The Best Way to Stop Sexual Harassment | Stop Sexual Harassment Ad 2017

  • Published on Jan 23, 2017
  • The Best Way to Stop Sexual Harassment | Stop Sexual Harassment Ad 2017
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  • Mira Aljarrah
    Mira Aljarrah 3 days ago

    I love how confident she was when she said that #girlpower

  • Ankur Ghosh
    Ankur Ghosh 24 days ago

    wow mind blowing in such a short clip

  • Miles Morales
    Miles Morales Month ago

    What is the message

  • Abhishek _
    Abhishek _ 2 months ago

    Who is that 652 people who disliked.... Can anyone answer me why they disliked

  • shah id
    shah id 2 months ago

    Sab mere videos deke

  • Kavin Gandhi
    Kavin Gandhi 3 months ago


  • instant karma
    instant karma 3 months ago

    regin bhaskaran research scholar cell and molecular biology going to get doctorate degree after sexual harassment?????

  • nathan barucha
    nathan barucha 4 months ago

    so misandric and biased, another reason why sexual harrasment wont actually end 🙄

  • Clodia Mystic
    Clodia Mystic 4 months ago

    Why are people in this context are saying that "respect is earned". Simply understand that this video is telling to not disrespect women. Also, it's telling to respect women *too* which means boys are not excluded but simply women are talked about here.

  • abdulali rehmani
    abdulali rehmani 4 months ago

    What an idea bravo

    AVINASH CHAUDHARY 4 months ago

    Very nice theme

  • Shubham Dashore
    Shubham Dashore 4 months ago

    Don't target only boys !! Ok !! This is both sides so dear ask both genders to respect everyone !! This is a bad video and u get a great thumbs down

  • jassipavi krish
    jassipavi krish 4 months ago

    None other than the mother of a boy can change the bad happenings against a girl. mothers are still culturing only their daughters but not to their sons. Only when this concept changes the harrasement will be stopped. Mothers its all in ur hands.

  • Vamsi Krishna
    Vamsi Krishna 4 months ago


  • Nandini Mittal
    Nandini Mittal 4 months ago

    Good one

  • Baber Hussain
    Baber Hussain 4 months ago


  • Amrita
    Amrita 4 months ago

    Ok one question WHO TF USES THIS TYPE OF PHONE IN 2018

  • Abdul Asim Asim
    Abdul Asim Asim 4 months ago

    Resft women

  • Monika Aswani
    Monika Aswani 4 months ago

    Really nys

  • Sandip Palve
    Sandip Palve 4 months ago

    किसी दुसरे की बहन को अपनी बहन समझो आर दुसरे की मा को अपनी मा

  • Aao Mao Chow
    Aao Mao Chow 4 months ago

    Good message

  • C.B. Sharma
    C.B. Sharma 4 months ago

    Hamare idhar ke log agar koi ladka bahut achhese rahta hai to us par ungli uthane me kasar nahi chodte.
    Koi ladka agar akeli ladki ko dekhakar kuch ulti sidhi harkat na kare to use bhi bahut alag hi najar se dekha jata hai.
    Hamare samaj me Ladka matlab kamina, haramkhor, ladkiyo par lain marne wala, shirt ki 2 button khuli rakhne wala, public place par smoking karne wala, har do minute me galiya bolne wala etc.. aisi gandi cheeje aajbhi mani jati hai.
    Isiliye fir achhe ladko ko bhi in sabhi cheejo ko karne par majbur hona padta hai.
    Its our nation is now going to be change.
    Most of people are now aware of all these things.And
    Every human have right to live respectfully whatever is the gender.

  • Hemant Sharma
    Hemant Sharma 4 months ago


  • Provident Fund Commissoner

    Finally found the new tone to use on my phone.

  • Minhaz Rahman
    Minhaz Rahman 4 months ago

    Ya that's good when a girl criticize a boy for his look his physics and many more things then this time it's ok it's funny and if u don't take it an easy things that's means u r not a normal person and u have a low mentality . and when the same things r happen with any girls then it's called a sexual harassment . that's our society and it's our perception. And we live in it .

  • Md. Siddik
    Md. Siddik 4 months ago

    Really that's a great idea.

  • gustav tykesson
    gustav tykesson 4 months ago

    Stupid people whistling is for some reason under the same catagory as people who touch others inappropriately without consent (Both are sexual harassment). All harassment is bad, but this is really not something media should focus on, as much as it does -_-

  • Toto Poto
    Toto Poto 4 months ago


  • Kinjal Vithlani
    Kinjal Vithlani 4 months ago


  • Sanjay Agarwal
    Sanjay Agarwal 4 months ago

    Where to get this ringtone?

