Tauren Wells - Citizen of Heaven (Official Music Video)

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    Citizen Of Heaven
    Getting caught up in the here and now has a tendency to wear me down
    Am I really free if I’m thinking ‘bout
    Only temporary things
    The world’s screaming so loud when I’m locked to the middle of my doubt
    When I’m lost in the rhythm of the crowd
    I hear heaven calling me
    Don’t want to be another victim
    Falling prey to the system
    When You’ve called me into the Kingdom
    I know I am a citizen of heaven
    My eternity forever is Yours, Yours
    I know I am a citizen of heaven
    My identity forever is Yours, Yours
    I can see You breaking through the clouds
    You made this soul to be glory bound
    I can hardly keep my feet on the ground
    ‘Cause I know I will be free
    Lord, won’t You open up the gates wide
    Gonna step into a new life
    No way I’m ever leaving Your side
    Oh, glory glory
    Oh hallelujah
    When I rise, come alive
    I’m gon’ fly to You
    I know I am a citizen of heaven
    Music by Tauren Wells performing “Citizen of Heaven” (Official Music Video). (C) 2020 Provident Label Group LLC, a division of Sony Music Entertainment
    #TaurenWells #ChristianMusic #CitizenofHeaven

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  • Charles Mann
    Charles Mann 8 hours ago

    I love this song so so so much

  • whatever whatever
    whatever whatever 18 hours ago

    tauren wells, i dont know if you read ur comments.i love your songs because your music focuses on praising God. i also want to say...if people are identifying you as another celebrity, that's not a good thing for you because you want to be different... you want to be your own brand. maybe you need to change up some things, i dont know, but i'm just putting that out there.

  • Paula Arduo
    Paula Arduo 23 hours ago

    This music video is so cool and it shows faith that your sure of where you're going as soon Jesus comes down from heaven

  • Dorothea Salbi
    Dorothea Salbi Day ago +1

    I love the way it is now the way it dances I love it please subscribe 😍😍😍😍😘

  • tg tg
    tg tg Day ago

    Citizen of haven! Amen brother we love you and you work

  • The Scales
    The Scales 2 days ago +1

    Citizen of heaven 💯

  • Mya Cusimano
    Mya Cusimano 2 days ago

    caption these songs please. I

  • Jaqueline Vigil
    Jaqueline Vigil 3 days ago +1

    We all are a citizen of HEVAN my new favorite song

  • elizabeth navio
    elizabeth navio 4 days ago

    we are the citizin of heaven!

  • Avery Grager
    Avery Grager 4 days ago

    My identity forever is your's, Jesus Christ!

  • Shawn Eldridge
    Shawn Eldridge 5 days ago

    Awesome song + the coolest, I have to get this cd.

  • Hotel CharliHill
    Hotel CharliHill 5 days ago

    Tower of Sauron? Coolieeess!!

  • Shivam Pawar
    Shivam Pawar 5 days ago +1

    The electric guitar 🎸 music in the last sounds great!!!!!👏👏👏👏

  • Mercy Kagwe
    Mercy Kagwe 5 days ago +2

    Citizen of heaven❤👑

  • Serena james
    Serena james 5 days ago

    This one music video change my whole life and feeling bless

  • Kaden Veazey
    Kaden Veazey 6 days ago

    God is good even God helped him make this song

  • Desiree Gonzales
    Desiree Gonzales 6 days ago

    Love you tauren wells love your songs

  • Humble Eliezer
    Humble Eliezer 6 days ago

  • Carolina Olivares
    Carolina Olivares 7 days ago

    Buena la letra! Pero el vídeo se parece mucho a Smooth criminal de Michael Jackson, y no debería ser semejante.

  • Esther Odeleye
    Esther Odeleye 8 days ago

    Dance moves :Amazingly perfect

    ANG GANDA 8 days ago

    Tell me your favourite Tauren Wells songs or tracks.

  • JD Buela
    JD Buela 9 days ago

    I love the lyrics 😍😍😍😍😍

  • Ephesians FiveNineteen

    Why am I just seeing this?!

  • Midnight Flower
    Midnight Flower 9 days ago

    I may not be religious (not against it, just don't really believe in a God per se, not saying there may not be, just don't know, you know?) But I will continues to stand by when I say that religious music is gorgeous and awesome

  • Katniss Frogge
    Katniss Frogge 9 days ago

    something ive been looking in gospel music a fresh new sound

  • Sand onthebeach
    Sand onthebeach 9 days ago

    Just drop IT 🎤📻🤗😇

  • Zach W
    Zach W 9 days ago

    Who else saw this as an ad and are here now

  • MichaelLee AdamsJr
    MichaelLee AdamsJr 9 days ago +1

    And your not a citizen if heaven

    • Arielle Hooker
      Arielle Hooker 4 days ago +1

      @MichaelLee AdamsJr ok. that was a low blow. but whatever. 👌

    • MichaelLee AdamsJr
      MichaelLee AdamsJr 4 days ago +1

      @Arielle Hooker Ahh God don't like ugly so your not a citizen of heaven.

