Marvel Studios 10th Anniversary Announcement - Class Photo Video


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  • HardBrokeKid2
    HardBrokeKid2 8 hours ago

    wait a min, no loki !?!?!?!?!?!

  • Niniveh Peralta
    Niniveh Peralta 2 days ago

    Here i am looking for tom hiddleston. Where is loki?

  • montesa
    montesa 3 days ago

    I'm not crying. You're crying.

  • Lukman Hakeem
    Lukman Hakeem 5 days ago


  • Tristan West
    Tristan West 5 days ago

    Awesome as this is, I’m surprised none of the villains are here. Loki, Red Skull, Ultron, Zimo, Whiplash, Obadiah, etc.

  • It's shrimp in a bag!


  • It's shrimp in a bag!

    TonyoopssorryImeantRDJ deserves dead center front row.

    YOU STUPID IDIOTS 7 days ago

    We've been there till the end of the line

  • akun simpenan
    akun simpenan 7 days ago

    Superhero party wuhu

  • Matthew Antero
    Matthew Antero 9 days ago

    I'm right here waiting for "Marvel studios: The 20th year" photoshoot.

  • Goutham R
    Goutham R 11 days ago

    Where is Edward Norton?

  • Santosh Patil
    Santosh Patil 11 days ago

    Marvel you are great😀😀😀

  • ysiadee
    ysiadee 13 days ago

    Loki and Bradley cooper missing

  • RenRen Tii
    RenRen Tii 14 days ago

    Ok so where the heck is my man Cap 😭

  • Nomer Marco
    Nomer Marco 14 days ago

    "Here's to 10 more" 🤤

  • Lucie Cbr
    Lucie Cbr 15 days ago

    I would’ve sell a lung in the black market to be in that room

  • Sierra LVX
    Sierra LVX 15 days ago

    What I wouldn't give to be there myself...

  • Erbzino
    Erbzino 16 days ago

    why is kevin saying here's to another 10 but Chris Hemsworth and Robert Downey Jr keep hinting towards an end? Surely you can't stop this now? I'm soooooo confused bro

  • Jaycee E.
    Jaycee E. 16 days ago

    Is Josh Brolin here?

  • Sean Rance
    Sean Rance 17 days ago

    Still makes me cry like, UHHHHH. 10 years then Infinity War 😭😭

  • Indra Allen
    Indra Allen 18 days ago

    Great company

  • Brigitta Dyah Utami
    Brigitta Dyah Utami 18 days ago

    damn fangirling

  • Peanuts 2018
    Peanuts 2018 19 days ago

    Happy 10th anniversary from Marvel Studios!

  • Martina Babetto
    Martina Babetto 19 days ago

    Was Tom Hiddleston there? 'Cause I can't see him and I'm so sad right now

  • Ermin Lewis
    Ermin Lewis 20 days ago

    Where is: Tom Hiddleston, Bradley Cooper, Cate Blanchett, Anthony Hopkins, Idris Elba, Clark Gregg, Michael Keaton, Natalie Portman, Paul Bettany, Hugo Weaving, Tommy Lee Jones, Stan Tucci, Dominic Cooper, Hayley Atwell, Emily Van Camp, Daniel Bruhl, John Kani and more, okay - I should stop now.

  • Wooe Iiva
    Wooe Iiva 21 day ago

    Happy 10th Anniversary Marvel Studios! Well done...

    GAMEMASTER ANDROID 22 days ago


  • Sunny Shan
    Sunny Shan 23 days ago

    Jeremy Renner stands too far away from the centre. Hawkeye is an important character

  • JAYANT srivastava
    JAYANT srivastava 23 days ago +1

    Props to me for noticing bt why wasn’t bradley cooper in it? Rocket is my favourite marvel character

  • Victor Valdez
    Victor Valdez 23 days ago +1

    Tilda swinton? Rachel mcadams? Natalie portman? Clark gregg? Idris elba? Zendaya? Edward norton? Cate blanchet? Tessa thompson? Laura haddock? Kurt russel? Tommy lee jones? Sylvester stallone?bradley cooper? Jeniffer lawrence? Hugh jackman? Ryan reynolds?

  • Scott/Ninjaboidude
    Scott/Ninjaboidude 24 days ago

    No no no please don't lay your eggs In me

  • ileana boyce
    ileana boyce 26 days ago



    Who cheered when they saw MARVEL STUD10S logo in Infinity War??

  • Candyfloss101
    Candyfloss101 27 days ago


  • Alexis Rico
    Alexis Rico 27 days ago

    History being made 🤯🤯🤯😭😭😭🙏

  • Crow
    Crow 27 days ago

    All these people saved my life. Thank you so much for the MCU.

