Marvel Studios 10th Anniversary Announcement - Class Photo Video


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  • Shaun Crasta
    Shaun Crasta 2 days ago

    "Part of the Journey is the End " 😭

  • Dyon Haw
    Dyon Haw 3 days ago

    I miss stan lee

  • azqa alifya
    azqa alifya 3 days ago

    Thx for upload in my birthday

  • Tommy Texter
    Tommy Texter 3 days ago

    The most important person in the Centre

  • Dannn
    Dannn 6 days ago

    Please make it 100 years.

  • WeHaveAHulk -
    WeHaveAHulk - 6 days ago +1

    Imagine if you walked into this room by mistake.....😷😄
    I would have a heart attack🤓

  • shivam karthik
    shivam karthik 11 days ago

    No Natalie Portman aka Jane foster🤔

  • Loki Hiddleston
    Loki Hiddleston 11 days ago

    The photo is not done yet

    • Loki Hiddleston
      Loki Hiddleston 10 days ago

      He’s the one that assembled the avengers and he’s not there :(

  • MintiiSkii
    MintiiSkii 11 days ago

    Hey, have a good time filming all the movies! Love you all!
    no, not that way. Not that way.

  • Kaylee Sabo
    Kaylee Sabo 13 days ago

    I honestly wonder if they got them together for some reason other than a class photo. Because it seems kind of crazy just to get them together for just that. Also at 0:22 is it just the actors/actresses on the stage? I wonder if there is a photo of just them because it definitely looks like they were all on the stage together and without the directors and other people. I hope all these actors/actresses show up in endgame in some way.

  • game tach
    game tach 13 days ago

    Chris evans missing

  • Renato Galvez
    Renato Galvez 15 days ago

    Coming here after Endgame Super Bowl TV spot. Notice the background of the interviews of Tom Holland, Chris Pratt, Don Cheadle, Elizabeth Olsen, etc (0:28 and others) and Jeremy Renner’s hair (0:46). Hawkeye scene from the trailer probably is in that same place, maybe even Cap’s shield scene.

  • Stanley Turner
    Stanley Turner Month ago

    R.I.P. Stan Lee

    RAJESH K SHARMA Month ago

    10 years wiped out in less than 10 sec.
    What a co-incidence 😅😅

  • Divyanshu div
    Divyanshu div Month ago

    Stan Lee ❤️❤️❤️RIP LEGEND 1922-2018 💓

  • Maria Bello
    Maria Bello Month ago

    "anyone of these people can be at dead center" oh my humble dude,

  • Zxzxx Ppotrfv
    Zxzxx Ppotrfv Month ago

    "Here's to 10 years more! 🥂"
    please make this true. 😭

  • Harsh Raval
    Harsh Raval Month ago


  • DonoTheGamer
    DonoTheGamer Month ago +1

    Rest in peace, Stan Lee.... I love you. 😔

  • Maria Are
    Maria Are Month ago

    Oh stan lee😪💔

  • Nobody
    Nobody 2 months ago

    Lee pace baby I see you why are you so alone

  • Ajeant Sharma
    Ajeant Sharma 2 months ago

    Where. Are. Josh. Brolin. and. Jeff. Bridges. And. Clark. Gregg. ?

  • audrey
    audrey 2 months ago

    this makes me emo

  • LiLi Guzman
    LiLi Guzman 2 months ago’re working for Marvel, or the photography crew people who got hired to take a class photo for Marvel, but never met any of the actors/actresses yet. You got a call to come into work, and you don’t know just yet what it is, but you go anyways. You walk in and see a group of all MCU characters in front of you, you just drop everything including your soul.

  • Khairunnisa Sam
    Khairunnisa Sam 2 months ago

    Scott Lang seats exactly like a class photo

  • Xxgod slayerxX
    Xxgod slayerxX 2 months ago +2

    Stan Lee made this happen he made these characters he is The Godfather Of this

  • Premchand Mohanpuria
    Premchand Mohanpuria 3 months ago

    RIP Stan Lee. Excelsior!

  • rjaayn
    rjaayn 3 months ago +3

    RIP Stan. Excelsior!

  • ImMiss T
    ImMiss T 3 months ago +3

    R.I.P. Stan Lee

  • crazy mady
    crazy mady 3 months ago

    Rip stan lee

  • Florian Marquardt
    Florian Marquardt 3 months ago

    0:49 snif 😢😔

    • Florian Marquardt
      Florian Marquardt 3 months ago +1

      Andy Parker yeah you’re right

    • Andy Parker
      Andy Parker 3 months ago +1

      Not just 0:49, my friend. This WHOLE VIDEO is an outcome of what the legend created many years ago. May he Rest in Peace!!!

