China's Geography Problem

  • Published on Oct 10, 2017
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    Animation by Josh Sherrington (
    Sound by Graham Haerther (
    Thumbnail by Joe Cieplinski (
    This video was partially inspired by a chapter in Tim Marshall's "Prisoners of Geography":
    Tibet highway photo by Matteo Melchior
    Potala Palace photo courtesy Ondřej Žváček
    Music: "Thoughtful" by Lee Rosevere and "Saver" by Podington Bear/Sound of Picture
    Big thanks to Patreon supporters: Kevin Song,
    Kevin Song, David Cichowski, Andy Tran, Victor Zimmer, Paul Jihoon Choi, Dylan Benson, M van Kasbergen, Etienne Dechamps, Adil Abdulla, Arunabh Chattopadhyay, Ieng Chi Hin, Ken Rutabana, John Johnston, Connor J Smith, Rob Harvey, Arkadiy Kulev, Hagai Bloch Gadot, Aitan Magence, Eyal Matsliah, Sihien Goh, Joseph Bull, Marcelo Alves Vieira, Hank Green, Plinio Correa, Brady Bellini

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  • naointeressaawdasdasda
    naointeressaawdasdasda 41 minute ago

    Stop making videos of subjects you clearly don't research enough! You did a similar video about Brazil and it was outdated 300 years on its information regarding "people concentrating near the ocean" as if something other than how the country developed!!

  • Michael 26CD
    Michael 26CD 4 hours ago

    In short, the former communists are one alliance and a Western aligned alliance surrounds them. Both sides have been taking defensive steps to increase their security including defensive economic measures in the past 50 years.
    But the question this raises is why would anyone ever want to invade China or Russia? What could the point of that possibly ever be? Historically invading Russia has repeatedly ended disastrously for the most powerful European military conquests. The idea seems ridiculously foolish. It's a warmonger fever dream.
    We only undermine our security by focusing on security to the exclusion of getting along. And we waste so much money on military spending. It has been great for the military contractors but terrible for the rest of the economy.
    We should all just say no to our respective military industrial complexes including especially the oil companies. Replacing fossil fuels with renewable energy should be a step toward easing the largest underlying cause of global tensions.

  • GuangSheng Pong
    GuangSheng Pong 21 hour ago


  • Anothera Beer
    Anothera Beer Day ago

    Taiwan is awesome, an independent nation and a superior culture compared to China. These are facts sorry commie mainland snowflakes if you don’t like it.

  • bunny jin
    bunny jin Day ago

    This is nonsense.

  • Elijah Slaven
    Elijah Slaven Day ago

    *he pronounced the S in laos*

  • 搞笑视频分享玩具熊

    Plz make China's map including Taiwan

    • Miguel
      Miguel Day ago

      But Taiwan isn't China, why do that?

  • pacmangs 1975
    pacmangs 1975 Day ago +1

    U have a geography problem..Size of tibet shown in vid is at least 3 times tibets actual size..

  • Anime is AMAZING

    China has a wall So Donald Trump is jealous and brain washing the US citizens

  • Xanthos Parashis
    Xanthos Parashis 2 days ago +6

    The Chinese dragon shall rise again.

    • Miguel
      Miguel Day ago

      Only so far as India and the US allow

    • Alibi
      Alibi Day ago +3

      Xanthos Parashis negative

  • ME
    ME 2 days ago

    China is harvesting 3 crops of rice per year....

  • wang tie
    wang tie 2 days ago


  • Joseph Blanco
    Joseph Blanco 2 days ago +3

    Russia and China will invade the U.S

    • Vencent Van
      Vencent Van 3 hours ago

      +Joseph Blanco I am talking about the reality, the only problem US has to worry is civil war, apart from that, no one can invade US.

    • Joseph Blanco
      Joseph Blanco 3 hours ago

      +Vencent Van i am talking about a prophecy of President George Washington itself and a painting that goes with it in the Oval Office.

