The Voice,XFactor,Talent Great First Audition. jazz,soul,blues,r&b

  • Published on Feb 17, 2015
  • jazz,soul,blues,r&b
    1. Beatrice Verzier
    2. Chiara Ruggeri
    3. Glory Bosnjak
    4. Rebecca Ferguson
    5. Nicole Bernegger
    6. Ferry de Ruiter
    7. Freschta Akbarzada
    8. Джулианна Стрейнджлав
    9. Joelle Moses
    10 Alice Fredenham
    11 Tina Kuznetsova
    12 Angelina Jordan
    13 Stacey Solomon
    14 Anna Graceman
    15 Karis Thomas
    16 Charley Ann Schmutzler
    17 Angel Tupai
    18 Karise Eden
    19 Jazzlyn Little
    20 Carly Rose
    21 Will G

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  • hutan kering
    hutan kering Month ago

    Will g best voice

  • liz akins
    liz akins Month ago

    blues i likes alot more pplz need to sing it please i hope!!!!! not this new crap 5% of the new crap is ok just so u pplz no but the rest is shiz just saying

  • The builder
    The builder Month ago

    So what happened to 41:12 as in the thumbnail?

  • Alan Velez
    Alan Velez Month ago

    La mulata que canta de primero esta de chuparse los dedos. I'll eat that chocolate pussy for hours, no stop.

  • eddyvideostar
    eddyvideostar Month ago

    At 9:00 minutes: Dynamic, smooth, sultry, mellifluous. A powerful, rangebound stupendous voice.

  • iulian ispas
    iulian ispas Month ago

    8:19 she looks like a woolly mammoth

  • Maria Elisa Farina
    Maria Elisa Farina Month ago

    Karise, Nicole and Carly Rose . . . the best for me.

  • aspenrebel
    aspenrebel Month ago

    Ok, is that Russian, #8 Julianna, a guy or a gal? #10 Alice Fredenham on BGT, went from BUST on her "The Voice UK" audition to a standing ovation here. #4 Rebecca Ferguson, "X Factor UK", is so pretty and a beautiful singer. This was her 2nd audition (Arena Audition), she had previously done a Room Audition. She has a very good singing career going in UK. Why do people keep putting #17 Angel Tupai on their lists? I don't think she is very good at all, I don't like her. Stacey Solomon, from Dagenham, Queen of the Jungle. Had one kid here, then had another kid awhile later (Not married, I believe). Have no idea what people see/hear in Anna Graceman. #18 Karise Eden was different. #20 Carly Rose!!!! Best version ever sung of that song!! She's a Pro and a Vet at 13 years old. She should have won, but she came in 2nd. "X Factor USA". She sang it again in the Finals, and she such a Pro that she changed it up a bit. There are a few different videos on her audition, try to find and watch them. One is an Unedited version, that includes edited out Audio but stuck on a still photo cuz didn't get the missing video. It's funny to hear what was said, what went down. At the end of her singing, there was quite a bit of discussion. Simon questioned her and challenged her. So she sang about another 10+ secs of song ...... even BETTER!!! She had already been on Broadway. #21 Will G. is pretty good. Singing Marvin Gaye in Switzerland? Really?

  • Peter Pegrem
    Peter Pegrem Month ago

    Girl on the Roland Phantom got me wow!! They are all pretty good you have to admit that!!

  • R King
    R King 2 months ago

    I can never get enough of Alice Fredenham 😍❤🤗 Just Beautiful 😘

  • Thorfinn986_doesn't_do_average

    Goose bumps when Glory sang, Queen Etta would have loved that.

  • Dennis Taft
    Dennis Taft 2 months ago

    Joelle Moses pretty good. Anna Graceman good job. Carly Rose simply amazing. The rest I could hardly listen to.

  • 1961 1961
    1961 1961 2 months ago

    Tina Kuznetsova amazing💓💓💓💕

  • Steve Mcintosh
    Steve Mcintosh 2 months ago

    Joelle Moses...just WOW!