  • Jamaal Ellison
    Jamaal Ellison 3 months ago +1


  • Aravinthan Chakrapani
    Aravinthan Chakrapani 3 months ago +1

    0:53 OHH BOI

  • Isabel Lopez
    Isabel Lopez 3 months ago +1

    1:14 is that hawkeye

  • Imdad Jeshin
    Imdad Jeshin 3 months ago

    after all this day i finally noticed,
    peggy carter was also is the photoshoot

  • Drake Mogan
    Drake Mogan 3 months ago

    Any dc fans here, hit like...

  • uriel ramon san pedro
    uriel ramon san pedro 3 months ago

    I was in it just playing

  • KingJosh UNIVERSE
    KingJosh UNIVERSE 4 months ago +2


  • Judith Cohen
    Judith Cohen 4 months ago +1

    One day I'll print, frame and hang it in my room.

  • Reaganation #
    Reaganation # 4 months ago

    R.I.P phase 3 mcu( 2016-2019)

  • Reaganation #
    Reaganation # 4 months ago

    R.I.P phase 3 mcu( 2016-2019

  • nagaking07
    nagaking07 4 months ago +2

    Stan Lee is sitting there like the proud grandfather.

  • Alvinolagnia
    Alvinolagnia 4 months ago

    *"That was CRAAAAZY HAHAHA"* -Olsen Twin 0:22

  • sasank sahu
    sasank sahu 5 months ago +2

    Four are seating at centre
    Rdj with Kevin at front row
    Chris with stan lee in second row

  • Gautam Devaraj
    Gautam Devaraj 5 months ago

    This pic is incomplete without tom hiddleston

  • You Tube
    You Tube 5 months ago

    Why tom hiddleston is not there??🙄😒

    TIM PROFESSOR HD 5 months ago

    My age Ten Same as Marvel studios age

  • OJ Films
    OJ Films 5 months ago

    Rehire Gunn

  • Baishali Manna
    Baishali Manna 5 months ago

    That sums up my life ❤❤

  • daveheel
    daveheel 5 months ago

    how great it would have been if all the actors were photographed as their marvel character too.

  • nelson sy
    nelson sy 5 months ago

    2008: movie shot in a cave
    2018: movie shot in a city
    2028: movie shot in space

    • Alvinolagnia
      Alvinolagnia 4 months ago

      You gotta all wrong dummy:
      2008: Shot in a cave
      2011: Shot in the 1940's
      2012: Shot in a city
      2014 & 2018: Shot in space

  • Nikhil Golatkar
    Nikhil Golatkar 6 months ago

    It doesnt matter who's in middle what matters is this 'moment'. And yeah both Stan and RDJ are in middle 😍

  • LeAnn Stark
    LeAnn Stark 6 months ago

    This is why Marvel is the best franchise

    FADDAK 6 months ago

    We will miss these times...

  • conteam 1
    conteam 1 6 months ago +2

    Imagine if they were all dressed as their characters in the photo

  • Marvel Magic
    Marvel Magic 6 months ago +1

    Wait, did thor just say mcu's done???!!!!!!!

  • all in four
    all in four 6 months ago

    Congrats marvel

  • KidCritic
    KidCritic 6 months ago +1

    Was edward norton there

    • Alvinolagnia
      Alvinolagnia 4 months ago

      Yep. Him and Terrance Howard. Have a look @1:15

  • אור פאר
    אור פאר 6 months ago

    not all of them are there, but still great photo, its nderstandable that it take a lot of coordination to get all of this people in one room at the same time,/

  • Ph4ntøm Cheese
    Ph4ntøm Cheese 6 months ago

    Marvel is the best thing to happen on earth

    • Ph4ntøm Cheese
      Ph4ntøm Cheese 4 months ago

      THE REAL MARY ELIZABETH WINSTEAD mate what the hell yah saying

    • Alvinolagnia
      Alvinolagnia 4 months ago

      Stfu Arseface from Preacher!

  • Zhar Borneo
    Zhar Borneo 6 months ago +52

    If you listen closely, DC is crying in the background.

