Why does this exist... Vive Pro Review

  • Published on Apr 13, 2018
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    Is the Vive Pro the next amazing step forward in consumer VR? Unfortunately we think not...
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  • GAVR
    GAVR 2 days ago +1


  • Random Awesomeness
    Random Awesomeness 3 days ago

    I’ll take it

  • erdinç yılmaz
    erdinç yılmaz 3 days ago

    Vr game is bullshit.

  • Great tech Reviews
    Great tech Reviews 3 days ago

    Review the psvr it’s awesome

  • Doom Berry
    Doom Berry 4 days ago

    I like how Oculus's controllers are more fitting to your hands rather than how the vive controllers look.

  • The Cheese Said
    The Cheese Said 4 days ago

    Can I have it lol ????!

  • Sir Kurac
    Sir Kurac 4 days ago

    VR OMNI DIRECTIONAL TREADMILL ALTERNATIVE CYBERSHOES KICKSTARTER IS LIVE www.kickstarter.com/projects/cybershoes/377664944?ref=575897&token=9f79fa79

  • Benjamim Carneiro
    Benjamim Carneiro 6 days ago

    thats why i love psvr is a lot cheaper and works great

  • FireStrike [Gaming and More]

    Im getting an oculus rift soon when i save up the money, well, i say soon i mean in about 2 years

  • CallmeJonas
    CallmeJonas 6 days ago

    Don’t buy htc vive buy oculus it’s better than htc vive. Why. Htc vive is not as good. 1st controllers: the controllers are weird it’s just a stick and a weird thing on the top. 2 headset: when you buy htc vive there is no headphones for some reason and why is there cameras in the face of the headset. 3 comfort: htc vive is not comfortable too me but that’s my Decision. Now let’s go to oculus. 1st controllers: oculus have great controllers it feels Realistic. 2 headset: well there is build in headphones when you get the rift but sometimes it will go off but it’s ok. 3 comfort: it’s feels nice wearing it but you got to snuggle yourself in. Extra things. Tracking: htc vive has great tracking
    But oculus as great tracking to. Lens: htc vive as great lens but oculus as a problem with the lenses. they are kind of blurry but you can put new lenses in them . I hope this gave you some stuff about these VR headsets. Like this comment if this help you know about there VR headsets.

  • Link H.
    Link H. 6 days ago

    Oculus Quest and cv2 will demolish the Vive pros sales

  • So You
    So You 7 days ago

    You’re a cutie.

  • GameCrunch
    GameCrunch 7 days ago

    Why dont people just get an oculus? I dont see any downsides about it, most of the negative feed back I hear is just "Eww Oculus" and nothing else.

    I dont feel the cables, comfortable design (for at least 2 hours of expert on beat saber) and its cheaper.

  • Ihate Registrations
    Ihate Registrations 8 days ago

    This video reduced his credibility by a lot in my opinion. He was a first adopter like I was... its always going to be more expensive. They basically got the device to market before the bundle had to be made. Its a massive improvement over the VIVE. I can ACTUALLY read the text on the controls of my cockpits in both ED and my flight sims. that alone blows away oculus and vive. I would recommend Vive pro>vive>a potato> Oculus.
    Before anyone tries to fan boy; I own a DK2, CV1, Vive, Vive Pro. My CV1 is gathering dust.

  • Bruce Cunningham jr
    Bruce Cunningham jr 8 days ago

    These things are supposed to be getting cheaper, not more expensive. this tech is a joke as it is. I will take a cheap head tracker over this over rated and over priced garbage.

  • Antonio Bahler
    Antonio Bahler 9 days ago

    Plus Vive is still touchy when playing steam games. Oculus Rift is a boss running steam vr plus easy to setup and doesn't cost my soul and a first born.

  • Kokopelli
    Kokopelli 10 days ago

    I won one. I don't know what to do with it. I have a 10 dollar VR Headset and it does exactly what the Vive Pro does.

  • bossman CT
    bossman CT 10 days ago


  • Shut-in Gaming
    Shut-in Gaming 11 days ago

    I didn't buy the Samsun Mixed Reality headset because of the built on headphones >.>
    Instead I went with the HP headset and I love it ! I have the first gen HTC Vive as well
    If you want VR for multimedia consumption, get the Oculus Go
    If you want to get VR for VR Chat, get the Windows Mixed Reality HMD
    If you're hardcore into VR Chat like the legendary Jimi, then get the HTC Vive for full body tracking.
    If you want to game on a smaller budget, get the Windows Mixed Reality HMD
    If you want to game on a slightly bigger budget, get the Oculus Rift
    If you want to game on a bigger but still sane budget, get the HTC Vive gen 1
    If you want a VR headset, get a job !
    If you want the Vive Pro, find the black market because you're literally going to need a surgeon.. and probably the guy 2 shops down XD
    If you want to see angry birds as a room scale VR game with baseball bats and birds, give this a like !

