Why does this exist... Vive Pro Review

  • Published on Apr 13, 2018
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    Is the Vive Pro the next amazing step forward in consumer VR? Unfortunately we think not...
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Comments • 4 194

  • Kazukid
    Kazukid 10 minutes ago

    Just make a fucking nervegear already

  • Scott Bustos
    Scott Bustos Hour ago

    HTC is a hardware manufacturing company, therefore they make money from sales of hardware, so when they release hardware, expect a sizeable markup.
    Not that Oculus is anymore ethical or "better", but I hope that Facebook's acquisition there is enough money behind the project to keep future models price down.

  • Dom Ex
    Dom Ex 4 hours ago

    NEVER AND I MEAN NEVER attempt to test out a headset at a demo , or anywhere where school kids could have tried them on ,
    the reason , head lice i tried one headset and had head lice for 2 sodding weeks

  • Nathan Barrett
    Nathan Barrett 11 hours ago

    my house can be your warehouse for unwanted things xD

  • Poopatron
    Poopatron 22 hours ago

    My workplace is about to make the plunge and get the Vive Pro. We're an educational institution that plans on using it to various things related to STEM. We're hesitant about the price tag, however in an enterprise sense buying the original vive which is now 2 years old and no longer receiving hardware support via 2.0 controllers and stations, isn't to attractive either. What would you recommend for a use case like ours?

  • Willow Wheeler
    Willow Wheeler Day ago

    I'm just praying that once the new series of models for VR headsets comes out the current gen ones become a little cheaper.

  • Justin Carr
    Justin Carr Day ago

    hey can I have that htc vive pro?

  • ayden hubenak
    ayden hubenak 2 days ago

    Yeah nah, i'm just gonna keep using my $190 windows mixed reality headset that came with controllers included

  • david abe
    david abe 2 days ago

    Unpacking is retarded, plz skip to something that has meaning, thx.

  • Jared Cooperband
    Jared Cooperband 2 days ago

    Can someone post a link to where to get those base station mounts

  • Chris Davies
    Chris Davies 2 days ago

    I have over $20,000 worth of all-analog, multi-power-amped, genuine Hi-fi 7.1 surround sound on my PC. Basically, it's a mind-boggling ASUS HDAV 1.3 deluxe 7.1 system with a quad-monitor gaming PC tacked on to it. So the chances of me buying a headset with some $2 stereo headphones is exactly zero.
    If you want to sell headsets, make the headphones removable, you idiots.
    Also, if you think a headset with anything less than 1920x1920 per eye is an acceptable resolution, then you need your eyes checked.

  • John Doe
    John Doe 2 days ago

    Oculus vs Vice Pro? no comparison. Seriously, this video should ruin this guy's career saying he won't give up Oculus for vive pro. I will never trust another one of his reviews

  • KanadianSpaceProgram

    I like to lie down on the couch and watch 3d movies, while using my own headphones. I better enjoy it while I can.

  • Paul Karyakos
    Paul Karyakos 2 days ago

    I was looking into the vive pro... But man, the entire setup on the original is $499. That's the unit, controllers and sensors. Compared to the $1200 for the pro.
    I mean, is it that big of an improvement? I want to jump into VR and have the best unit I can (reasonably) but that's a huge jump.

  • TheMilitantHorse
    TheMilitantHorse 3 days ago

    This isn't about the VivePro, I got my Vive kit brand new for $395. Always look for deals, folks.

  • VUtoken
    VUtoken 3 days ago

    Well that's disappointing. You'd think it was common sense to actually put everything you'd need actually in the box. Thanks for the honest review!

  • JesterVR
    JesterVR 3 days ago

    THANK YOU Linus for Renewing the love of my Vanilla Vive! :)

  • tremorist
    tremorist 3 days ago

    Looks like an oddly molten Gamecube.