  • Bobbie Rachael
    Bobbie Rachael 3 months ago

    I love this music and all music! Some are better than others; so be it! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE ME SOME MUSIC😊

  • Pat Downs
    Pat Downs 3 months ago

    That first act with the bass is unfair. The judges can't tell that she is actually playing an instrument. They think she is just singing. I think when the acts are introduced, something like this should be mentioned so the judges are prepared.

  • Charrua Rebel
    Charrua Rebel 3 months ago


  • cro4591
    cro4591 3 months ago

    Nothing really new here, beyond the bass.

  • Rosy Reni
    Rosy Reni 3 months ago

    Eu não aguento mais o felipe miranda aparecendo na publicidade, misericórdia

  • Dan Johnson
    Dan Johnson 3 months ago

    Awesome collection. Well done.

  • Barn Star
    Barn Star 4 months ago

    Some of them are great, but too many people think that screaming is how every song should be sung these days : (

  • le'Rock
    le'Rock 4 months ago +2

    Everybody else can wipe the feet of Angelina Jordan. Pure angelic. This is the 1st time i see her performing, WOW.

  • David Simmons
    David Simmons 4 months ago

    OMG the toothless kid was amazing! WOW!

  • Furkat - bek Holdar - ügli

    Из всех мне понравилась Робекко пока она лучшая!!!!!

  • asher sidi models
    asher sidi models 4 months ago

    wwwwwwwwwwwwooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwww - - love from Israel

  • Amanda Garcez
    Amanda Garcez 4 months ago


  • Jonathan Vince
    Jonathan Vince 4 months ago

    The first lady has something very special as a real musician too. the second lady has so much feels in her range of singing. the third lady sounds like so many others copying old singers and doing too many runs. Forth was holding back but has something in her voice while the fifth lady trying power but not working really same with the sixth. the seventh lady had too many breaks in her voice and I think it was because trying too hard. The eighth sang to the audience but the singing skills let her down a bit and the ninth again too many runs for that kind of Adele song. The tenth well for me the voice did not match the song. Eleventh lady has that something special. As for little Miss Jordan what a special voice even now it is incredible. Stacey well she knew what she wanted great voice. Little Anna Graceman is another good singer and kept in the context of the song while playing the keyboard makes a difference. Then Karis Thomas has a copy of Amy Whinehouse difficult to judge to me. Charley Ann Schmutzler is old soul singer so good. Angel Tupai to me over does the vocals in this song as Karise Eden her vocals and runs were perfect if she won would be so right as special voice. young Jazzlyn Little has a real future if the record industry use her right and the same for the last female singer. But the man ar the end good but not a best audition for men singing those kinds of songs.

  • longus
    longus 4 months ago

    Just skip to 37:07. ;-)

  • barryschwarz
    barryschwarz 4 months ago

    23:00 - Angelina Jordan, surprising feel and control for someone so young, and the purity gave it a lot of amazing soul. But my favourite,
    33:00 - Karise Eden. Voice for the ages and she rips the song a new one.

  • Gregg Sinini
    Gregg Sinini 5 months ago

    1st one is gorgeous and plays an instrument, BUT the voice, PLEASE!!!! Weak and Mediocre!!!! 2nd one again, what voice! But that proud mom in tears!! Good for them!! 3rd one, C'mon!! Another mediocre voice!! These judges are drama queens!!4th one with Simon and crew, very weak voice, but man she is drop dead gorgeous.

  • Stormy Samuel
    Stormy Samuel 5 months ago

    RESEARCH: Learn what it is. B.B KING, BOBBY "BLUE" BLAND, JOHNNY COPLAND, MUDDY WATERS etc,Deep South, TEXAS, LOUISIANA MISSISSIPPI, real blues. R&B is a little different.

  • Stormy Samuel
    Stormy Samuel 5 months ago


  • Stormy Samuel
    Stormy Samuel 5 months ago


  • rolando camit
    rolando camit 5 months ago


  • Stephen Michalski
    Stephen Michalski 5 months ago

    One of the greatest tragedies and missteps in recording and x factor history was when Stacey Solomans audition was cut short.......the rawness yet pristine vocal performance was stellar

  • Jerome Goodwin
    Jerome Goodwin 5 months ago

    Why do some of the Judges think it is all about them,?

