh lost there country to British. Nd in 1947 when India got independence Punjab divided into two parts. 1 gone to Pakistan nd another to india, at that time majority of sikh religion came to Indian Punjab. Bt in 1984 Pm Indra Gandhi ordered to attack of highest sikh shrine Golden Temple (Amritsar). In which thousand of sikh dead. After that Sikh have no chance to live With India. Even Indian govt. Killing punjabi sikh every day, so plz frnd make a video on it, so the world can knew whts going in punjab nd India. Plz frnds research on this.

    We have our own language, Our culture nd religion. Indian govt. Want to destroy our inditity they want to destroy our religion. Even govt. Is also against another Indian minoritys. Like Muslim, Christensen, Buddhist, Jain. They killed hundreds of Christensen in Indian state karela, nd hundreds of Christensen NUNS were raped 2008.
    Research, Operation Blue star 1984.
    India is not going to be a super power, soon India collapse.

  • NickGamer NZ
    NickGamer NZ 13 hours ago

    you forgot kosovo

  • Valentin S.
    Valentin S. 15 hours ago

    Since when is growing population positive? We barely can feed the people already alive

  • lemonjelloguy 1
    lemonjelloguy 1 15 hours ago


  • lemonjelloguy 1
    lemonjelloguy 1 15 hours ago


  • Siyanda Makhathini
    Siyanda Makhathini 15 hours ago

    Where's Wakanda when you need it...

  • Daley Wilk
    Daley Wilk 15 hours ago

    ethnic cleansing of a minority Muslim group mmmm

  • jaclyn romero
    jaclyn romero 17 hours ago

    Why don’t i see North Korea

  • 69 69
    69 69 Day ago

    n korea

  • Sylvia Klages
    Sylvia Klages Day ago

    They're not getting my help, unless the government uses my taxes to help them. We have enough problems here at home that require our resources. I'd rather spend them here.

  • MugenMonster
    MugenMonster Day ago


  • Luke Gaucher
    Luke Gaucher Day ago

    So sad

  • FortuneZero
    FortuneZero Day ago

    "Victims of colonialisation" You misspelled "moronic decolonialisation at a point which was way too early" Look at Rhodesia or South Afrika, they almost managed to pull it of being a modern society but no they need to be kept down so internationals can keep exploiting the people and the countries ressources under missmanagement of people that should not be let anywhere near leading a country. Lets look at another example: Haiti and Barbados. Haiti is the horrible shitshow that was a failed process of colonialisation whilst Barbados went through all the necessary steps and the adoption of an actual culture into being a modern and relatively successful country.

  • Pato Potato
    Pato Potato Day ago

    Italy colonised Ethiopia not Somalia. Somalia was a colony between Britain and France

  • Jack Sydes
    Jack Sydes Day ago

    People need to know about this

  • The Nameless King

    I don't see the USA here

  • BlueGlowingLight4

    So you're telling me that the colonial powers conquered tribal lands installed civilisation in the conquered lands then relinquished control to the indigenous populations.
    And because they failed to achieve a stable civilisation it's on us to pay for their failures?
    No foreign aid helped our ancestors claw their way up to being a civilized society, you can't blame colonialism either, their tribalism is what causes the wars between them and the modern weapons of the west would have found their way to them regardless of whether or not we'd colonized them.

  • wunderwaffenhund

    Anyone want a fresh out of the oven Dindu Muffin?

  • Kev San
    Kev San Day ago

    My country El Salvador

  • Marine23
    Marine23 Day ago

    Im surprised you havent picked Germany, Sweden, France, Greece, or basically the entire EU except the countries in the Visegrad alliance

  • Eris Lecter
    Eris Lecter Day ago

    God I wish the U.S. was on this list haha

  • Mr. Aztec
    Mr. Aztec Day ago

    When North Korea finds out that Russia’s not communist anymore and AK47’s aren’t that modern anymore

  • Sun Tzu
    Sun Tzu Day ago


  • A Few Gamers
    A Few Gamers Day ago

    Sweden? Hello

  • God
    God Day ago

    How can Africa fail they already third world dump nothing would change 😂

    • God
      God Day ago

      Oh and ps what you call “hate messages” other country’s call common sense!

