Luther Barnes- That Other Shore


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  • Wanda Evans
    Wanda Evans Month ago

    One of my favorites.such a spirit filled song

  • Rosa Clark
    Rosa Clark 2 months ago

    how sweet and true HIS WORDS are, I'm waiting for that day. I do not fear only peace at the end

  • Alli ThePharmacist
    Alli ThePharmacist 4 months ago

    I recently lost my mom June 10, 2018. She died very unexpectedly at 58 years old of a massive heart attack. This was her favorite song, especially verse 3. I had them sing this at her funeral. I know she is looking down on us from heaven. And she rejoiced the day she met Jesus and got to behold the lamb of God, and that she is experiencing joy forever more, in that other shore. ❤️

    • Kim Dixon
      Kim Dixon 3 months ago

      Alli ThePharmacist God bless you and he will gradually take your pain away so it's at least bearable. I lost my mom 2014 exactly on my birthday. I didn't want to celebrate another. But a friend wrote me on FB and said, how very blessed you are to celebrate your birthday on the same day your mommy entered into eternal life to be with the Lord! That turned everything around for me! Instead of just thinking of what I lost, I started focusing on what mommy gained! She worked hard for the Lord! She ate, slept drank thought everything Jesus! So many people said she was the only one they saw consistently represent the Lord, no half stepping. Even when she was dying and had some suffering! She was my example.
      Shine a light on your mom! Let any good deed be a testimony on her behalf!

  • Starchika Antley
    Starchika Antley 4 months ago

    I'm been to a lots of your concerts and your are amazing keep on being bless.😢😢😢

  • Sheila Mccullough
    Sheila Mccullough 5 months ago

    got to thinking about about this now I'm listening Praise God

  • Rosa Clark
    Rosa Clark 5 months ago


  • shelia mccullough
    shelia mccullough 7 months ago

    listen to the radio had to look this up

  • Ola Mae Sanders
    Ola Mae Sanders 8 months ago

    Sam. Cooke

  • Cartus Wright
    Cartus Wright 9 months ago +2

    I had them sing this song at my dad funeral never in a million years I thought I would be burying my dad

  • Geriyah Williams
    Geriyah Williams 9 months ago +2

    I love this song. My mom died at only 47. All i do is cry and listen to this song

  • Mikaila Trice
    Mikaila Trice 11 months ago

    This song is so beauuutiful. It makes me want to cry, But God is wiping all of my tears.

  • Krystle Jackson
    Krystle Jackson Year ago

    I love this song! It gives me strength to keep holding on..💪😇

  • Lenette Mickens
    Lenette Mickens Year ago +1

    I love this song, oh what a joy when I reach that other shore. I shall behold the throne of God, no more pain and suffering, so much joy.

  • MrFredw81
    MrFredw81 Year ago +4

    Today, I feel extra emotional and this song brought it out all the more. My father died February 12, 2013. He and I were supposed to have lunch that evening after his dialysis appointment. He called me to say he had a blood clot and was being taken to see a specialist so we would have to delay lunch an hour. I was okay with that, but when I called him an hour later, there was no answer. Then, he never called me, which wasn't like him as we talked at least 3 times a day. So I called the doctor's office who informed me that he suffered sudden cardiac arrest and was taken by helicopter to the hospital where we found him brain dead. Three days later, he passed on. As I hear this song, it ministers to my spirit, it promises me hope that when I reach that other shore, I will see Dad again and never have to part with him. I hurt now, but this song helps give me hope, it's the only hope I have. Such beautiful lyrics and music.

  • Brenda Rose
    Brenda Rose 2 years ago +4

    I lost my husband nov4 2014 to lung cancer I know god had a plan for him to take him home

  • Brenda Rose
    Brenda Rose 2 years ago +2

    god bless

  • Aaliyah M.
    Aaliyah M. 2 years ago +2

    R.I.P Great-Grandma 🙏🏽

  • Latasha K
    Latasha K 2 years ago +6


  • Dannett Williams
    Dannett Williams 2 years ago +2

    Rip Sheila Jones gone but not forgotten love u cousin 9 27 2016

  • Selaine Jeffcoat
    Selaine Jeffcoat 2 years ago +4


  • rellshon99
    rellshon99 2 years ago +6

    A very beautiful song Amen.