  • Farming Quebec
    Farming Quebec 6 months ago


  • theinkbrain
    theinkbrain 6 months ago

    I hated this song until I heard Alice. And now that I have heard her I will hate everyone else's versions even more than I did before.

  • Jon Snow
    Jon Snow 6 months ago

    Great? They would have been great 40 years ago...Not today. Today they are good performers but not outstanding or exceptional. They try extremely hard to be special, but they are not.

  • planetvideo777
    planetvideo777 6 months ago

    Some of these singers are like no other; I got goose bumps !

  • Panther 333
    Panther 333 6 months ago

    Wow talented.

  • Henryx Fire Flame
    Henryx Fire Flame 6 months ago

    I'm gonna leave a simple backing track for you mates... Thanks

  • Marcus Cerdan
    Marcus Cerdan 7 months ago

    This girl can sing, this is how the young singers today should sing!!!!!!! I am 17 years old I cant stand these singers today!!!

  • Nickolas Alexander
    Nickolas Alexander 7 months ago

    Soy yo

  • Mari
    Mari 8 months ago

    The Best
    Chiara Ruggeri
    Rebecca Ferguson
    Nicole Bernegger
    Frescta Akbarzada
    Name 8
    Joelle Moses
    Tina Kuznetsova

  • Nurlinda F Sihotang
    Nurlinda F Sihotang 8 months ago

    the lady sing " you can leave your hat on" have an amazing contralto.
    want to hear her sings anything by cher

  • Nurlinda F Sihotang
    Nurlinda F Sihotang 8 months ago

    the lady sing " you can leave your hat on" have an amazing contralto.
    want to hear her sings anything by cher

  • Aku Alip
    Aku Alip 9 months ago

    Swiss people are really like R&B n soul ya,

  • Ebony Created
    Ebony Created 9 months ago

    When you sing you have to have control with it other wise it’s for nothing and sounds like loud noise. I am have a strong voice without having to sustain one big high note and still sound good. Angela Jordan is my favourite so far
    . The little girl on keys, 32:22, and the soul lady after her

  • civer gato
    civer gato 9 months ago

    The name of the sings ?

  • Michèle Crèvecoeur
    Michèle Crèvecoeur 10 months ago

    Que de talents, que de belles voix ! Et que de beaux titres ...

  • Gary Lundberg
    Gary Lundberg 11 months ago

    Angelina Jordan

  • Carlos Hugo
    Carlos Hugo 11 months ago

    Red x blue

  • shunkajun
    shunkajun 11 months ago

    I'm not crazy about that swivel chair set up on the Voice, the reason : by facing the audience, sure they get the sound in it's purest form but they also miss the visuals on the performers face and body. which, I feel is and can be so intense that it enhances the entire experience of the performance.

  • Lucas Daniel
    Lucas Daniel 11 months ago

    Bom de mais!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Marc Giardina
    Marc Giardina Year ago

    Guess men don't sing anymore LOL!



  • Harold Kelly
    Harold Kelly Year ago

    There was only one truly awesome one that being Alice F, ; then there was a girl who sung "new dawn" was very good (never did show her name) ...The rest average at best, all can sing better than Me....But over all think some of the choices were off......But beauty is always in the eye of the beholder.....just seen nothing in the others

    • Harold Kelly
      Harold Kelly Year ago

      Carla Rose was the girl who sung "new dawn"

  • Diane Jorgensen
    Diane Jorgensen Year ago

    Such a talented young lady

  • Cecilia Matura
    Cecilia Matura Year ago

    Alice y Angelina, interpretaciones que seducen. Simplemente exquisito. Aquí Chile.

