Kitten with a sick spine 😢 Hind paws paralyzed 😢

  • Published on Jul 1, 2019
  • Kitten with a sick spine - Hind paws paralyzed. The kitten jumped on the balcony and stuck in the door. In the veterinary clinic, the doctor will give injections every day. The doctor said the chances of being disabled 50/50.
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  • Robin Seplut
    Robin Seplut  5 months ago +1536

    I hope kitten will be healthy soon😢

    • Anderson Cooper
      Anderson Cooper 4 months ago

      -Bean Noises- he did take him to the vet read the description

    • Marcio Souza
      Marcio Souza 4 months ago

      Ele ainda esta vivo? Espero que sim!

    • Ixpextion
      Ixpextion 5 months ago

      Robin Seplut same here

    • Anabela Matos
      Anabela Matos 5 months ago

      @Ria Rio it was quite a miracle! I thought this cat will be paralized forever! I was wonderfully to be wrong!

  • Constanza Vallone
    Constanza Vallone 2 months ago

    normal people and me : oww this is so sad :'c
    fools: tHe KsKsKsK mAn

  • Marlene Vosloo
    Marlene Vosloo 3 months ago

    How is the paralysed calico girl doing.

  • Anni Wang
    Anni Wang 3 months ago

    The kitten got better, you can see it in a later video he posted!!! 💕💕💕💕

  • JacklynPlayez Gamez
    JacklynPlayez Gamez 3 months ago

    Mermaid kitty =3

  • Zee H
    Zee H 3 months ago

    Aww she was so thirsty. Please update on her.

  • Bettina Eicher
    Bettina Eicher 4 months ago

    Kippfenstersyndrom.... I don’t know the English word.
    When it was not too long in the window squeezed, it can recover completely.
    A dangerous situation.

  • Taufik Rahman
    Taufik Rahman 4 months ago +1

    This makes me sad. 😢😭

  • Adrian
    Adrian 4 months ago

    Kitty is so cool

  • KrisDaCrystal - Kris UwU

    Please take it to the vet

    EAT LAZER 4 months ago


  • 리뽈가좟
    리뽈가좟 4 months ago

    god bless you!!

  • HossSwayerpr
    HossSwayerpr 4 months ago


  • Sebastian Luy
    Sebastian Luy 4 months ago


    JAKER SCP 4 months ago +1

    (○ n○)
    / >🐈

  • Souvik Sen
    Souvik Sen 5 months ago

    My neighbour dog bite my kitten...and her spine was broken..plz tell me can she walk again with four legs?

  • fortnite neheru
    fortnite neheru 5 months ago


  • pixel gamer haert girl
    pixel gamer haert girl 5 months ago

    ): cat

  • Dakota Curry
    Dakota Curry 5 months ago

    Aww😭😫 this is so sad😫😫😫😫😫

  • Ladynoir
    Ladynoir 5 months ago +1


  • Ming Yik
    Ming Yik 5 months ago

    fracture hip before?

  • Vivian Espinoza Portillo

    Poor Calico 😥

  • Sloane
    Sloane 5 months ago +2

    Poor Babyyy!! She doesn’t even look up or look confident/ proud like other cats. She looks so down and depressed.

  • rosemarie hann
    rosemarie hann 5 months ago

    Poor cat

  • xcvbcxvb
    xcvbcxvb 5 months ago +1

    broken loaf of bread

  • Pineapple Forehead
    Pineapple Forehead 5 months ago +2

    The kitten just looks so down as if the poor kit knows what's happened and what will happen soon/next...😭😭😭

  • Ethan Tucker
    Ethan Tucker 5 months ago

    Poor thing

  • Calixto Alvarez
    Calixto Alvarez 5 months ago +2

    Two years ago about kittens coming out of a hole: *SKSKSKSKSKSKSK*

  • Witty gacha12
    Witty gacha12 5 months ago

    *heart clutch*

  • Ixpextion
    Ixpextion 5 months ago

    Poor cat ;-;

  • Denis The
    Denis The 5 months ago +1

    i cried , i need to avoid i cried hard

  • Pink Sodaz
    Pink Sodaz 5 months ago +1

    Sad Ksksksksk*

  • Sam B
    Sam B 5 months ago +1

    this is so sad. one like= if you feel sorry for this kitten.