  • abhishek bhardwaj
    abhishek bhardwaj 4 months ago

    kya baat hai. salute

  • Qing Du
    Qing Du 5 months ago

    Hi there. We are a public service team in mainland China dedicated to translating the systematic knowledge and excellent experience of the prevention of sexual harassment and sexual assault in other countries into Chinese,and spreading it here in mainland China. Due to historical and practical reasons, in mainland China,for both official and public, the awareness and prevention of sexual harassment and sexual assault is far from enough. We hope to change the situation.
    In the process of collecting relevant foreign materials, we found the videos you uploaded very helpful. And we hope that we can translate your video into Chinese to promote the course with your permission. We hope you can confirm our work and authorize us to do it. We appreciate your support and participation. If necessary, we will also give you the final results of our team.
    Thank you for your support and wish you a happy life.

  • alan crane
    alan crane 5 months ago

    I found this covertly vulgar. Was the son trying to seduce his mom?

  • Aswin Asok Kumar
    Aswin Asok Kumar 5 months ago

    Wow... Its just amazing. A socially important message in few lines of a 1 minute video. Hats off the makers...

  • Abhinash Senapati
    Abhinash Senapati 5 months ago

    Best process to change our thoughts

  • Babai Chattaraj
    Babai Chattaraj 5 months ago

    Nice one

  • Dorjee
    Dorjee 5 months ago

    This is awesome.

  • paka venkatesh reddy
    paka venkatesh reddy 5 months ago

    Nice... awareness.. really required

  • Deven Wadhwa
    Deven Wadhwa 5 months ago

    Makes no sense to me. Sorry.

  • Sourav Ghosh
    Sourav Ghosh 5 months ago

    Forever vibrate, mute .

  • crankmaster9000
    crankmaster9000 5 months ago

    apparently men cant handle being told to change a simple message tone without shouting 'but-but... false dowry case!'

  • Sherri-Lee Moodley
    Sherri-Lee Moodley 5 months ago

    Only people who have a problem with this are the people who are guilty of doing this

  • Shivam Verma
    Shivam Verma 5 months ago

    Nice way .........shayad isse logo ki soch badal jaye ..........☺️☺️

  • The Lead Speakers
    The Lead Speakers 5 months ago

    Very nice initiative, our attempt to create awareness on POSH(Prevention of Sexual Harassment)

  • ritu parna mitra
    ritu parna mitra 5 months ago

    thought provoking.

  • Satya Kala
    Satya Kala 5 months ago

    Grt and good message

  • Rachana Thapa
    Rachana Thapa 5 months ago

    really amazing ✊

  • Saiprithvi Ramasamy
    Saiprithvi Ramasamy 5 months ago

    Grttttt....gud one... congrats team

  • parth dev bundela
    parth dev bundela 5 months ago

    Hadd hai yaar ladkiyo ko to Bhagwan banaya jaa raha hai. yaar usne to Mazak me ye tone rakh lee ho gee

    • ravi CHANDRA
      ravi CHANDRA 5 months ago

      parth dev bundela बेटा अंडे से पहले बाहर आजा... और.. Spider man ki tarah pic kyu dala h

  • seenojr08
    seenojr08 5 months ago

    In India a married woman with kids is not even respected. This lady must be around 45 with a teenage boy shown in the video. We can realize how many perverts live in our country. A woman betweeen 15 amd 50 is targted daily by 50 percent of male population.

  • BrooksP King Of Koiyn
    BrooksP King Of Koiyn 5 months ago


  • Kanchana lata Das
    Kanchana lata Das 5 months ago

    Hume apne bhayion aur beton ko batana chaiye ki ladkiyan chiz naahin insaan hoti Hain unki respect karen

  • Islam Rana
    Islam Rana 5 months ago

    Only a spineless coward can harass a women.

  • Anuj Chandra
    Anuj Chandra 5 months ago

    Short but powerful

  • SHAURYA181
    SHAURYA181 5 months ago +3

    Extremely biased ....why not start a initiative where a girl destroy the life of innocent by false rape accusations and misuse of dowry act

  • KING
    KING 5 months ago +2

    *Pta Nahi Kaun sa Pagal WHISTLE Deta hai Iss Budiya ko Dekh ke ?* 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    • Aatish Arts
      Aatish Arts 4 months ago

      Dude it was just act... to teach a lesson to despo people.... N she is a good actress.... And yes learn to respect women fir wo buddhi ho ya jawan.....

