China's Geography Problem

  • Published on Oct 10, 2017
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    Animation by Josh Sherrington (
    Sound by Graham Haerther (
    Thumbnail by Joe Cieplinski (
    This video was partially inspired by a chapter in Tim Marshall's "Prisoners of Geography":
    Tibet highway photo by Matteo Melchior
    Potala Palace photo courtesy Ondřej Žváček
    Music: "Thoughtful" by Lee Rosevere and "Saver" by Podington Bear/Sound of Picture
    Big thanks to Patreon supporters: Kevin Song,
    Kevin Song, David Cichowski, Andy Tran, Victor Zimmer, Paul Jihoon Choi, Dylan Benson, M van Kasbergen, Etienne Dechamps, Adil Abdulla, Arunabh Chattopadhyay, Ieng Chi Hin, Ken Rutabana, John Johnston, Connor J Smith, Rob Harvey, Arkadiy Kulev, Hagai Bloch Gadot, Aitan Magence, Eyal Matsliah, Sihien Goh, Joseph Bull, Marcelo Alves Vieira, Hank Green, Plinio Correa, Brady Bellini

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  • Jian Zhou
    Jian Zhou 9 hours ago

    When US stopped scrapped metal and oil embargo to Japan during WW2, the people of Japan did not rise up and topple the regime. Instead, they bombed Pearl Harbor.

  • Erwin Rommel
    Erwin Rommel 18 hours ago

    You forgot about Australia

  • JiangTuo
    JiangTuo Day ago


  • dbsk06
    dbsk06 Day ago

    not sure I can take this video that seriously when it showed Hong Kong footage as if that’s just China. Sure technically it’s China but it’s a SAR.

  • dbsk06
    dbsk06 Day ago

    China, bro why did u fck up your relations with Philippines

  • Taymor Hussain
    Taymor Hussain Day ago

    Calling a different nations government system regime because its not democratic is a kind of hate speech

  • Camden Knepper
    Camden Knepper 2 days ago

    I started watching Half as Interesting and Wendover at different times and I thought about how similar their voices were, but I never knew they were by the same person.

  • ooxx201
    ooxx201 2 days ago

    I found this series of videos arm to creating geography problems rather than introducing geography problems.
    The geography problem is not only about geography, but it is also more about force. For example, does America has a geography problem with Mexico about Texas?
    Today's China has some small geography problems with India and Japan while huge geography problems with the USA about Taiwan and the South China Sea.
    All the rest are not problems, because we don't want to invade anyone. And no one is able to invade us. We have official agreements with these countries which define borders clearly and no one wants to break these agreements.
    So, China's major geography problem is the USA, understand?

  • maria Wang
    maria Wang 2 days ago

    Tibet is under control of China ONLY 300 years?! how about Taiwan? Taiwan only seperted with China for 70 years! why your map exclude Taiwan?!

  • ooxx201
    ooxx201 2 days ago

    This video contains tons of ridiculous basic mistakes. You guys just know nothing about Asia.
    1. China has no interest in invading any country. To annex other countries bring you nothing but troubles in the 21st century and India will prove that (India invaded and annexed Sikkim at 1975 and are militarily controlling Bhutan and Nepal right now).
    2. Myanmar and Laos, are you kidding me? Myanmar and Laos's are armed by Chinese weapon and they count on China to protect them against Vietnam.
    3. Vietnam's economy deeply relies on trade with China. Vietnam is a faithful believer of Chinese-style socialism and they copied the Chinese political system without change. They are worried about the color revolution pushed on by the USA more. China has some conflicts with Vietnam but there would be a war. Vietnamese are wise guys, they know what is the real threat. Conflicts with China is just about money while conflicts with the USA is about survival, obviously, China has no interest in changing Vietnam's political system.
    4. Basically, China doesn't worry about any military threat except the USA and Russia. Why don't you ask people's of these countries do they want to invade China? They will look at you like a fool.
    5. As other said, Tibet became part of China 300 year ago. China is a country of 56 nations, it is natural for the Chinese to be diverse. Tibetan people look different from Han people, so? What's wrong with it? Obama looks nothing similar to Trump, so, are they the president of the same country?
    No wonder the Americans screwed things up in Iraq and Afghan. As I said, you guys just know nothing about Aisa.

  • christopherzp
    christopherzp 2 days ago

    I want to see a video about Geography,s Geography Problem

  • Josef Stalin
    Josef Stalin 3 days ago

    What country DOESNT have a geography problem? You said Russia, China, Brazil, India, France, and many others have them too.

