Reuben Challenge

  • Published on Apr 1, 2015
  • Three chefs. Three Reubens. But only one sandwich can rule them all.
    The Reuben sandwich: a deli standard stuffed with corned beef brisket, Swiss cheese, sauerkraut, and Russian dressing-on this we can all agree. And we can agree, too, that it's one of the most delicious things ever to get squished between two slices of bread. It's savory, sloppy, and deeply satisfying.
    The controversy comes-at least in our kitchen-when it's time to actually build the thing. This we found out recently while developing our Corned Beef recipe. (Look for it later this week!) As we honed in on the perfect method for making epic home-brined beef, the conversation in the kitchen turned to Reubens, and we soon discovered everyone had a different idea of how to assemble this exceptional sandwich.
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Comments • 196

  • Tai Thang Cong
    Tai Thang Cong Month ago +1

    Do they hire non-model like ever

  • Avin Sharma
    Avin Sharma 2 months ago +1

    Sous vide........just like my mom used to make.(please don't get offended I really love your channel and it has taught me a lot of cooking techniques thanks chefsteps)

  • Joseph Dubeau
    Joseph Dubeau 3 months ago

    dog food.

  • Mike Pazzree
    Mike Pazzree 4 months ago

    Our sauce is 45 % each good Mayo and Ketchuo. 10% Horseradish

  • Thanh Huynh
    Thanh Huynh 4 months ago

    Someone tells me the difference between the milk chocolate and chocolate milk!?!?

  • Jeffrey Parker
    Jeffrey Parker 6 months ago

    Yeah, nice ending. BTW, next time try some killer Pastrami and Brat. Not bad. Served a monster NewYorker; half pound gfb burger with Reuben on top.. that's the way we do it.

    MAO CHA 9 months ago


  • Reeeaaaksi
    Reeeaaaksi 11 months ago

    Yeaaaay Riley

  • Splestrie
    Splestrie 11 months ago

    Marbled rye? Wrong. Dark rye? Not a Reuben. Why not put ham and turkey and mayo on it?
    West coast people. They’re all retarded.
    The panini guy may have gone just a little over on the meat but otherwise correct. Panini press is acceptable.
    Potato chips? Die in a fire. What an idiot.

  • Linds Tee
    Linds Tee Year ago

    I don't eat meat or cheese and yet I'm here.

  • battu tulu
    battu tulu Year ago +1

    I have a simular feeling that woman shagged with a dog...not a good sign at all....

  • Nisya Azwa
    Nisya Azwa Year ago

    Holy Moly those chefs are hotties

  • Regan Lewis
    Regan Lewis Year ago +1

    miss these chefsteps videos

  • Kim Chu
    Kim Chu Year ago

    @Riley is a cutie ❤❤❤😍😍😍

  • John Wilkinson
    John Wilkinson Year ago

    one lucky dog :)

  • IsmaelZ
    IsmaelZ Year ago

    An actual taste test would have been a great addition, but nice video.

  • Zoey Jafferally
    Zoey Jafferally Year ago

    Awww so freaking adorable. I personally would eat them all. Yummy 💗💖💕

  • S R
    S R Year ago

    Grant is hot !

  • kkhorimoto
    kkhorimoto Year ago

    Man, what a life. I wanna just play with fancy kitchen equipment and make reubens with my friends all day! And there's a dog too?? Sign me up!

  • hanna
    hanna 2 years ago

    someone's probably asked this already, but what kind of chips are those? they look super interesting!

  • Sophia Dela Cruz
    Sophia Dela Cruz 2 years ago

    I can apply as the dog lol

  • Andy Peterson
    Andy Peterson 2 years ago

    I will gladly volunteer to be your next taste tester

  • Adam Gray
    Adam Gray 2 years ago

    Those chefs just wasted three GLORIOUS sandwiches... sign. I mean, I'm all for Camp getting the pile of corned beef... but... but... the sandwiches! Sigh.