  • Ovishak Rana
    Ovishak Rana 5 months ago


  • Arvind jha
    Arvind jha 5 months ago


  • Auranya
    Auranya 5 months ago

    Conclusion :- Harassments gets stopped by Changing tone of phone; 'Wtf'

  • Mahandrsingh Pardeshi
    Mahandrsingh Pardeshi 5 months ago


  • nuray khan
    nuray khan 5 months ago

    Wow amazing👌

  • Yanrenthung Kikon
    Yanrenthung Kikon 5 months ago's just a ringtone. Bullshit video. Now evn ringtone we have to keep women choice R their favorite.

  • indian lion
    indian lion 5 months ago

    By seeing all ads it seems that women are the only sufferers of sexual harassment check crime data first you will know men faces these problem too why there is gender bias it should of more of educating purpose rather than generalizing all men I think men is father and a brother too

  • Youtubers Arena
    Youtubers Arena 5 months ago +1

    Nyc video

  • Samapti Prajna Paramita


  • Anser Khan
    Anser Khan 5 months ago


  • About Studies
    About Studies 5 months ago

    Good initiative

  • Salman Mirza
    Salman Mirza 5 months ago

    Really genius 👌

  • Dhanush Gh
    Dhanush Gh 5 months ago

    For Real! Just keep it real and don't tease anyone or hurt there feeling's 💚🇮🇳

  • Rohini Cullen
    Rohini Cullen 5 months ago

    Oh my god! Goosebumps

  • Faruque Abdullah
    Faruque Abdullah 5 months ago

    I can make whistles.......but I never .......

  • RestlessCyn-Drome
    RestlessCyn-Drome 5 months ago

    In india, a girl is always innocent until proven guilty, but a man is always guilty until proven innocent

  • Minakshi Shelke
    Minakshi Shelke 5 months ago


  • Vijaya Patel
    Vijaya Patel 5 months ago

    Change will start with our home

  • yess bongo
    yess bongo 5 months ago


  • lucky dominic
    lucky dominic 5 months ago

    Why would men whistle at that cow? And why is she inside the home? Someone needs to milk her!

  • Chris Willis
    Chris Willis 5 months ago


  • Shadab Khan
    Shadab Khan 5 months ago

    akhir aurat ko hum apna sathi kab samjha gai

  • Kumari Priya
    Kumari Priya 5 months ago

    Nice step. 👍❤️

  • sunny nair
    sunny nair 5 months ago

    Faltu.. so go fight em instead f changing the tone. There are lakhs f rapist on street, so from tomorrow dont get out of your fucking home. Ads such make women weaker. They don't get stronger. Loser's.
    My Mom didn't teach me to run away, instead fight such nuisance

  • Rohan Srivastava
    Rohan Srivastava 5 months ago

    Triggered by a whistling notification tone, lmao snowflake.

  • yash bansal
    yash bansal 5 months ago +2

    This is the most incredible message in one min.
    It's really amazing.
    I don't know what I am try to say but it's just Ammmm...

  • Yohesh Pachori
    Yohesh Pachori 5 months ago


  • Navyantara Reddy
    Navyantara Reddy 5 months ago


  • Jinu George
    Jinu George 5 months ago

    What about female harassment towards men

  • zoya zubair khan
    zoya zubair khan 5 months ago

    Women's respect must be taught to everyone

  • Preet Brar
    Preet Brar 5 months ago


  • ŚĀğāŕ ßƏŅÀPÀȚİ

    I admit that i have never used such disgusting ringtones in my life.

  • martino bing
    martino bing 5 months ago

    Wow ....a little but great way to make understand ....

  • Purnima Singh
    Purnima Singh 5 months ago

    Wow just awesome 👍👍👍

  • Shashi Soni
    Shashi Soni 5 months ago

    Wow . Very nice messaGe . Yes ! I will share 😊

  • Ash AK
    Ash AK 5 months ago


  • Lata dOn
    Lata dOn 5 months ago


    BRIJESH KUMAR MISHRA 5 months ago


  • praveen kumar
    praveen kumar 5 months ago

    Very good .

  • Bilal Ahmed
    Bilal Ahmed 5 months ago

    Who the hell whistles now a days. I will admit though, she is a pretty nice looking lady. A total MILF. A lady like this deserves respect. Talk to her nicely, give her some non offensive compliments, you never know where things might end up. A lady like this is like fine wine, the older the better.

  • Zaheer Ahmad
    Zaheer Ahmad 5 months ago

    Nice massage

  • sidharth mohanty
    sidharth mohanty 5 months ago

    Very good initiative. Behavioural change should start from home.

  • Talha Hashmi
    Talha Hashmi 5 months ago

    Allahuakbar, this is really thoughtful!

  • pouvei agu
    pouvei agu 5 months ago

    very sad