    • Vencent Van
      Vencent Van Day ago

      Then they will face 200 million armed US citizen. Some of them even have tanks and RPGs.

  • Li Hua
    Li Hua 2 days ago

    2:59 what kind of bullshit is that. they are related closer than you think at the very least theyre closer than e.g. english and native american languages, etc. or are you saying every "race" should get its own country, like racists do? go ahead and call for free tibet, but at least get some fact based arguments ffs. it makes even less sense for haiwaii to be part of usa, kurdistan to be part of turkey, hungary to be part of hungary, ...

  • Mækkel Montages
    Mækkel Montages 2 days ago +2

    Why do you only focus on what countries could invade china. That won't happen and nobody really cares

  • Murat Mokhadin
    Murat Mokhadin 2 days ago

    Hey Chinese slow down

  • Carol Wei
    Carol Wei 2 days ago

    0:19 omg that's nanjing!!!!

  • allen Z
    allen Z 2 days ago

    The United States has only 240 years of history, and the Indians are Chinese. We ask the United States to return the territory

  • allen Z
    allen Z 2 days ago +2

    The East India Company is India, and the rogue state is only 100 years old.

  • Federico Olivares
    Federico Olivares 3 days ago +3

    Sorry man, but china's global ambitions actually started not because of its size but since the Communist party took over.
    The china we see now its not the same china that it kept its affairs inside of Asia from 100 years ago.

    • Vencent Van
      Vencent Van Day ago

      Well, you really don't know that in ancient times, other countries around China are actually dependent on China until the western army defeated Qin dynasty.

  • König Dererste
    König Dererste 3 days ago +1


    • Roman Berezutskiy
      Roman Berezutskiy 2 days ago

      Sure it is silly man. The people VOTED to
      Join Russia to avoid the same fate as Odessa experienced by the hand of the pro-nazi movements. So get over it. Democracy at its best. I was there. I witnessed it first hand. So take a hike.

  • Christopher H.
    Christopher H. 3 days ago

    china is a problem

  • sven li
    sven li 3 days ago

    taiwan is our

  • Callum Bush
    Callum Bush 3 days ago +1

    Mongolia is perfect terrain for mass tank battles!

    • Callum Bush
      Callum Bush 3 days ago

      +Eugene Ng thanks a lot I will do 👍🏽

    • Eugene Ng
      Eugene Ng 3 days ago +1

      Look up Khalkin Gol. You won't be disappointed.

  • Traxillia
    Traxillia 3 days ago

    East turkistan need a own government

    • Traxillia
      Traxillia 3 days ago

      +Lingzes InTheHouse i think they have nothing with isis because east turkestan is mixed with some russian people

    • Lingzes InTheHouse
      Lingzes InTheHouse 3 days ago

      Traxillia isn’t East Turkestan claimed by a bunch of terrorists groups that have context with ISIS?

  • Machofriz
    Machofriz 3 days ago

    Wtf HAI is his other channel?

  • Pushan Mukherjee
    Pushan Mukherjee 3 days ago

    China took over Tibet 70 years ago not 300!!!!!!!!

    • Compromised Account
      Compromised Account 3 days ago +1

      They did it 300 years and and in the late 20th century... Idiot...

  • これはできますか?読めないのでしょうか

    want to find a shop? go to the pond! it’s over there.

  • K. J.
    K. J. 4 days ago +3

    China = Mainland + Taiwan + Hongkong + Macao

    • allen Z
      allen Z 2 days ago +1

      K. J. The United States has only 240 years of history, and the Indians are Chinese. We ask the United States to return the territory

  • 武武武
    武武武 4 days ago


  • 武武武
    武武武 4 days ago


  • Ринат Шагапов

    если этот видос напугает всех китайцев
    то уровень мирового океана подымется на 10 см

  • 呆小鱼
    呆小鱼 5 days ago

    I believe that you are a creator with an objective and fair viewpoint. As a Chinese, please do not list Taiwan as a country. Taiwan belongs to China. Only after 1949, the two regimes in China fought and the losing party owns Taiwan, winning one party owns mainland China. Taiwan is a political power that is currently virtually independent, but it is not a country in name. The Chinese government has always declared sovereignty and tried to recover. You should tell the story of Taiwan.