    • Arielle Hooker
      Arielle Hooker 4 days ago

      not your call to make. you have no idea.

  • MichaelLee AdamsJr
    MichaelLee AdamsJr 9 days ago +1

    I'm thumb down 409.

  • Liz Perea
    Liz Perea 9 days ago

    Hot! Keep on going Tauren I can't stop dancing thank u ❤️

  • ONCE an ARMY always an ARMY

    i saw an ad for this literally like 2 seconds ago and i was so intrigued, looks like my instincts are good cuz so is this song

  • Miss Asio
    Miss Asio 9 days ago

    I sense Backstreet Boy's vibe lol. Anyone else?

    DAVID BURNS 9 days ago

    He needs to come to Trinity Church in Cedar Hill Texas. To perform two of his hit songs. He'll be great to kick-off the service at the church.

  • the celestials
    the celestials 9 days ago

    Dope!! 💯🔥

  • Byanca Karolyne Pinheiro De Melo

    UAU... tá demais.. será q só eu entendi a referência no tênis da Nike x Fear of Good.

  • Mia Child
    Mia Child 10 days ago

    I love you Tauren and your songs

  • dawnya Arias
    dawnya Arias 10 days ago

    Ufffff 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 great job

  • Alisa Moyer
    Alisa Moyer 10 days ago +1

    I went to your concert it was fun your my favorite singer n I'm definetly a citizen of heaven I got baptized even though 8 eight I'm a boy just to let you know

    • Humble Mango
      Humble Mango 8 days ago

      y r u on the internet when ur only 8 🤨

  • Faith Hope
    Faith Hope 12 days ago +6

    I hope and pray that Jesus sends me a man like him one day.

  • Manna Berhane
    Manna Berhane 12 days ago

    LOVE this SONG! It ministered to me this morning- it's so easy to get caught up in the here and now and to be overcome by worry. Amazing reminder that our citizenship is in heaven and we can set our minds on things ABOVE! Hallelujah!

  • Angela Lopes
    Angela Lopes 13 days ago +1

    Surfing TVclip, I found this gift from GOD!!!!!!!! Please continue to allow God to use you because you are the voice Young and Older Christians need to hear!!!! I watch Citizen of Heaven video at least once a day!!!!!!

  • Renewal Creations
    Renewal Creations 13 days ago

    For some reason his voice or the style of music reminds me of Michael Jackson.

  • Marissa Ortiz
    Marissa Ortiz 13 days ago

    Kicking it old school! And definitely hawt!

  • Jonrilus
    Jonrilus 13 days ago

    Now who said the devil has to have all the good music. lol This is truly an example of talent on loan from God, well done Tauren!

  • Антон
    Антон 13 days ago +1

    Oh.. Maaan, it's so cool to imagine how we will sing in paradise together..

  • Trap / Edm / Dubstep Dancin Gurl

    Keep doin u🙌😂! Love the beat🎶💃😂! Dont matter wat the naysayers & haters say - dorkieroos they are & dont understand😂1 day they'll see😉! #LMBFOOL😉😂! DAD always has His kiddos backs😉😂! Sum of dem naysayers call dem selves Christians as well hweva they dont know wat Dad put n u (us creatives) so keep goin cuz U & DAD R DOIN THE DANG THANG HUNNTY😂😂!! YYAAASS HUNNTY YYAAASS😂🎶💃🦋😂!!!

  • Braxston Morehead
    Braxston Morehead 14 days ago

    I sing it at my church at Vineyard I was in ask the worship leader if I can sing citizen of heaven

  • classicstorm
    classicstorm 14 days ago

    He better go off...

  • Lemuel Jordan Martinez

    Citizens of hell!!!

  • Elliana VerBurg
    Elliana VerBurg 15 days ago

    Oh my, I played this song and an ad for this song was at the beginning!

  • Elliana VerBurg
    Elliana VerBurg 15 days ago +1

    He sounds so much like Michael Jackson - the beats AND the voice!!

  • Shirley Giordano
    Shirley Giordano 15 days ago +1

    I just found the Christian artist that is a huge resemblance to Michael Jackson and Bruno Mars. Awesome dude.

  • PH
    PH 15 days ago

    I love this!!!

  • Isabela Ramos
    Isabela Ramos 15 days ago +1

    he doesn't really give me a son of God vibe dancing like that.

  • Deanna Guzz
    Deanna Guzz 15 days ago


  • Gerardo Ramirez
    Gerardo Ramirez 15 days ago

    Yes omg this is iconic god is good

  • Truly yours & god this is the Johnson family

    Love 💕 the song

  • Truly yours & god this is the Johnson family

    I Hope God and Jesus Christ brings you blessings

  • Angel Roberson
    Angel Roberson 16 days ago

    If Michael Jackson had written Christian music ...