  • Ravnican127
    Ravnican127 11 days ago

    2 Very important questions here
    1) wasn't this originally supposed to be wireless?
    2) Will the new V2 base stations work with the original vive?

  • 05candyman
    05candyman 11 days ago

    Give VR 2-3 more years and the tech will be there for something great. 4k resolution, wireless connectivity, perfect head tracking, perfect field of view (no binocular effect), more comfortable feel, and cheaper cost, with higher quality games. I think when Sony releases their high end PSVR 2 is where we'll see this.
    My guess is Sony will create a PSVR 2 and a PSVR 2 Pro for the PS5. The Pro will cost more, but will have a higher resolution and all the other things I mentioned, and maybe more.

  • Garbage Truck Man
    Garbage Truck Man 12 days ago

    I’m getting a normal htc vive for Christmas hopefully I have been wanting one for ages I’m just nervous that my computer is not strong for it (edit. Yes it is strong for a htc vive I’m super super excited (edit number 2 I need a new stronger graphics card 😥

  • Skellon
    Skellon 12 days ago


  • Grim Grithius
    Grim Grithius 12 days ago

    Did you find this review helpful?

  • Cardu can
    Cardu can 12 days ago

    y du u exist.

  • Russell Barlow
    Russell Barlow 13 days ago

    It also looks dumb compared to the original vive, like something from a serial box.

  • White Noise
    White Noise 13 days ago

    if this type of VR came out in the 90s or heck, maybe even in the early 2000s, I would have been all over it.
    But because I / we have settled with the comfort of Not having to wear shit on my head to enjoy immersible gameplay and relying on Monitors all these years, VR just isn't as interesting as a concept as it once was.

    • RaduPhantom
      RaduPhantom 12 days ago

      I can't discuss comfort since I never put a vive on, but I was talking about immersion. Maybe VR isn't interesting to you, but I'm sure many people would find it an interesting experience which can't be compared to pushing buttons while watching a screen. Either way, I'm sure that in the future we will have both comfort and immersion (wireless adaptor is already out, smaller size/weight will follow eventually).

    • White Noise
      White Noise 12 days ago

      +RaduPhantom it's still uncomfortable as hell tho - wearing that shit on your head. I'll keep my monitor until these things can shrink down to the size of Sunglasses.

    • RaduPhantom
      RaduPhantom 12 days ago +1

      false. technology has been evolving to make screens bigger and bigger, to feel more immersed in them. having a screen literally in your eyes while moving around makes it way better than using a kinect for example

  • Nox Dillinger
    Nox Dillinger 13 days ago

    Screw you you know I love the VR that is new screw this channel don't subscribe

  • Martín Kropf
    Martín Kropf 14 days ago

    The HTC Vive Pro is everything that's wrong with VR right now. Too expensive, not user friendly, proprietary software and hardware, missing required hardware to even perform the advertised function, the list goes on.

  • Skater Boiii
    Skater Boiii 14 days ago

    Where’s vrchat?

  • 子門真宏
    子門真宏 14 days ago

    So. I shoud to buy old vive is best ? The Pro resuluion is not enough...

  • Chayce O’bryan
    Chayce O’bryan 14 days ago

    If u do t want it I’ll take it

  • Hoarding Shekels
    Hoarding Shekels 15 days ago


  • Gamertass
    Gamertass 15 days ago

    This guy is fkin savage

  • Simon Steffen
    Simon Steffen 16 days ago

    the onion article made me like the video..

  • I am da big head Master

    Oculas is better take it from a guy who tried bot headsets

  • First name Last name
    First name Last name 16 days ago +1

    But you did buy it too make this video

  • E.C.Awesome
    E.C.Awesome 17 days ago

    First the console wars now the vr wars vive vs oculus

  • my-tv nice
    my-tv nice 17 days ago

    never buy a vr unless the weight is 300g or lower

      NEW PLAYER 4 days ago

      But people can work out their neck with 1 KG weight

  • Bonita Bromeliads
    Bonita Bromeliads 17 days ago

    "not for the reasons you might expect"
    Why do they always say that. I don't expect any reasons...

  • Andreo Suro
    Andreo Suro 17 days ago

    So, ill wait for next nextgenVR

  • Unknown
    Unknown 17 days ago +1

    Upgraded from vive to vive pro and wow the screen is much better not to mention the colors are much more deep. Didnt encounter a single of the headset issues Linus talks about.

  • Red Menace 0
    Red Menace 0 18 days ago

    I've only used the pro, and that was in a VR Arcade, like you said. I actually liked it, but I guess thats because I didn't have any problems, and because I haven't used the normal.