    • Yi-Ping Huang
      Yi-Ping Huang 4 days ago

      In short, Taiwan is some form of China, allied with USA, claiming the mainland.

  • 呆小鱼
    呆小鱼 5 days ago +3

    so, the usa and Australia is a lucky dog,Enjoy a single piece of land without complicated neighbourliness. Your point of view is very objective and fair. The so-called "China Threat Theory" is totally ridiculous. China's geographical environment determines that China must be a big country and a powerful country. However, China can never invade other countries like the United States and Japan. The traditional Chinese peace-loving concept. Complex and multicultural neighbouring countries are numerous, and such realistic reasons do not allow China to initiate world wars on its own initiative.

  • YT Info
    YT Info 5 days ago +1

    Only problem is jew bank. There is money problem!

  • zs h
    zs h 5 days ago

    This video is biased and self-righteous

  • inotaishu1
    inotaishu1 5 days ago

    to grow? China was formed by imperial conquest.

  • Robert Is Here
    Robert Is Here 5 days ago

    How many chinese are watching this in china.

  • Soju Dekaron
    Soju Dekaron 5 days ago +1

    Chinese communist pigs party need to die and let ppl votes and human right...Trump2020

  • brandon chan
    brandon chan 5 days ago +1

    People probably watch this and then say they're an expert on China when in reality, most of the video's points are uninformed assumptions. The truly stupid people will say " TVclip teaches me more than I learn in school". Stay in school kids.

  • brandon chan
    brandon chan 5 days ago

    7:49 You made the assumption that the Chinese would rise up and change the regime. That is not what history or any Chinese tells me. During Mao's reign, no one who rebelled against China was successful because the party had many supporters. It would be even more difficult for a rebellion to happen today or in the near future because nationalism has been increasing due to the economic success of the party, flipping the wealth distribution from 90% poor to 10 % poor in just 30 years would obviously be seen as a miracle to the people and it is all due to the party. Even if there were supporters of change, there would be many more who support the central government. This entire video appears to just be assumptions without truly understanding the thought of the Chinese. Most likely, if the world did put a blockade on China, the people will be quick to enlist in the army.

  • HD Candela
    HD Candela 6 days ago +2

    Wendover Productions should be re-named to Bendover Abductions.

  • HD Candela
    HD Candela 6 days ago

    Scumbag propaganda from China's perspective.

  • Donovan Fulton
    Donovan Fulton 6 days ago

    Well, now we know who sells out to the CCP.

  • Donovan Fulton
    Donovan Fulton 6 days ago +1

    Taiwan is not a part of China.

    • Donovan Fulton
      Donovan Fulton 5 days ago

      +brandon chan well, in retrospect, that's how the south Vietnamese saw China too.

    • Donovan Fulton
      Donovan Fulton 5 days ago

      chan don't they call themselves han?
      Han nationals, on Taiwanese island, with mainland China under ccp legal authority?

    • brandon chan
      brandon chan 5 days ago

      What do you mean? Taiwan is China!!! The people on the mainland are just communist rebels.(This is a joke mocking how the west saw China not too long ago)

  • vikram solestealer
    vikram solestealer 6 days ago

    china is occupying tibet......tibet was neighbour to india not china in any china geography is 3 times that of india

  • Andrew Kwok
    Andrew Kwok 6 days ago

    Stop lying in this video!

  • DormantIdeas NIQ
    DormantIdeas NIQ 6 days ago

    current regime!!!!!! you stOOpid PHCK!

  • ali balci
    ali balci 6 days ago

    why dont you issue Uygur Turks you idiot racist bitch ?

  • tj joe
    tj joe 6 days ago

    Soon to be the world's strongest economy, and now the US has pushed Eurasia closer together politically than ever before.

