RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars 4 RuVeal ⭐️ ft. Trixie Mattel, Detox & Katya | VH1

  • Published on Nov 9, 2018
  • Welcome to Trixie’s Playhouse! 💕 Join #AllStars3 winner Trixie Mattel and special guests Detox and Katya as they dish on the new #AllStars4 Queens. Sign up for Fantasy League now:
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    RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars 4 RuVeal ⭐️ ft. Trixie Mattel, Detox & Katya | VH1
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Comments • 3 561

  • Jasmine Rota-Leggan
    Jasmine Rota-Leggan 6 hours ago

    That pause on the live comments tho before rupaul announced the winner

  • Hoài Anh Nguyễn
    Hoài Anh Nguyễn 4 days ago

    katya honestly just brings a certain warmth out of trixie, its great.

  • Dragana Bilafer
    Dragana Bilafer 6 days ago

    What i want to see in all stars is bestfriends competing togheter over other bestfriends lol like katya and trixie and naomi and kim chi..❤️

  • alberto zeni
    alberto zeni 8 days ago +1

    No chemestry between detox &them

    NOAH WHALEY 8 days ago +2

    idk if she’d be down for it but i want a 3rd chance for Adore Delano

  • Dave N
    Dave N 8 days ago

    this is exactly the content i came to youtube for

  • Blake
    Blake 9 days ago

    Oof you can see them lose steam lol

  • Karols K
    Karols K 11 days ago +1

    All Stars 2 will forever be my favourite

  • Loni Looks At Liquor
    Loni Looks At Liquor 17 days ago +2


  • V M
    V M 28 days ago

    Detox is looking gorgeous

  • Colin B.
    Colin B. 28 days ago

    They should do this for All Stars 5 too.

  • Colleen Wilson
    Colleen Wilson 29 days ago +2

    Detox needs to be in a episode of UNHhhh

  • Anthony Farmakis
    Anthony Farmakis Month ago

    They need to make a mommy daughter season!!!! Drag moms and their daughter

  • TheJanicevip
    TheJanicevip Month ago

    I hate gia gun. retarded. Absolutly

  • Jules
    Jules Month ago

    do you believe in milk and cookies~~

  • dndub25
    dndub25 Month ago +3

    I feel like this is the expensive suit that Katya was talking about on Uhnhhh and it’s lovely. With these shoes and this chemistry I’m loving these three together

  • Ca Mille
    Ca Mille Month ago

    Detox you look so gorgeous !

  • Sonia Feliciano Navarro

    Katya doing nothing
    Trixie: Trinity Tailor

  • kylie !!
    kylie !! Month ago

    i worship the dolls

  • Ryan Vandeput
    Ryan Vandeput Month ago

    Katya looks gorgeous here!

  • Ryan Vandeput
    Ryan Vandeput Month ago

    Trixie looks gorgeous here!

  • Ryan Vandeput
    Ryan Vandeput Month ago

    Detox looks gorgeous here!

  • kiara lopez
    kiara lopez Month ago

    Detox is perfect 💖

  • Denali
    Denali Month ago

    Detox is GORGEOUS!

  • Ece ‘
    Ece ‘ Month ago

    Katya and detox together THANK YOU WORLD

  • Jackson W.
    Jackson W. Month ago

    Something deep inside me wants to believe that’s the pink suit that Katya was talking about buying in UNHhhh

  • Ren McPherson
    Ren McPherson Month ago

    25:48 best part

  • Tyler Smith
    Tyler Smith Month ago

    33:19 thank me later

  • Sophia B
    Sophia B Month ago

    I’d like to see more work room clips

  • matthew mendoza
    matthew mendoza Month ago


    RAYAAN Month ago


  • Flint Hossfeld
    Flint Hossfeld Month ago +4

    Trixie: We’re lucky I’m wearing makeup on my face.
    Detox: Are we?

  • James Lyons
    James Lyons Month ago +1

    They predicted the double crowning giving Katya and detox the crown

  • BitchSlaper!
    BitchSlaper! Month ago +1

    48:42 Detox just predicted Monet X change's lipsync of Christina Aguilera's fighter!!!!

  • materialkid
    materialkid Month ago

    Is funny how exiting everybody was about this...and tourns out to be one of the worst seasons ever...