  • Tracy L
    Tracy L 3 days ago

    Remember there are not forever enemies or friends among countries

  • Tim
    Tim 3 days ago

    Ive Always found it interesting that europe has become so successful. So many wars the Black Death and half of Europe is frozen 1/4 of the year. You could say that it was colonialism and it probably was. But what stoped other nations from doing that to us? Europe has been so successful it can’t only be colonialism. Hell we fought two of the most brutal wars in history and not even 40 years between each other. Meanwhile here is Mexico who can’t feed their own damn people.

  • Common_C3nts
    Common_C3nts 3 days ago

    China is full of retards. Tibet is getting screwed.
    The world needs to destroy the PRC and let the ROC move back into China.

  • Jose Luis
    Jose Luis 4 days ago

    The Viet Nam war last for so long because was delayed to expend more weapons and the MIC and the bankers make more money like the Iraq Afghanistan wars now.

  • Abhisheak Singh
    Abhisheak Singh 4 days ago

    China will be ruined going against India. India is a quite country. But China is disturbing India continuously. China should become true hearted friends with India. Respect India's interest as India did for so many years. China should think of changing whole world's mentality that "China is betrayer".

  • 8/10 was an inside job

    Don't even think about invading Vietnam. Sincerely, an American.

  • just
    just 4 days ago

    china dont need land to produce foods so geographic is not necessary.. they can harvest food anywhere they may want to. they are international poachers!

  • t Relax
    t Relax 5 days ago

    Great video.

  • Louis J Wiese
    Louis J Wiese 5 days ago

    So Africa will become a proxy state of China?

  • Bikash Barman
    Bikash Barman 5 days ago

    You are showing wrong Indian border......., Where is our land, occupied by chinkies and porkis....., Will get it back......, We want peace but if u take something from us we will take it back on day or another, one way or another

  • Space S73ll4
    Space S73ll4 5 days ago

    It is so sad to see Americans getting brainwashed by their education. They are always taught that the US is always good and saved the country..

  • Alovon
    Alovon 5 days ago +1

    "Africa, China's China"-John Oliver wishing he had made that as a joke before this video.

  • merciのり
    merciのり 5 days ago +1

    Dirty china everyone in the world never admit china they r so rude, noise and poor

  • darkwowplayer
    darkwowplayer 6 days ago +1

    I see lots of, quite possibly, bots from the chinese blindly defending china....

  • disgusting weaboo weeb

    China isn't the largest country

  • 胡铭娜
    胡铭娜 6 days ago

    As a Chinese, I want to know why Taiwan does not belong to China in this video.

  • Sid The Sloth
    Sid The Sloth 7 days ago

    Americans watching this having Vietnam flashbacks

    • Sid The Sloth
      Sid The Sloth 7 days ago

      Oh and China isn’t the largest country in the world Russia is

  • Bradley Barrett
    Bradley Barrett 7 days ago

    China's geography problem: *doesn't exist*

  • Frederick Lim
    Frederick Lim 7 days ago +1

    Tibet was invaded and conquered. Period.

  • Hong Shi
    Hong Shi 7 days ago

    As a Chinese, I am so pissed at the way you talk about other nation, such as Mongol is a buffer state. Tibet is a sheld, for China against India.
    First, Tibetians are Chinese, they are not Indian. Get that straight.
    The Tibertians in the west and in India are the ones that flee their homeland when their homeland is at war, and you really believed that normal Tibertian want them back again.
    You must be brain dead.
    Second, you show no respect to Mongel people, pissed as you just dividing the land up.
    If you think this is such a good idea, why don’t you cut off 200km off US border and call it buffer country.
    These are people there....

  • Online Marketing
    Online Marketing 7 days ago

    this video proves white people use conflict to create division in order to rule us all. They are obsessed about using conflict to maintain the global system of white supremacy.

  • Mister CHEF
    Mister CHEF 8 days ago

    The artificial islands are also so China can claim the large oilfields under ocean. These islands would put the oilfields within China's borders.

  • ritesh raut
    ritesh raut 8 days ago +2

    You will never hear "India invading" someone except here. Have you never heard India librarated Bangladesh in 1971 instead of take over. In all of the history India has been a symbol of love and freedom.