  • Apricot Princess
    Apricot Princess 2 years ago


  • Raphael
    Raphael 2 years ago

    Glad to see you guys using grass fed free range organic booshit

  • nabila nurussifa
    nabila nurussifa 2 years ago

    yaampun pakane asu koyok ngunu :v its just asu :v

  • Sonata Breivyte
    Sonata Breivyte 2 years ago

    Riley is so cute ^^

  • Nightflare50
    Nightflare50 2 years ago +15

    Wow you really wasted that food for a dog...white people and dogs I swear to god..

    • Rory O'Brien
      Rory O'Brien 2 years ago +4

      relafen66 are you the dude that took all my money for that "business investment"?

    • AriesMale88
      AriesMale88 2 years ago +4

      Hello I am a Nigerian Prince!! In my country you will never seeeee such blasphemy! In my country, we will eat dog!! I think we think alike.

    • chucknastyness
      chucknastyness 2 years ago +1

      Nightflare50 I thought the same thing! At a restaurant that 10-$15....for a DOG?!

  • Québec Redneck
    Québec Redneck 2 years ago +1

    What kind of dog . He is beautiful . He loved your sandwiches . They did look good . My dogs would have loved to be there . Great video

  • Sydney Healy
    Sydney Healy 2 years ago +3

    sorry not sorry, but riley is so hot. okay im leaving now thx so much to whoever brought riley into this world, goddddd blessss

  • Petrichor Dwells
    Petrichor Dwells 2 years ago +2

    so not hot

  • Marana Blue
    Marana Blue 2 years ago +9

    I knew it! Riley's was more appetizing, looking very enticing to eat... and he said something bout crunchiness, yep thats a plus A. hehehe.
    nice video btw. 😂👍🏼

  • Stunt Dix
    Stunt Dix 2 years ago +8

    1:40 is Morty from Rick and Morty

  • Phoebe Tan
    Phoebe Tan 2 years ago +95

    that dog.. lives a good life

  • Pablo Montilla
    Pablo Montilla 2 years ago

    The most well fed dog in America...

  • Anthony Torres
    Anthony Torres 2 years ago +3

    I'm here for, Ben! 🙋🏻

  • Il CriticOne Bigmax
    Il CriticOne Bigmax 2 years ago +3

    ehy guys i love your videos, but i can't see when you cook with pets in the kitchen.
    I don't know if in Seattles is different than Italy but the sanitary rules would prevent this thing.
    Moreover, offer this kind of food to a dog is harmful to his Health
    not offense, it's just an observation

    • Il CriticOne Bigmax
      Il CriticOne Bigmax 2 years ago

      In my country if a "Nas" agent, sees pets into a restaurant's kitchen, make it close the activity for sanitary check (for at least a week).
      Pets are pets... must be outside of kitchen (if you want in the main room, but not in the kitchen).
      there are norms called HACCP that must be followed

    • DrCoconut465
      DrCoconut465 2 years ago +1

      i guess this would be at the end of the day where everything is going to be cleaned anyway, why not have some fun with it. i don't think they're serving any food during that time anyway. as for the corned beef, i assume it's not directly harmful to a dog's health like chocolate but only good in moderation. it was a bit much, but i'm guessing its not a daily thing.

  • Goyong Balog
    Goyong Balog 2 years ago

    where is riley now?

  • Bas Maertzdorf
    Bas Maertzdorf 2 years ago +3

    Am I the only one who finds this totally inappropriate? This is wasting good food guys. It's a nice dog, but he doesn't care if he eats this or scraps. I think you guys are running out of ideas for these clips. Shame, really....

  • Jesus Coloa
    Jesus Coloa 2 years ago

    What are the requirements to joi in with u guys😂😂 I plan on being a chef

    ZGRAKIJU 2 years ago +5

    There, if there is no hungry people, let's feed the dog! Damn you homeless!!!

  • Krupa Patel
    Krupa Patel 3 years ago


  • Ruben Tauoa
    Ruben Tauoa 3 years ago

    mmm Reuben's sounds good

  • donglabong
    donglabong 3 years ago +6

    dunno about his Rueben but I could sure eat Riley. Hard. unsliced. Hold the mustard.

    • SeeburgMusic
      SeeburgMusic Year ago

      What??? Riley is BY FAR the least attractive of the three! Unless of course you like skinny hairless men that look like women.

