Our Gender Reveal...(Pt. 4/4)

  • Published on Apr 18, 2019
  • ITS A.... PRANK
    (For Help)

    To be clear, our incredible partners at Bang Energy did not approve of this prank, and weren’t even aware of the concept of this video. We are sorry for any confusion this may a have caused in a previous version of the video.
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  • Vapour
    Vapour 13 minutes ago

    Honestly at this point I’m unsure what’s fake and what’s real.

  • LeAnne Spencer
    LeAnne Spencer Hour ago


  • romanticbebee
    romanticbebee 2 hours ago

    Def think she should have donated 100% proceeds to plan parenthood. I don’t even understand why this was such an elaborate prank ? Pretty fuuuukked up

  • Life of Leilani
    Life of Leilani 3 hours ago

    When they were talking about names and they got to Leilani I was yeass

  • Life of Leilani
    Life of Leilani 3 hours ago

    My name is Leilani ❤️

  • Amiyah Adams
    Amiyah Adams 5 hours ago

    Your stomach is about as flat as the wall

  • vanessa nollie gabrielle forever

    This is how many people think there fake l l l l l l l

  • vanessa nollie gabrielle forever

    I was a fan and i sas going to support u all the way with the baby know im done with u my mom lost a baby before and its not a good prank so im dont i unsucraied and no long your fans so bye 🙄🙄

  • SpringTea
    SpringTea 7 hours ago

    If this is real, imagine she records herself giving birth

  • H. H Sings
    H. H Sings 8 hours ago

    Omg I’ve never gotten that many likes on a comment before 😂

  • lexie gliszczynski
    lexie gliszczynski 12 hours ago

    You honestly need counseling.

  • Htp Nini
    Htp Nini 12 hours ago

    Girl doggggo

  • S A M P A T H Y ?
    S A M P A T H Y ? 14 hours ago +1

    If she actually did have a baby she would leave Mikey as soon as the baby is born and take all his child care cash.

  • Person Me
    Person Me 14 hours ago +1

    My birthday is August 12th......

  • Maradona Shabo
    Maradona Shabo 21 hour ago

    Liar 🤥 CLICKBAITER you can tell this is fake because no one cares when they saw the gender

  • hwasa's thighs
    hwasa's thighs 22 hours ago

    Omfg you shouldnt even have a bf you fucking disgusting rat lol ur a child go and play with ur toys instead of educating about something you shouldnt even be thinking about.

  • falcons for life

    Bru you both are actually retarted

  • Anime Addict
    Anime Addict Day ago +1

    1979: In thirty years from now there will be flying cars!
    2019: *13 year olds faking pregnancy*

  • Lizbeth Sanchez
    Lizbeth Sanchez Day ago +1

    Y'all just money hungry 💀 dead ass had to FAKE a pregnancy just for views.... if someone don't beat that ass I will

  • Jizzy _montana Nay

    I love how Danielle don’t care about the hate from you guys

  • Jack Martinez
    Jack Martinez Day ago

    Jesus, even her friend is a thot

  • Anna !
    Anna ! Day ago

    When you post a vid saying that she is 11 and then now she is “pregnant”

  • angela's world.
    angela's world. Day ago

    She would have to be lot bigger to know what gender it is 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  • Someweirdwitchbich

    I've never seen so many ads in a 14 minute video.

  • Actress Lilly
    Actress Lilly Day ago

    Wow more dislikes than likes oof. Keeping popularity by lying oof

  • Maribel Lazaro
    Maribel Lazaro Day ago

    This dumb bitch has total shit in her head .

  • The fondren Squad

    They are not pregnant people really think she is pregnant she is not so look at the video people love you guys🥰🤨😑🥰🥰

  • January Flower
    January Flower Day ago


  • VvKavla
    VvKavla 2 days ago

    This is soooo fake they would be cheering 😂

  • InSaNe_GaMiNg
    InSaNe_GaMiNg 2 days ago +1

    This is a very serious matter, I lost a baby at 14 and a half weeks which is a hard thing to deal with, and she just goes and fakes a pregnancy? Like is she fucked in the head? Wait till she really has a baby and has to face miscarriages and pain. Smh

  • Id Iui
    Id Iui 2 days ago +1

    okay so I'm going to be honest I used to hate Dani Android all of a sudden I love her and I feel bad for her because of everyone hating so I'm a Dani supporter

  • Hope Adamson
    Hope Adamson 2 days ago

    Y’all need to be more nice!!!! I know u shouldn’t joke about it but she is young!!! U guys r sick to talk about her like that!!!! It drives me insane that y’all r being that mean to her!!!

