My Best Friends Expose Me...


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  • James Charles
    James Charles  18 days ago +12654

    Filming this video was one of the happiest days of my life & it’s one of my favorites. I wasn’t supposed to answer anything so me looking “sad” or “annoyed” is me being quiet for once and focusing on what my friends are saying. Please don’t ruin a positive video with negative comments!! ❤️

  • Leilai Oof
    Leilai Oof 21 hour ago

    Hai sister

  • Kim Roessen
    Kim Roessen 22 hours ago


  • Allyk Cook
    Allyk Cook 23 hours ago

    Awwwwww. You guys are beautiful!! My only true friends are my kiddos 😂😭❤

  • Alex Hatchett
    Alex Hatchett Day ago

    James for prez! 😂💗

  • Ghiță tudor
    Ghiță tudor Day ago

    I am dissguest

  • Depression U
    Depression U Day ago

    I think the kid is just weird lmao

  • hailey jaques
    hailey jaques Day ago

    omg this was so like heart warming omg yes we love the sister squad

  • Dominic's Curiosity

    I think they meant Emma Ethan and Grayson

  • Jacob S
    Jacob S Day ago


  • Deven Hull
    Deven Hull Day ago

    I just got an ad for synesthesia meditation and I'm concerned because I'm synesthetic, but until now, I haven't put it on the internet at all 🤔

  • Kayah Rae
    Kayah Rae Day ago

    This group!🥰

  • Kyce_tea •_•

    Goals literally goals AF

  • Reo Triplow
    Reo Triplow Day ago

    HI JAMES!!!😍

  • Emily Cecil
    Emily Cecil Day ago

    Omg why does he have more friends than me.

  • Megan Scheibel
    Megan Scheibel Day ago

    why would my friends do this to me i swear 😂

  • Chima but 21 Plaz

    He has friends

  • Jayden Rios
    Jayden Rios Day ago +1

    You all are so funny James! Love ya! 🤣💓💓

  • Trinity Todd
    Trinity Todd Day ago +1


  • Wolfie PLAYZZZ
    Wolfie PLAYZZZ Day ago

    Omg a person is actully putting ur pallete for 1,000$

  • Cesley Cruz
    Cesley Cruz Day ago

    We LOVE when our best friends expose us like that

  • beef vlogs
    beef vlogs Day ago

    I thought the Dolan twins and Emma Chamberlain was your bffs

  • Conor Mchugh
    Conor Mchugh Day ago

    0:03 the guy on the left😅😅

  • Sarah Erickson
    Sarah Erickson Day ago +1

    I’m really impressed by how you make eye contact with everyone while they/you are talking. That’s such a huge sign of respect.

    ELIZAR 2 days ago

    omg your foundation looks so good

  • Ryley Webster
    Ryley Webster 2 days ago


  • Asia Monae
    Asia Monae 2 days ago

    Best video EVERRR

  • Glitter Wolf16
    Glitter Wolf16 2 days ago

    Lov ya Sister

  • Addi M
    Addi M 2 days ago


  • XxPsycho_HaiixX
    XxPsycho_HaiixX 2 days ago

    “Mine would be hardworking”
    😂 that smile tho 23:50

  • Rayleen Rojas
    Rayleen Rojas 2 days ago

    You’re so inspirational I love you

  • Yui88 Cool
    Yui88 Cool 2 days ago

    wow my weve omg

  • Gia Kowalski
    Gia Kowalski 2 days ago

    Omg if your gonna hate him he can just dab on you haters or I can

  • ArianaThe Alpha
    ArianaThe Alpha 2 days ago

    Sister squad has left the chat

  • christian yang
    christian yang 2 days ago

    Who is the guyyy

  • SkyeGames05 !
    SkyeGames05 ! 2 days ago


  • Madison Small
    Madison Small 2 days ago


  • YOURguardian angel
    YOURguardian angel 2 days ago

    ''they do secretly but they can't come out'' was that for Grayson maybe?

  • Izzy B
    Izzy B 2 days ago

    love you so much james ❤❤😊

  • McKenzie Miller
    McKenzie Miller 2 days ago

    Sister Shook!! I love your little family

  • Stacey Fullard
    Stacey Fullard 2 days ago

    Love ya

  • LucidLuscious
    LucidLuscious 2 days ago

    Your guys’ relationship!!! 🥰💕 You guys are SOOO FRICKIN CUTE!