  • esmokebaby
    esmokebaby 3 days ago

    Send the pro my way

  • esmokebaby
    esmokebaby 3 days ago

    Ill take the pro

  • Valentino Furgiuele
    Valentino Furgiuele 3 days ago

    If you do not like it, you can give it to me? I would also need sensors, controllers and a computer set up for VR Gaming

  • OmgRocket
    OmgRocket 3 days ago

    Just take a look how many HTC employees watched this video

  • Valka Solidor
    Valka Solidor 4 days ago

    Is "putting it in my warehouse" code for Craigslist?

  • Shiro Wolff
    Shiro Wolff 4 days ago

    Give it to me

  • chioxin
    chioxin 4 days ago

    SADS! Cause I'm looking forward to the OLED's and I love the head strap. But, anyhow... You touched on a gripe with the headphone jack. Personally, I as a streamer and online gamer, am really .... seriously upset that VIVE's headphone jack on the original does NOT make use of my headphone mic. =/ So them removing that from the VIVE Pro isn't that big a deal to me... As currently I have to run a 20 ft cable between my machine and my headset anyway. What the hell VIVE? Gamers gonna use their own gear! Make it easy for them to do so!

  • Jinx
    Jinx 4 days ago

    Just get an oculus

  • Porschen Hund
    Porschen Hund 5 days ago

    Anyways. Most people can't afford it. So if you are complaining the how little improvement it gets, its not for u

  • Sam Wittsell
    Sam Wittsell 5 days ago

    This is just as pointless for existing as the Xbox One X and the PS4 Pro.

  • Alexis Charlebois
    Alexis Charlebois 5 days ago

    Linus, should I buy a oculus rift right now even though the announced the Santa Cruz project?????

  • 13guns
    13guns 5 days ago

    Just saved me £800. No new base or new controllers. Wft. Extra 300 or so. £1100 min in uk. No thanks. I’l wait for a price drop or stick with the original vive.

  • Pink Farron
    Pink Farron 5 days ago

    The PSVR is the most comfortable to wear.... but it has a terrible resolution.

  • James Nelson
    James Nelson 5 days ago

    "packing it up and putting it in the warehouse..." give it away if you hate it

  • R34P3R
    R34P3R 6 days ago

    I have an idea to remove the screen door effect (if not compleatly it would be almost) wish i had the stuff to make a headset lol it would be a hassle but once done an amazing thing .. Slightly bigger screen slightly curved on both horizontal and horizional axis (like a contact lens) but placed a bit further away from the eyes

  • GoobleMoWizard
    GoobleMoWizard 6 days ago

    800 dollars for this headset.... And another 300 Dollars for the accessories. This, I agree, isn't a good buy, because all that money just for a great VR experience? I'm still on the band wagon for HTC Vive, the original.

  • Andres Borges
    Andres Borges 6 days ago

    This kind of short-sightedness from HTC is why VR's future is so uncertain when it really should already have secured it's foothold in at least the gaming realm.

  • Conor Videos
    Conor Videos 7 days ago

    Your weird

  • David Collins
    David Collins 7 days ago

    You should get your hands on the Sensics zSight 1920

  • ShovingLeopard
    ShovingLeopard 8 days ago

    Can anyone please tell me what is the minimum age that a child could wear this device?

  • Filipe Allatere
    Filipe Allatere 8 days ago

    This bitch ass couldn't throw a punch if his life depended on it.

  • Sean Cloughley
    Sean Cloughley 8 days ago

    I mean the vive I think with the audio strap locks onto your head in a similar fashion I think. I've had people tell me the audio strap for the vive is worth the $100 JUST for the head strap.

  • Stephen York
    Stephen York 8 days ago

    It was very clear that this didn’t come with controllers and base stations.

  • Ackson Kondwani Mwenda

    I tried out the vive pro last week its awesome:) I blogged about it too :)www.acksonworld.com/2018/06/when-one-thinks-of-getting-chance-to.html

  • Martin Weltchek
    Martin Weltchek 8 days ago

    I want one maybe I'll just wear a foam neck brace! :p

  • Eric Knappenberger
    Eric Knappenberger 9 days ago


  • The Whizkid
    The Whizkid 9 days ago

    I´m sure 90% of the 1800 thumbs down actually love the video but dislike this product. Why does you tube not come up with a way to rate videos differently? Maybe something you can define while uploading.