  • Fan Te Dan Edits
    Fan Te Dan Edits 6 months ago

    *10 years* it'd be so hard to pick one favorite line of each character... Can anyone help ? 😵
    I'll start
    with *Groot* : *I am Groot*

  • Tedd NG
    Tedd NG 6 months ago +1


  • MBMStaaR
    MBMStaaR 6 months ago

    I'm crying

  • lxvey editss
    lxvey editss 6 months ago +1

    And thats not even ALL of them

  • Nihal R
    Nihal R 6 months ago +2

    where can i get high resolution wallpaper of this

  • Fuzzy Narwhal
    Fuzzy Narwhal 6 months ago

    If I was in a place with all of them I would freak out and start crying, or joy. I might even stop breathing for a little bit

  • Homemade Dynamite
    Homemade Dynamite 6 months ago

    Kinda sad that the some of the A listers are not there. You know, Cate Blanchett, Tilda Swinton, Anthony Hopkins😕

  • Margaret
    Margaret 6 months ago +1

    Where is TOM Hiddleston???

  • Templarino Pizza
    Templarino Pizza 6 months ago

    Where is aaron taylor johnson?
    You got yondu who is dead but not quicksilver

  • munirah asri
    munirah asri 6 months ago

    i want tom holland in the mcu forever

  • munirah asri
    munirah asri 6 months ago

    i love tom holland

  • Ananya Gupta
    Ananya Gupta 6 months ago +2

    Just one question....... Did they gave Tom Holland a glass of juice for the toast?????........ 🙄 😏 😂

    • crainer fan girl
      crainer fan girl 2 months ago

      No that was Ty Skimson since he isn't legally allowed to drink alcohol

  • Marvel Lover Rachel
    Marvel Lover Rachel 6 months ago


    TIM PROFESSOR HD 6 months ago

    Happy 10th Marvel studios😄

  • e22378
    e22378 6 months ago +1

    What's this wet stuff around my eyes?

  • Jason Yang
    Jason Yang 7 months ago

    Where is ed norton

  • Jevon Sangkal
    Jevon Sangkal 7 months ago


  • Nate K
    Nate K 7 months ago

    "here's to ten more" :))))

  • EpicMiner 117
    EpicMiner 117 7 months ago

    DC has never done anything like this

  • morgan hoover
    morgan hoover 7 months ago

    I love how Robert down played him being Center when he essentially started Cinematic Universe.... I was like dude without you there be no Cinematic Universe

  • anoja31
    anoja31 7 months ago +1


  • shileepdeep
    shileepdeep 7 months ago

    i love how tom hiddleston wasn’t there so they left a space for him and then edited him into the picture later

  • Bryan
    Bryan 7 months ago

    What all other movie studios want to upload but never will because they are hungry for money

  • bruce and steven the gamer and vloger

    Happy 10 years marvel studio 😀 . Rnp DC

  • Eva Padilla
    Eva Padilla 7 months ago

    how much for a 12 year old to go there because I love marvel so much and Elizabeth Olsen . i meet tom holland at comic con in Houston . I created a new marvel character . he's a kid who has super power . and his name shadow kid 😉 I wish I can go to marvel studios but I'm from Victoria Texas

  • XxbellexX
    XxbellexX 7 months ago +1

    Brie Larson!!!

  • Prachi Sharma
    Prachi Sharma 8 months ago

    Tom Hiddleston was not there...☺️

  • Bruce Wayne
    Bruce Wayne 8 months ago +1

    I have a bonner

  • Sai Ganesh
    Sai Ganesh 8 months ago


  • LightS4bre
    LightS4bre 8 months ago


  • omega 007
    omega 007 8 months ago

    Where is Evans, Bautista

  • dhana pra
    dhana pra 8 months ago


  • asmr asmr
    asmr asmr 8 months ago +1

    Brie Larson CAPTAIN MARVEL in the Center BABYYYYY

  • Aliya Khan
    Aliya Khan 8 months ago

    THOMAS? Where are you at?

  • Adiba K
    Adiba K 8 months ago

    Oh they didn't have Marisa Tomei

  • Esme Tampopo
    Esme Tampopo 8 months ago +1

    I'm not crying you are

  • Aya Sya
    Aya Sya 8 months ago

    is this stony wedding reception's photo?

  • Scriptorium Guard
    Scriptorium Guard 8 months ago

    I have a HERO that can easily destroy each and every "superhero & villan" in your MCU

  • esterex
    esterex 8 months ago

    "here's to ten more" uH yEs plEaSE