  • Kacey Lynnbead
    Kacey Lynnbead 2 days ago +1

    Bro I was talking to my friend and she still thinks you’re pregnant

  • Alayna Czyzewski
    Alayna Czyzewski 2 days ago

    duh its a prank we all knew this from the start

  • Kana Nellis
    Kana Nellis 2 days ago +1

    This is how many people like Dani
    Including me

  • Alyssa Gallimore
    Alyssa Gallimore 2 days ago

    She say shes half french half spanish bish

  • ѕoмəтнιn ѕмəllѕ FᏆᏚᎻY

    Why so much ads?

  • Ashaya Baez
    Ashaya Baez 2 days ago +1

    I swear u wanta just slap her for being dumb😂💯

  • BillyMaster 123
    BillyMaster 123 2 days ago +1

    This is how many people that have done 👇🏻the this is how many people thing

  • YOUR T R A S H
    YOUR T R A S H 2 days ago +2

    Was this supposed to be funny

  • vic jaanu
    vic jaanu 2 days ago +1

    Seriously ?!?!!
    She’s literally 15 years old !!!
    Those days kids are having a kids !!!
    She wants to be all grown up but few years later she will regret that she lost her childhood !!!!

  • Solea Sunga
    Solea Sunga 2 days ago +1

    Oh *trust me* if I was even pregnant for real, my mom wouldn't even allow me to be on the internet

  • Ingrid Lenart
    Ingrid Lenart 2 days ago

    -read decription-

  • Sruthi
    Sruthi 2 days ago

    It's sad to see people who have the platform to influence and to spread awareness joke about something as serious as 'teen pregnancy'. You not only faked you're way into gaining views but you also had the guts to say 'Teen pregnancy is very serious. Your actions said otherwise. I'm utterly disgusted.

  • #armyforever #BTS
    #armyforever #BTS 2 days ago

    Gurl no one's interested in your life
    A lie and that's what it is
    And she really thinks fake pregnancy is cool gender reveal “omg I'm so excited to see my baby for the first time omg wanna make a another one"???
    And her best friend must be like Dan we're over I wanna end this I'm not your girlfriend(best friend 😂) anymore

  • Sahri's Vlogs
    Sahri's Vlogs 2 days ago

    jezzz u should have kids they would be soooo cute!

  • Joselyn Bustillos
    Joselyn Bustillos 3 days ago

    Dude Camryn and maddie lambert made a video for you to give you advise on teen pregnancy but you faked it, its seriously not a joke

  • Abigail Suarez
    Abigail Suarez 3 days ago

    You guys are so dumb for faking this some of your fans were really happy for you guys with this idk what they will think now

  • Kayla Cuellar
    Kayla Cuellar 3 days ago

    At least I don’t actually share a due date with you lol

  • Racheal Morales ficke

    And they dumb for seeing her stomach wasnt getting bigger

  • Justiss Martinez
    Justiss Martinez 3 days ago

    She's 15 abd she is pregnant and she is in school i can list so many reasons sge is to young and sge is married.My gosh she has so many problems

  • Krispy Kreamer13
    Krispy Kreamer13 3 days ago

    U have a horrible mom. She let u have a kid at like 5 years old

  • Julia Muñoz
    Julia Muñoz 3 days ago

    You are fucking sick for faking a pregnancy 🖕

  • Soo Lee
    Soo Lee 3 days ago +2

    I trusted you dani. Now I don't

  • Awa Faal
    Awa Faal 3 days ago

    Who read the description?

  • Prisci Godoy
    Prisci Godoy 3 days ago +1

    She is only fat, she isn't pregnant

  • Blanca Fierros
    Blanca Fierros 3 days ago +1

    The FBI joined the chat

  • Kendra Durham
    Kendra Durham 3 days ago

    Your not pregnant your 13 or 14 hoe

  • Blanca Fierros
    Blanca Fierros 3 days ago +2

    Danielle Cohn(cone): who you gonna call??

  • Becky Hay
    Becky Hay 3 days ago +1

    Faking pregnancy is not funny nor a joke it’s a serious matter but love you guys x

  • jhedaii mathurin
    jhedaii mathurin 3 days ago

    This bitch.

  • Gossip Queen
    Gossip Queen 3 days ago

    Girl, you can’t just joke about a pregnancy. It’s a life you are joking about, not just an object. I know it’s supposed to be a “joke”, but, think of all the mothers whom have had miscarriages. Some things are not meant to be joked about, and a pregnancy is one of them. It’s a baby, not a joke.

