• Published on Sep 8, 2018
  • WEIRD Food Combinations People LOVE!! EATING GROSS AND FUNKY DIY + FOOD! Leave a Like if you enjoyed and there are some weird combinations you want me to try! WATCH THE LAST ONE
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  • SSSniperWolf
    SSSniperWolf  Year ago +4826


    • Makenzie show stuff
      Makenzie show stuff 6 days ago

      Almost all of them expect the tost and shrug and butter!~~

    • Charlie Dash
      Charlie Dash 2 months ago

      The chocolate and ketchup

    • Jaylee Bolton
      Jaylee Bolton 4 months ago

      You should try cinnamon sugar bread and butter the first ingredient is toast your bread at the way you like it the butter and put cinnamon on it spread it out then put a little bit of sugar on it spread that out and you can just eat it it taste really good

    • Kymoria Timms-Anderson
      Kymoria Timms-Anderson 4 months ago

      Bread and butter and sugar

    • Heather Brown
      Heather Brown 4 months ago +1

      I'm sorry something wrong with your eyebrows no violence or anything you know

  • unknown vang
    unknown vang 3 hours ago


  • jasmine Caventa
    jasmine Caventa 13 hours ago

    did she sung billie eilish's bellyache?!?

  • Nightmare Gacha Sierra
    Nightmare Gacha Sierra 19 hours ago

    Okay WHAT THE HECK?! People think marshmellow and popcorn is gross? I DID NOT KNOW THAT. BRUUUUUUH.

  • lovely ayda
    lovely ayda 2 days ago

    Ketchup and chocolate!!!!!!!!

  • Ivelisse LaReina
    Ivelisse LaReina 2 days ago

    Colicit and ketchup

  • Ivelisse LaReina
    Ivelisse LaReina 2 days ago

    I tried it I tow up

  • vilde andrea knutsen

    Whys the ketchup green...

  • Abigail Henson
    Abigail Henson 3 days ago


  • CatPlamena Mihailova

    hey try Chikin wiht chocolat sorry im not english im spanish 👍༼ つ ◕‿◕ ༽つ

  • Mark Galang
    Mark Galang 3 days ago


  • cmb
    cmb 4 days ago

    Next time try my favorate italian ice and tortia chips

  • Emily Odonnell
    Emily Odonnell 4 days ago

    I can see you loud and clear

  • Susi Lorenzo
    Susi Lorenzo 4 days ago

    7:02 torrtalia pizza 😂🤣

  • lunawolf 1308
    lunawolf 1308 4 days ago

    Try fries and pickles

  • nancyrodrigueznr10
    nancyrodrigueznr10 4 days ago +1

    You should try a pickle and peanut butter sandwich!

  • Billie Fan
    Billie Fan 4 days ago +1

    One time i went to a pizza place and they had chocolate chip cookie pizza and it was delicious

  • alex varon
    alex varon 4 days ago +1

    Pls do mash potatos and a roll i swear its goooooood 👅👅👅👅😁😁

  • A sO cRaZy
    A sO cRaZy 4 days ago +1

    “I hope you can see me loud and clear”

  • Moriah Smith
    Moriah Smith 5 days ago

    I eat yogurt and cereal together

  • Joaquina Gomez
    Joaquina Gomez 5 days ago +1

    if u are woching this in 2020 live a Like

    • Alli Sims
      Alli Sims 2 days ago

      Joaquina Gomez lol I had to like it

  • Vickey xx
    Vickey xx 6 days ago +1

    A fry from mc Donald's dipped in coke is SOO GOOD I'm NOT KIDDING

  • Jasmine Christensen
    Jasmine Christensen 6 days ago

    Sssniper wolf
    The food critic
    U should be a judge on a cooking show

  • VictoriaKk11
    VictoriaKk11 6 days ago

    Try candy corn in goldfish

  • ILovePikachu_1233
    ILovePikachu_1233 6 days ago +1

    Sssniperwolf : Can u SEE me loud and clear?
    Me : Uhhhhhh... Idk............

