NOVEMBER FAVIES ♡ EstherLovesYou x Lazy Oaf and ANIME CHATS

  • Published on Dec 1, 2017
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  • F13at Cat
    F13at Cat 5 months ago

    I’m gonna watch both the anime recommendations and I’m so excited!!💗💜

  • Shenoa Love
    Shenoa Love 6 months ago

    Binge watching your videos cause you’re to precious. Legit wish we could be best friends. 😂

  • youtube포피엔츠키
    youtube포피엔츠키 11 months ago

    Hi pixie i became your fan since yesterday and I am your Korean Fan♡ I really love magical girls and I really like that you love it too♡ Thx for the vid>

  • super geeky
    super geeky Year ago

    A great online place to get glasses is Zenni optical. I have gotten glasses from them before. You can get super cheap ones, like 10 bucks or so. It depends on your prescription and materials you pick and everything but they are great.

  • space nshit
    space nshit Year ago


  • flareontoast
    flareontoast Year ago

    I feel you with the glasses thing. I have -8 and my glasses make my eyes tiny. And also the things I have to read. lol and I need specific lenses which cost sooo much and fricking insurance doesn't pay it. UGH
    You rock those "fake" glasses!! they look so adorable on you holy shit

  • Izella
    Izella Year ago

    I can't whistle either 😂

  • Sigbrynja
    Sigbrynja Year ago

    My sight is terrible too (born with cataracts, had no lenses for 9 years, now have lens implants but still almost legally blind). Glasses always give me a headache after so long, I know your pain XD

  • 1892Genesis
    1892Genesis Year ago

    I ordered glasses from firmoo too! My prescription is +5 and i have astigmatism in one eye and they gave me a headache for like the first couple of days but it went aeay as i got used to them and they were so much cheaper them what i normally get

  • Daisy Wonderland
    Daisy Wonderland Year ago

    Magical girl rising project

  • Wølf Productions

    Oh yes you have bad eye sight like me lol! Someone I can relate too! But seriously,glasses are freaking cool!

  • ok Then
    ok Then Year ago


  • oh cool
    oh cool Year ago

    I watched Wish Upon The Pleiades. My friend told me it was about cars lol, I too was surprised. I also have the first one you mentioned, in my watch later.

  • juliannxo
    juliannxo Year ago

    I RELATE SO HARD TO THE FAKE GLASSES AND CONTACTS THING!!! I have the same prescription and I hate my real glasses too

  • Melissa Duff
    Melissa Duff Year ago

    can someone tell me where I can watch pretty cure and doremi online?

  • iseetheisland
    iseetheisland Year ago

    Hey I'm really interested in trying firmoo. Can you tell me which frames you're wearing in the video? They're so cute!

  • Kiara Stafford
    Kiara Stafford Year ago

    Pixielocks- Pixie Edits!!

  • Miya Skellington
    Miya Skellington Year ago

    Thank you for every of your lovely videos. They make every bad day so much better

  • Noodle Katz
    Noodle Katz Year ago

    Good to see there's others who will fight for the happy endings from tragedies.

  • SJ Atlanta
    SJ Atlanta Year ago

    Can you please please do a figure collection?💘

  • My Melody
    My Melody Year ago

    Urahara is the best anime I’ve ever seen (excluding Osomatsu-san) and I love it to bits.

  • Jenny Keating
    Jenny Keating Year ago

    Watch Yuri Kuma Arashi, if you have'nt.

  • misssuteki
    misssuteki Year ago

    Can you do a tutorial or show/tell us the products to create this pink glitter eyeshadow look you've been doing? I'm really loving it!!!

  • DollfacedZombie
    DollfacedZombie Year ago

    Jill, it's pronounced "plee-uh-deez" lol

  • saint shoujo
    saint shoujo Year ago

    What camera do you use? The quality is literally perfection 💕

  • ThatKristaGirl
    ThatKristaGirl Year ago

    I love Urahara 💜💚💙 it was based on a webcomic I believe also hence the art.

  • KawaiiAFKelsey
    KawaiiAFKelsey Year ago

    I have +7.5 and I’m so glad it’s not just me.

