Which Countries Are About To Collapse? | NowThis World

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  • Luciano Gug
    Luciano Gug 18 hours ago

    i cant believe that in the age where information is everywhere and easy to find, people is more ignorant that ever.

  • Zurich Foreman
    Zurich Foreman 22 hours ago

    America should be on here

  • Docter Switzerland
    Docter Switzerland 23 hours ago

    The UN will collapse!

    Said no one ever

  • Captain Beefheart

    Other countries were dumping nuclear waste and fishing in Somali waters, ILLEGALLY. That's that's why their pirates attack ships.

  • Captain Beefheart

    How many countries is the US bombing right now?

  • Are you upset?
    Are you upset? Day ago +1

    Pakistan and Sweden missing

  • Chris S
    Chris S Day ago

    the U.S on the list? we have some major issues over here.

  • Foxy fox
    Foxy fox Day ago

    South sudan?

  • Foxy fox
    Foxy fox Day ago

    France after another terrorist attack?

    Oh wait they wont collapse
    They will surrender, my bad ;D

  • user name
    user name Day ago

    You forgot to mention Yemen

  • Eden Ng
    Eden Ng 2 days ago

    People think China gonna fall, but it's actually USA.

  • Ak Ak
    Ak Ak 2 days ago

    Turkey will fail as a country

  • # #
    # # 2 days ago

    France and Britain is about to collapse along with deutschland

  • Walter Padelford
    Walter Padelford 2 days ago

    Check the buttons...

  • Dr painkiller
    Dr painkiller 2 days ago

    I am unsubscribing this channel now because of spreading lies and hated own views.

  • The Basilisk
    The Basilisk 4 days ago

    where is america

  • Cameron Smyllie -1000 subs without any good content

    I think all the African countries should combine into one I mean it would help them financially and we could get a good democratic leader in to help with the situation also the government would be able to control uprisings as well
    (This might end up in a 1984 situation but I’m just commenting on TVclip it’s not actually going to happen)

  • Sup Guyz
    Sup Guyz 5 days ago

    Man the guy who made the Texas one really loved Texas

  • Sachin Khajuria
    Sachin Khajuria 7 days ago

    Where is Pakistan ...

  • Girish Priyani
    Girish Priyani 7 days ago

    We should start capturing these countries like Pakistan Africa and all of them before anyone else starts doing it anyways nobody listens to UN these days they don't matter too much from INDIA ....!

  • Hunter Lopez
    Hunter Lopez 7 days ago

    Were are North Korea

  • James Stiles
    James Stiles 8 days ago

    Rent a ruler is here to help.

  • Abdelfatah siyad
    Abdelfatah siyad 8 days ago

    Somalia is not going to collapse its growing stronger and soon the government is going to defeat the terrorist group

  • iMeMySelf
    iMeMySelf 8 days ago

    Was Africa ever a rich and developing continent? Have anybody seen Africans actually *working* 8 hours a day on a *real job* - ever?! Since when was Africa *not* a _shithole_ inhabited by helpless _shithole citizens_ with a _shithole attitude_ and a _shithole work mentality_ ? As far as I can remember, there were problems in Africa - and my father said the same, and his father before him. There are no excuses left for Africa, the Europeans cannot be blamed anymore, it's been 70 years since we left!
    All the problems in the World would disappear if Africa was nuked and equipped with a "reset"-button labeled _No-Humans Zone: Africa_

  • 24 7 Towing
    24 7 Towing 9 days ago

    Did you ever been to Somalia?!

  • lengman
    lengman 9 days ago

    United States

  • Justin Barger
    Justin Barger 9 days ago

    You forgot to ad North Korea.

  • abdullah abdulaziz
    abdullah abdulaziz 10 days ago

    You've forgot to mention Syria

    BENSON the PLAYER 10 days ago

    Italy has a major banking crisis. Very likely to crumble this year.

    PATRIOTIC INDIAN 10 days ago


  • HairyPottery
    HairyPottery 10 days ago

    Where is US ?

  • sanu sabu
    sanu sabu 10 days ago

    democratic republic of congo

  • Sopheak Ko
    Sopheak Ko 10 days ago

    Lol I thought they gonna put USA due to donald trump

  • shilling05
    shilling05 10 days ago

    One thing all these countries have in common: western proxy.

  • Organisation For The War Of the Left

    Europe should get its colonies back. The Soviets should also come back.

  • LA One
    LA One 11 days ago

    What about the United States failing one by one 😏

  • Paul Judkins
    Paul Judkins 11 days ago

    Laughable that he's blaming europe

  • Yotuber Pakistani
    Yotuber Pakistani 11 days ago

    India has the biggest amount of ppl who are poor

  • Saul Garcia
    Saul Garcia 11 days ago

    UN stands for un United Nations obviously they have guns

  • No Name
    No Name 11 days ago

    USA is drclining

  • thelegendaryc k
    thelegendaryc k 11 days ago

    Where is North Korea? It’s going to collapse into irradiated dust soon.