  • Lakesia Williams
    Lakesia Williams 2 years ago +1

    God bless everyone today I just
    thought that I should care a lot of people
    I feel very sorry for people who died
    kids thank your parents for all they did for your life
    I am so sorry and blessed

  • Brent West
    Brent West 2 years ago

    My grandfather passed in 2010...he loved this song I had never heard it until his funeral when the choir sang it. Gets me every time.

    • rellshon99
      rellshon99 2 years ago

      +Brent West you're welcome

    • Brent West
      Brent West 2 years ago +1

      Thank you I certainly appreciate it

    • rellshon99
      rellshon99 2 years ago

      sorry about your loss man. just know that this is a beautiful song and your grandfather is in a better place. everything is going to be ok.
      -Rev. Shon

  • Pamela Bartelle
    Pamela Bartelle 2 years ago +1

    Bless the Lord!!!

  • antonio sloan
    antonio sloan 2 years ago +5

    this song reminded me when god calls every saved christain home we will be free and reunited with loved ones. i cant wait

  • Carla Craft
    Carla Craft 2 years ago +3

    Awesome, spiritual song...God's blessing indeed!😍

  • Thomas Edwards
    Thomas Edwards 2 years ago

    i love this song lost my mom August 16 2015 and it still hurt till this day i love u and miss you mom

    • Michelle Knefelkamp
      Michelle Knefelkamp 2 years ago

      sorry for your loss. may you find comfort in the lamb. God's blessing over you

  • MsZyona
    MsZyona 3 years ago +15

    ***In memory of my daughter TANZANIA LACHELE GEORGE, passed away July 30, 2015***
    Will love you forever my dear child. I miss you and will forever love you!!!!

  • Devione Burrell
    Devione Burrell 3 years ago


  • Maurice King
    Maurice King 3 years ago +19

    pray for me,lm singing "the other shore" and it will be hard to contain myself
    .I really love this song.

  • Maurice King
    Maurice King 3 years ago +2

    pray for me,lm singing "the other shore" and it will be hard to contain myself
    .I really love this song.

  • Maurice King
    Maurice King 3 years ago

    pray for me,lm singing "the other shore" and it will be hard to contain myself

  • Maurice King
    Maurice King 3 years ago +3

    pray for me,lm singing "the other shore" and it will be hard to contain myself

  • James Wingfield
    James Wingfield 3 years ago


  • louisianagirl91
    louisianagirl91 3 years ago

    I truly love this song and I can't wait to get to heaven and be with my mommy again

  • Kevin Canady
    Kevin Canady 3 years ago

    My God I give You the GLORY... Thank You for what you do then now and FOREVER MORE... Thank You

  • Keisha Flowers
    Keisha Flowers 3 years ago +9

    My father passed July 17 2015 and this song is my comfort right now.

    • Cynthia
      Cynthia 3 years ago +1

      +MsZyona My only daughter died May 10, 2014, the day before Mother's Day. She was 26. Look up the song "Dancing in the Sky" by Dani and Lizzy on TVclip. It hurts but it helps. YAH bless you!

    • MsZyona
      MsZyona 3 years ago +4

      I'm so sorry. My daughter passed away July 30, 2015. May their souls Rest in Paradise.

    • Keisha Flowers
      Keisha Flowers 3 years ago

      Thank you very much

    • James Wingfield
      James Wingfield 3 years ago

      sorry for your lost

    • James Wingfield
      James Wingfield 3 years ago

      sorry for your lost

  • Sharlene Stewart-Nicholas

    Such an inspiration. Am overshadowed by an awesome presence every time i hear this song.

  • Carol Gray
    Carol Gray 3 years ago

  • Charlene Barr
    Charlene Barr 4 years ago +2

    Just love this song

  • Adrienne Anderson
    Adrienne Anderson 4 years ago +2

    A true worship song. Absolutely love it. Thank you Lord for we Praise your Name

  • addianable
    addianable 4 years ago +2

    i worship while this song played back in the day loved/love it....... the barnes are awesome

  • Marie Haywood
    Marie Haywood 4 years ago +3

    this has become my favorite song. Thank you LORD for giving us another home on that other shore.