  • Eric Decamps
    Eric Decamps Day ago

    Funny how they blame Europeans for colonizing Africa and "ruining" it but what about Canada, USA, Australia and New Zealand? They are doing pretty well. Ever considered that the ones to blame might be the African themselves?

  • Farhan Chowdhury

    would syria count

  • TheFiretonic
    TheFiretonic Day ago

    All I get from this video is NowThis blaming two of these countries problem on Europe and not the fact that they elect corrupt politicians into power causing the downfall of their own countries that spark wars in the region.
    'No it cant be the poor Africans causing these problems, It must be the Evil white people' - NowThis Thought process
    Most of these countries problems stem with the people, not outside forces, in reality outside forces were one of the main reasons any of these countries were stable to begin with or even attempting to become stable, with Aid and UN intervention.

  • SFO14
    SFO14 Day ago

    USA isn't on this list? Didn't they get bailed out less than a decade ago? The place is being held together with glue and duct tape. I'm about to leave this shithole and go back to Canada.

  • Adi Adić
    Adi Adić Day ago

    Whatabout Bosnia?

  • Sven Kobus
    Sven Kobus Day ago

    but why would it be a bad thing if they collapsed.after so that they can create their own borders instead of the colonial created ones.

  • The Infamous
    The Infamous Day ago


  • Vivek Tiwari
    Vivek Tiwari Day ago

    I think Pakistan would be erased in a few months from now.

  • 360-No-Scope johnson

    Victims of colonization? beneficiaries is the proper term.

  • Steve Arthur
    Steve Arthur Day ago

    You missed out the US.

  • Harvey Weinstein

    We don't want to hurt the black people's feels.

  • Roderick
    Roderick Day ago

    How are Muslims an ethnic group?

  • CQBB454 NymousTRs A. K. A. 45471


  • David Hollenbeck

    muslim is not ethnic. its a religion. It does not mean killing muslims is right though

  • Noob Sandwich
    Noob Sandwich Day ago

    Why does it feel like every country listed here basically boiled down to "Yay we aren't ruled by Europeans anymore! What should we do now? I dunno, wanna start murdering each other...?"

  • Meowzer The Box
    Meowzer The Box Day ago

    *Somalia collapses*
    Somaliland: *ahem*
    Just gonna... take this here.
    Thank you.
    *South Sudan collapses*
    Sudan: Ummm...
    I-is this ours now?
    UN: No.
    Sudan: Then what is it?
    UN: South Sudan.
    Sudan: B-but, it just fell apart.
    UN: It's still a country, and you can't take it.
    Sudan: Fine.
    *Central African Republic collapses*
    Africa: Who?

  • George W. Bush
    George W. Bush Day ago

    Every country in Western Europe due to intake of refugees.

  • Hick Rarrison
    Hick Rarrison Day ago

    GB,Germany, and Sweden

  • bjehulk
    bjehulk Day ago

    Why is everyone in Central African Republic a Barcelona fan?

  • Ryan Dewaele
    Ryan Dewaele Day ago

    Yeah cuz you know when the UN comes in things always get better... not

  • Youtube Gaming
    Youtube Gaming 2 days ago +1

    Nato countrties will fall soon

  • Yrkelo Volrand
    Yrkelo Volrand 2 days ago

    Yankeestan is close to collapsing. And THANK GOD for that.
    Their political scene is close to shambles, they have mad-raving idiots for politicians (Trump is probably one of the smartest of the lot, in fact), they live in a PARALLEL REALITY and they have ominously nazistic views on their own exceptionality. They are an exceptional threat to World's safety.
    The sooner we get rid of that parasite, the better for the World.

