Why is Louis Vuitton so expensive? | CNBC Explains

  • Published on Sep 13, 2019
  • Louis Vuitton has held the title for world's most valuable luxury brand for more than a decade. CNBC's Timothyna Duncan explains how the French fashion house gets away with charging so much.
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Comments • 2 062

  • John Mark Pelismino
    John Mark Pelismino 18 hours ago

    Many crocodiles were killed because of this expensive bag...

  • Jonath Thomas
    Jonath Thomas Day ago

    Tbh most ladies who buy louis Vuitton bags are actually middle class or Asian but there Asian so ya

  • Sí señor
    Sí señor Day ago

    Cause of the brand

  • Aa Dd
    Aa Dd 2 days ago

    basic commodaty the most important.....

  • Only1Life
    Only1Life 3 days ago


  • Mudit garg
    Mudit garg 4 days ago

    55000 dollars 🤔 i would rather prefer to buy a Ducati.

  • Max Soi
    Max Soi 4 days ago

    Then only brand that doesn’t hold sales? Hermès would like to have a word

  • wazeem ahamed
    wazeem ahamed 7 days ago +4

    Idiots are the only ones who buy Louis vuitton

  • Anhad Bawa
    Anhad Bawa 8 days ago

    I have Louis Vuitton belt and suitcase

  • coindog
    coindog 8 days ago

    ...what she didnt say....they burning their too much produced things...putting them in the oven or trash...to keep price up....

  • Noobmaster 69
    Noobmaster 69 11 days ago

    Why is Louis Vuitton so expensive , kyuki woh gand se heere hagta hain

  • Syed Maricar
    Syed Maricar 11 days ago +3

    Make hay when the sun shines.As long as they're willing milk them painlessly.

  • Hema bharathi
    Hema bharathi 12 days ago

    Honestly people are paying that bunch of money only for Brand who are obsessed with brand names.When no one buys that expensive product they will reduce their cost what they actually should.Be normal and be wise while choosing these products .People who buys these type of brands don't use it regularly because they have lots of hand bags in different brands in their wardrobe .It just show off than useful practically.People should think before spending on these types.That money could be used for more useful causes .

  • Lucia Garcia
    Lucia Garcia 13 days ago

    Baleciaga is better

  • babitha singh
    babitha singh 13 days ago

    What is the need for carrying around such an expensive bag..when the contents are not worth the cost of what the bag is carrying...foolish

  • DiAko SiDiggie
    DiAko SiDiggie 13 days ago

    Mga hampaslupa

  • marissa pimentel
    marissa pimentel 13 days ago


  • RAJ TV
    RAJ TV 14 days ago

    I rather invest in bitcoin be rich and buy LV

  • GᗩᑕᕼᗩᒪIᖴE ᗷEᗩᑕᕼ

    The design in Filipinos is “Hampas Lupa”

  • DanteSpeakTv
    DanteSpeakTv 14 days ago

    Well the art of real banana with duck tape on it worth $120K already and people are are buying it

  • asty na
    asty na 15 days ago

    Rich man doesn't owe poor man.

  • Fizz Aro
    Fizz Aro 15 days ago

    N I hate it’s logo even

  • khushrumoh
    khushrumoh 15 days ago

    I have one 30$ bag and it still cares my cash , credit cards and my make up set . Maybe Some people don’t even have that ....

  • Raman Parashar
    Raman Parashar 15 days ago +3

    I was just watching to know about their "Profit margin" figure, never mind.

  • Cosmic Earthian
    Cosmic Earthian 15 days ago

    All of earths missused and waisted resources should be expensive unless youre making something like a globalised eco generator that works with the elements and doesnt cause any toxic fumes ect something like that could change the way we live for the better of planet but no the adults use earth to make unnecessary luxury items like handbags 😑 that dont benifit anything and only makes humans take earth for granted even more than the majority already do hens you see just! a bag and not waisted recourses. (btw money....the one thing that helps segment our species to the point it will KILL each other for it is also a waist of earths recourses, oh oh annd sell one of those bags you could help people with less (even know everyone should be equal) but noooo adults rather walk around wearing thousands than helping thousands or even better dont make unnecessary things like this in the first place and change your mass priorities to actual priorities like planet, animals and each other....things that actually matter...your effort goes into trivial things while the actual things we should be caring about dont ever get sorted to the full extent they need to be eg us sorting out your adult mistakes before you die and leave us with your wrong doings.

  • Kendra Fox
    Kendra Fox 16 days ago +1

    It will not be expensive if its not Louis Vuitton😍

  • Alaa Chaar
    Alaa Chaar 16 days ago +3

    Louis Vuitton worlds biggest rip off con artists

  • Kenneth Uyabeme
    Kenneth Uyabeme 16 days ago

    While we drag luxury brands for being all about marketing I think it is important to understand that these products are made with care, premium materials and are made to last. On average, the value you get from these brands are high. Another thing I think is important to keep in mind is the fact that if some of these cheaper brands were made were labor laws were strong they would be more expensive. So cheap could not only mean poor quality, it could also mean poor working conditions for those who make the products. Yes Louis Vuitton is crazy expensive but what I find more concerning is the dramatic increase in the amount of people who opt to buy multiple super cheap poor quality products all year than a few high quality products.

  • Wisdom Seeker
    Wisdom Seeker 16 days ago

    Because people are Dumb....

  • Temp Only
    Temp Only 17 days ago

    It’s just a peace of bag. You are paying for its name why not put your own name. So you know how expensive your name is too. Use common sense people.

