What If Bird Box Was Real?

  • Published on Jan 2, 2019
  • What If Bird Box Was Real?
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    The Birdbox has been trending on Netflix since its release last week. It presented a new idea - unlike the much portrayed zombie apocalypse cliche, we saw the outbreak of a different virus, a supernatural virus …or perhaps a creature…that takes a different form depending on who sees, but seeing it is a big issue. To see it is to be overcome with need to commit suicide. Cheery. So, with that in mind - join me as we ask…. What if the Birdbox was real.
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  • LifesBiggestQuestions
    LifesBiggestQuestions  7 months ago +71

    What If The Haunted Hill House Was Real?

  • xXHORIZONXx2020
    xXHORIZONXx2020 2 days ago

    The quiet place monster: I can't see
    The bird box monster: I can't hear

  • Mike Jones
    Mike Jones 22 days ago

    The monster is actually not a monster it’s actually God taking the good people to heaven that’s why the bad and insane stay on Earth

  • Manuela Juan
    Manuela Juan Month ago

    I think it was not that scary it was very scary

  • Manuela Juan
    Manuela Juan Month ago

    I watched it

  • Firman N
    Firman N Month ago

    Is the Great Old One! The Dreamer of R'Iyeh! Hail Cthulhu!

  • Mad_Funn Y
    Mad_Funn Y Month ago

    The monsters are pretty much demegorgins from stranger things

    • Firman N
      Firman N Month ago

      Nope, is Cthulhu! The Dreamer of R'lyeh!

  • Itgel Munkhbayar
    Itgel Munkhbayar 2 months ago

    A no b no c no

  • the mysterious
    the mysterious 2 months ago

    But if you are blind then you cannot run away from crazy people

  • Zoey Carlton
    Zoey Carlton 2 months ago

    I have and I thought it was more sad than scared !!

  • Tomatron
    Tomatron 2 months ago

    Just flex seal your eyes

  • TTA GAMER 4444A
    TTA GAMER 4444A 2 months ago

    IL die

  • Zac and Ted
    Zac and Ted 2 months ago +1

    Now Donald Trump build the wall thank you

  • D.Plague The docter
    D.Plague The docter 3 months ago

    This is why the neurax worm scenario was created in plague inc.

  • the golden apple
    the golden apple 3 months ago

    BUTT how would you survive the weeping angels or SCP-173

  • Cruiser Bye
    Cruiser Bye 3 months ago


  • Emil Gaye
    Emil Gaye 3 months ago

    I thou the bird box was cuthulu

  • Joseph Rosenal
    Joseph Rosenal 3 months ago


  • Joseph Rosenal
    Joseph Rosenal 3 months ago

    Whats up

  • Joseph Rosenal
    Joseph Rosenal 3 months ago


  • Funtime Foxy
    Funtime Foxy 3 months ago

    (Animals aren’t affected by the monster)

    Just so you know...

  • dj osearth
    dj osearth 3 months ago

    very very stupid take on everything fnck man !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Tommy V.
    Tommy V. 4 months ago +1

    Where is the Scp Foundation?

  • Gacha Girl*
    Gacha Girl* 4 months ago

    I would just kill my self

    MINUS SINUS 4 months ago

    If it was real I'll rob a whole god damn bank

  • SkipBayless_Opinions
    SkipBayless_Opinions 4 months ago

    Everyone would blind themselves...

  • french richard sandoval


  • James Lamberton
    James Lamberton 4 months ago

    I'd jab out my eyes with tooth pics

  • Brendan Duffy
    Brendan Duffy 4 months ago

    What if Australia was real?

  • Mii101 channel
    Mii101 channel 4 months ago

    What would happen if dinosaurs never died?

  • Adam Britsch
    Adam Britsch 4 months ago

    Couldn't you just close your eyes? Do we really need to gouge our eyes out lol?

  • Make Every Bite Count
    Make Every Bite Count 4 months ago

    “Bird Box” reminds me of “A Quiet Place” but 1000000000% better

  • IamAlexi
    IamAlexi 4 months ago +1

    I know how bird box monster like. It look like baby green face with body like snake . But I don’t know how size is. But it walk with beautiful leaves .

  • Joshua Abadano
    Joshua Abadano 4 months ago

    Easy. They would be captured. And Contained. By the SCP Foundation.

  • mister_noodle
    mister_noodle 4 months ago

    1. Yes 2. Forgot the question 3. I’d survive like how Malory does

  • rohanie soud itum
    rohanie soud itum 5 months ago

    Is it just me cause the person talking in the video sounds exactly like Rebbeca Felgate from most amazing top ten

  • Bxlle Axc
    Bxlle Axc 5 months ago

    she seems like she was already attached to them.

