Amy's Baking Company SUBMISSION VIDEO | Kitchen Nightmares


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  • Ellie And Jacob
    Ellie And Jacob 26 minutes ago

    Omg my cats talking I think it’s a sign I can actually cook we hoo wee hoo Amy: oh no the ambulance are here maybe it wasn’t meant to be but I know what is me talking to cats

  • Ellie And Jacob
    Ellie And Jacob 28 minutes ago

    I think there’s something wrong with Amy’s food she’s hearing her cats talk
    Amy:meow me:oh no I’m out of here Amy:wait no just let me speak meow me:that’s it there’s something in that food that’s making you crazy I’m out of here because I don’t want to become a crazy person

  • Pritchie Playz
    Pritchie Playz 5 hours ago

    first 15 seconds and I'm already receiving ptsd treatment

  • m
    m 14 hours ago

    Amy's husband is basically her bitch

  • Hugo Stiglitz
    Hugo Stiglitz 14 hours ago

    She's absolutely crazy.. It's hilarious

  • DJ Akademiks Supreme Hoodie

    What she cook wit😂😂😂😂

  • Sally Long
    Sally Long Day ago


  • Czino
    Czino Day ago


  • Boyf.riends
    Boyf.riends 3 days ago

    They uploaded this on the day of my Birthday.

    *What the fuck KN?*

  • Daniel Ryou
    Daniel Ryou 4 days ago +1

    I swear Amy and Sammy are actually secretly master trolls

  • Axel haglund
    Axel haglund 4 days ago

    The best intro ever

  • Rory Russell
    Rory Russell 4 days ago

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  • MyBrainEatsEverything

    Nice roots, Amy!

  • sub zero doge meme Harris

    These people are past praying for

  • Virtual Boy
    Virtual Boy 4 days ago

    Amy take the bloody criticism

  • lenni lehtonen
    lenni lehtonen 4 days ago

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  • anonymous hacker
    anonymous hacker 5 days ago


  • Michael Holley
    Michael Holley 5 days ago

    If Ramsey had a heart, he would have helped them instead of exposing their greed and insanity.

  • Snipe LDOH
    Snipe LDOH 5 days ago

    I H A V E N E V E R H A D A N I S S U E B E F O R E

  • KrystalGhost
    KrystalGhost 5 days ago +1

    She reminds me of an evil Taylor Swift persona that wasn't included at the end of "Look What You Made Me Do."

  • Spencer White
    Spencer White 5 days ago

    I just realized who this is... this is Angela from The Office.

  • soberpunk
    soberpunk 5 days ago

    Mental illness

  • RikGaming L
    RikGaming L 6 days ago +1

    0:30 to 1:00 can someone count how much times Gordon puts up his finger up? Thanks.

  • Epic Dude
    Epic Dude 6 days ago

    That intro tho😂😂😂

  • Epic Dude
    Epic Dude 6 days ago

    That intro tho😂😂😂

  • Shaw 1234
    Shaw 1234 6 days ago

    3:38 cameraman starts laughing 😂😂😂

  • Bonnie Hodge
    Bonnie Hodge 7 days ago

    try sanction bombing slide desk obstacle rain investor click.

  • Big Toblerone
    Big Toblerone 7 days ago

    lol wut a crazy bunch of people

  • Randy Robinson
    Randy Robinson 7 days ago

    stay single

  • random idk
    random idk 7 days ago

    Fking meower, really wish she doesn’t have 9 lives

  • Marco Camarillo
    Marco Camarillo 8 days ago +1

    The cats have taken over their first victim

  • Winged Wolf
    Winged Wolf 8 days ago

    Is Amy a furry?

  • Hassan Syed
    Hassan Syed 8 days ago

    Crazy bitch belongs in an asylum.

  • Clay4Trey
    Clay4Trey 8 days ago

    She gives cats a bad name! I mean, I love dogs way more, but cats are still cool!

  • Steve Baday
    Steve Baday 8 days ago

    A few u need to be nice no matter what stupid asses

  • Rays1118
    Rays1118 8 days ago

    great acting by cat woman

  • Matt Duong
    Matt Duong 8 days ago

    They're just making so much money by periodically releasing a little more info on this couple lmao. Free and easy money and attention to the show

  • Adiano Columbus
    Adiano Columbus 8 days ago

    4:23 He’s crazy I’m telling you, MEOW..Um I think you got it twisted.

  • classyfacemakeup
    classyfacemakeup 8 days ago +8

    Omg no... I remember this!! 😂😓 Are they still in business?! 😕

    • Arch Gaming
      Arch Gaming Day ago

      classyfacemakeup I was gonna say, haven't I seen these people before? I swear they kicked gordan out?

    • Kristina Schick
      Kristina Schick 8 days ago +1

      classyfacemakeup I Googled it about a year ago, and it was shut down.

  • justin tyme
    justin tyme 8 days ago

    They steal the server's tips.. Real classy..

  • Cult Cannon
    Cult Cannon 8 days ago

    Rumor has it, amy supports me making music ;)

  • mark Luther king
    mark Luther king 8 days ago

    Amy is a act whisperer

  • James Duggins
    James Duggins 8 days ago

    That is Good and finally that Amy's Baking Company Is gone for good, and Now No-one at all can go back in there shouting to each other and reporting on Social worker forever more.

  • domesticV1190XxOo
    domesticV1190XxOo 8 days ago

    If they had the servers that I work with a I feel like the owners would not be the way they are for long.

  • Dylan Worth
    Dylan Worth 8 days ago

    I hope her cats get eaten or run over.

  • Marvin Nope
    Marvin Nope 8 days ago

    good to see , that the NINO Meme is still a thing in the Comments . 😂

  • Izzat Zo
    Izzat Zo 8 days ago +1

    She reminds me of a character in a Christopher Guest film.

