How People Talk About Celebrity Gossip (ft. Alisha Marie)

  • Published on Dec 4, 2017
  • We all believe in privacy, kindness and anti-bullying... until we're talking about celebrities. That's wack! Let's work at being kind all the time!
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    Written by: Lilly Singh
    Starring: Alisha Marie
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    OHHH SNAPPP!!! THE TRUTH OF IT ALL! My girl Alisha Marie also killed it! Make sure to check out her channel fam. #SuperSixty starts now which means I'm responding to your comments for the next hour! LET'S DO IT!! xo

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      IISuperwomanII I love Alisha Marie! ❤️

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    'Only God can judge' get it?

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    nishtha konwar 6 hours ago

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    Miss Savage 8 hours ago

    That's literally me and my friends

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    Jeonsa 10 hours ago

    This concept is life 😂

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    Elizabeth Singleton 13 hours ago

    That is the first time I saw Alisha Marie drink

    JSHEN 15 hours ago

    1:44 “my friend’s dad’s daughter” 😂😂😂 at first I was like okay, makes sense but than I was like...wait 😂

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    faith wilkerson 17 hours ago

    0:58 that probably slipped over everybody's head is you don't have twitter...

  • Mind of a Fangirl
    Mind of a Fangirl 18 hours ago

    friend's dad's daughter? isn't that just the friend or the friend's sister?

  • Naomi Rufai
    Naomi Rufai 18 hours ago +1

    I love Alisha's sweater 😍❤

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    iichristine 19 hours ago

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    evelyn aguliar 21 hour ago

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    carolina 22 hours ago

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    carolina 22 hours ago

    this was so funny!!! Lily you should collab with more people from the beauty community!!!! this video was so cool!!!!!

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    Valerie Lin Bitanga 23 hours ago

    "My friend's dad's daughter" am I the only one thinking hard about this??!? Hahah. Wouldn't that be the same friend...?

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    IISuperwomanII why are you cool and confident and funny?

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    Austria Lewis Day ago

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    Sophie Hamilton Day ago

    "only god can judge" hahahahahah

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    Valen Blog Day ago

    Best collab EVER 💓💓💓

  • RequiemBeatz
    RequiemBeatz Day ago

    Ohoho the glorious truth xD Celebrity gossip goes right over my head, people seem so weirdly invested in people they don't even know lol

  • sb88
    sb88 Day ago

    "My friend's dad's daughter!!" hahah = your friend!! that's a great line!! well done Lilly!! keep it up

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    Shir Ringer 2 days ago

    for sure changing the way I treat people! Thank you for opening my eyes!❤️

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    Rainbow Productions 2 days ago

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