  • Jamal Harris
    Jamal Harris 4 years ago +2

    Love this song,

  • melvin reese
    melvin reese 4 years ago +3

    My most cherish song greatest desire the song and prayer my soul has always long for my life whole

  • Cheryl Armond
    Cheryl Armond 5 years ago +3

    I love this song hope is to behold HIM face to face!

  • Darius Wilson
    Darius Wilson 5 years ago +1

    I love this song... Can't wait to sing it at church

  • Tayee Parker
    Tayee Parker 5 years ago +2

    Wow finally found this song. My mother use to LOVE this song.

  • Tabitha Joseph
    Tabitha Joseph 5 years ago

    My God, My God, I love this song. Every time I hear it I weep. I am going through something right now, but this I know that for every tear I shed , God will wipe my tears away.

  • Brandy Davis
    Brandy Davis 5 years ago +5

    Tears....Because i have been down the dark road an it took me to ask someone what road do i take to 2 get to Jesus because the devil just keep taking me down this dark road..An you have been a real support to me threww the bad an good:) an i will always Love You 4 that and t with God on are side we will be okay Love You>

  • Claudette Mitchell
    Claudette Mitchell 5 years ago

    Niece Brandy Davis...
    "We" LOVE you! ♡

  • Claudette Mitchell
    Claudette Mitchell 5 years ago +5

    Niece Brandy Davis, everytime I listen to this BEAUTIFUL "tune" and read your comments... it brings me "JOY!"
    Who would have thunk' it???
    Took 29 yrs., but, finally! ツ
    I do not have words to express the "GREAT JOY" that I feel for what you have done here, for how you have grown in "THE LORD."
    Niece Brandy, we have surely had our differences over the years... but, Oh well! All that matters is the "here & now." I see your "LIGHT SHINING!"
    I LOVE you! ♡

  • Brandy Davis
    Brandy Davis 5 years ago

    you are more then welcome Love You

  • Claudette Mitchell
    Claudette Mitchell 5 years ago

    Thank you so much for your sweet comments and "PRAYER" request Niece Brandy! This is just sweet, sweet, sweet of you. I sincerely appreciate what you've done here... asking your TVclip' Friends to "PRAY" for us. Who knows, "GOD" just may turn the situation around. "HE" surely is able! But, yeah, if "HE" doesn't, it won't be much longer before my Dearest Friend will be leaving me for 'That Other Shore.'
    I am NOT ready for this.
    Thanks again Brandy!
    Thanks TVclip!
    GOD BLESS y'all! †

  • Brandy Davis
    Brandy Davis 5 years ago +1

    I ask for everybody to keep my Auntie in their prayers..she is soon ready to loose somebody dear to her its only a matter of days...She is a strong woman so just pray that God gives her Strength to go threw this..But we know he is going to b in a better place.Just pray for us Thanks My TVclip Friends...God Bless

  • Brandy Davis
    Brandy Davis 5 years ago +1

    this was a beautiful song!! Thank You auntie Claudette Mitchell..I no there is going to be brighter days:) No More Crying No More Weeping,,Yes i just wipe my tears

  • Claudette Mitchell
    Claudette Mitchell 5 years ago +2

    No more "weeping", no more "weeping." ツ
    Smh, smh... OH LORD! ツ Smh! †

  • Claudette Mitchell
    Claudette Mitchell 5 years ago

    I am sooo' looking forward to "That Other Shore"... †
    No more "weeping!"
    Smh... ツ

  • cocodrake
    cocodrake 5 years ago

    OH!!! The JOY of meeting JESUS !!!!! What a day that will be Mortal tongue cannot portray
    I love that line. Makes we want to praise him right NOW in a heavenly language.
    I think I will hold on be back in a few. Man that was GOOOOD!!

  • Deloris GivemeYou McNeill

    dedicated to my mom, Margaret Louise Hicks

  • louisianagirl91
    louisianagirl91 5 years ago +3

    What an amazing song, I thank God for my life, health, and strength!