  • yo yo
    yo yo 8 days ago

    china will fall

  • Nam Khanh Ng
    Nam Khanh Ng 8 days ago

    Vietnam would be much more likely to side with NATO even though they are quite similar to Chinese, because Vietnam had have enough with China's bullshit.

  • bobbymcbobmcbilly 32
    bobbymcbobmcbilly 32 8 days ago +2

    When we took california and texas, did we sterilize their population and destroy their religious buildings?
    Just saying, I don't hate the people of China, i'm just not fond of their government.

    • bobbymcbobmcbilly 32
      bobbymcbobmcbilly 32 7 days ago

      Therion Vovin It’s not genocide if the natives were killing your people too ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    • Therion Vovin
      Therion Vovin 7 days ago

      committed genocide against the indigenous population. Indians were wiped out by the Europeans. They would rather be sterilized than being wiped out. Arrogance and Ignorance at its best. SMH!

  • YÜ Architekt
    YÜ Architekt 9 days ago

    totaly wrong, could you plz first do some learnings, then make this kinda videos?
    1.The threatens of China in the history didn't come from the south part, it most came from the North, because its cold and not a good place for farming, so the ancient mongolian often started small wars against china in order to rob the Crops and the properties........That's why 2000 years ago the chinise people built the GREAT WALL.
    2.the Dispute between India and China? That's basically nothing. The reasons of the Problem should be due to the British people, who invaded India and caused this Problem manually.
    3.China has so many people that it must depend on the imported Resource and Foods? Hilarious....Now the Biggest Problem which china facing
    right now is the aging and fewer people. The Communist government nowadays even try to put the ads to suggest people to have more kids.

    .....So many mistakes.

    But I guess you were only trying to render the what you want to render... based on your political point.
    You see what you want to see,
    You become what you want to become.
    so you just stay foolish and hilarious, and create more HATE around the world.

  • petrosros
    petrosros 9 days ago

    Your CIA script is shot fall of holes, Russian infact crossed the trans Hengiun range from Mongolia in WW2; defeating the Japanese occupying army of more than 2 million.Tibet was colonised by highly organised peadophiles calling themselves Budhist about 1000 years ago; they joined Western colonial (16th cent) powers during the opium wars to help exterminate the Han Chinese population of Tibet and Xingiang, and were prominant amoung warlords of the period.
    China's principal problem in the world is something we call the USA, it must be said that sometimes China has not played fair in trade relations; however, it's problems with the USA are shared by most civilised country's, and not a few uncivilised ones too.

  • John Tan
    John Tan 9 days ago

    bullshits ... westerner just can't understand history and geography of china...or rather they assume they know china...thats the the reason why the so called experts of china always got it wrong and made wrong moves on china...korea war and vietnam war were two good example why they lost and has to pull out eventually...

  • Asche Weiss
    Asche Weiss 10 days ago

    I think one thing in this video is wrong. Philipines won't be a firm ally to the US or China because it's a much smaller country. Getting caught in between two giants means you don't get to say which side you choose. You are forced to choose the side that's currently projecting power in this area because survival is your first priority and you don't have a say over the situation. Understanding this, China would rather gain real control of the area slowly than trusting it to an unreliable so-called ally.

  • Lilkeer
    Lilkeer 10 days ago

    China hasn’t really been in a war, I mean world war. So America has more experience then China. That is one of its weakness

  • TheMistLink
    TheMistLink 10 days ago

    Wendover: makes a video about the positives and negatives of China's geography speaking truthfully
    Smartass commenters: AKSHUALLY
    Like seriously he mentions China has some of the best geography in the world but this video is just about their biggest problems which every country has; why is everyone so butthurt that nothing is perfect?

  • grAnd
    grAnd 10 days ago

    Crimea is Ukraine! Dislike for that!
    Just want to remind you that annexation of the Crimean peninsula was absolutely illegal and was denunciated by UN Resolution 68/262 (adopted on March 27, 2014).
    I want to ask you to carry out the letter of the law (Ukrainian, British and International) and to depict the Crimean peninsula as generally accepted - Ukrainian territory.

