The Porsche 959 Is a $1.5 Million Automotive Icon

  • Published on Dec 4, 2018
    The Porsche 959 is one of the most famous Porsche models of all time -- and the 959 is one of the most famous cars from the 1980s. Today I'm reviewing the Porsche 959 to show you the details of one of the world's most amazing cars.
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  • Doug DeMuro
    Doug DeMuro  5 days ago +2985

    Have a good day at school, sweetie! Don't lose your 959 first aid kit!

    • Horse Lover
      Horse Lover Day ago

      How do u have soooo many cars

      ARCHANGEL 70X Day ago

      Please review the TVR speed 12!!🤗

    • odurandina
      odurandina Day ago +1

      Doug.... Maybe you can drive my Porsche 968 with the Scoggin Dickey all forged 388 c.i. short stroke LS 7 and Kevin Gross built/modified 200mph 6 speed Getrag Gearbox and dozens of interior and exterior upgrades. ("A Few Upgrades for the 968" on Rennlist). The engine is almost identical to the motor that went into the Ultimate Aero save for not having turbos. The car is pretty good from 0-150-0, as it only weighs about 2,900 pounds. The 968 was the best handling car of the 1990s. But there was even better handling to be extracted with wheel, tire & suspension upgrades.

      VATAN TÜRKIYE 2 days ago


    • alexmail123
      alexmail123 2 days ago

      The Porsche 959 S goes faster because also have the first aid kit removed! haha

  • SpeedDaemon3
    SpeedDaemon3 14 hours ago +1

    Actually all cars in Europe must have a valid first aid kit like that, it's around 12 dollars, standard size, valid two years. You can replace the contents or buy a new one. If you get pulled over and the policeman considers you an asshole he will check the expiration date on the first aid kit and fire estinguisher. In the 90s they were stealable items, my dad got a hitchhiker who stole his first aid kit so along with number plate inscripted mirrors, writing your name in the kit made sense. In the 90s auto theft in Germany was common, probably due to the poverty in the east. Truck fuel thieves plagued Germany hard in the 90s. Those were hard times.

  • