Amy's Baking Company SUBMISSION VIDEO | Kitchen Nightmares


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  • Zeeshan Hameed
    Zeeshan Hameed 3 days ago

    4:22 paedophile, kissing a lady 40 years younger than him.

  • Georgia Lee Anna
    Georgia Lee Anna 4 days ago

    Shes off her rocker ugly bitch

  • sex is overrated
    sex is overrated 7 days ago

    Poor cats. When they meow they’re actually crying for help.

  • google user
    google user 7 days ago

    Any needs a Swift Kick in Her Pussy !!

  • KissMy Ashley
    KissMy Ashley 12 days ago

    I don’t get it like how do they not understand that as a restaurant you cater to people and your goal is to give them a pleasant meal and experience like wtf

  • Archie Harrison
    Archie Harrison 20 days ago

    I am scared

  • 태형에 열광하는

    she may be a bit crazy but he’s very rude to her too

  • Have a Nice Day
    Have a Nice Day Month ago

    Those cats are actually crying for help.

  • Gary Douglass
    Gary Douglass Month ago

    Thick as pigs shit

  • Fameboy Hydro
    Fameboy Hydro Month ago

    Somebody PLZZZZ give her back her brains😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Maegan Barrett
    Maegan Barrett Month ago

    Dang she's nuts. She needs help.

  • Cowboy Western
    Cowboy Western Month ago

    This bitch is crazy and HELLLLLL

  • Omedchazak613
    Omedchazak613 2 months ago

    That woman is a crazy cunt!!!!

  • Destar Dimtsu Menen
    Destar Dimtsu Menen 2 months ago

    Her eyes are too bright to be completely surrounded in black eyeliner she looks more evil and crazy with that makeup

  • carlos vazquez
    carlos vazquez 2 months ago


  • Anthony Ramirez
    Anthony Ramirez 2 months ago

    Wait.. she’s married to that 80 year old guy ? 😂

  • ckennedy90
    ckennedy90 2 months ago

    Literally had to stop the video at :14 seconds...way too painful to watch! This is why I don't date girls who have cats 😂

  • Bryan Motes
    Bryan Motes 2 months ago

    This lady is crazy Gordan R. Is trying to help you. Im glade he aired this one because
    I would not eat there even if you paid me.

  • B Nyob
    B Nyob 3 months ago


  • David Tran
    David Tran 3 months ago

    This episode...has to be staged. It's got to be...because she's absolutely the most delusional woman in business

  • Ambie Dawnnn
    Ambie Dawnnn 3 months ago

    She looks like Martha May from The Grinch.

  • MeLoveUlongtime
    MeLoveUlongtime 3 months ago

    She needs to get laid big time

  • CrayZ Cookie
    CrayZ Cookie 3 months ago

    Bitch ur makeup is ugly as fuck ... Aww can't take the criticism?

  • Mohammad Riaz
    Mohammad Riaz 3 months ago

    What a fucking fuck

  • Bri-Guy 875
    Bri-Guy 875 3 months ago

    There is something seriously wrong with Amy, and Sammy.

  • Paige Morgan
    Paige Morgan 3 months ago

    I love Amy meow

  • Bryan Watt
    Bryan Watt 3 months ago

    She lost the fucking plot and he gangster 😂😂😂😂

  • schafferstephen2
    schafferstephen2 4 months ago


  • schafferstephen2
    schafferstephen2 4 months ago

    Amy reminds me of the evil lady from 101 dalmations

  • King Mufasa
    King Mufasa 4 months ago

    What tha fuck is wrong with this old woman

  • Willow MacGregor
    Willow MacGregor 4 months ago

    What a fucking nut. Her cat ‘talks’!

  • 1 Cat Short of Crazy
    1 Cat Short of Crazy 4 months ago +2

    those poor poor cats... : (

  • celeste star
    celeste star 4 months ago

    How the fuck did they even end up together. Watching them kiss gives me the creeps, and reminds me of wet paper slapping together.

  • roger ramdehal
    roger ramdehal 4 months ago

    Amy do you stick your tongue out when you want a treat?

  • Ronny Alcantara
    Ronny Alcantara 4 months ago

    At first I was like "ok, dessert is good, kitchen clean and updated food. Then, how can business fail?".

  • rake2kimmo
    rake2kimmo 4 months ago

    I'm controlled by Alien cats

  • El Grando Smokio
    El Grando Smokio 4 months ago

    They thaugh '' cool a nervous old man would make a good episodes'' but Amy took the cake

  • Tom greifzu
    Tom greifzu 4 months ago

    These two are really sick, sick people....

  • Brad Knott
    Brad Knott 4 months ago

    I wouldn't order the pea soup there because I'm sure her head spun around and she spit it out , scary .

  • Ashton Ashcraft
    Ashton Ashcraft 4 months ago

    Poor cats

  • Lacey Colter Jr
    Lacey Colter Jr 4 months ago

    Fucking INSANE

  • Murat Karahan
    Murat Karahan 4 months ago

    I would like to eat at ABC, Amy Being Crazy

  • Gyzmo
    Gyzmo 4 months ago

    G g g g

  • Dan
    Dan 4 months ago

    *catatouille* @0:27

  • Amy Wickersham
    Amy Wickersham 4 months ago

    Meow she is one crazy bitch!!!!!!

  • Sauvage Ascension
    Sauvage Ascension 4 months ago

    She breeds 🐈s to cook them in stew. She eats the 🐈s.

  • whiteNright
    whiteNright 4 months ago

    If Gordon could stop pointing his finger at me, that'd be great.

  • Pro Hacker
    Pro Hacker 5 months ago

    Amy the pussycat

  • Luci Dall
    Luci Dall 5 months ago

    They try to down play wat is actually going on

  • damo the legend
    damo the legend 5 months ago

    I think the cats and Samy are Amys only social hope. she is that much of a phycopathic idiot she wont listen to anything bad.