  • Shawn Campbell
    Shawn Campbell 2 days ago

    I love you Girls and girls

  • Ruben volschenk
    Ruben volschenk 2 days ago

    Your so an inspiration to me @jamescharles

  • sadsaddsd dasdad
    sadsaddsd dasdad 2 days ago

    Only video where he doesn't speak that much. 😜😏❤️

  • Savvy Sister
    Savvy Sister 2 days ago

    Tea ☕

  • allie frankk
    allie frankk 2 days ago

    best friendssa

  • Zummy Chan
    Zummy Chan 3 days ago

    *_The sister squad is q u a c k i ng_*

  • Aleksandra Popovic
    Aleksandra Popovic 3 days ago


  • Jan Christian Sto Domingo

    Jesus is everything

  • clarisa Turner
    clarisa Turner 3 days ago

    omg lol love your vids

  • Annabella Grafton
    Annabella Grafton 3 days ago

    Where is the sister squad

  • Bella's Life
    Bella's Life 3 days ago

    You are kind of annoying but not like JOJO Siwa she's not so annoying

  • leathecat gacha life

    My bff highlighted me for the God's

  • Destiny Ramirez
    Destiny Ramirez 3 days ago


  • mimi babby13
    mimi babby13 3 days ago

    Talks fast ... videos are still long 😶

  • unicorn lover
    unicorn lover 3 days ago

    Omg hi sisters

  • josip krcalic
    josip krcalic 3 days ago

    Bolesno odvratno

  • Shontell Fontenot
    Shontell Fontenot 3 days ago

    We love a trust worthy sister

  • ghostspoon 05
    ghostspoon 05 3 days ago


  • Morty Adams
    Morty Adams 4 days ago

    I’m crying

  • panda time
    panda time 4 days ago

    Pauly d called;
    He wants his hair back

  • xGrizzlyx mobile gaming

    Roses are red violet are blue wtf did i watch😲

  • Prisca Joyce
    Prisca Joyce 4 days ago

    So is James the youngest out of all of them?

  • DefaultyGurl :3
    DefaultyGurl :3 4 days ago

    I love the way you guys make each other laugh y’all are true friends

  • cows4life
    cows4life 4 days ago

    *eating sandwich* Camrea man tells me this isn't the only meat I'll have today... James and his friends come around the corner...

  • Lily Poon
    Lily Poon 4 days ago

    The tea is piping!

  • Lily Poon
    Lily Poon 4 days ago

    Wow he's bf with Laura boutique

  • Your daily dose of French fries


  • Shishter Shuck
    Shishter Shuck 4 days ago +171

    Let’s all have black hair and not tell drew

  • Eliza T
    Eliza T 4 days ago +13

    hey sister !! i know cassie is engaged, so if she still needs a dress, and if you would come to Kleinfield with her, my mom (executive producer of say yes to the dress) would love to have you on the show. we would fly you guys to NYC, and anyone else cassie want to bring, and give cassie a free dress. thanks sister !! yes this is real, private messsge me for more info. love you sister !!

  • emily sweeney
    emily sweeney 4 days ago

    13:51 “let me smell”
    *realizes he’s just made the worst decision of his life*

    LOVED this video!!!! 💕

  • emily sweeney
    emily sweeney 4 days ago

    This video was HILARIOUS!

  • Austin Hitt
    Austin Hitt 4 days ago

    23:46 ummmm. Grayson???? ***please***

  • Michelle Frizza
    Michelle Frizza 4 days ago +1

    Are one of the girls from a TVclip channel called Louie's life

  • Austin Hitt
    Austin Hitt 4 days ago

    17:19 I thought that the dog was an edit in to be funny. Lol.

  • Jayanna Guisinger
    Jayanna Guisinger 4 days ago

    U guys are all so my fav

  • Indiana morgan x
    Indiana morgan x 4 days ago

    im literally scrolling through comments to see who found out who James' ex wasssssss

  • Charlotte Pearl
    Charlotte Pearl 4 days ago

    no, yo best friends are emma and the dolan twins

  • Sibbi Moon
    Sibbi Moon 4 days ago

    What is up with James and his friends trend of not matching their Foundation look at the tan guy next to James and focus on the bottom of his neck 😨

  • Emerald Minecart
    Emerald Minecart 4 days ago

    You and drew should date you would make a great and cute couple!

  • Sloane Komery
    Sloane Komery 4 days ago


  • The Beauty Adams
    The Beauty Adams 4 days ago

    I love, love, love your personality, you can tell you are truly a really good person. Anyone would be lucky to have you in their life..

  • mira van peursem
    mira van peursem 4 days ago

    Laura looks like halsey

  • Deadshot
    Deadshot 4 days ago

    I wanna see the other 8.2 K that is disgusted by this “dude”.whats the need to talk like a girl

  • 1979mooncat
    1979mooncat 4 days ago

    I loved this video. So fun to see your tribe and hear their stories .

  • qtmoku
    qtmoku 5 days ago

    absolutely *aBsoLutELy*

  • McKenna Arellano
    McKenna Arellano 5 days ago

    COKE!😂😂😂I DIED

  • savemyskin
    savemyskin 5 days ago

    Cassiee is drop dead GORGEOUS!

  • Starleen Cooley
    Starleen Cooley 5 days ago

    I don't want to be negative but I would love to watch this video but this video needs to be Captioned by a real person the TVclip Auto generated captions are not good at all and so I can't understand I'm quite hard of hearing

  • Ashley Guzman
    Ashley Guzman 5 days ago

    We love a sister truth .

  • Vania Cortez
    Vania Cortez 5 days ago +7

    "You would be a stripper"

  • AyeIFeelU
    AyeIFeelU 5 days ago

    so ya know you have the sister squad and the kity girls we love a multi sis

  • Angels_ Flyfirst
    Angels_ Flyfirst 5 days ago

    Lol is it just me or did James get a piercing 😂?

  • Theonlycece Cute
    Theonlycece Cute 5 days ago

    Hey guys,I just wanna say I'm new to the sister squad so please welcome me in a nice way and don't be mean to others and stay positive think be creative Don't change for anyone or anybody be your self #sister

  • Briana Urie
    Briana Urie 5 days ago

    Wait sister James listens to panic at the disco I’m shook

  • Braden Gunnett
    Braden Gunnett 5 days ago


  • Mirinda Glace
    Mirinda Glace 5 days ago

    I thought I was like the only one noticing how quiet, serious and sad James looked, but seeing his comment about it made me so happy. It's great James. You're great. I loved this video