  • Colonizer-Chan
    Colonizer-Chan 2 days ago

    Meanwhile Madagascar has brought back the Black Death since their idiotic culture forces them to dance with their dead relatives among other factors like a lack of basic infrastructure

  • Larry Litmanen
    Larry Litmanen 2 days ago

    If Europe still occupied Africa they would be far more civilized.

  • Sniper .93c
    Sniper .93c 2 days ago

    The African countries are not victims of european colonisation, they are victims of decolonisation.

  • Dave Vd
    Dave Vd 2 days ago

    Better to exterminate them and use the lands and resources for people who actually can run a country.

  • AaronExDee
    AaronExDee 2 days ago

    you forgot sweden

  • Trisha Hungry
    Trisha Hungry 2 days ago

    Ethnic cleansing against Islam is probably the best thing happening and should happen around the world 🌎 an Islam free world is a terrorisme free world

  • TacticalBananas
    TacticalBananas 2 days ago

    Somalia has been pirates, chaos, and war since the 90s. Although larger countries, like the U.S. have tried to step in, it hasn't gone well. *Cough* Gothic Serpent *Cough*

  • zeev aloni
    zeev aloni 2 days ago

    Ex USSR weapons everywhere. just horrific.

  • Iron Minecart
    Iron Minecart 2 days ago

    Where da heck is North Korea?

  • John Bezz
    John Bezz 2 days ago

    Victim of colonization???? All of these countries were far better off under their former colonial overlords then than they are now. Should have done what Mayotte did, and stay with France.

  • D3RP TV
    D3RP TV 2 days ago

    It’s funny how they are all African

  • hoda ahmad
    hoda ahmad 2 days ago

    What's up with all the Indian wanting Pakistan to fail?

    • hoda ahmad
      hoda ahmad 2 days ago

      Gigga feminism in Pakistan is getting more progressive with social media and other forms of reaching out to women in Pakistan

    • Gigga
      Gigga 2 days ago

      not to the same extent of Pakistan, theirs a lot of active feminist groups working in india.
      feminism isn't viewed in a positive manner at all in pakistan.

    • hoda ahmad
      hoda ahmad 2 days ago

      Gigga so does India

    • Gigga
      Gigga 2 days ago

      cause you need feminism in that hellhole more then ever.

  • Black Fox Productions

    1k dislike are probably the peoples countrys

  • MG42
    MG42 2 days ago

    Germany ?

  • Paetur Kyrrigerd
    Paetur Kyrrigerd 2 days ago

    Where s North Korea

  • der Führer
    der Führer 2 days ago +1

    Sweden is also heading towards destruction.

  • BiTTeRBeAn 864
    BiTTeRBeAn 864 2 days ago +1


  • Michael Zita
    Michael Zita 2 days ago +1

    RIP Zimbabwe

  • Martin Ivanov
    Martin Ivanov 2 days ago +1

    So you say they need to be colonized again?

  • faris taj
    faris taj 2 days ago

    The amount of butthurt Indians here is not surprising. They create a Youtube account just to talk trash about Pakistan.

  • Yoong Storm
    Yoong Storm 2 days ago

    would you please mind replying why Taj Mahal was showed in starting on title of "Which Countries Are About To Collapse?"

  • Purple Nomad
    Purple Nomad 2 days ago

    Return South Sudan

  • Pika Zilla
    Pika Zilla 2 days ago

    a growing population = a stable future
    are you high?

  • Gabriel Poli
    Gabriel Poli 2 days ago

    Why Brazil is not on the list? my country has so much corruption, we have thousands of miles of coast and air to defend, the government suspended the expenses with the naval forces and they retired the only air carrier to one of the biggest countries in the world and we do not even have navy.

  • Mart kenyon
    Mart kenyon 2 days ago

    All three countries are African. Shocker.

  • Ar Jam
    Ar Jam 2 days ago +1

    Surprise! Black countries. They are vulger no matter what country they are born

  • Isacco Hanzic
    Isacco Hanzic 2 days ago

    What is the title of the track used at the start?