  • Candice
    Candice Year ago

    Wow gurl, I'm almost blind too! -7,50 and -7,0 here! Almost never wear my glasses either because they make my eyes smol and I DUNLIKEIT. :c Also they are some thicc boi coke bottom glasses. x_x

  • ꓄ꍟꈤꍏꉓꀤꂦꀎꌗ

    Merry Christmas, happy hannukah , happy Kwanzaa , and Happy Festivus to all of you!!!

  • Cierra Amanada
    Cierra Amanada Year ago

    could you make a video or links for your favourite shops? (other than lazy oaf) I live in Canada also an find it hard to find sites that ship here and have clothing i like!!! thank you so much

  • Wandering Art
    Wandering Art Year ago

    Oh and I love your cat to! There should always be happy endings

  • Wandering Art
    Wandering Art Year ago

    Love your room love your hair !! You’re awesome just subbed 😍 the purse with the bow I love it to!

  • Alyssa_Rae
    Alyssa_Rae Year ago

    I went back and watched the part with the little cat meow like 20 times.

  • valerie m.
    valerie m. Year ago

    this was a couple favorites vids ago but i'm still waiting on a tokyo mew mew review!! even if you didn't like it much i really want to hear your thoughts on it! :>
    btw!! i think you would really love akb0048! it's a bit of a mix between idol and magical girl but it's soooo good and one of my faves!

  • MutedMusician
    MutedMusician Year ago

    Hello yes I am also a part of the coke bottle club. My eyes are roughly 7.5 in one eye and 6 in the other! New glasses ALWAYS give me real bad head aches for a little while while I'm trying to get used to them so I wouldn't worry too much. Also I'll have to look into that website because mine are the WORST and the eyeglass store near us only have cute glasses in the men's area. 😹💛

  • Lake Cake
    Lake Cake Year ago

    whenever i get new glasses they hurt my head for a bit too! i just need time to adjust so maybe you do too~

  • Star Peach
    Star Peach Year ago

    Personally as an animator myself, I reallly don't like when they mesh 3d and 2d, because 2d has already been taken over in the movie industry in the west and it makes me so saddddd :'(
    I love 2d animation, and while we have some really beautiful 3d movies (Like Moana and the good dinosaur OO BOI)I just find 2d Animation so pretty and magical (I don't know how to explain it??)
    And I'm scared they'll end up just going w 3d animation instead of 2d over all :'/
    + the only good 3d anime style I've seen thus far is in precure tbh

  • Patricia M
    Patricia M Year ago

    The anime is called "wish upon the pleiades" because the constellation on the Subaru logo is the pleiades :)

  • mochi_addict 013
    mochi_addict 013 Year ago

    Tbh I wanted to get contacts so I can wear cute glasses but I thought I was extra

  • Zoe King
    Zoe King Year ago

    Cute video! Sorry to mention this but I have a prescription of - 10 and I am not legally blind- in fact my eyesight is perfect with my glasses. The scale can actually go up to 25 and a diagnosis of blindness is based on various factors :)

  • Georgina McHugh
    Georgina McHugh Year ago

    I have one question; WHERE DID YOU GET THAT BAG?

  • Mirukuuuu
    Mirukuuuu Year ago

    Omg Jillian! You got me back into tea!! And now I'm missing David's tea sooooo much! I feel like we don't have nearly as many fun teas here in japan as we did back in Canada!

  • Khadijah Roberts
    Khadijah Roberts Year ago

    Love love love those two anime check out AKB0048 it's a good watch and is so cute.

  • Magic Green Owl
    Magic Green Owl Year ago

    I'm watching sailor Moon because of you :)

  • Vanessa Prasad
    Vanessa Prasad Year ago

    Seriously Pixie, you are slowly but surely becoming my favourite TVclipr. You deliver sassy realness with a side of glitter and skittles. You the bomb girl 💣💘

  • Serena V
    Serena V Year ago

    i enjoy your vids your fun the precure i like are princess and heart catch the most i also love card captors and even winx club and not sure if you know of it but magical lyrical nanoha it is great to.

  • Alexandra Rosa
    Alexandra Rosa Year ago

    Does anyone know where she got those earrings!?!!!💖💖 I love them!

  • A person who lives on YouTube.

    Ahah! I do the contacts with glasses thing too but only cause I want to change up styles without having to pay a billion on prescriptive ones

  • Cassini Division
    Cassini Division Year ago

    I have almost the exact same prescription as you (+8.00 +7.00) and also just recently got glasses that give me a headache after about an hour of use! Definitely update if the headaches go away because I haven't really been wearing mine because of this, and would like to know if there is hope.