  • Wygames
    Wygames 5 months ago

    Woohoo for the ksksksk man!

  • yosefwiizard
    yosefwiizard 5 months ago

    Feels like the cat on shenmue game can't even put the face up

  • TheGummyBear 17
    TheGummyBear 17 5 months ago


  • - avicxies -
    - avicxies - 5 months ago

    Aww🥺 how sad

  • ReygaPlayz
    ReygaPlayz 5 months ago

    finnaly no ksksksksks

  • DragominThePainter
    DragominThePainter 5 months ago +1

    You know. More than a week ago I accidently drove over one of our stable cats. I've raised all our stable cats and they are very friendly, but he was a bit too friendly that day. When reversing my car, he was behind one of my hind wheels and I hit him. Poor cat couldn't walk right with one of his hind legs. I took him into our stable and placed him in som soft bedding, but when I came back after calling a vet he was gone!! We have a small crack open for the cats to move around as they please. A week later I found him again, because he came to our front door starved and thirsty, and still with his hind leg in tow. I fed him, cleaned him and took him to the vet that day. His pelvis had been splitted hitting an important nerve as well. Seeing that he was a stable cat, and the fact that he'd made it worse in that week he was missing, he had to be put down, because the vet said it was too late to fix and it ruins a cats life to not walk.

  • Nightwolf 1023XD
    Nightwolf 1023XD 5 months ago

    Poor Baby

  • KrazyKOOl L
    KrazyKOOl L 5 months ago


  • Raw Croissants
    Raw Croissants 5 months ago +2

    It’s Kinda reminds me of Briarlight from warrior cats 😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢

    I hope this precious little kitten is able to live a normal happy life

  • Ds St
    Ds St 5 months ago

    В натуре заебал со своим КС КС

  • marilyn monroe
    marilyn monroe 5 months ago

    Aw this is sad 😟

  • Donna Miller
    Donna Miller 5 months ago

    give her some darkness to sleep in not so much blinding light from all angles. also maybe put down the camera and lie down. then lift her upon your stomach and chest. cats love to hear your heartbeat and they relaxxxx.

  • celya V fallen dream
    celya V fallen dream 5 months ago

    Noo my heart hurt !

  • I dont Know anymore
    I dont Know anymore 5 months ago

    She/he’s georgious

  • Waqas Ahmed
    Waqas Ahmed 5 months ago

    It hurts me a lot to see such a poor innocent creature like this.

  • Nabhatsornt Sirapetch
    Nabhatsornt Sirapetch 5 months ago

    ต้องพาไปหาหมอคะ ช่วยกันออกเงินค่าหมอ

  • Nabhatsornt Sirapetch
    Nabhatsornt Sirapetch 5 months ago


  • Joseph O'yek
    Joseph O'yek 5 months ago


  • Filip berakQWERTY Berak

    Why ??????

  • Simona Ranica
    Simona Ranica 5 months ago +1

    Hi Robin so sad to see needs help and love

  • Grace Wood
    Grace Wood 5 months ago

    These videos made me realized not to give up just because something bad happened to us. EVen though it's just a cat, you can clearly see that he/she is trying to survive atleast and not just trying to be at the side and get depressed.

  • J C
    J C 5 months ago

    Thank you for caring for this baby Robin. Bless you and all your furry babies.

  • Owlescent
    Owlescent 5 months ago

    Kitten: Is injured
    Robin: **Sad ksksksksks noises**

    PIA VAL 5 months ago

    get well soon cutie cat😸😸😸❤❤❤❤🐱🐱🐈🐈

    PIA VAL 5 months ago

    poor cat

  • Anne Lane
    Anne Lane 5 months ago

    I hope the new video is true that says the baby is well. Does everyone believe the video saying kitty is well is new video or old one? Doesn’t anyone live in Russia who can check on this kitty?!

  • Markus Hansen
    Markus Hansen 5 months ago