  • The Master Of RED Alien Face

    Some problems i for example have with the vive is the blurryness. When your in for example steamVRhome and look straight forward and then take a controller in front of your sight, it looks pretty good, but when you raise the controller it will be disgusting blurrness, that maybe is the cause of the Spiral design on the lenses with i have no idea why HTC went with that design, they could have simply ignored those. It could also be becuase that i sometimes have bad sight or that i dident calbritrade the lens distance between my eyes. I really want the best of the best vr experience, wich accessories should i have, is glasses recomanded though i can't fit them too well but i maybe can, what could be the cheapest price for the nividia geforce gtx 970 or higher, Do i have to clean my lenses well, though i think i am doing it correct. I could really apriciate some suggestions to a video or something else that i can discover more about. Thx

  • Sharks M.C
    Sharks M.C 9 days ago

    Totally disagree, this is a totally disinformative video, I have VIVE original and VIVE PRo now and the improvements are very substantial. So much that, after almost not using the original VIVE, so uncomfortable they were, VIVE PRO used them for many hours without feeling uncomfortable, and this is just one of the great advantages

  • Divine
    Divine 9 days ago

    Why didn't they just consider it in a beta stage so people could test it out first? Weird they released it to the public. There must be a reason.

  • maine Bail
    maine Bail 10 days ago

    I was wondering Linus when is the upgraded Oculus rift ?

  • Orlando Semperfire
    Orlando Semperfire 10 days ago

    First world problems.

  • Cory Howard
    Cory Howard 10 days ago

    todd howard?

  • TKD Bradster
    TKD Bradster 10 days ago

    The navy plastic makes it look really old.

  • Adam Zawadzki
    Adam Zawadzki 11 days ago

    i dont know much i just got into this vr stuff, is the vive better then lets say the hp headsets like is the picture better what is different

  • rj am
    rj am 11 days ago

    Subscribed !

  • David Smith
    David Smith 11 days ago

    Gladly take burden off your hands.

  • GGMattt
    GGMattt 12 days ago

    What a surprise, a decent company turned into money grabbing crooks. Never seen that happen before...

  • Asphen
    Asphen 12 days ago

    The vive is $499 in USA right now but when I go into the uk version it is £499 shipping wouldn’t be that much to increase it by 160 dollars

  • Narky Gamer
    Narky Gamer 12 days ago

    ❤️ my vive pro

  • Pain Killer
    Pain Killer 12 days ago +1

    You don't like Vive Pro and you think it's terrible.. Then give it to me.

  • KingEbin
    KingEbin 13 days ago

    >tfw it’s an overpriced mixed reality headset

  • Samuel Rieder
    Samuel Rieder 13 days ago

    the 3,5 mm plug is probably the most important thing. Nobody wants to use the included Headphones when he ons decent Headphones. But i think the original Vive is the only headset including an Audio jack.

  • Gai Daigouji
    Gai Daigouji 14 days ago

    Linus if you don't want it all take it ill be on the coast in 2 weeks :P

  • CiPoint
    CiPoint 15 days ago +2

    Linus compares a product which is already available (vive pro) with a prototype (pimax 8k). That is quite unfair. Let's wait until the 8k is released and then make comparisons. The closed beta units (version M1) were shipped to the testers just a few days ago.

