How to clean a WINDSCREEN (Top detailing SECRET)

  • Published on Feb 16, 2017
  • How to clean a windscreen glass inside and out ( interior & exterior)
    This video shows how to clean a windshield without streaks. A dirty windshield is never a good thing to have while driving as it could be dangerous. In this video i explain how you can use steel wool , a razor blade and a clay bar to clean and decontaminate the windshield. I prefer to use invisible glass and rainx but you can use any product you like. Learn how to super clean your car windows, windscreen and glass and take pride of your work + How to prevent your windscreen from fogging up

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    What happen if you press the ENGINE START button while driving - WARNING!
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Comments • 42

  • Sayed Rashid
    Sayed Rashid 5 months ago

    I would rather use a piece of clay bar than risk scratching my windshield with a razor blade

  • Dashcam Dave
    Dashcam Dave 6 months ago +1

    jUST WONDERING. Do you get time to drive this car?... A bit of overkill

  • Ivan Elizarov
    Ivan Elizarov 7 months ago +2

    As for the rain repellants, always read the manual for the exact one you are going to use before applying it. Some are "coat, let dry, polish" type, some are "coat, rinse, wipe dry", while some, like a fluoroalkylsilanes-based Aquapel, that eats into the top layer of the glass, require a totally different procedure. For example, a drop of water getting on the glass covered with yet uncured Aquapel, or leaving an applicator too long in one spot, leave a non-removable spot on the glass, leading to a whole mess of degreasing and compound-polishing the glass. That can be several times more expensive than the rain repellant itself. Same thing is also true for Quartz/SiO2/Ceramic, or whatever the manufacturer calls it, ultra-durable and shiny mineral car paint protective compound.

  • Lower North
    Lower North 7 months ago

    The transition sounds scare the fuck out of me

  • YSD
    YSD 8 months ago

    You r not normal...

  • rugby86
    rugby86 8 months ago +4

    Horse neigh = RIP my headphones 🤣 Great content as always mate :)

  • erick dockweiler
    erick dockweiler 8 months ago +1

    that niegh tho LOL. nice video

  • Neil Taylor
    Neil Taylor 10 months ago +3

    Good video mate, tryed this seen big difference on my cars glass, thanks👍

  • Bud Wizer
    Bud Wizer 11 months ago

    Hi thanks for the vids. just when you say step three. i hear "make the windscreen some water abillion by apply some protection" what are you sayign here? thanks?

    • Drupey 187
      Drupey 187 9 months ago +1

      Bud Wizer Water repelent?

  • departmentofnatural awesomeness

    Every time I hear that horse I shit my pants

  • Zareef Baber
    Zareef Baber Year ago +2

    I very much good information I like this

  • Arnis
    Arnis Year ago +2

    You almost cleaned everything off the glass. But you forgot silicone residues. You can verify silicone residues like that: if you pour water on the glass and you can see the area where wipers work, you have silicone residue.

    • Ivan Elizarov
      Ivan Elizarov 7 months ago

      But he apples silicone to the glass in form of RainX anyways.

    • Mark C Littler
      Mark C Littler 10 months ago

      Yeah I was wondering whether it was the wipers leaving the residue or oil and rubber thrown up mixed with rain water sprayed up by passing vehicles, I wonder if its just caused by cheap wiper blades.

    • Sports Tourer
      Sports Tourer Year ago

      Arnis Tarassu but isn't the silicone residue from the wipers good in repelling the water?

    • hema kalpoo
      hema kalpoo Year ago

      Arnis Tarassu how do I get rid of the silicone residue?

    • John DeBest
      John DeBest Year ago +1

      yeah, I was gonna say that. after he cleaned the windshield with claybar, the glass is still dirty.

  • Baerchenization
    Baerchenization Year ago +1

    wtf... you should use clay bar, not the blade.

    • big smoke
      big smoke Year ago +2

      BLADE OK


    PLEASE never use that horribly loud horse noise again, thank you.

    • A Khan
      A Khan 4 months ago


  • Du Nguyen
    Du Nguyen 2 years ago

    that crazy just get water and clean

  • kc hot
    kc hot 2 years ago +1

    The car polisher doesn't damage the windshield?

    • Junky DIY guy
      Junky DIY guy  2 years ago

      No, it doesn't if you use the right pad and speed

  • Alan Cooper
    Alan Cooper 2 years ago +3

    Who's the criminal with the hoody ? Also a clay bar is good to clean screen ,,

  • Car Audio Inc
    Car Audio Inc 2 years ago +10

    The horse noises scared the shit out of me.. wtf LOL

  • The Gunman
    The Gunman 2 years ago +9

    PLEASE READ!!! I am a spray painter and if you use dishwashing liquid on your paint you will destroy your car's paintwork, never use it to clean your car, spend a few dollars on some car wash.

    • big smoke
      big smoke 7 months ago +1

      @Ivan Elizarov
      After one year
      BTW I wash my hands with thinner after painting 😹

    • Ivan Elizarov
      Ivan Elizarov 7 months ago +1

      @big smoke Dish soap is just an overly strong cleaner for the job, stripping everything from the car's clear coat. Just imagine washing your hands with a paint thinner - the grease (skin fat in this case) would be washed away completely, so an underlaying skin starts developing cracks, delaminating, and becomes quite brittle. So you need to restore the grease coat as quick as possible by applying some creme. Same with the polishing wax on the clear coat, in case of the car. So, regular car washing solutions are either strong degreasers with "spare" wax already premixed in them, or just solutions with quite moderate cleaning capabilities, just strong enough to remove some light dirt without removing the original wax layer.

    • Drupey 187
      Drupey 187 9 months ago +3

      It can be used if you want to remove a layer of wax and apply a new layer, but should not be used as maintenance car soap

    • Arnis
      Arnis Year ago +1

      There is a clearcoat between outside and paint.

    • big smoke
      big smoke Year ago +2


  • Renuka Ahangangoda
    Renuka Ahangangoda 2 years ago +2


  • Jason Tan
    Jason Tan 2 years ago +3

    magnificient video,,,,

  • Quan Truong7
    Quan Truong7 2 years ago +2

    New format looks great, and amazing results!

    • Quan Truong7
      Quan Truong7 2 years ago

      @Junky DIY guy looking forward to future vids :)

    • Junky DIY guy
      Junky DIY guy  2 years ago

      Quan Truong7 thanks buddy, it took me 3 full days to edit this video with 92 seperate video clips