  • llorenna mai
    llorenna mai 3 days ago

    this wasnt a 'fun video' and this is not a 'prank' this is just sick some people have lost children on brothers/sisters. this is not 'entertainment' and if your saying this isnt a joke why make it a joke. you wanted to give us tea well done you made your friends happy for you and then let them down you made a joke out of teen pregnancy. well done you played yourself

  • llorenna mai
    llorenna mai 3 days ago

    of course they wore matching outfits

  • Ezekiel Perez
    Ezekiel Perez 3 days ago

    All i really cared about was the persom with the lil peep shirt

  • frederick David
    frederick David 3 days ago

    Wow this is really messed up teen pregnancy is not to luagh and look at your age its disgusting

  • Mia Gamez
    Mia Gamez 4 days ago

    She seriously pretended to be pregnant for clout???

  • Sadie Kampsula
    Sadie Kampsula 4 days ago

    Everything about her is fake from her personality to her age. This prank has gone way too far and was not okay to begin with.

  • Evelina Diaz
    Evelina Diaz 4 days ago

    This sucks tbh like 🙄

  • Caden Clark
    Caden Clark 4 days ago

    They gonna rent a baby just for one video

  • Caden Clark
    Caden Clark 4 days ago

    I garuntee they make a video saying they had a miscarriage

  • Caden Clark
    Caden Clark 4 days ago

    Imagine throwing a fake gender reveal

  • Caden Clark
    Caden Clark 4 days ago

    Not another danni

  • Caden Clark
    Caden Clark 4 days ago

    If its actually some way real im just in disbelief

  • Caden Clark
    Caden Clark 4 days ago

    If she actually has a baby, were living in a simulation

  • Caden Clark
    Caden Clark 4 days ago

    You cant find out that quick...😂

  • Ashley Tenllado
    Ashley Tenllado 4 days ago


  • Margaret Osterhaus
    Margaret Osterhaus 4 days ago

    omfg....you know how many women can't have kids?!?! you're disgusting

  • Heartbreak club
    Heartbreak club 4 days ago +1

    She ain't 12 for 3 years straight 😂, but yea I agree she shouldn't have had done this its childish

  • Jordyn K
    Jordyn K 4 days ago

    what is wrong with youe extension

  • Jordyn K
    Jordyn K 4 days ago

    if your actually pregnant your a hoe no offense

  • Juanita Camargo
    Juanita Camargo 4 days ago +1

    Your only do it for the views

  • Nightcore Oblivion
    Nightcore Oblivion 4 days ago

    Hey Danielle go do yourself a favour and go see a therapist by the sounds of it your a sick person who makes discussing pranks ik this was 1 month ago but still I'm mad do u know how offensive that is please don't spam me hate because I'm not being a hater I'm just being honest.

  • Hell girl
    Hell girl 4 days ago

    Gurl,u know what is to be fat and to be pregnant

  • lolMSPluvs
    lolMSPluvs 4 days ago

    Tbh none of us were pranked because its obvious they weren't having a baby especially when shes *ACTUALLY* like 12 or 13 😑

  • Carmen Reever
    Carmen Reever 4 days ago

    Ayy playing lil skies I see u getting lit and I'm Soo happy for guys I was than it was a prank

  • London Dunbar
    London Dunbar 4 days ago

    This is so not cool.People like Cam&Fam are teen parents the fact the she lied for views is so not cool

  • Abbi2 m
    Abbi2 m 4 days ago

    This hoe needs to be on Dr Phil

  • AsianisLife :_:
    AsianisLife :_: 4 days ago

    So she’s not pregnant :)

  • Beth G
    Beth G 4 days ago

    girly we knew 🤣🤣

  • Elated Kennedi
    Elated Kennedi 4 days ago

    She does not even have a big belly

  • Jessica Daisy
    Jessica Daisy 4 days ago

    Guys it says it’s a prank chill

  • Monica De la garza
    Monica De la garza 4 days ago +1

    👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎😡😡😡😡fuck u danielle cohn

  • Namjin Forever
    Namjin Forever 4 days ago

    The amount of dislikes lol

  • _전정국
    _전정국 4 days ago

    You’re sick in the head i lost my fucking brother my mom was about to give birth to him and we fucking lost him you don’t know how much we fucking cried and how devastated we were. You’re disgusting. someone needs to tell your mom to teach you and take care of you better smh 💀
    Edit:: Spread awarness not this shit.

  • Rosso Tifosi
    Rosso Tifosi 4 days ago

    Seeing like/dislike ratio makes me happy and gives me hope.

  • Hi I'm Aiden
    Hi I'm Aiden 5 days ago +1


  • Eden Somerville
    Eden Somerville 5 days ago

    you shouldnt joke about these matters

  • Nick Idc
    Nick Idc 5 days ago +3

    Man where tf is dr phil when you need him

  • Nick Idc
    Nick Idc 5 days ago

    On instagram story you said you were 14 so wtf you actually have to be trolling