  • hard rock
    hard rock 7 days ago +1

    China occupied Tibet should be liberalized.
    Free Tibet

  • 李李
    李李 7 days ago


  • Gauss Euler
    Gauss Euler 7 days ago +5

    This video is another typical western propaganda.

  • Mexicali Mexico
    Mexicali Mexico 7 days ago

    " I never had the opinion that the Chinese
    They were racially inferior to us, we both belong to ancient cultures and I admit that their tradition is greater than ours, and they have every reason
    to be proud of it, I think it will be easier to reach an understanding between Chinese and Japanese as soon as they persist in their " Adolf Hitler

  • Luigi/MR L Gaming
    Luigi/MR L Gaming 7 days ago

    To be honest the USA is actually reliant on China for its massive industrial capacity I meen a lot of everyday things that are made in china

    • Luigi/MR L Gaming
      Luigi/MR L Gaming 5 days ago

      We either get our products made here or in China

    • Luigi/MR L Gaming
      Luigi/MR L Gaming 5 days ago

      What’s so special about Vietnam

    • brandon chan
      brandon chan 5 days ago

      I guess we'll get products made in Vietnam now because of the trade war.

  • Kit Kat
    Kit Kat 7 days ago +1

    You left out East Turkistan which has been occupied by the Han Chinese Terrorists

    • 佛地魔王蘇貞昌
      佛地魔王蘇貞昌 5 days ago

      +Kit Kat Fuck your east Turkistan. Han lived there since the 10th century. Then Uigurs immigrated from today's Mongolia region. Besides, there are many minorities such as Mongolian, Kazakhs, e.t.c. and we got along until extreme Islamism. I will guess you are Turks. You know what? If you keep irrigating Chinese, your country will be wiped out from the earth. It might be a good idea to rename Istanbul as Constantinople when we conquer your shitty place.

    • Kit Kat
      Kit Kat 5 days ago

      brandon chan ,
      Yes *Han (Atheists/Communists/ Confucianists/Taoists/Buddhists etc) Chinese Terrorists* who have invaded and occupied East Turkestan and these Han Chinese Kafir Terrorists are oppressing the native/local Muslim Tutkic tribes and also Hui Chinese Muslim who are also being oppressed and discriminated by the *Han Chinese Terrorist Kafirs*

    • brandon chan
      brandon chan 5 days ago

      oopsie we forgot to leave, I guess we're staying. Seriously though, you mean "tourists" not terrorists those are different. (this is a joke)

  • masterd 7574
    masterd 7574 7 days ago +3

    "China relies on import"
    People: Why do China made products break so easily?

  • dontlaughtoomuch11
    dontlaughtoomuch11 7 days ago

    Can I correct you? Indonesia+Malaysia+Brunei would NEVER side with USA against China! After the invasion of Iraq there was and still is a tremendous resentment against USA in *South East MUSLIM Asia* (and I do emphasize the Muslim part). Even Malaysia/Brunei politicians said it openly, that regardless of border disputes, they would never turn on China! Their only ally in the strait of Malacca is Singapore and if Singapore risks such bullshit, the first thing Malaysia would do is block all water supplies going to this trashy Israel created city-state.

    KÖSTLICH 8 days ago +2

    The Indian map is wrong Kashmir is not told to be distributed but when it comes to Europe e.g Kosovo then you show it?

    • Vigilante
      Vigilante Day ago

      so if he googles a mp to use it for the video, he has to check the entire world region to see if there are any adjustments? not his job so stfu. Saying this as an Indian. Look at pok as pok and iok as iok until something happens and the control transfers. Stop living in fool's paradise.

  • Jeffrey Young
    Jeffrey Young 8 days ago

    This was a highly informative video. It should be required viewing in high school and college. It explains much of the rationale behind the communist Chinese government's actions and long-range strategic plans. What might be defensive to the Chinese seems offensive and threatening to outer nations and the U.S.

