• Published on Oct 16, 2019
  • Wish Haul / Wish Review / Wish Haul 2019 / Wish App Review / EXPECTATION VS REALITY SHOPPING HAUL / I Spent $$$ on Wish / Wish Haul 2019
    All items & timestamps listed below!!! My Instagram:
    I'm so excited about this Wish Haul! I went a bit crazy and spent $350 on a bunch of items from Wish.com - there's Wish Stationary, home decor, pastel pens, aesthetic home accessories, questionable tech items, Pokemon themed things and more! I think you'll be pretty surprised by what you see.
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    Items Mentioned:
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    1:49 Game of Thrones Tee
    Thank you Sandra for letting me know that the GoT tee Artist’s Handle is Italiux, and his name is Italo Perochena. They still have it on Tee Fury and other sites under "Throne Battle" or "Throne Battle 1". 😊
    5:07 White Rug
    6:50 Pink Chunky Knit Throw
    9:17 Fairy Lights
    11:49 Star Phone Case
    13:59 Crystal Phone Case
    15:14 "Valfrie" Phone Case
    16:33 Phone Ring Light
    18:02 Pokemon Portable Pokeball Phone Charger
    19:52 Rainbow Gel Pens
    21:34 Lotus Holders
    22:59 Cute Folder
    24:05 Rose Gold Teaspoon
    25:03 Giant Cherry
    26:22 Pencil Sharpener
    26:47 SD Card to iPhone Adapter
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  • batmel2
    batmel2 3 hours ago

    Your bird needs his own channel!

  • Kökø Pändå
    Kökø Pändå 15 hours ago

    Buying the Pokéball

  • Amaya Hiko
    Amaya Hiko 17 hours ago

    you can glue the toothpick holder you know.

  • Ashley Eaton
    Ashley Eaton 18 hours ago

    I love how calmly the birb just kinda chills. What a gorgeous baby!

  • Melissa Hare
    Melissa Hare Day ago

    Darling your makeup looks beautiful! Those colors go so well with your hair and skin. Stunning!

  • Oscar CheshireCat

    I feel like the expectation lights were the same it was just perspective to make them look bigger
    Also NO HATS

  • Jana.s. loewen
    Jana.s. loewen Day ago

    Why don't you use joom it's a app like wish but without shipping and in my opinion the things come faster and its looks more like the pictures I love this app!!!!😍😍😍

  • Alexandra Chiodini

    the phone ring light, I just found it and ordered! free +5 shipping!!!!!!!! can't wait to have it! thanks for the cool haul review! the pokeball's awesome, I "wish"... but I have too many chargers already XD your parrot is absolute adorable, and... green

  • Latisha xxx
    Latisha xxx Day ago

    On wish nothing I even looked at had extra shipping?

  • 13cesk
    13cesk 2 days ago

    Wish discount code XGTPYBY !!!!!

  • Darren Cashen
    Darren Cashen 2 days ago +3

    I loved the pokeball charger "gotta catch all that charge" 😁❤

  • Shadowheart Art
    Shadowheart Art 2 days ago

    Good gracious, Archie is adorable =) You're gonna get a follow just for that! (I did like the video too though)

  • Sahee Kid San
    Sahee Kid San 2 days ago


  • Sahee Kid San
    Sahee Kid San 2 days ago

    Ozzy : eats anything his owner holds )

  • Faerie Princess
    Faerie Princess 3 days ago +6

    I’m sad that I’m adult enough to guess that the cherry was a toilet scrubber...

    • Jack Prince
      Jack Prince Day ago

      me too except I was excited because CHERRY TOILET SCRUBBER

  • Jessa Anderson
    Jessa Anderson 3 days ago

    On the pens expectation had 8 pens you only got 6. Were you supposed to get 8 ?

  • Sinfully Sweet Persona

    Have you reviewed the myriad of Magical Girl products? I literally am new to your channel

  • Melissa Cardoza
    Melissa Cardoza 3 days ago

    Everybody needs quit ordering from Wish and order from AliExpress instead!!! You usually Don't have to pay shipping and your order gets to you quicker!!! Please do a AliExpress haul!!!

  • FusDus
    FusDus 4 days ago


  • Mystical Muffintop
    Mystical Muffintop 4 days ago +2

    So I sneezed while watching 26:30 ish timestamp, and it worked out perfectly cause she said bless you xD

  • Abbey Kat
    Abbey Kat 4 days ago

    The pokeball is pretty cool! Although it's almost certainly going to be the full 12,000 mah.

  • Eduardo Bonilla
    Eduardo Bonilla 4 days ago

    That bird freak me out

  • M coverstone
    M coverstone 4 days ago

    I enjoy the bird. Very funny

  • Vangie LaVelle
    Vangie LaVelle 4 days ago

    not sure about yours but I bought those exact lights from amazon for about $10 with free shipping and they are still up around my porch 3 years later and I love them but mine are colored

  • Helen Warner
    Helen Warner 4 days ago

    That bird is so annoying I had to end the video.

    • Amy LaVey
      Amy LaVey 4 days ago

      You're sure fun at parties. Not.

  • Diamond Call
    Diamond Call 5 days ago

    Once you wash and dry it will be your size...lol...

  • ChesuMori
    ChesuMori 5 days ago +1

    Am I the only one who thinks the spoon was way closer than the toilet brush?

  • Lori Schmitt
    Lori Schmitt 5 days ago

    I like watching these kinds of videos but your bird is driving me crazy. Sorry.

  • Joe Perezic
    Joe Perezic 5 days ago

    I feel like poking out my eyeballs to punish myself for watching this shit!