  • Marcia Minter
    Marcia Minter 17 days ago +1

    The most I’ve paid for a LV bag is $2500.

  • Eleanor Smith
    Eleanor Smith 17 days ago

    The question was not answered , there is no answer that makes sense. They are not pretty. They hardly match with most wardrobes.
    I can’t stand to be mismatched and seeing people with a bag that in no way match their outfit, not well dressed, must carry it as a crazy Status Symbol. I buy coach, price is reasonable, so I can have them in a variety of colors and don’t have to be mismatched. They last for years and years. Brown and Beige mix expensive bag is not practical to me. Just making the rich richer and the poor stay poor.

  • Rose Costorio
    Rose Costorio 17 days ago +11

    I can't stock my stomach with food with that bag, there's so many people who's hungry and in need I'd rather spend thousands of dollars with them than a bag.

  • Man on an island
    Man on an island 17 days ago

    Cause fools keep purchasing it .

  • Brussles Traveller
    Brussles Traveller 17 days ago +13

    It’s so expensive becoz he’s known his company is known nd everyone wanna to have something from his company not because there is something special about his brand lmaooo

  • Kesin Jai
    Kesin Jai 17 days ago


  • Raven Toring
    Raven Toring 17 days ago +1

    I would sell myself to devil just to get a Louis bag...good thing devil wears Prada..lol

  • Krunal PAtel
    Krunal PAtel 18 days ago

    I'll spend 100$ maximum.... have you ever heard that bill or mark Zuckerberg wearing lv????

  • Alvaro Mendoza
    Alvaro Mendoza 18 days ago

    They are so expensive bc ppl are stupid!

  • Siddharth Kaley
    Siddharth Kaley 18 days ago +6

    For a Poor person: $1
    Just for a Bag: $2500
    Just Rich people things.

  • Hamdan Akhtar
    Hamdan Akhtar 18 days ago

    Dump luxury 2000 dollars is food for me for six months or even more. Because I don't eat too much even if I were rich no way I am not miser person but still and they talk about counter fit. What so special about the original. Maybe louiviton spit on it .if the counter fit is as good as original why not to buy cheap .dump ego problem . Times have changed

  • sel tek
    sel tek 18 days ago

    Cut some inches of youre hair, the ends are very dry

  • Lucky Strike 777
    Lucky Strike 777 18 days ago +1

    Because people are so freaking stupid that's why

  • Rising Pheonix
    Rising Pheonix 18 days ago

    Ah so if I sell handmade dried animal skin bags for $50k dollars a piece is justifiable? First of all leather is not rare! Second the craftsmen who made them are not payed thousands of dollars for every piece of bags they made.
    Louis Vuitton is pure scam!

  • Rosenda Regalado
    Rosenda Regalado 18 days ago +1

    I will buy I LV because I can’t seem to find any other brand with such quality and design, if there is one I don’t know about it when I find it I’ll stop. Where is that Speedy with such design and quality. The fakes do not compare trust me. It’s only $1000 people a Starbucks coffee 5x week for the year. You can afford it

  • Hany Farouk
    Hany Farouk 18 days ago

    I got it ..but I have a question
    Why louis vitton products are so expensive? 🤔

  • D. Anthony
    D. Anthony 18 days ago

    Cause fools value nonsense!

  • Miss Annabelle
    Miss Annabelle 18 days ago +1

    2:00 Uh, nope sorry. Some of their items are produced in France, but most of it, especially the handbags, are actually produced in other countries, China being at the top of the chain, followed by Italy - in China and Italy there are actual manufacturer factories with showrooms that display their work with top brands, and LV is among them. And it is not knock-off's either. Some of these factories have been partnered with LV and other brands for a long time. I have seen these showrooms. You need to do better investigating, not just go with what the company tells you.

  • MR SR20
    MR SR20 18 days ago

    Its just the badge your pauying for there are many non braded bags which are better. Its like a ferrari if it had an Mercedes badge on it the value wouldn't be the same

  • linn htet
    linn htet 18 days ago

    My cousin went to LV in Paris and said most of the buyers are Chinese too.

  • Huda Kareemi
    Huda Kareemi 18 days ago

    Well i would spend $10 on a handbag 🤣🤣

  • John Carter
    John Carter 18 days ago

    I bet they had slaves

  • Jerrod Staviski
    Jerrod Staviski 18 days ago

    Why you ask? Because people are dumb enough to pay for a name.

    NORLAINE GERONIMO 18 days ago

    Describe Louis Vuitton "OH SEHUN" "KRIS WU "😆💞

  • Joselido Arendain
    Joselido Arendain 18 days ago

    Only idiot will buy LV😂😂

  • Dohyun's Birthday Cake

    So that's why my mom used this bag on my moving up graduation

  • Oliver Porciuncula
    Oliver Porciuncula 18 days ago +1

    Unfortunately I can't afford one, however I don't find LV appealing. I guess the colour of $h1+ appeals to people who can afford it.

    • P W
      P W 2 days ago

      If a woman received an authentic Louis Vitton bag with matching wallet as a free gift... she'd carry it EVERY day, everywhere. Her other purses would gather dust in the closet.

    THE ONE 18 days ago

    Kurus giler siti kosim

  • Da Who
    Da Who 18 days ago

    dont u feel hot with that hair?

  • dries de ruyter
    dries de ruyter 18 days ago

    Simple. Because they ask that price and people are crazy.