  • shiusa
    shiusa Year ago +1

    Also it's pleiades pronounced plee-uh-dees !! The pleiades are famous cluster of stars in the sky that you can see if you live in an area with lower light polution!! Many religions have folklore about them and their ~magical powers~!! If you believe in Starseed things, the pleiades are said to be where Earthdwelling starseeds hail from :)

  • shiusa
    shiusa Year ago +1

    Hey for online glasses I always go to eyebuydirect and they're really great and I just checked and they DO go up to your prescription!!!

  • Anna Alt
    Anna Alt Year ago

    yeah, please update us on the glasses! Your eyes kinda have an anime vibe with them on it's so cute

  • DistantMelodies
    DistantMelodies Year ago

    Yaaaay, Houkago no Pleiades!!! I really liked the series, and am sad that not too many people have watched it!

  • Sara Christensen
    Sara Christensen Year ago

  • starletpen
    starletpen Year ago

    I care, those glasses are hella cute and if they're good I want some.

  • Tory Mayeux
    Tory Mayeux Year ago

    Plee-ah-dees, lol. That's how you say that. XDI am so in love with the Lazy Oaf jumper. It looks so damn great on you!!!

  • Tenareful
    Tenareful Year ago

    Your optometrist could probably check the prescription is correct

  • Danno
    Danno Year ago

    Jillian, the featured member changed her instagram tagg. I forgot what it is but it's not @daddyslittlebabydollbigheart any more.

  • Andy Dawn
    Andy Dawn Year ago

    My favourite anime is Ouran High School Host Club (I plan on cosplaying as Haruhi, but I can also pull off Honey Senpai)

  • Lilly Mcsniff
    Lilly Mcsniff Year ago

    I’m obsessed with those glasses! I️ wish mine gave me those cute big eyes 😳

  • Carla McVittie
    Carla McVittie Year ago

    My 3.5 year old son says you have a very cute voice :)

  • Chri sty
    Chri sty Year ago

    Hi Pixie! I wanted to write it sooner . I love your videos. You are always making me happy. Also you are my inspiration for be myself. I wear kawaii fashion and I do cute makeup and you gave me strength power to do it proudly and do not care about others opinions. Thank you for it. Stay yourself you are really unique person. :3 I really respect person like you because stereotype people are boring. I wish the people get to know your channel more because you do an awesome work! Thank you for your hard work. Thank you for everything. :3

  • Alicja Thiam
    Alicja Thiam Year ago +1

    Currently waiting for Sunday update lol

  • Kenza Michels
    Kenza Michels Year ago

    not sure if you have a new camera or if it's bc i finally have glasses but i can see every individual hair and i'm shook

  • fireflys
    fireflys Year ago

    That second favourite anime sounded exactly like the movie Echo

  • Nisa Nikai
    Nisa Nikai Year ago


  • XsophielouiseX
    XsophielouiseX Year ago

    Have you watched the anime series Tokyo Mew Mew (also known as Mew Mew Power)

  • Sailor-Macaroon Macaroon

    Hey Pixie! You said something about CGI and 3D animes, so I think you would really like RWBY!

  • cldcollector
    cldcollector Year ago

    So, I'm not sure if I've ever heard you mention it and I'm sure everyone has seen it by now anyway, but were you ever into Princess Jellyfish?

  • BluCoop22
    BluCoop22 Year ago

    Things i want to do:be cute and adorable and be feminine and literally have the same aesthetic as pixie does
    Things i cannot do: that, because of shitty home situation and the inability to express my actual gender because of said situation :/

  • Space-ghoulie Ghoulie

    Pixie! Have you ever watched Princess Tutu? Its a really good magic anime. I'm not going to ruin anything for you but it's about ballet and fairytales

  • nomeaknat
    nomeaknat Year ago

    9:46. Me when someone asks me what I think about Game of Thrones.