  • Lisa Park
    Lisa Park 5 days ago

    Omg! So at first I was like that’s pretty bold of her to assume Archie would be my favorite bird (I have 3 parrots of my own), but when he jumped on the camera 😍 I do I love him so much 💚💛🧡❤️

  • ChatWithOlivia
    ChatWithOlivia 5 days ago

    Howelling at Jeffery stars finger nails x🤣🤣🤣

  • Darian
    Darian 5 days ago

    ... teaspoons are small... and it looked the same...

  • Brina
    Brina 5 days ago

    youre bird is wired as HECk

  • 2012sfarris
    2012sfarris 5 days ago

    I saw a bird. I clicked the video. I was not disappointed

  • Marilyn
    Marilyn 5 days ago

    🤔 Wish is a ripoff all around. So stop buying from them.

  • Amelia Cruit
    Amelia Cruit 5 days ago

    i want the pepe frog mouse pad

  • StillHuntre55
    StillHuntre55 5 days ago

    I got that exact clip-on ring light at my local Walmart for $5.00CDN. My only complaint is the light is very bluish, so I always need to colour-correct the images or videos.

  • sheri williams
    sheri williams 5 days ago

    watched some news today that Wish is really selling off counterfeit goods. The news warned that wish “name brand” make up contains heavy metal, toxins and bacteria, horse urine, and super glue component.

  • Clare Bailey
    Clare Bailey 6 days ago

    Clothes that I have got have no labels. Or haven’t got it at all

  • BronyBlazeFire
    BronyBlazeFire 6 days ago

    Pens sometimes have plastic or wax on the tip. Ball point pens especially need to be broken in.

  • Laura Wilson
    Laura Wilson 6 days ago

    My husband brought a wrestling ring for my son for his wrestling dolls but when it's got here it's smaller than we thought but my son still love it

  • christel
    christel 6 days ago

    I'm sorry, Alex, but the pokeball is quite a scam. you can get the exact same one in gamestop for about 10 dollars

  • Kaitlyn Foy
    Kaitlyn Foy 6 days ago

    yay another bird person!

  • Faria 93
    Faria 93 6 days ago

    This is the first video that I watch and you and your little friend are so adorable!

  • Leané Vermeulen
    Leané Vermeulen 7 days ago

    Archie is adorable 😍 😍

  • Sarah McCalmon
    Sarah McCalmon 7 days ago

    Those lights were exactly the same in the photo it’s just how the shot was taken that made you think they were big. You did pay too much though, maybe $15 is about right for solar lights that size.

  • Alise Fox
    Alise Fox 7 days ago

    Just I see here a champion from Paladins? (Kassie its you?)

  • Ammara Hajar
    Ammara Hajar 7 days ago

    , I will give you a promo code from the Wish site, a magnificent site with breakable prices. So the code will decrease the price up to 50% so it is: n b c f h g v

  • crispymario
    crispymario 7 days ago

    Good to see other eccies act like mine

  • Amanda Critzer
    Amanda Critzer 7 days ago +5

    The pokeball charger literally only lasted me a month.

  • Ack Man
    Ack Man 7 days ago

    It might work "new" but the question is how long they actually will last. She likes that bird, but it is getting in the way in her videos.

  • AriettaTheWild17
    AriettaTheWild17 7 days ago

    A tiny warning about the phone chargers, they don’t always hold as much charge as advertised and most people have no idea how to even check if they do. Basically it’s a backup battery right? So if it’s “smaller” then it can’t recharge your phone as many times as a “larger” one.
    Oh and since they are basically rechargeable batteries they work just like batteries in other products, their capacity decreases over time. Does your phone seem to die a lot faster after being used for a year? That’s because the battery can’t actually hold as much charge as it used to. The normal lifespan for phone batteries is one to two years before they need to be replaced, basically, they suck. Everything else is constantly upgraded to work better, not the batteries as much. There has been minor developments in that space compared to other technologies. Why? You’ve probably already guessed it.

  • AriettaTheWild17
    AriettaTheWild17 7 days ago

    From what I’ve heard you need to be careful with every phone case with liquids in them, for a lot of different reasons. The one that made me go “never buying any, just in case” was when there were reports of them catching fire, and even though these particular ones were recalled just the thought is scary. Others are things like the liquid being poisonous, or acidic, or just the plastic failing and it leaking, even if it’s just water and glitter it would be pretty annoying.

  • Colin weterings
    Colin weterings 7 days ago

    Ali expres is way beter same quality end same delivery times if not faster. end cheaper

  • Reitanna Seishin
    Reitanna Seishin 7 days ago

    i hope you leave a review on these items so that other people looking to buy them know which ones are the duds. i'm glad you got the cherry, because i wanna get that too.

  • Trfsg Hywh
    Trfsg Hywh 8 days ago +1

    is my bird a terrorist

  • Samie Ducky
    Samie Ducky 8 days ago

    you got a like from me just because of Archie

  • Ian Forster
    Ian Forster 8 days ago

    That bird tho. Can I have him

  • Ariana Supaswud
    Ariana Supaswud 8 days ago +2

    Honestly, I want to know where you bought Archie, because I want a parrot like him. He's so cute!!😍😍

    • Nikana23
      Nikana23 6 days ago

      Ariana Supaswud ohh then you’re good. Was just saying.

    • Ariana Supaswud
      Ariana Supaswud 6 days ago

      @Nikana23 I have 4 other birds, I think that I can handle it.

    • Nikana23
      Nikana23 6 days ago +1

      Ariana Supaswud they are cute but a lottt of work, be prepared to care for a 3 year old for like 60 years..

  • bloo cheese
    bloo cheese 8 days ago +4

    It’s weird how all I get on these videos are wish ads.