  • Plowiec Irena
    Plowiec Irena 2 months ago

    40:01 every fucking time 😂😂😂

  • Tom Saaristo
    Tom Saaristo 2 months ago +1


  • sxnkissed sxddie
    sxnkissed sxddie 2 months ago +1

    i’m rooting for katya 😂😭

  • yuliana jungkook chavez

    Love ❤️

  • Gillian Salmeron
    Gillian Salmeron 2 months ago

    And I oop-
    -Jasmine Masters

  • Bitter Sweet
    Bitter Sweet 2 months ago

    I want point systems

  • Leo Sampiano
    Leo Sampiano 2 months ago +2

    I so love how DETOX looks shes always so beautiful but this took my breath away

    ANGELO MAGCALAS M 2 months ago

    Monique and monet

  • BitchSlaper!
    BitchSlaper! 2 months ago

    39:39 momma ru reallly really like reeeeally hates Manila.... shame on Ru!

  • JustAPerson
    JustAPerson 2 months ago +17

    Katya: Umm....
    Trixie: Trinty Taylor?
    Guesses correctly

  • αɴαнαтα love
    αɴαнαтα love 2 months ago

    katya reminds me of patsy from absolutely fabulous

  • Jay Hartbarger
    Jay Hartbarger 2 months ago

    youtubers keep asking you to comment below as though they are interested, actually it improves the algorithm for suggested viewing for them is the real reason.

  • Jeff Blonder
    Jeff Blonder 2 months ago

    Ridge must’ve painted katya. She looks insanely perfect

  • Claire Marcs
    Claire Marcs 2 months ago

    Detox is everything goals omg hahahaha

  • ItsTaylorJade
    ItsTaylorJade 2 months ago +1

    Mannn Alyssa would have bodied Read U Wrote U

  • FairyHedgehog
    FairyHedgehog 2 months ago

    I’ve never seen Detox look so beautiful. She looks stunning.

  • Caroline
    Caroline 2 months ago

    Anna ou-

  • Stephanie Hasiotis
    Stephanie Hasiotis 2 months ago +1

    Trixie is such a good interviewer!

  • Car
    Car 2 months ago

    And I oop

  • Nickyboy 1
    Nickyboy 1 2 months ago

    Anna ou-

  • O. Steinman
    O. Steinman 2 months ago

    I love Trixie’s reactions to the awkward silences

  • Rod Martin
    Rod Martin 2 months ago

    Who's the queen next to Katya??? Lol she's just sitting back watching the uhnnnnn show. Lol

  • irreplaceable02
    irreplaceable02 2 months ago +1

    1:03:52 i can’t believe they didn’t say “pageant-holed”

  • Trash Asmr
    Trash Asmr 2 months ago +1

    Team jasmine - one of her memes / an I Oop

  • Bonnie Del Rico
    Bonnie Del Rico 2 months ago +9

    Whole time i was distracted by Katyas twisted foot... I relate

  • Kiyana smith
    Kiyana smith 2 months ago +1

    I hope they do this for AS5

  • Aerin LaPointe
    Aerin LaPointe 2 months ago +22

    FINALLY we get to see the infamous $9,000 pink leather women’s Gucci suit that Katy’s impulse bought with her drag race money 😂

  • George Garaway
    George Garaway 2 months ago

    Katy’s should’ve said AND I OOP for jasmine masters

  • I need A better life
    I need A better life 2 months ago

    Ok who else wants shangela to win as4

  • Tierney P
    Tierney P 2 months ago


  • Becca Veber
    Becca Veber 2 months ago

    I’d like to see Gia walk in and then walk back out.

  • Becca Veber
    Becca Veber 2 months ago

    Detox and Katya are the best I just need a season of them plus Alaska

  • John Wilson
    John Wilson 2 months ago

    The Farrah Moan, "You don't love me" fantasy is an underrated piece of cinematography.

  • Bradford Wade
    Bradford Wade 3 months ago

    Detox saying are we though

  • E T
    E T 3 months ago +1

    Watching this today, thinking back on the season lol

  • Kirt Kirt
    Kirt Kirt 3 months ago +5

    the angle of Katya's ankle is very disconcerting

  • johncalderwood1
    johncalderwood1 3 months ago +2

    Is katya wearing that pink 8000 dollar Gucci suit that she referred to in unhhhhh?

  • Xiutie
    Xiutie 3 months ago +2

    I see katya wearing her 3.000$ Gucci leather suit there

  • ohailie
    ohailie 3 months ago +1

    can someone PLEASE clock where katyas shoes are from? theyre stunning i would like to know