  • Senthil Veeran
    Senthil Veeran 11 days ago

    Where is Syria?

  • schatzeboppes
    schatzeboppes 11 days ago

    So basically this is what happens when you give black people their own country.

  • xm- lxh
    xm- lxh 12 days ago

    Malaysia should be in the list

  • HaganThePagan
    HaganThePagan 12 days ago

    where does South Africa rank on this list?

  • EpiDemic117
    EpiDemic117 12 days ago

    The first country that should collapse is a entity that pretends to be one with no actual power that wishes that it can control things internationally (talking to you U.N)

  • K K
    K K 13 days ago

    You forgot Pakistan which has 32 billion dollars to world bank & 14 to America and also China too.

  • Ahmad ibrahim
    Ahmad ibrahim 13 days ago

    the result of european invasions...

    • TheIcelandicPrincess
      TheIcelandicPrincess 12 days ago

      And two religions constantly trying to out do the other in cruelty :)

  • sridhar kachawar
    sridhar kachawar 13 days ago


  • jake black
    jake black 13 days ago

    These nations need ethnic cleansing and new borders. It worked excellently when Pakistan was formed with all the Muslims going to Pakistan and all the Hindus going to India. Ethnic cleansing and borders drawn to separate different ethnic/religious groups is the only way to ensure lasting peace.

  • justkilledit21
    justkilledit21 13 days ago

    People are scared to admit it but many of these countries would have probably been better off staying subjects of colonial powers. They asked for independence, they got it. Now look at what's happened.

  • Tufail Khalo
    Tufail Khalo 14 days ago

    Imperialism sucks

  • Amy Bartosik
    Amy Bartosik 14 days ago

    In Kenya, country collapse you. now, country names. I pick Prussia already told you.

  • The Ultimate Clasher
    The Ultimate Clasher 14 days ago

    Or collapse due to its corruption and ethnic cleansing

  • The Ultimate Clasher
    The Ultimate Clasher 14 days ago

    Kosovo will fail

  • Steven Lee
    Steven Lee 14 days ago

    It is the fate of Africa. War and Disease and Famine will eradicate this continent. True, the Global powers did this, but also the karmic reincarnation of Africans, who reincarnated into this state to free their suffering. As Africans disappear in the next 100 to 200 years, this land will be available for the growing population. Chinese are looking into this land as future colonizers as Africans disappear. This is why diseases were engineered as a way of mercy genocide.

  • TheDmoney81
    TheDmoney81 14 days ago

    Show us where they are

  • Groud Frank
    Groud Frank 15 days ago

    "Another victim of colonialization"... As if no other countries were not victims and didn't overcome it. Nana Akufo-Addo, president of Ghana, made a great speech addressing this. These countries have a leadership and culture crisis. When will we stop blaming colonialism? It's not colonialism that makes people think that sacrificing albino people makes black magic stronger. It's not colonialism that makes people think genital mutilation is acceptable.

  • Himangshu Sarma
    Himangshu Sarma 15 days ago

    Pakistan(Terroristan) not in the list??
    Is it actually developing or U guyz have a fear that if u say bad about them, then someday A pakistani terrorist might kill all of ur People.....💀
    And by the way...
    Pakistan will have its Existence as long as no Other Country Attacks It!!!😂😂😎

  • whip master
    whip master 15 days ago

    America is failing. Zionist collapse economies.

  • Phantom 1234
    Phantom 1234 15 days ago

    What if everyone in the world come together and work as one

  • WreklessTV
    WreklessTV 16 days ago

    Sounds like colonialism worked better in Africa lol

  • beasty boy 20
    beasty boy 20 16 days ago +15

    My opinion is they should fall and become part of a movie richer country e.g. britian,america,france but this is my opinion and do not impose this or wish this😁

    • Sawk The Conqueror
      Sawk The Conqueror 2 days ago

      I see where you're coming from, but imo we should just leave them to it. They obviously want to keep forming factions that are constantly at war and want each other's heads 24/7, they don't want the western way of life. We've tried convincing them it's a good system but they don't care and haven't got a clue how to do it.
      And no, I'm not racist towards Africans. I believe in free will. If they don't want the western way of life where we put aside our differences and progress as a society and want to stay in a tribe-like formation then that's their choice. I don't know why we are so hellbent on making them conform to our way of life when they clearly don't want it.

    • Cameron Smyllie -1000 subs without any good content
      Cameron Smyllie -1000 subs without any good content 4 days ago +1

      Why can’t Britain just own everything again

    • Aszhara
      Aszhara 9 days ago +2

      You put America in one sentence with France and Britain. You obviously know nothing about the world

    • LA One
      LA One 11 days ago +2

      beasty boy 20
      There are no "richer" countries left. That's a joke!

    • n ziom
      n ziom 11 days ago +3

      That will make things worse cuz this countrys are full of racism and the only thing that this countrys would care about is the natural resources in there

  • Uday Saxena
    Uday Saxena 16 days ago

    pakistan is also about to fall with in this year.