  • Pixel Dust
    Pixel Dust 16 days ago

    There is a subtlety here that you are missing. In games and software made for VR ab initio, there is no discernible difference between the two HMDs. Both perform adequately for the task. For instance, "Super Hot VR" plays fine in both and walking "The Plank" is scary either way.
    However, when you use for VR programs that were not originally written for VR, you will find that many of them are not suitable for the low resolution Vive version. Many depend on the user being able to read small text, such as the instruments on an airplane panel, and such simulators don't respond well to the original Vive; even with 20/20 vision, the small text is blurred and unusable, which a fatal flaw.
    When I sat down in the VR cockpit of one of my favorite flight simulator planes, the SU-25T, I was surprised at how small the cockpit was. Rolling down the taxiway, I really felt like I really was rocking back-and-forth over the rough pavement. Looking out of the cockpit sides, during hard aerial turns, I definitely felt a moment of real vertigo, so real was the sensation of flight. All of these motions were present on a typical 2D monitor, but none had the visceral effect of VR. Sadly, the cockpit instruments were unreadable, the on-screen text messages were blurred and I really felt let down: the tantalizing taste of VR flight had been given to me, then snatched away.
    For me, it is not the VR titles that matter, it is the usefulness of the HMD in software which was re-written to accommodate VR. My initial purchase price of some $800 was essentially a waste, so poor was the screen resolution, even at 2.5 supersampling. You need not complain to me about pricing.
    I have a new Vive Pro on order, and if it performs as poorly, back it will go in the return period. However, all that I read and see is telling me that, at last, I will be able to read the fine print, as they say.
    That is the subtlety that you are missing: for your typical VR titles, the resolution is unimportant. For me, however, if I can read the text in my flight simulators, I should be able to identify distant aircraft as well and that will be a world of difference.
    What matters most, in the silly debate over the Vive/Rift versus the Vive Pro, is that the software titles that you intend to use it for are all-important, and you did not mention that.
    Yes, HTC are scoundrels; they did not give existing Vive owners preferential upgrade pricing as they promised. They introduced new hardware a year earlier than they said they planned to, which was a subtle ploy that I fell for, not wanting to wait over a year for the better gear. All the whining and complaining over their warranty and customer support notwithstanding, they are the only game in town that offers such a brilliant, sophisticated and highly polished VR system. The price gouge is their read of the market; they know that they are the premium player in town. Everything else pales in comparison, and I believe that Facebook simply doesn't have the will to compete.
    Buy your HTC gear from a retailer that you trust for after-sale support, try to pick up a 3rd party extended warranty, and you should be ok. Once Valve releases their VR knuckles, my touch cockpits will spring to life.
    Software matters.

  • Moon
    Moon 16 days ago

    I'm pretty sure by the time I have enough money to get the HTC Vive at it's current price there will be Half Life 3 and the HTC will be like $25 and become old nostalgia tech

  • Gavin Atkin
    Gavin Atkin 18 days ago

    "If you thought this sucked or you work for HTC" lol, that was pretty good. Awesome video, I'm not hurting as much when I look at my Oculus now haha.

  • Wixxy Pharoah
    Wixxy Pharoah 18 days ago

    does this have visible pixels ? because visible pixels are what separates real life and virtual environments

  • Dylan986
    Dylan986 18 days ago

    I have psvr and a gaming pc. I don't really feel like dishing out the money until they make a wireless vr headset. I don't want anymore cords in my room

  • uglypoe
    uglypoe 19 days ago

    What is the PC he has?

  • Rei Crystalline
    Rei Crystalline 19 days ago

    No mention of the inbuilt microphone??? thats what i was curious about.

  • Equinox Foxx
    Equinox Foxx 19 days ago

    no RGB makes me sad

  • Ronny's VLOG [Ronny Tobler]

    Just a quick feedback from a professional arcade: The headstrap lasted 2 weeks before the nob was worn out. The first time the headset dropped (yes it does occur in a arcade) the forward&back mechanism was broken, second drop the complete headset was broken. generell feel is no quality. we reverted back to the original vive. This is in Fusion Arena Zurich.

  • Firman Syah
    Firman Syah 20 days ago

    Imagine in the future you only need a normal glass to play vr

  • Adrenaline Junkie
    Adrenaline Junkie 20 days ago

    The Pimax 8K Linus hated was a prototype!

  • Bob Trimboli
    Bob Trimboli 20 days ago

    Well if you don't want it i need one lol soooo...