  • rxibot
    rxibot 19 days ago

    Please do a Oculus Quest review. Wanting to see if that is as awesome as it looks!!!!

  • Pringle Power
    Pringle Power 19 days ago

    Jesus Christ this made me cringe

  • B P
    B P 20 days ago

    Why do you exist? This channel sucks!

    • Jack M
      Jack M 20 days ago

      Then why are you here? Stop whining.

  • TechMax
    TechMax 20 days ago

    Better get an appointment with a physical therapist for neck pain

  • Gr8Success
    Gr8Success 20 days ago

    nobody will buy this piece of crap . they deserve a slap over their heads with this kind of products :))

  • Adrenaline Junkie
    Adrenaline Junkie 22 days ago

    Get a Pimax 5K+ once it's released in 2019.

  • Vaskedama
    Vaskedama 23 days ago

    Linus my boy. Never compromise your ideals for money. Your critique helps the tech industry move forward in a healthy and organic fashion. It puts expectations to the manufacturers so that they don't make compromises. That you give it to us the way it is and the fact that you don't sugar coat anything is to me very virtuous.

  • MDSsystems
    MDSsystems 23 days ago +1

    better than a Justin Y. comment

    • Elijah A
      Elijah A 15 days ago +1

      He has no life other than the bacteria living in his crusty chair

  • Jackson Freiling
    Jackson Freiling 24 days ago +1

    If I get a vibe what kinda small pc should I get to play it.

  • antsolja
    antsolja 24 days ago

    those headphones look uncomfortable and probably dont sound good at all compared to my over ear sennheisers but it looks like it would be impossible to wear over ear headphones with this thing unlike the previous vive

  • Cinnamon fox
    Cinnamon fox 25 days ago

    My computer actually blue screened in the middle of this

  • VRmedia.ro
    VRmedia.ro 25 days ago

    Vive is not Apple. The Pro version is targeted at pro users like VR arcades owners, not at home uses. It has everything it was missing for the Vive to be THE headset of choice. Most importantly, it has a different warranty policy.

  • Uku Sibul
    Uku Sibul 25 days ago

    It looks so cheap

  • Y0L0 swaggens
    Y0L0 swaggens 25 days ago

    "up to 93 square meters" looks around basement... heavy breathing ensues...

  • god
    god 25 days ago

    does this guy have an ear ring on the gay side

  • Bobman9420
    Bobman9420 26 days ago

    Let me ask you this Linus. I've been wanting to get into VR for a while now, and since the price has gone down for the Rift and Vive (regular. What is the best choice Rift or the Vive?

  • zck2020
    zck2020 27 days ago

    Answer to the video: it's for company purchases, not for individuals.

  • Daniel Dorn
    Daniel Dorn 27 days ago

    If you dont use it, you can just send it to me.
    I mean, it would take space and collect dust for you.

  • Ballisticwaffles The third


  • Rafael Benedicto
    Rafael Benedicto 29 days ago

    You have a wife?

  • Hyper
    Hyper 29 days ago

    "If this video sucks or you work for HTC" LMAO

  • Zoreas
    Zoreas Month ago

    Anyone know what those stands are that linus used to mount the base stations?

  • Skeptical Loner
    Skeptical Loner Month ago

    I have both. There is a noticeable improvement. Worth the cost though? Nah. Main thing is the 'screen door' effect is way reduced on the Pro. Also, you can remove the ear cup thingys. I did. They're terrible. Linus was spot on about the lack of the head phone plug on the Pro. I ended up buying a wireless headset (I had been using my beyer dynamic headset with the original vive). I mainly play DCS, Onward, Fallout 4, and Gorn. Elite Dangerous is also pretty cool in VR. I had been waiting for VR to take off ever since if bought track ir over a decade ago and it spoiled me on flight sims. It's been a painful wait with very little incremental gains. I was hoping more titles (like Arma 3) would be VR friendly, but the market doesn't justify the devs sinking valuable time to cater to a very small segment of the gaming community.

  • PrikolMen:-b
    PrikolMen:-b Month ago

    I dream of htc vive.....

  • Matthew Kilts
    Matthew Kilts Month ago

    Many of us would really benefit from a episode on best way to get the new HTC Vive wireless (empty PCIe slot needed) to a laptop. External PCIe box w/thunderbolt 3?

  • ThatSquidKid
    ThatSquidKid Month ago

    what vr head set should i buy?

  • My Channel
    My Channel Month ago

    He’s so annoyed that it is “not usable” when my rubbish smartphone headset has no controller or base station

  • bens mtb
    bens mtb Month ago

    i cant get a htc vive its too expesive its litirly 11000 rand soooooooooooooooooo much money

  • bens mtb
    bens mtb Month ago

    you guys are expensive my pc is 300 bucks for you but for were i live its 9000 rand

  • C N
    C N Month ago

    Any new VR headsets just needs to adopt PS VR's method because it truly is the most comfortable version.

