How to answer and switch calls on Beats Studio3 Wireless | b button


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  • Contessa Stefania
    Contessa Stefania Month ago

    Hi, I'm old and a Mom, so bear with me. I just got these Beats Studio3 Wireless and when I received a phone call, I needed to answer by clicking my phone screen. Clicking my left earphone didn't work. What am I doing wrong? Can someone pls advise. I am thinking it is one of 3 problems; 1. Do I need to update the software on the new earphones? 2. Do I need to reset the earphones? 3. I don't know what #3 is. Thank you young people for your help!

  • kimost143
    kimost143 Month ago +5

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  • 悠樹
    悠樹 Month ago

    What is the flowing music?

  • Emmanuel Kakou
    Emmanuel Kakou 2 months ago

    She pressed twice to answer...right?

  • forgedabouted
    forgedabouted 3 months ago

    Is the mic in the headset?

  • eazy14
    eazy14 4 months ago

    This is great

  • george luckaas
    george luckaas 7 months ago


  • Dhanish Br
    Dhanish Br 7 months ago +4

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