    • donglabong
      donglabong 3 years ago +2

      Hold the Riley, suddenly I've lost my appetite. Not all Riley's are the same. Some are... edibler than otherers.

    • Justine Ira Mengullo
      Justine Ira Mengullo 3 years ago

      There's your Riley ☝

    • Royal
      Royal 3 years ago

      When and where.

  • Азиза Азиза
    Азиза Азиза 3 years ago +4

    ohh that moustache and beard )

  • Ethan Hizon
    Ethan Hizon 3 years ago

    wut? classic modern?

  • Cesar Perez
    Cesar Perez 3 years ago

    I wanted to try all the sandwiches!!!

  • Amanda S
    Amanda S 3 years ago +27

    I love all of you lets get married

  • coco romo
    coco romo 3 years ago +8

    kudos for having a control dish =]

  • DOGMA1138
    DOGMA1138 3 years ago

    Why would you ever feed that crap to a dog?

  • Pepe Le Pew
    Pepe Le Pew 3 years ago

    What are you guys doing??? GET BACK TO YOUR SOUS VIDE STATIONS

  • Think Eat Drink
    Think Eat Drink 3 years ago +1

    Feeding a dog cooked food with all that salt is prob. not the best idea.

    • Papa Bless
      Papa Bless 3 years ago

      Meh, it will just have weird poops. Also some dogs handle human food better than others :p

  • droan999
    droan999 3 years ago +1

    Is that a glestain grant?

    • ChefSteps
      ChefSteps  3 years ago +1

      +droan999 It's a Misono UX10!

  • Sempiternal
    Sempiternal 3 years ago +5

    That dog is gonna fart so much

  • Kenneth9725
    Kenneth9725 3 years ago +8

    I think he's the luckiest dog in this world lol. Normally owners would be stingy to give a pinch of meat. This dog gets so much food from living in the kitchen. He must be thinking "I'm living in heaven.. Ahh.."

  • Ana Wichman
    Ana Wichman 3 years ago +5

    Of all the fridges I'd like to raid, Chefstep's is probably at the top of my list

  • Hung Ton
    Hung Ton 3 years ago +124

    that dog probably eats better then any of us

  • Shelby Banera
    Shelby Banera 3 years ago +17

    Rileys so hot😍

  • jairo rogel
    jairo rogel 3 years ago +1

    That's awesome I totally know ben from work a long time ago. Good to see you man.
    Also all the food looks amazing

  • Matthew Smith
    Matthew Smith 3 years ago

    Already liked you guys and then you throw a dog in the mix! Now I love you guys!

  • rekt m8
    rekt m8 3 years ago

    what kind of knife did grant have?

  • Indah Octavia
    Indah Octavia 3 years ago +2

    So love you all, guys!!!

  • West Coast Experience
    West Coast Experience 3 years ago


  • Sam Norris
    Sam Norris 3 years ago

    Did this kill anyone else to watch this dog eat the great food

  • JC
    JC 4 years ago

    a dog eating better than people i know...

  • hector sanchez
    hector sanchez 4 years ago

    el canal me parece muy bueno excelente ..pero usar un perro a esta propuesta le quita toda la intensión a este proyecto....ojalá no vuelva a suceder...muy triste , uds no necesitan estas tonterías para tener audiencia...

  • otfresh
    otfresh 4 years ago

    Using a dog as the judge of best sandwich is pretty stupid.

  • KettiexD
    KettiexD 4 years ago

    Soo vide? i always thought it was pronounced soos vide... I've been doing the meme wrong

    • James Lopez
      James Lopez 4 years ago

      +KettiexD We stole the word from France, where they usually don't pronounce the s at the end of a word. :)

  • benzin1614
    benzin1614 4 years ago

    Any dog would eat the 3 whole sandwich (I'd do it actually). That dog has issues.

  • ultravioletgaia
    ultravioletgaia 4 years ago


  • Tracy Seay
    Tracy Seay 4 years ago

    Can't say that that looked appetizing, but fun vid.