  • VincentTheConqueror
    VincentTheConqueror 5 months ago

    I'd be immune to the Bird Box creatures, I already have an urge to kill myself so yeaahhhh

  • Daquon Trotman
    Daquon Trotman 5 months ago

    Why is immigrating to the United States 🇺🇸 so difficult

  • fergus jan meaco
    fergus jan meaco 5 months ago


  • Hunter Samael
    Hunter Samael 5 months ago

    Obviously are lord and savior Cuthulu would spare Us devoted worshippers from these creatures.

    Can’t go insane if you already are ;3

  • Andrea Battiston
    Andrea Battiston 5 months ago

    A I have watch it😃

  • Che333 Gar
    Che333 Gar 5 months ago

    It's real dumbasses.

  • Alleanore Silverstorm 20
    Alleanore Silverstorm 20 5 months ago +1

    Then we're all doomed

  • ChristianTRP
    ChristianTRP 5 months ago

    1:45 scared me asf

  • horse lover
    horse lover 5 months ago

    The Bird box monster is not a monster it is a virus or an infection that kills you

  • Alex Arrieta
    Alex Arrieta 5 months ago

    Oh Rebecca Felgate😍

  • La Bonjour
    La Bonjour 5 months ago

    I dont think it is a virus, more like a presence of death

  • Juandaniel Zabala
    Juandaniel Zabala 5 months ago

    like si en tu pais habalan español y no entiendes nada

  • Vladimir Lenin
    Vladimir Lenin 5 months ago

    There already is! NOW, the Picture “momo” is now causing people to commit suicide! There’s news here in the Philippines in where a child hurt himself/herself because of it! It’s also now ads found in games and videos and puts in viruses so please be careful

  • Athina TC
    Athina TC 5 months ago

    If bird box was real i would have died of a heart attack before the creatures got me

  • Allan Foster
    Allan Foster 5 months ago

    Doctors:your blind, I’m soo sorry
    Bird box: Take off your blindfold!
    Me: ok “takes off glasses” BAHAHAHAHA IM BLIND

  • yoshi123 kp
    yoshi123 kp 5 months ago

    way the neme is brid box

  • Brianna Plays
    Brianna Plays 6 months ago

    I seen it with my mom

    SIMONE ESPOSITO 6 months ago

    1. Take a lot of food or even go live in an empty store.
    2. Stay only with family or very close friends.
    3. Help program a multiplayer vr game to still be in visual contact with others
    4. Exercise
    5. Program a automated drones to fly to a near market and get some food
    6. Nut

  • Dogs. Aj
    Dogs. Aj 6 months ago

    So it’s the eye sight version of the quiet place. So, shouldn’t it be called the blind place?

  • Jazzy Maria
    Jazzy Maria 6 months ago

    I don't have Netflix so I can't watch bird box☹️😭😢

  • ElleAlia Dubois
    ElleAlia Dubois 6 months ago

    well you could blind yourself or fight back

  • Electric Gacha
    Electric Gacha 6 months ago

    A yes
    C I will just.. SCREAAAAAAM

  • rose Battenfield
    rose Battenfield 6 months ago

    In though it was really intense

  • Keila Riley
    Keila Riley 6 months ago

    The monster is scared of the bird thats why it is called bird box

    • Luna Rose
      Luna Rose 6 months ago

      No? The birds warn Mallorie and the rest when the Monster is near.

  • FaintIguana
    FaintIguana 6 months ago

    What if Burger King didn’t exist

  • Grace J
    Grace J 6 months ago

    So it's kinda like what if the happening was real.

  • Koyu PandaWover
    Koyu PandaWover 6 months ago

    Honestly I be dead with out a heart beat, if it happened and I don’t know what is going on of course I would look to see.

  • Kathy Ruto
    Kathy Ruto 6 months ago

    This got me nightmares
    Like= if you have the same thing as me

  • Amy Delvalle
    Amy Delvalle 6 months ago

    Yes good run

  • Creepy_pasta_films 86
    Creepy_pasta_films 86 6 months ago

    I’d try to fight it cause I’m not killing myself cause is there anything possibly scarier than darkness, possibly there is something more scary but yeah, I’d try to fight it

  • The Mighty Umbreon
    The Mighty Umbreon 6 months ago

    I would put on my blindfold and go around looking for a creature and start tweaking on them and later wait what happens

  • late forever
    late forever 6 months ago

    If if Bird Box was real then it would say something about true story on the front LOL😂

  • BunB Johnson
    BunB Johnson 6 months ago

    Oliva and tom

  • Ultra V Ninja
    Ultra V Ninja 6 months ago


  • Sheldon Nelson
    Sheldon Nelson 6 months ago

    It’s not real monsters are not real

  • Sheldon Nelson
    Sheldon Nelson 6 months ago

    I would keep all my blindfold forever

  • Electro Gamer
    Electro Gamer 6 months ago

    Because of genetic engineering we might be able to create echolocation in humans which is not sight but acts like it

  • Mce 1863
    Mce 1863 6 months ago

    Oh so people want to kill themselves. Who woke up Cthulhu