    • Scott/Ninjaboidude
      Scott/Ninjaboidude 24 days ago

      Crow I know if they never made Iron man we will be stuck with justice league and the amazing Spiderman 3

  • Akash Jain
    Akash Jain 28 days ago

    It just feels sad how alone Joss Whedon looks.

  • Dominique Jacques
    Dominique Jacques 29 days ago

    Even if they take a nosedive and at this point this 10 year journey would still be impressive

  • koy
    koy Month ago

    after taking photo stan lee was like
    *ok back to work*

  • the brightest shadow

    Thank you Kevin and everyone who made the mcu and these ten years possible , I can't wait for avengers infinity war

  • Rahul Sonegara
    Rahul Sonegara Month ago +1

    What would be even more epic, when that same photo is edited with all the marvel characters they have played with that same pose. 🤗🤗

  • Kirinin Kiri
    Kirinin Kiri Month ago

    If you look closely
    he's right there

  • Ankita Upadhyay
    Ankita Upadhyay Month ago

    It felt like being at the Academy Awards or something. Every person had been in one or all of my favorite films.”-Chris Hemsworth
    “There’s a ton of fan-boying and fan-girling going on in that room with each other,” -Don Cheadle
    Yeah I can totally relate with it ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Zhikri Satria
    Zhikri Satria Month ago +1

    Where is Edward Norton ?

  • David Can.
    David Can. Month ago

    Just imagine being in that room with all your childhood superheroes

  • Charles Iannini
    Charles Iannini Month ago +1

    Why call it the first 10 years instead of marvel studios 10 years

  • son Guko Ultra instinto

    Si por los biez años

  • Joe King
    Joe King Month ago

    More like "Edward Norton Dis Video!" ;)

  • Fenyta Tifani
    Fenyta Tifani Month ago

    I Love MARVEL Cinematic Universe

  • Cosmos Chen
    Cosmos Chen Month ago

    Elizabeth Olsen seems to be have a fun time chatting with Benedict Cumberbatch

  • Aaron Obyonek
    Aaron Obyonek Month ago


  • Argon
    Argon Month ago

    Nebula is so damn beautiful without the blue make up.

    DAZEEQ Month ago

    To the next ten years.

  • trinigaga
    trinigaga Month ago

    now they should do this with the whole cast in costume lol

  • Havendale Blvd
    Havendale Blvd Month ago

    This will be a cool photo.

  • Venkatesh pai
    Venkatesh pai Month ago

    Marvel universe no universe can defit

  • Its21Master
    Its21Master Month ago +1

    "Here's to 10 more" - Kevin Feige
    my heart

  • Roziane Brando
    Roziane Brando 2 months ago

    A lot of people use to say "Let Peggy Carter go", but I refused myself cause she is an amazing character, I know that she may not fit in this moment of MCU but I just can't

  • chris mcmorran
    chris mcmorran 2 months ago

    MCU is the best.

  • Hodor
    Hodor 2 months ago

    Is bradley cooper there?

  • Lovleen
    Lovleen 2 months ago

    Is Tom Hiddleston in this?

  • DRail From Hell
    DRail From Hell 2 months ago

    i just wanted to know can i be a superhero???????????????????

  • Renner Nguyen
    Renner Nguyen 2 months ago

    Does anyone recognize that camera took photo for MCU are Hassellblad?! Imoressive

  • Tyhra Hill
    Tyhra Hill 2 months ago

    That's half of my sons life. He loves Marvel soo much

    • New User
      New User 29 days ago

      Tyhra Hill You must be a very old woman

    DEATH SEAL 2 months ago

    Another 10 years he saids jesussss

  • Daisy Jovivich
    Daisy Jovivich 2 months ago

    See you guys in next 10 years

  • JL the Gamer
    JL the Gamer 2 months ago

    That was Craazzzy

  • Julius KIm
    Julius KIm 2 months ago

    Hey Marvel. It is so nice of you to aknowledge all the heroes that are rocking the small screen....

    • OZ
      OZ 2 months ago

      This was for Marvel Studios, NOT the MCU.
      Marvel Studios makes movies, NOT the TV shows.

  • PVP
    PVP 2 months ago +1

    What if every actor from the MCU where there, the would be siiiick

  • CenaCP
    CenaCP 2 months ago

    dc does nothing for their actors..... shows how bitter they are

    • CenaCP
      CenaCP 2 months ago

      so, they should something

    • MasterMike 000
      MasterMike 000 2 months ago

      Well they haven't been filming togethor for 10 whole years

  • Adan-AP
    Adan-AP 2 months ago +1

    it's been 10 years since the first iron-man came up in first marvel movie and that's really amazing and honorable to see our favorite child-hood superheroes character comes to life in action on the big screen in theaters and Stan Lee you are the legend of marvel.