  • Petrichor Sweven
    Petrichor Sweven 10 days ago +1

    Plz, Sir! Don’t so small map of Tibet even more larger then you thought! Tibet n China is not same, even very different to each other’s just like Cultural, Religion, Clothing, food, Currency’s, even more that time Tibet political! But, shame on China, why they captured Great n religious land? Unbelievable (Nice man to red Chinese Mau Tsetong)! Remember cries 1989 Civil revolution in China! Front of the red Chinese Tank, his own Chinese Students! All world have seen!!! ✌🏼🙏🏼🕊💐j

  • Vincent Skat-Rørdam
    Vincent Skat-Rørdam 10 days ago +3

    The rule book says: when unit is on jungle tile, movement speed is decreased by 50%

  • Junbo
    Junbo 10 days ago

    Don’t you think is funny when americans act like they know more about our country than us, Chinese?

  • 赵是
    赵是 10 days ago

    Did you actually just say Laos invading China?

  • T
    T 11 days ago

    Ignorant piece. So many mistakes in here. Learn some history dude.

  • T
    T 11 days ago

    "Only 300 years ago Tibet became part of China, and it only for military reasons... " so how long ago New Mexico is taken from Mexico by the US? How long ago Malvinas was taken from Argentina by the UK? I recall it's

  • Агрон Департье

    When I read about slavery in Tibet, the awful things - I can only thank China for ending it.

    • Legatus Sedricillius
      Legatus Sedricillius 10 days ago +1

      funny that they're lightning themselves on fire in protest now instead.

  • Trond Lau
    Trond Lau 11 days ago

    California became a part of the US only 200 years ago.

  • Lochen Dude
    Lochen Dude 11 days ago

    This video would have been slightly better if you mentioned that India would probably go to war with China for shitz n giggles.

  • Hieu Danang
    Hieu Danang 11 days ago

    Well the video was made by American, ofcourse there will be mistake about other countries lol

  • DiscreetNinja TV
    DiscreetNinja TV 11 days ago

    Very true, Water and Edge over India, Tibet was illegally annexed

  • 朱世隆
    朱世隆 11 days ago

    Taiwan is actually an territory... I am not saying Taiwan belongs to China, but Taiwan is never ever a country.

  • Toldo Shen
    Toldo Shen 12 days ago


  • Hamoud Ali
    Hamoud Ali 12 days ago

    Yea China is gonna be invaded bye Vietnam, it’s not like they’re the third most powerful country in the world and can decimate Vietnam, and. China and India are allies.

  • Rick Ma
    Rick Ma 12 days ago

    I think we need to understand something here:
    When it comes to China, everything is a problem.
    There will be no logic, no law, no morality, none needed.
    There will always be a reason to blame China, as long as it serves their purpose.
    If they can't find one, they will fabricate one.
    It's the 21st century now, ppl are not blind.
    Everyone here knows US invaded Iraq over a bottle of washing powder.
    The only thing works in this world is power, once China power over the rest of the world, they will all be on their knees. China could invade any country as they like, maybe over another bottle of washing powder, just for fun. Nobody would dare to say shit.
    US has been a outstanding teacher for human beings, they've set an excellent example for the world:
    arrest anyone you like, kill anyone you please, invade anyone you wish, as long as you have power.

  • joel repp
    joel repp 12 days ago

    Interesting modern look at Chinese geography.

  • Artyom Maloyan
    Artyom Maloyan 12 days ago

    Russia is not ally of China, its just colony of China.

  • summerian anunnaki
    summerian anunnaki 12 days ago

    There is less people in Europe because Europeans they wiped out 3 continent killed all the people in America South America Australia New Zealand Canada so European settlers can settle

  • Fan Wang
    Fan Wang 13 days ago

    fools video, China can raise 100million strong in military size with high manufactory productivity. Americans can never imagine what 100million size of military can do.

  • Tivo Humanism
    Tivo Humanism 13 days ago

    stop sounding like chewing on a dick with pedantic tees and dees. ti ti ti ti ti ti ti ti ti ti ti, so annoying.

  • Wid Bash
    Wid Bash 13 days ago +2

    Thanks for your work. I agree most of your view. But for the reason of Tibet, it doesn't make sense for the U.S to be a whole country, because people here, have different skin colors. So the U.S should be split into serval country, right?

    • Megan H
      Megan H 4 days ago

      +Wid Bash No. Because that way of thinking can be used to conquer ethnic groups. Those countries accept ethnic groups who want to come join them, not the government and the people forcing an ethnic group to join.

    • Wid Bash
      Wid Bash 6 days ago

      +Amanda Huang As you said, there are good examples in the world, and there are also bad examples. Therefore, it depends on the ability and wisdom of the government and the wishes of the people, isn’t it?