  • Shaheer Ahmed
    Shaheer Ahmed 20 days ago

    Here I am with my way cheaper slightly worse rift 😂

  • LifelessHawk
    LifelessHawk 20 days ago

    1:05 skip ad

  • Jason Black
    Jason Black 20 days ago

    Linus cant possibly be Canadian. Im sure i've never heard him say "eh"

  • Casey Van Winkle
    Casey Van Winkle 21 day ago

    What is the boxing game you are playing in the background at 3:52?

  • jujujon3
    jujujon3 21 day ago

    So are you not going to explain how to take the head strap and the headset off? I've been looking for videos on how to, but it only shows the regular HTC vive

  • Muff Suckky
    Muff Suckky 21 day ago

    I skip from 3:09 to 3:28.... and he said "my wife likes it... from the back" 😂

  • VirusOfCyrus
    VirusOfCyrus 21 day ago


  • VirusOfCyrus
    VirusOfCyrus 21 day ago


  • Mike F
    Mike F 22 days ago

    I'll pay shipping if you wanna unload it.. ;)

  • Caspar Hughey
    Caspar Hughey 22 days ago

    Hell, you don't want it, can i have it? I don't have any VR

  • Chaython Meredith
    Chaython Meredith 23 days ago

    does it sound like linus just bit his tongue or had a tounge piercing etc? bit of a lisp there boy

  • wiillstar
    wiillstar 23 days ago

    linus is wondering why the new vive has so much right and left movement on his head. doesnt he realise that he has a super tiny head? if it would fit exactly on his head it would be 2 small for 99% of all humans.

    • wiillstar
      wiillstar 23 days ago

      also he is talking about his bignose and the pressure point the device is creatig on it. little does he know that his nose is not huge. his head is just microscopic so the the average size of his nose is probably the only part of his head that actually is big enough for a device that is created for a range of nornal sized human heads..

  • Dominic Fastbender
    Dominic Fastbender 23 days ago

    What is with the terrible field of view. 20% of people will be nauseated by this, according to basic biological studies.

  • Ionut Taran
    Ionut Taran 23 days ago

    For the level of technology we have today , the size of this VR is unacceptable , we should have had a star trek size glasses for years now , yes it has to shield outside light but there is 0 reasons for it to be any heavier ( hell it should be way lighter) or at Least be half the thickness

  • TheWaaaagh
    TheWaaaagh 23 days ago

    Heh, quicker in-and-out he says

  • Echo_Gaming
    Echo_Gaming 23 days ago

    Hi, my name is Amit. I world love to if you guys do a review of the htc vive pro full kit.

  • Marcus M
    Marcus M 24 days ago

    I run Gear VR with S8 and I am waiting for gtx 2080 so that the VR headsets can improve.

  • Maitland Vaughan-Turner

    Canadian pesos

  • Reba Derps
    Reba Derps 25 days ago

    I had preordered a Pro for my first be headset, then I watched this and realized I jipped myself. Luckily I was able to cancel it and get vanilla, which I’m more than happy with. Thanks for the honest review!

  • GhaV jGRite (jeaHAvee)

    HTC mobile got rid of the 3.5 mm jack on their high-end phones which was a mistake, and now they're doing it on the Vibe Pro. So much loss...

  • Megalo_Maniac
    Megalo_Maniac 25 days ago

    - get a phone sized monitor and tape to your head
    - wear headset
    - turn on old shitty Nintendo Wii and play
    = VR experience...

  • MattMc
    MattMc 25 days ago

    If u don’t want that vive...

  • Quinten Wittermans
    Quinten Wittermans 25 days ago

    Try Beat Saber on the pro!

  • weldo88
    weldo88 25 days ago

    What is that boxing game he was playing? Thanks!

  • J.Jarvis
    J.Jarvis 26 days ago

    I feel like we’re at the time in VR that if the world goes on for a few more years we’re gonna look back and go.. what in the heck was that thing.. it’s YUUGE!