    DİDENAZ DURDU 2 months ago

    Love you💛❤️💜💙💚

  • JPGameplay
    JPGameplay 2 months ago

    Its been a hell of ride.

  • Aces D-Star
    Aces D-Star 2 months ago

    Thank you marvel

  • Tatsuyakit56
    Tatsuyakit56 2 months ago

    They invited Joss Wheaton that was nice of them.

  • Marilyn Garcia
    Marilyn Garcia 2 months ago

    Where was nataly portman and darcy? And her interns intern.

    • OZ
      OZ 2 months ago

      MAYBE they couldn't make it....................

    • Marilyn Garcia
      Marilyn Garcia 2 months ago

      Would have been alot better if all the directos were not in the pic but rather just the actors

    • Marilyn Garcia
      Marilyn Garcia 2 months ago

      And zendaya

    • Marilyn Garcia
      Marilyn Garcia 2 months ago

      And howard starks

    • Marilyn Garcia
      Marilyn Garcia 2 months ago

      And rachel mcadams

  • Horsly Mandanda
    Horsly Mandanda 2 months ago

    Now let's imagine if they took the photo with their hero costumes on 😱

  • Anna Newman
    Anna Newman 2 months ago

    Is there any way to time travel back to the past to re watch all of the movies in theater again?!?

  • Mikael602
    Mikael602 2 months ago

    And Tony Stark built all of this IN A CAVE!?

  • EternalDonut
    EternalDonut 2 months ago

    Disappointed that the man that was playing Galaga in the first Avengers movie was not in this.

  • Armageddon Dragon
    Armageddon Dragon 2 months ago


  • sneak peek tv
    sneak peek tv 2 months ago

    Celebremos por 10 años mas

  • Swetha Samy
    Swetha Samy 2 months ago

    where is Ryan Reynolds

    • OZ
      OZ 2 months ago

      This is for Marvel Studios, not Fox.

  • Rebecca T.
    Rebecca T. 2 months ago

    I haven't seen any of the MCU films. I'm cool that way.

  • Jieanne Tiu
    Jieanne Tiu 2 months ago

    I mean i love marvel so much

  • Jieanne Tiu
    Jieanne Tiu 2 months ago

    I love marvel

  • keiming 227
    keiming 227 2 months ago

    Do you think DCEU can have their 10th anniversary ? HELL NO !!!

    • Rebecca T.
      Rebecca T. 2 months ago

      Only Disney has the money and power to pull off the massive success of the MCU. As a consequence, every other studio who isn't owned by Disney suffers. That is not a good thing. At all.
      Disney is going to own everything in the end, mark my words. And all the variety and creativity that once was Hollywood will be gone forever, because Disney loves $.
      I actually admire the studios and directors who doesn't give up, and keeps the competion going. We need the DCEU.

  • Alex Montiel
    Alex Montiel 2 months ago

    Los dos pilares del UCM con los jefes eso es increíble:)

  • 고양이랜선집사
    고양이랜선집사 2 months ago


  • 고양이랜선집사
    고양이랜선집사 2 months ago

    Where is loki??
    I'm so sad

  • Lehnsherr Eric
    Lehnsherr Eric 2 months ago

    Literally CRYing

  • Miguel Angel Delgado Aparcedo

    y que sean 10 años mas MARVEL!!!

  • ritvik toleti
    ritvik toleti 2 months ago

    where is chris evans

    • OZ
      OZ 2 months ago

      He's there, I've seen him at least 10 different times in the video.

  • Miguel Ayala
    Miguel Ayala 2 months ago

    Kevin, thank you so much for making our childhood heroes come alive on the big screen, you and MARVEL studios had and are making our childhood dreams come true with super heroes being real in our world.
    I would like to thank you all for your hard work all of these 10 years, thank you all and congrats on your success on the MCU. Thank you very much, thank you all.
    With great power comes great responsibility, remember that Kevin, remember that everyone...

  • UnitedFilipinoGamerz _
    UnitedFilipinoGamerz _ 2 months ago


  • Sabyasachi Koley
    Sabyasachi Koley 2 months ago +1

    dc will never take this level..

  • Duasian Humor
    Duasian Humor 2 months ago

    Pausing in every shot lol

    • tajpaul saimbi
      tajpaul saimbi 2 months ago +1

      Duasian Humor just seeing the soooo many a-listers in the background of shots

  • Arkan NOA
    Arkan NOA 2 months ago +1

    It's only getting started...

  • jew boy
    jew boy 2 months ago

    After avengers 4 they should just stop

  • varad nerkar
    varad nerkar 2 months ago