  • JRH3221 Gaming
    JRH3221 Gaming Month ago

    Is it just me or does anyone else love his sponsors. I'm getting a new pc, and now I'm getting a thermal take case

  • Jynx Draxxin
    Jynx Draxxin Month ago

    I was looking for "3-D life like bricks" and found myself here. :)

  • G1K777
    G1K777 Month ago

    *Add a GTX 2080ti to it and it becomes a meme.*

  • Eadspace
    Eadspace Month ago

    Would my specs work on the Vive?:
    CPU: Intel Core i7-6700
    GPU: GeForce GTX 960 2GB
    Ram: 8GB

    • C N
      C N 19 days ago

      It's your graphics card mostly. 16gb of ram also wouldn't hurt.

    • Eadspace
      Eadspace 27 days ago

      +Khalfan Hendi I ran the test performance test and it gave me almost at the green area.

    • Khalfan Hendi
      Khalfan Hendi 27 days ago

      I dont think so but you can test your pc on the htc vive website

  • Gorem
    Gorem Month ago

    "We've "Upgraded" the VR goggles so you can pay us again"

  • dogboy0912
    dogboy0912 Month ago

    Helmet mounted VR with rear counterweight and dial type tightening. Kinda like night vision. Would reduce pressure points, but obviously it would need a helmet.

  • Uvi
    Uvi Month ago

    I have a very big head (so big I cant buy Glasses in stores, I have to let them special made). Can I even wear that Vive with that Frame?

  • UltimaGmd
    UltimaGmd Month ago

    the price would kinda be worth it if it were wireless

  • Daniel b
    Daniel b Month ago

    That asian dude wearing the headphones needs to open his eyes, lmao. (10:00)

  • Tim Kramer
    Tim Kramer Month ago +1

    Rift is the best vr off the World

      NEW PLAYER 4 days ago

      There is no such thing as best because everything sucks in this world.

  • Austin Harding
    Austin Harding Month ago

    Surely you've heard of Planned Obsolescence? They put on just enough features(when they already have the tech for the other hurdles) to keep people buying the nex model an the next an the nex, adding a lil more an a lil more of what they already have

  • Mike Hunt
    Mike Hunt Month ago

    Nice, the controllers fucking suck.

  • Rhevl
    Rhevl Month ago

    This mounting system is ridiculous. I think the various VR engineers should have a look at a standard issue military gas mask and build from there.

  • Jawad Shah
    Jawad Shah Month ago

    Waste of money

  • xorbe2
    xorbe2 Month ago

    USD$1399 now!!!

  • GAVR
    GAVR Month ago +2

    vive pro sucker money, just like a vampire 💲🧛🏻‍♂️🤑💸💸💸💸

      NEW PLAYER 4 days ago

      What about Nvidia RTX 2080 and Acer 27" 4K HDR G-sync monitor. Those are expensive too.

  • Nemesis
    Nemesis Month ago

    I mean... I'll pay you to ship me that one if you're just gonna keep it in your warehouse :D

  • NiccoGamer 88
    NiccoGamer 88 Month ago

    I would buy the Oculus Rift for 450 € with 2 controller and a sensor

  • Shawn Elliott
    Shawn Elliott Month ago

    VR is a cool gimmick, but I won't be interested until I can do what Captain Picard did in that one episode where he lived an entire lifetime in the course of an episode, so I can indulge all the alternate lifetimes I wish I could live but will never be able to.

  • Grem
    Grem Month ago

    wut tu fuk

  • Kenny Yarmolchuk
    Kenny Yarmolchuk Month ago

    Buy yourself a bigger head

  • zunerizum
    zunerizum Month ago

    get an oculus rift

  • Tyler Johnson
    Tyler Johnson Month ago

    Occulus for the win

  • Ѧ
    Ѧ Month ago

    I hope Vive 3 supports tunnel bear

  • SaveCorrupt
    SaveCorrupt Month ago

    *F* *R* *E* *A* *K* *I* *N* *G*

  • lu F
    lu F Month ago

    CONGRATS LINUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! In ALL MY YEARS ON TVclip EVER(I had the internet the day my ISP offered it) I have NEVER wanted to buy, or remotely been interested in a single ad I have ever seen, until now.
    That case is just the sort of insanity I want for my next build, so thanks for the shameless plug guys!

  • Jamil Saleh
    Jamil Saleh Month ago

    Upgrade, not entry point. Good review! Would you recommend the vive or rift for gaming? Assuming performance and availability of games is the only caveat.