  • Sharingan-udog
    Sharingan-udog 4 years ago

    Why make a killer reuben and then feed it to a dog??? Because we are chefs and we CAN!!! Good puppy

  • Anastasiia
    Anastasiia 4 years ago

    oh? i love u guys and your videos so so mucg. u made my morning. from russia with love

  • Harun Younussi
    Harun Younussi 4 years ago

    kids in africa could have eaten reuben

  • shararehali
    shararehali 4 years ago

    hmmm my mouth is watering... also for that hot guy there. But your dark rye looks weird. It looks like food coloring. Come to Germany and experience dark bread achieved without malt. srsly they're madly good in bread baking here.

  • redhwells
    redhwells 4 years ago

    All the sandwiches are perfect!!! But when the dog eat all food!!! 👎👎👎👎👎👎👎

  • tlyung Tan
    tlyung Tan 4 years ago

    This is FUN n HAPPY cooking competition

  • banhdit
    banhdit 4 years ago

    that dog eats better than me

  • theaznkid360
    theaznkid360 4 years ago

    I thought dogs couldnt eat bread? or is that some urban legend

  • Pablo Pinheiro
    Pablo Pinheiro 4 years ago

    Im not a dog but Riley sandwich seems to be the best.

  • John Bonds
    John Bonds 4 years ago

    Hilarious. Gotta say I like the idea of adding chips for that extra crunch.

  • iTube
    iTube 4 years ago

    bread is not good for dogs!!!!

  • MaddenManification
    MaddenManification 4 years ago

    That's gross. I have a dog and like dogs...but really Russian Dressing and sauerkraut are not good for dogs. Plus, what's the dog going to say?

  • Daniel C.
    Daniel C. 4 years ago

    Riley is hot! LOL

  • Bobognargnar
    Bobognargnar 4 years ago

    I can't believe I'm jealous of a dog's food...
    Alas, how my life has sunk!

  • Master T
    Master T 4 years ago

    Chefsteps, you guys are awesome, your videos are so high quality and very informative. The Food Chanel has nothing on you guys, they need to step up their game :)

  • thescaryman
    thescaryman 4 years ago +1

    1st place was actually a piece of paper

  • Garrick Pahl
    Garrick Pahl 4 years ago

    I want to come and work for you guys i live in australia and i seriously would move to america to come and work for you, you all look like you have so much fun working with food in such a well laued out kitchen

  • george vlachos
    george vlachos 4 years ago

    World's most well-fed dog

  • Vasily Migel
    Vasily Migel 4 years ago

    What is breed of dog?

  • yell0fello
    yell0fello 4 years ago +2

    glad there is dialogue now

  • Divija Lahe
    Divija Lahe 4 years ago

    Every dog has it's day.

  • Rivaldeable
    Rivaldeable 4 years ago

    Dogs dont actually have very sensitive taste which is why they eat pretty much anything

  • xin z
    xin z 4 years ago +1

    These guys are so boring, they made that for a dog?is just just showing off they're rich? they don't know there are lots of people don't have food in Africa

    • Dude Trust Me
      Dude Trust Me 4 years ago

      +xin z the hell? by that logic, because people in Africa are starving, you shouldn't eat anything more than easily mass produced food yourself. But do you? Or do you have steak, pork, chicken, and many more expensive vegetables that aren't exactly available in Africa?

  • Geoffrey Mangalam
    Geoffrey Mangalam 4 years ago

    Honestly the best chefsteps videos are the one where Grant is talking the whole time.

  • Darragh O'Fla
    Darragh O'Fla 4 years ago

    Is that a Misono UX10 9.4 inch or 10.6 inch Sujihiki ?

  • Gabriel Ducharme
    Gabriel Ducharme 4 years ago +1

    That's one lucky dog.

  • diacetylmorphin
    diacetylmorphin 4 years ago

    This looks so delicious! Did you guys make this beautiful marbled bread by yourself? So good!
    And the dog is awesome :)

  • Bea Dela Cruz
    Bea Dela Cruz 4 years ago

    Lucky dog.

  • ohboy50062
    ohboy50062 4 years ago

    The shirts are just not quite tight enough guys, can we have them 3 sizes smaller?