  • Diane Jorgensen
    Diane Jorgensen Year ago

    So amazing love her

  • easy street
    easy street Year ago

    24:16 Can anyone please tell me who the blond judge lady is? She reminds me of Jessica Lange but I really don't know. TIA

  • vahan kupalian
    vahan kupalian Year ago

    k FreeDreemer THANK YOU

  • Meldi Kurniawan
    Meldi Kurniawan Year ago

    Angelina Jordan.

  • Crystina Souza
    Crystina Souza Year ago

    Ai, meu coração!!!

  • Lala New
    Lala New Year ago

    о Аллах...Анджелина Джордан...маленький ангел с большим сердцем и пониманием музыки...счастья тебе ангелочек и большого творческого пути

  • hillybeans4&3
    hillybeans4&3 Year ago

    Okay it seems I'm the only one, but Rebecca Ferguson couldn't sing a lick, and she was constantly off key and out of tune. I can't believe ppl liked her?

  • Aleks Schtirlitz
    Aleks Schtirlitz Year ago

    Все вокалы топовые! Послушал в кайф!

  • Gary Young
    Gary Young Year ago +1

    Angelina Jordan stole my heart...

  • Mai Romero
    Mai Romero Year ago

    I love Stacey

  • lorna nunez
    lorna nunez Year ago

    This girl have that voice all her life.and just get to the her old lady red dress

  • lorna nunez
    lorna nunez Year ago

    The little beer foot princess came of of mom singing instead of crying.

  • Leon Victor Lissitza

    Leon victor lissitza 0

  • Tim Wright
    Tim Wright Year ago

    Thank You

  • Mari
    Mari Year ago

    Ruby Rose eres tú??

  • Grzegorz Latek
    Grzegorz Latek Year ago

    W życiu nie sądziłem ze ktoś będzie siedział dupą do występującego, nawet jeśli on nie nagrał nic.

  • Reinaldo17 Alvarez

    Exquisita. Selección. Escasamente. Entiendo español pero. De oyen. Fenomenales. Todos. Gracias. Desde colombia. Bucaramanga

  • Rafael Irias
    Rafael Irias Year ago


  • gr builders
    gr builders Year ago

    wow...i love it...blues will never die

  • Tanya Luv Lux
    Tanya Luv Lux Year ago

    They all suck


    you forgot to include Jahmene Douglas

  • Tomi Donikyan
    Tomi Donikyan Year ago


  • me
    me Year ago

    i'm tired watching videos with all those commercials and we need to stop watching and unsubscribe and dislike people who put all those commercials in their videos

  • Opalbird1
    Opalbird1 Year ago

    Rebecca is so off key. The whole song

  • Annie o
    Annie o Year ago

    I don't know what it is...but when there is a montage of X factor and The Voice....I find myself fast-forwarding through 'the voice'. Is it just me ?

  • nathen quigley
    nathen quigley Year ago

    They have it or they don't.

  • CherryBelly
    CherryBelly Year ago

    Gloomy sunday aka Hungarian Suicide Song XD Love that girl!

  • Ron Arrowsmith
    Ron Arrowsmith Year ago

    Best compilation ever !

  • samir jemai
    samir jemai Year ago

    alice is the best

  • thehappyhoof
    thehappyhoof Year ago +3

    They all sound like a cat with it's tail being slammed in the screen door.

    • x x
      x x 2 months ago

      You would know

  • thehappyhoof
    thehappyhoof Year ago +3

    They all sound the same there is very little of anything really original.

    • Earl Mccain
      Earl Mccain 3 months ago

      Really!They're all different and original.

  • deadhell304
    deadhell304 Year ago

  • Peter ml
    Peter ml Year ago

    29.09 min all chair rotated?

  • Николай Тизяев

    Прикрасные голоса интернет не подводил если то все прекрасно

  • leon levesque
    leon levesque Year ago

    Excellent,carry on!!

  • Gene S. Barbelognostic Mystic Reformed

    OMG!!!-Karise Eden-Just totally awesome!!!

  • Jorge Menendez Richter

  • Jorge Menendez Richter

  • Jorge Menendez Richter

  • Gary Zimmerman
    Gary Zimmerman Year ago

    Rebecca Ferguson 🤗👏