    • Amanda Huang
      Amanda Huang 10 days ago +1

      The US is an immigrant country established only relatively recently. Tibet however, has a much longer history than the US, and its conflict with China dated back hundreds of years ago. The idea of putting two ethnic group with very distinct culture and long history of conflicts under one government's rule is just bad.
      The US, Canada, and Australia are the very few cases where different ethnic groups get along reasonably well. In other parts of the world, prime examples being the Middle East and Africa, putting different ethnic groups under one government's rule often result in violence and civil war.

  • Tough Dingo
    Tough Dingo 14 days ago

    Australia would get involved if there was a dispute

  • kk p
    kk p 14 days ago


  • Ty P
    Ty P 14 days ago

    Taiwan #1!! China number #14. :)

  • Bhagatsingh Tanwar
    Bhagatsingh Tanwar 14 days ago

    Nice video

    PRASUN DAS 14 days ago

    Before releasing such kind of videos make sure u use the correct map of a country , how dare u to cut the northern part of INDIA !!!
    😡😡😡. In 2:43 min make sure to correct in ur mind and the upcoming videos of urs

  • peter petrov
    peter petrov 14 days ago

    I seriously don't understand how is it possible for one country to declare war to another in 21th century. Why? What for? We humans are so weird.

    • Legatus Sedricillius
      Legatus Sedricillius 10 days ago

      no, we're just very complicated and very.... easily influenced. war is still rare, although not as rare as one might think, and the nuclear deterrence doesn't stop all conflict.

  • BigBollocks
    BigBollocks 14 days ago

    Agriculture in China, well 20% of the land is completed polluted and useable now.

  • ps3master72
    ps3master72 15 days ago

    I can see why China took Tibet. It was to keep them away from Indian rule, and more importantly, T-Series. China took Tibet to keep them away from T-Series, China is fighting the good fight, taking an entire country to protect them from T-Series is the most awesome and heroic thing! China has got my respect!

  • Haojin DU
    Haojin DU 15 days ago

    Trump likes this video and decided to build a wall to solve the "geography problem".

  • R L
    R L 16 days ago

    China reminds me of a model with rats...poison them

    • R L
      R L 7 days ago

      +Legatus Sedricillius I tend to look at the cosmic view where ? destroys planets without remorse

    • Legatus Sedricillius
      Legatus Sedricillius 10 days ago

      don't so casually go about the death of over a billion people.

  • usojas1
    usojas1 16 days ago

    Why don't you make the same video with the US capitalistic/liberal regime?

  • dot com
    dot com 16 days ago

    have you noticed the excuse for this idiot why china invaded other countries.. china took Tibet because it would of become an Indian Tibet bahaha what fucking idiot you are. also did you notice how when it came to explaining the water china relies on from Tibet, the map he showed Tibet was 2x bigger, so to make it look like those rivers are inside Tibet. This fucking idiot spreading lies to justify chinas aggression is just another fucking immoral prick from china.
    The best thing the west can do is to avoid as much as possible to buy things from china. instead of buying toys for kids buy them educational games (software). sometimes you have not choice to buy china products because no one else is making them but when you can avoid it the please do.
    chinas state government is as evil as the Nazi Germans. they have plans to take over the world. they have had these plans over 15 years. I remember clearly the states objectives and had warned many people about it. soon you will see the next phase of chinas land grab. it will start with the invasion of Taiwan.

  • Freddy Fox 500
    Freddy Fox 500 16 days ago

    Try rice vs potato

  • dot com
    dot com 16 days ago

    china is evil. Free Tibet!!

  • Nhu Truong Ngoc
    Nhu Truong Ngoc 16 days ago +2

    Vietnam's east sea is not South china sea

  • Spencer Snitil
    Spencer Snitil 17 days ago

    You should do a piece on the 75000 page US tax code.

  • WenZhang
    WenZhang 17 days ago

    California, Texas, and New Mexico were only owned by US about 160 years, yet this video is talking about China only owned Tibet 300 year so it doesn’t belong to China? What about Guam? Ever heard of double standards? Also what about the economics chaos US caused in Puerto Rico?