  • GOD is my lord and protector

    African nations will never be successful

  • Perfect Britisher
    Perfect Britisher 17 days ago

    You never see Central African Republic on the news. All I can see is Syria and Trump and Kim Jong Un

  • Andre Hirata
    Andre Hirata 17 days ago

    the world is improving? please i don't believe you are this naive and believe this giant illusion

  • eskimoeason
    eskimoeason 17 days ago

    Yes, all of them are Islamic states and more of them are walking on the same road to ruin.

  • Benjamin McClelland
    Benjamin McClelland 17 days ago

    Sweden is quickly moving up that list

  • muzzey63
    muzzey63 17 days ago

    Civil war cancer of the nation
    self destruction
    civil war
    no body knows who their
    civil war

  • brown Jones
    brown Jones 17 days ago

    Normal ....

  • AdiMoeFoe !
    AdiMoeFoe ! 18 days ago

    Hey first thing in Russia govt. Collapse people second thing......

    *Where is Pakistan?* lol

  • Gilga Chubbybear
    Gilga Chubbybear 18 days ago

    I thought I was going to hear about Venezuela, but the difference is Venezuela isn't into a Civil war, no yet

  • potato gamerzzz
    potato gamerzzz 18 days ago

    Lol Somalia.

  • David Andrade
    David Andrade 18 days ago

    I searched up "how to grow a meme account" and I don't know how I got here.

  • Raikaria
    Raikaria 18 days ago

    Yes; the fact that the Africans fight amoung themselves and are incapable of being... well... civilized is all the colonizers fault!

  • Yuya Akihiko
    Yuya Akihiko 19 days ago


  • Steve Fortuna
    Steve Fortuna 19 days ago

    The USA won't look like it does today in 5 years. We'll be a feudal oligarchy that will look a lot like the Dark Ages, and Mike Pence will be Vice-Bishop of the official US church.

  • ILUA YF2012
    ILUA YF2012 19 days ago


  • Darksolite
    Darksolite 19 days ago

    where is Finland?

  • Ed G
    Ed G 19 days ago

    Lets get real, quit blaming the Europeans and look at those that are truly responsible. Those that are citizens of the countries in question. You have many factions that want everything and will not cooperate with anyone else. Reminds you of the liberals, doesn't it?.

  • Yummy1013
    Yummy1013 20 days ago

    Why are you blaming europe so much?

  • C4MG1RL
    C4MG1RL 20 days ago

    Oh man, what a surprise that the countries in perpetual civil war are only barely held together by the U.N.

  • Thurnis Haley
    Thurnis Haley 20 days ago

    I notice you keep saying these countries are """""victims"""" of European colonization, then go onto say they've all only been struggling since declaring independence.

  • Ari Lin
    Ari Lin 20 days ago

    All African countries....and Black NFL players and people protest America daily

  • Oskar Ika Adi Nugroho
    Oskar Ika Adi Nugroho 20 days ago

    Bloody border

  • Shuvhashish Saha
    Shuvhashish Saha 20 days ago

    are these data inflated with Western Propaganda?

  • Animal Mother
    Animal Mother 21 day ago

    Oy veeyyy, Shekkell for a Good Goy! (((We))) approve this message.

  • PipMachine
    PipMachine 21 day ago

    how about the U.S? our debt bubble is about to pop

  • samantha Harris
    samantha Harris 21 day ago

    Jules looking fresh!

  • Midwestern Mapper
    Midwestern Mapper 21 day ago

    The way you say Sudan kills me its Sudan not Sudin

  • elsomnoliento
    elsomnoliento 21 day ago

    These countries do not need the global community's help like what this guy said. These countries need their colonial masters back. They are clearly not yet ready for independence.

  • Aiden Barsimantov
    Aiden Barsimantov 21 day ago

    Don’t get colonized, it’s bad for your health. Symptoms may include:
    -Civil War
    -Very low development levels
    -And if not treated with UN support, collapsing.

  • Parth Bonde
    Parth Bonde 22 days ago

    All because of the Europeans..

  • Evonne Okafor
    Evonne Okafor 22 days ago

    The UK if Brexit goes ahead

  • Seeker
    Seeker 22 days ago

    Most places where there is trouble , it’s largely due to US intervention

  • Arjun Jaiswal
    Arjun Jaiswal 23 days ago

    Where is Terroristan. Urf Pakistan

  • Cris py
    Cris py 24 days ago

    Love the way this guy says a victim of European colonialism before the African countries are introduced, like the countries were not better off than they are now....

  • Hunter Wolf
    Hunter Wolf 24 days ago

    where is north Korea ?

  • Motynx Moto
    Motynx Moto 24 days ago

    This is so wrong!!
    Somalia is alot better than what media shows and We are about to rise..we recently found out that we have more oil/gas in somalia than there is in UAE