  • David NoOne
    David NoOne 8 days ago

    I saw that you didn't include Taiwan as part of China, I like

    • Flugzeug F
      Flugzeug F 6 days ago +1

      This video is more about the geopolitical problem of China, or to be more precise, of PRC.
      So it is quite reasonable to exclude ROC ;)

  • Lin Yen Chin
    Lin Yen Chin 9 days ago

    You have subhuman speech patterns.

  • Teng
    Teng 9 days ago

    White trash propaganda

  • Xiaohang Li
    Xiaohang Li 9 days ago

    why Africa like to make friends with China because China do no fuck up other other's life and work away

  • Xiaohang Li
    Xiaohang Li 9 days ago

    35% gdp of china export, 5%of them from us, so thst why china really know to care about

  • King Cong
    King Cong 9 days ago


  • bronzedisease
    bronzedisease 9 days ago +7

    Seriously China’s geographic challenge are not exceptional. The only country has god tier geographic location is the us. It leaves others in dust. Nobody can compare

  • CrzyAsianGuy
    CrzyAsianGuy 9 days ago

    Because USA is such a symbol of peace right? @wendover productions your videos are bullshit. USA has toppled Middle Eastern stability and south american stability. Fuck off.

  • CrzyAsianGuy
    CrzyAsianGuy 9 days ago

    Tibet is China. FUck off

  • MajorGore
    MajorGore 10 days ago

    End the current regime? Great!

    • brandon chan
      brandon chan 5 days ago +1

      It won't happen. Too many die-hard fans of Winnie the pooh.

  • Alex
    Alex 11 days ago +3

    5.57 why did you show Crimea as part of Russia on that map? It's an occupied territory, annexation hasn't been recognized by the USA and other countries.

  • Peter Fastwolf
    Peter Fastwolf 11 days ago

    again a white man telling us about shit they know nothing of, all that white people talk about is war, keep eating your GNO'S AND SHUT UP REALLY , America means stolen land now what kind of power is that, just keep telling yourself keep dropping bombs and everything will be alright,

  • Dale Hogan
    Dale Hogan 11 days ago

    Then why don't the Tibetan people stand up against the P.L.A

    • Justicer3792
      Justicer3792 11 days ago

      Guerrilla warfare would be devastating to Tibet's population. Tibet merely wants religious freedoms and local automony, but whoops, looks like China is fine with ethnic cleansing.

  • Utsav Ad
    Utsav Ad 11 days ago

    I think the video clip of 1:00 minute , green hills and people enjoying bamboo swing is Location of NEPAL, as much as I know.... pls justify

    • Utsav Ad
      Utsav Ad 11 days ago

      Evenmore clips of Nepal describing China... its May be due to insufficient video clips of China

  • ThatGuy67
    ThatGuy67 11 days ago

    9:23 - BOATKYO DRIFT!!

  • Pixelated Brush
    Pixelated Brush 12 days ago

    Great video and extremely interesting. However China is not the biggest country, that would be Russia, from Europe, all across Asia and bordering with Alaska in the US. China is the most populated country in the world however. Also, only 300 years in history is A LONG TIME!

  • FyF Wow
    FyF Wow 12 days ago +4

    just 300 years? do you know Spain is belong to Arabian 500 years ago?do you know Israel belongs to Arabian 70years ago?some of Russian territory belongs to China 100 years ago? And Germany lost 1/3 of their original territory after WW2. If you look at map some of Poland city has Germany name.

  • El Guapo
    El Guapo 12 days ago

    China doesn't have a geography problem. China itself IS the problem.

  • Zhujian Wang
    Zhujian Wang 12 days ago

    just 300 years????

  • Jason W
    Jason W 13 days ago

    interesting american logic

  • 爱月亮的蜗牛
    爱月亮的蜗牛 13 days ago

    It just doesnt make sense that Tibet should belong to China, so it doesn't belong to China? That is very US style

  • Prajwal Shrestha
    Prajwal Shrestha 13 days ago

    0:47 - 1:00 , its Nepal, not China... Do verify it dear researcher.