    JF DING 17 days ago

    其实中国的地理环境非常优越,位于世界岛东面的中国与14个国家地理接壤,是陆地邻国最多的国家。如果实力够,能够充分发挥邻国优势,条条大路通中国,经济充分整合,外加一带一路,中国霸业可成! 当然如果国力弱了,还是美国这样的地理优势明显! 美中两国,可以说是一时瑜亮,很难说谁好谁坏

  • Mauro Oliveira
    Mauro Oliveira 17 days ago

    About tibet be a "buffer zone" for Chinese Military...... North Korea is the same thing

  • RealDeal441
    RealDeal441 17 days ago +2

    thnx for this but 2 key points: 1. China & India went to war in 1962 and in 2 days China thrashed India so India is very careful not to provoke hostilities with China. 2. China started thinking about being a bigger regional power after the British bombarded China during the opium wars and HK also annexed by Britain. China realized that the world cannot be trusted as no one came to help China to stop opium addiction spurred by British and also the naval bombardment at the request of the British opium merchants.

  • 吴伟超
    吴伟超 18 days ago +1

    mark taiwan into PROC !one China

  • yzchenwei
    yzchenwei 18 days ago

    300 yrs? are you sure? I mean.

  • edocamoro
    edocamoro 18 days ago

    Why can't we all just be friends?

    • Legatus Sedricillius
      Legatus Sedricillius 10 days ago

      it's complicated, very complicated. but to summarise, necessity and power.

  • 13ivanogre13
    13ivanogre13 18 days ago

    The snow on those mountains is disappearing so those two rivers will be running dry soon. China might have a famine coming.

  • Chris Brown
    Chris Brown 18 days ago

    Overseas Chinese are not capable of becoming truly citizens in their new country as the CCP thinks they own anyone who has Chinese ancestry, no matter that they might be 3rd generation Australians, Brits, or whatever country they were born in. The CCP has a department of overseas Chinese who job its is to coerce Chinese in other countries to work for the Motherland. Disobedience could result in their relatives being harmed. The fallout of non-true citizenship in places like Australia is; That real estate agents can sell houses to "Australian Citizen" Chinese who are controlled and funded by the CCP.

  • Michael H
    Michael H 18 days ago

    how did hawaii, american samoa, guam, u.s. virgin islands, pureto rico became part of the u.s. though? hmm

  • Daisy Fang
    Daisy Fang 18 days ago

    The Tibet part is so not right... the boundary between people in Tibet and the rest of Chinese people was and is so interrelated and integrated, which has lasted much more than 300 hundreds years...You need to look into the history in China and Tibet and you will find so many evidences...By the way, African people would not like anyone call them as China's China...They like to work with Chinese they are friends of China, that is it!

  • Ed Shed
    Ed Shed 19 days ago

    China would be in huge trouble if attacked from the south and east by Japan, America and Vietnam, and from the south and west by India.

  • American Patriot
    American Patriot 19 days ago +1

    China doesn't have any problems it can't solve with 1.4 billion people with an average IQ of 106. They are building the largest navy in history and Nobody is going to fuck with them. Trump is trying desperately to slow China's rise because he knows what the Future looks like. He will fail miserably.

    • kokofan50
      kokofan50 15 days ago

      American Patriot, stop being a dumbass. Everyone agrees China is a big player, but you’re pretending it’s position doesn’t have large and obvious problems.

    • American Patriot
      American Patriot 15 days ago

      +kokofan50 --- Breaking news, China collapsed and all its people are starving. Breaking news Beijing and Shanghai don't exist, they are CCP propaganda. I saw this on China Uncensored and Fox News and I read it in different Western media outlets. It must be true. Lol

    • kokofan50
      kokofan50 15 days ago

      No, that many people can’t solve every problem. It can’t change geography. Has zero effect on the corruption of the CCP. Can’t make an aging population younger.

  • Victor Souza
    Victor Souza 19 days ago

    I don't understand why you would say "it doesn't make sense" for Tibet to be part of China because they're different ethnic populations. You do know you can have more than one ethnicity in a country, right? Dozens of countries worldwide have diverse populations and live peacefully.

  • 欧阳一笑泯恩仇
    欧阳一笑泯恩仇 19 days ago +1

    so what哪,你想怎么样呢?西藏就在中国手里啊,南海也在掌控之中啊,我们地图上就是我们的领土啊,世界地图也是这么划的,你不服可以来抢嘛。前提是你要打的过共产党的军队才是!对不对!搞得中国的土地都是充话费送的似的!好笑!

    BOBO XU 19 days ago


  • Kennard LIONG
    Kennard LIONG 20 days ago

    9:14 its not

  • jackie wang
    jackie wang 20 days ago +1

    说白了 就是比谁拳头大