  • Kayla Nelson
    Kayla Nelson 6 days ago

    lmao I tried the bread, butter, and sugar one it was pretty good 😂

  • Nikka Moise
    Nikka Moise 7 days ago +1

    ( ow o ) " Hai '
    \ u u\

  • Beckie Drury
    Beckie Drury 7 days ago

    U should try lemon juice and sugar on bread

  • Sabrina Elbaitari
    Sabrina Elbaitari 7 days ago +2

    popcorn and ketchup tastes like fries it’s so good

    GRACE HARPER 7 days ago

    I eat chicken nuggets dipped in chocolate pudding!

  • jonessa palacios
    jonessa palacios 8 days ago

    ( °_° )
    / >

  • Elizabeth McNair
    Elizabeth McNair 8 days ago

    So it’s called green-up?

  • WolfLeader Shane
    WolfLeader Shane 8 days ago

    Bread, sugar and butter is fairy bread. Look it up

  • cøøkie røu
    cøøkie røu 8 days ago

    I have a combo that I love! Potato chips in ketchup!

  • Alaiya Moses
    Alaiya Moses 8 days ago

    The worst one was popcorn and ketchup

  • Kaila Whitney
    Kaila Whitney 8 days ago

    You should try bread,butter, cinnamon, and sugar. And if you have a toaster oven but it in the toaster oven. IT'S SOOO GOOD.

  • kawii rainbow
    kawii rainbow 9 days ago

    Lia they aren't lying that's just their opinion 😁😄😉

  • The Truth Never Told

    Take that bread sugar butter add cinnamon and you eat it every morning

  • Winter Lover39
    Winter Lover39 9 days ago

    I actually tried to ketchup and the popcorn

  • Grace layman
    Grace layman 9 days ago

    Fries and melted chocolate is good
    And fries and Ice cream

  • Ireland Richards
    Ireland Richards 10 days ago

    I like to dip chicken in honey yum

  • jesus mesquita
    jesus mesquita 10 days ago

    I too love crunchy butter

  • Adam Oldham
    Adam Oldham 10 days ago

    I wonder if she had ever been f'ed in the A?

  • lol Arii
    lol Arii 10 days ago

    why does meatballs and chocolate sound bomb af tho. is it just me???

  • Romy Ludy
    Romy Ludy 10 days ago +2

    You should try popcorn and nacho cheese it so good

  • Ruela Ellaine Alimanza

    ketchup on chocolate is the worst

  • Ruela Ellaine Alimanza

    ketchup mixed with vinegar dipped on a fried chicken/fish(any kind) at least to me its good but i dunno 'bout you

  • Nyla Alphonse
    Nyla Alphonse 10 days ago

    Toasted bread and syrup taste so good it like pancakes

  • Landen Mingham
    Landen Mingham 10 days ago

    mac and cheese with ketchup is amazing

  • Landen Mingham
    Landen Mingham 10 days ago

    you should do one with digital nex

  • CammyPlayz Gacha Life
    CammyPlayz Gacha Life 10 days ago


    CHEEZY WEEZY 10 days ago +1

    When she said it is a “chicken meatball” I literally thought why isn’t it meat ball (face palm)

    GAMERS FA 10 days ago

    I actually like ketchup and popcorn...

  • Ava Chapman
    Ava Chapman 10 days ago

    hello Its me again Try vegtible thin rakers and banana! :D Its really good

  • Soggy_DragonGacha XD
    Soggy_DragonGacha XD 10 days ago +1

    SSSniperwolf: I feel disappointed in my self for liking this-
    My grandma: nO worries! It all comes together in your stomach anyways!

  • Soggy_DragonGacha XD
    Soggy_DragonGacha XD 10 days ago

    Bread butter and sugar?
    Childhood snack I ate all the time!

  • supermanzcole
    supermanzcole 10 days ago

    i did not know a wenis was a elbow

  • Carissa Marie
    Carissa Marie 10 days ago

    Cinnamon and sugar on toast with butter is AMAZING! So bad but so good 😆