    • Hisham Alhusaini
      Hisham Alhusaini 13 days ago

      Prajwal Shrestha no its tibet right under tibet is nepal

  • 최룡
    최룡 13 days ago

    比你们虚伪的谎言民主好多了 嘴上说民主其实是自私的 美国你再得瑟 打到你怕不起来

  • Rudi Hansen
    Rudi Hansen 13 days ago +3

    I am not an expert but somehow feel this video is amateur

  • CommanderX3001
    CommanderX3001 13 days ago

    5:35 that's just false. the Mongolians and Chinese hate each other more than anything. Mongolia is one of our biggest allies in east asia for basically only this reason.

  • αlσиє OFFICIAL
    αlσиє OFFICIAL 13 days ago

    Is Philippines is neutral or what?

    • Skias
      Skias 11 days ago

      We never know.

  • DaGreat7
    DaGreat7 14 days ago

    Interesting video, But what I thought would be just a Geography lesson turned out to be some political strategy BS. War? Invasion? 🤢😷😷

  • Veronica Obiglio
    Veronica Obiglio 14 days ago +4

    Tibet should be indepedant like switzerland

  • Veronica Obiglio
    Veronica Obiglio 14 days ago

    They dont treat well the people

  • Veronica Obiglio
    Veronica Obiglio 14 days ago

    So china is not so strong after all

  • 何飞翔
    何飞翔 14 days ago +1

    1.Taiwan used to be, is and will be a part of China.
    2.Historically, Thailand, Laos and Vietnam have all been vassal states of China. Without geographical protection, these countries would have been Chinese territory. Before modern times, China had stood on the top of the world for thousands of years. Do you think these countries dared to invade?
    3.Tibet has been a part of China since the Yuan Dynasty (1271), so Tibet has been a territory of China for more than 300 years.

    • 何飞翔
      何飞翔 10 days ago

      +Gaigaborn China will never claim to be the 宇宙中国 or something like that.

    • 何飞翔
      何飞翔 10 days ago

      +Gaigaborn China advocates friendly exchanges among countries.But China will never any concession when it comes to territorial issues

    • FortintePlayz
      FortintePlayz 11 days ago

      yes tibet had been part of china but lost it

    • Gaigaborn
      Gaigaborn 11 days ago

      Bu shi.
      Next China will claim to be the 宇宙中国 or what?

  • Ethan Wang
    Ethan Wang 14 days ago

    *"China's entire economy relies on exports."* I guess "entire" means 20% in your dictionary.

  • Zhang Mario
    Zhang Mario 14 days ago

    Let me say a Geography Problem of UK. Northern Island shouldn't be part of UK cause of the historical reason, either Wales. Who gives u the right to judge other countries? By the way , Taiwan is also part of China. The knowledge and perspectives of this video are not objective. It's like a piece of shit.

  • Jov Leonso Joaquin
    Jov Leonso Joaquin 14 days ago

    thats why china has been called the sleeping Giant. Flash news China workers are entering the Philippines.

  • Ernest Lin
    Ernest Lin 14 days ago +3

    Tibet was already under the jurisdiction of the central government of the yuan dynasty approximately 800 years ago.

    • L丝血反杀闰土的猹
      L丝血反杀闰土的猹 11 days ago


  • King Khan
    King Khan 16 days ago +3

    0:08 The map showing China doesn't include Taiwan. (Mainland) Chinese people will be triggered.

    • AnTi-Series I
      AnTi-Series I 15 days ago +2

      Yeah, as if they would be watching this video.

  • 李昊
    李昊 16 days ago


  • Verix Lin
    Verix Lin 16 days ago

    If it doesn't make sense for Tibet to be a part of China, then I'd reckon that it doesn't make sense for the north america to be part of the U.S & Canada.... FREE NORTHERN AMERICAN NATIVES! GIVE THEM BACK THEIR HOMES!

  • First name Last name
    First name Last name 17 days ago

    Why are you so pessimistic about China, asshole?

  • Gucci
    Gucci 17 days ago +1

    They are badass just give Tibet for India please