  • Peter Jesse
    Peter Jesse 8 days ago

    Amy fuck youuuuuuuuu

    JTLYNCH 8 days ago


  • Melisa Bee
    Melisa Bee 9 days ago

    Fuck she is crazy

  • Lee Sumirat
    Lee Sumirat 9 days ago

    Rumor has it that she divorced her husband and took his money

  • JessRaen
    JessRaen 9 days ago

    Lord she's crazy....

  • That Aussie Fur
    That Aussie Fur 9 days ago

    Wear a little less eyeliner sweetie lmao

  • Steve Holmgren
    Steve Holmgren 9 days ago

    Did Amy dieded?

  • Noah Mortola
    Noah Mortola 9 days ago +2

    this is the saddest thing ever.

  • Uniam Smith
    Uniam Smith 9 days ago

    Wtf is wrong with this white bitch

  • Gabe Valentin
    Gabe Valentin 9 days ago

    Look at the description 💀💀😂😂

  • Sancho O'Brien
    Sancho O'Brien 10 days ago

    I love the fact that as I’m watching this clip there’s an ad banner about schizophrenia

  • pr0ne-Entertainment
    pr0ne-Entertainment 10 days ago

    yo guys search on googlr pocong, similiar face to her

  • Osaka living
    Osaka living 10 days ago

    Sammy's a fucking criminal and needs to be deported

  • Sofia Zigliani
    Sofia Zigliani 10 days ago


  • HeavyLikesSandwich
    HeavyLikesSandwich 10 days ago +1

    Psychiatrists everywhere are getting turned on by these two

  • HVZ yt
    HVZ yt 10 days ago

    you know those fishes with the big lips and the bump on their head?

  • eric
    eric 10 days ago +1

    If only nino had a baking would be so clean

  • Mother Phoenix
    Mother Phoenix 10 days ago

    She's fucking possessed!

  • Feed Chaos
    Feed Chaos 10 days ago +2

    How To Get Likes

    Say Literally Anything About Nino

  • im a failure at life
    im a failure at life 10 days ago

    I love my cats but goddamn

  • Ohknee
    Ohknee 10 days ago

    1:19 whatever she sprayed the pizza with, she probably drinks it

  • Am Bad At CSGO
    Am Bad At CSGO 10 days ago

    If thoses says ^meow^ cuse their food is bad, she will put bleach in the next portion

  • Jonathan Davies
    Jonathan Davies 10 days ago

    They probably take the tips from people and go to McDonald's

  • lulujdy
    lulujdy 10 days ago

    She gives me Phoebe Buffay vibes but evil (worse than Ursula)

  • Christopher Mclaren
    Christopher Mclaren 10 days ago

    Anyone else binge watching these videos ?

  • Richard Avery
    Richard Avery 10 days ago

    "I'm not in denial about anything!!!"

  • micha awad
    micha awad 10 days ago

    Cringy as FUCK..

  • Callum Sheldrake
    Callum Sheldrake 10 days ago

    Crazy bitch

  • JoeytheFox 123
    JoeytheFox 123 10 days ago

    What the fuck...

  • Thelema GT
    Thelema GT 10 days ago

    Murder death kill

  • noah claes
    noah claes 10 days ago

    Doctor pressure given unity offering perception aide away utility holiday.

  • No Surrender
    No Surrender 10 days ago

    I’m sure she’s an alright person. She’s just 100% batshit Cray Cray

  • usman rawa
    usman rawa 10 days ago

    Psycho bitch

  • Forbeszy's Gaming & Paintball

    Thank you Chef Ramsay for what you do!

  • Crimson Shadow
    Crimson Shadow 10 days ago

    she was without a doubt the most delusional psychotic beyatch i've ever seen on the show...she was so far in denile that cleopatra was asking for a shipping address for the relocated cairo

  • Ty Marshall
    Ty Marshall 11 days ago

    someone call the asylum

  • Gaming4evah
    Gaming4evah 11 days ago +1

    *i’M nOt iN dEniAL* -Everyone in denial, ever

  • napalmbones
    napalmbones 11 days ago

    This wasn't the submission video, all of this footage was on the actual show. Plus just looking at it, the format and shots are all within the style of the show's production team.

  • Fullmetal Alchemist
    Fullmetal Alchemist 11 days ago

    This people are Fuckin’ crazy!

  • dotch
    dotch 11 days ago

    She looks like Nikki Benz

  • Amanda Hirschfeld
    Amanda Hirschfeld 11 days ago

    She is really fucked in the head!!!

  • Little Woodshop
    Little Woodshop 11 days ago

    She's currently accusing Gordon of raping her on her twitter account. im serious

  • ChrisBlaze
    ChrisBlaze 11 days ago +1

    roses are red
    amys a cunt
    her cats are slaves
    sammys a slut

  • Louis Goossens
    Louis Goossens 11 days ago

    Slightly learn hay chocolate from something yet eager.

  • Spot Spot
    Spot Spot 11 days ago +1

    Haha crazy folks,,,,.

  • mel kouas
    mel kouas 11 days ago

    Lol, and they've been closed.

  • milchuck
    milchuck 11 days ago +1

    Amy is a cunt and is crazy as fuck...

  • Powerpig02 with stage 4 piccolo

    She is scary looking, looks like a cartoon character 0_0

  • Ricky Thomas
    Ricky Thomas 11 days ago

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  • Tostgamer 24
    Tostgamer 24 11 days ago +1


  • Garzinranch D.
    Garzinranch D. 11 days ago


  • FieryFess Gamings
    FieryFess Gamings 11 days ago +22

    This weird

  • L G
    L G 11 days ago +1

    This woman is fucking *looney*