  • Monia Walton
    Monia Walton 5 years ago +3

    This song is so touching, I feel like crying. But a joyful cry !!!!!!!

  • CaTasha Clark
    CaTasha Clark 5 years ago +2

    This song has helped to deal with the loss of my grandaddy last weekend. Now as I prepare myself to attend his funeral I keep singing this song over and over and over. I love this song

  • Kelvin Cobb
    Kelvin Cobb 5 years ago +1

    I love this song. my grand mother pass and I know she there.

  • trey scott
    trey scott 5 years ago

    this song is dedicated to my late Pastor Elder Willie D. Hammonds i miss you so much, but i know you up in heaven with the angels......ask God to send an angel down for me u know you brother,friend,mentor

  • Dalvin Dal Lowe
    Dalvin Dal Lowe 6 years ago +2

    I love this song me and my mom use to sing this as I was a child

  • B Devine
    B Devine 6 years ago

    I intend, that all my thoughts, words, and deeds serve the highest good of the universe, myself, and others. So be it, and so it is!

  • B Devine
    B Devine 6 years ago

    He sound just like the O'Jays.

  • Tatorri Smith
    Tatorri Smith 6 years ago

    Makes me think of my brother R.I.P. Cedric B. Wade!

  • sharetha williams
    sharetha williams 6 years ago

    this is really a beautiful song and sung so good by them...!!! MY MOMMA REALLY LOVED THIS SONG!! R.I.P. MAMA MISS U SO SO MUCH ON THIS THIS DAY!!!!!

  • MzStephanie Hunt
    MzStephanie Hunt 6 years ago

    I'm so sorry for your lost. I haven't lost my mother, so I couldn't imagine what you're going through. But GOD will carry you@churchyreal

  • Bennett Yancey
    Bennett Yancey 6 years ago

    Today would have been my mom's 58th birthday. She passed July 15 of this year from stage 4 cancer. While my heart is heavy I also rejoice that she's not suffering anymore and is at rest. May God bless my family and all other families grieving loss. If you're grieving loss like me please be encouraged! It's not easy but God is with you!!

  • Shaniya Garner
    Shaniya Garner 6 years ago +2

    I fell in love with this song at a very young age and 12 years later I still cry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Patricia Miles
    Patricia Miles 6 years ago

    Soon and very soon, we will be going home. Oh, hallelujah!!! Just thinking about it excites me.

  • mbrit008
    mbrit008 6 years ago

    Who could not like this song?

  • titusII71
    titusII71 6 years ago

    My brother told me about this song this evening. This song is so biblical "it is not even funny". Thank You Father, for who You are, thank You Jesus, for who You are, and thank You Holy spirit, for who You are, an AWESOME, AWESOME GODHEAD!

  • Kelly Allen
    Kelly Allen 6 years ago

    @ShayBarbie13 I think about my grandmother as well with this song. This was played on a video for her service. So I understand how you feel. R.I.P Grandma Grace.

  • Kelly Allen
    Kelly Allen 7 years ago

    This was played in my Grandmothers contribute slide show when she passed. I keep playing it over and over again.Thank you for posting this.

  • 9dobson
    9dobson 7 years ago

    i love this old song we sing it at church sometime

  • LaBron Kozone
    LaBron Kozone 7 years ago


  • nsilentnite
    nsilentnite 7 years ago

    Moving. God is good

  • Natasha Jones
    Natasha Jones 7 years ago

    Every single time that I hear this song... It just makes me wanna rejoice!!!!!!!!! :)

  • Jeanette Jackson
    Jeanette Jackson 7 years ago


    RIP Francis Marie Thomas

    • Laura Britton
      Laura Britton 9 months ago

      Jeanette Jackson d gfs ex

      Dexter dad

      Dexter Daniels whh
      When thegate swing open

    • Dannett Williams
      Dannett Williams 2 years ago +1

      God keep your arms around my mother and grandma i know they in haven looking down Minne Jackson and Ethel Johnson my heart is full love and missing y'all