  • Michael Hunter
    Michael Hunter 16 days ago


  • melissa palencia
    melissa palencia 16 days ago +1

    I know I’m a citizen of heaven my identity is forever yours! Glory glory

  • melissa palencia
    melissa palencia 16 days ago +1

    Sooo 😎

  • Loida Hopkins
    Loida Hopkins 16 days ago

    yes yes yes yes yes yes and yes

  • Larry Sanchez
    Larry Sanchez 16 days ago +2

    I know after everything going on in the world would stop and that God will come for his "Citizens of Heaven."
    God bless everyone of ya'll

  • mayra Crawford
    mayra Crawford 16 days ago

    God bless you Tauren wells we love you!!!!!

  • Elizabeth Wood
    Elizabeth Wood 16 days ago

    On fire for Jesus. He is running after the 1 who saved and he continues to blow my mind. Good job man! God is using you for His Kingdom. Keep your eyes on the one and you will continue to reach many souls. The Lord is lifting up his children to rise and reach all the broken and lost souls to come to salvation.

  • Joseph Donaldson
    Joseph Donaldson 17 days ago

    The Box Of Love

    I once was walking down a road
    And saw this box on the ground
    I stopped picked it up and opened it
    There was a piece of paper inside

    I opened it and it said these words
    I love you but why do you wonder
    I love you but why you think I don't
    I love you but you still think I won't

    I love you each new day and mornin
    I love you like the bright suns glory
    I love you even when you feel lost
    I love you with my gracious heart

    I love you when your battles give in
    I love you when you give into sin
    I love you when ur thoughts decieve
    I love you when you don't love me

    I love you when ur past has regrets
    I love you when your not your best
    I love you when the sun goes down
    I love you I'll never leave you alone

    I love you because your more in me
    I love you I carried you on Calvary
    I love you and let them beat me
    I love you the pain I fell to my knees

    I love you each strip tore my flesh
    I love you as they beat me helpless
    I love you I never gave up my friend
    I love you more plz try and imagine

    I love you like my stars in heaven
    I love you ur brighter then darkness
    I love you each nail was dug deeply
    I love you your heart I was holding

    Then at the bottom it had my name
    It said I left this box for you today
    So if you ever feel I'm not here read
    Because ur so beautiful yes to me

    I am Jesus and I just wanted to see
    You smile more and start to believe
    I know we're you've been but listen
    I love you I'll never leave I promise

    The box was ivory and soft purple
    On top it said Nothing is Impossible
    Inside it was crystal colors of blues
    And all thru it had words I love you.

    Dec 25/19
    By Joseph Donaldson

  • Linda Marquis
    Linda Marquis 17 days ago

    So unexpected! A great video ! I love the words , but the video was so real !

  • TheTranq
    TheTranq 17 days ago

    He killed his performance of this in Minneapolis this weekend! Great live performer!

  • Mare Dela Cruz
    Mare Dela Cruz 17 days ago

    Wahhhh 😍😍

  • Virginia Nucete
    Virginia Nucete 17 days ago

    I left my country due to persecution and I can't go back. In the USA, I applied for asylum and after 3 years, my case is still pending; but now I know that I am a citizen of Heaven. I do not belong to any country, I belong to God. Thank you for this song.

  • Allan Meade
    Allan Meade 17 days ago

    His videos are firee. May God continue to use him to raise the bar in the Kingdom

  • Edward Crowley
    Edward Crowley 17 days ago

    That was Smooth! Love this song,going on playlist for parties!

  • Ashen Silverlake
    Ashen Silverlake 19 days ago +1

    I liked how this reminded me of sci-fi meets theater. I loved how unique this is. I haven’t seen a combination like this before! 😍
    I’m also feeling some throwback Toby Mac vibes somehow. Is it just me?

  • lauren garabedian
    lauren garabedian 20 days ago

    Tauren Wells I believe that he is a vessel for God through his music and he wants to teach us through his singing that we are all citizens of heaven no matter what we’ve done in our past. Because we’ve all made mistakes in our own life and in the dance fighting scene, he’s teaching the evil one a lesson or two. We just need to keep leaning on him and understanding his plan for our life because he does have one, he is God Almighty. As in verse proverbs 3:5-6 says, Trust in the Lord and lean not on your own understanding in all your ways acknowledge him and he will make your path’s straight.

  • Dr.Alfred Umar
    Dr.Alfred Umar 20 days ago +1

    Yes this is amazing

  • Elise Markerink
    Elise Markerink 21 day ago +1


  • RoxAnn Stumbo
    RoxAnn Stumbo 22 days ago

    LOVE IT!! ... and the dancing🥳

  • Jillian Williams-Small

    This music video is so amazing.
    Oh my goodness. I keep coming back. Its on another level and the message is clear and I'm encouraged to stay heavenly minded. Thanks Tauren. From Barbados, West Indies.

  • Faith Rivera
    Faith Rivera 24 days ago

    Hes such a good singer my sister only listens to music cause she thinls hes cite like really I love his music its so good