  • Wistful Willow
    Wistful Willow Year ago +7

    who votes pixie should totally do an updated makeup "tutorial"!? seeing as it has changed a lot :3

  • KittenSaysRawr
    KittenSaysRawr Year ago

    The headaches with the glasses is very much just you needing to get used to em :3 it can take up to two weeks of wear

  • Caroline Blair
    Caroline Blair Year ago

    5:35 AWWWWWWW

  • Jessica Herz
    Jessica Herz Year ago

    What camera lens do you use I’m OBSESSED

  • Theresa Dove Music

    I went from a It's Black Friday to this.. I love her... just the contrast is like... yay! 💛 💚 💙 💜 🖤 💔 ❣️ 💕 💞 💓 💗 💖 💘 💝 💟

  • Izzy Sellers
    Izzy Sellers Year ago

    Yiss wish upon the pleiades is my favorite anime, glad u
    Like it

  • Fox Kins
    Fox Kins Year ago

    The video looks super crisp this round 😘👌🏻

  • Sophie Jackson
    Sophie Jackson Year ago

    mmm ive had a rough day so im coming here to take some chill time 💖💖💖

  • JLBee
    JLBee Year ago

    About the anime, the Subaru logo is based off of the constellation Pleides (plee-ay-dees), so it does make sense for it to be sponsored. Still cool that Gainax worked on it because their animation is awesome!

  • JLBee
    JLBee Year ago

    I really hope my mom gets me that bubble bar for Christmas! I loved the Bewitched halloween one that turns the water black.

  • Dané de Scande
    Dané de Scande Year ago

    I know your struggle with glasses! My eyes are literally just as bad but I don't want to get contacts because my eyes are seriously small and the glasses help my face look less awkward and more proportioned

  • Celeste Carrillo
    Celeste Carrillo Year ago

    okay but in the title for wish upon the pleiades theres 6 stars in the same exact position as in the logo for subaru but just spaced out!!

  • Christina Hathaway

    I feel like you should watch Flipflappers. Keep it in mind.

  • Katie B.
    Katie B. Year ago

    You just need to get used to the glasses. Once you feel a headache coming on or feeling a little dizzy, take them off.

  • Emmanuelle Rickman-Baker

    Take it from someone who also has terrible eyesight. The new glasses give you a headache simply because you haven't gotten used to them yet. Happens to me every time I get a new prescription. You simply have to start wearing them more often in order for the headaches to completely go away

  • Leeann Russell
    Leeann Russell Year ago

    Girl, your hair is on fleek!

  • Felix K
    Felix K Year ago


  • Nnenne Nzewi
    Nnenne Nzewi Year ago

    I love your favourites this month 😊💕🌸

  • Len Derpamine
    Len Derpamine Year ago

    I figured Hugtto would be brought up, maybe in next month's favorite video.

  • Emily Blade
    Emily Blade Year ago

    I really glad you appreciate 3-D animation, (it makes me happy.) that's what I'm going to school for. 3-D animation takes more effort than most people give it credit for. 💕💕💕

  • Sweet Peaches
    Sweet Peaches Year ago

    I’m actually classed as legally blind! I don’t really care too much though.~

  • nomad nothing
    nomad nothing Year ago


  • Evie Madelaine
    Evie Madelaine Year ago

    I could watch these all day, they make me so happy. Your videos are a happy escape from a crappy world 💟💟💟

  • Snufkisses
    Snufkisses Year ago

    You should watch Nanatsuiro drops! It's a little cliche but also very unique! It's also a 12 episode magical anime without too much dark.

  • Pizza Chu
    Pizza Chu Year ago

    Listen to this at the slowest speed's amazing

  • Key Silver
    Key Silver Year ago

    Fun fact: there is no actual direct translation for 'crush' in proper international French. Hence why they had to get creative with the 'festive seduction' stuff on your tea :D

    • Pixielocks
      Pixielocks  Year ago

      +Key Silver Ahhh I speak Canadian French so it’s different!! I don’t think we have a word for crush either tho lol

  • Mary Thiriet
    Mary Thiriet Year ago

    Do you knew that the shop "Park" from Urahara (their shop) it's a real fashion store in Harajuku that started in 2014 and the main girls are actually character they create as original and oficial merchandise of the store and they had before a web-manga? It really surprised me. I'm so happy someone else is watching Urahara, I'm really enjoying it

  • someone you might know

    As an animation student, the lazy cheap CGI placements are something to be worried of actually
    If only it wasn't just so they could pay the animators less I'd be ok but it's really just the most creativity and craft killing move getting common in animation rn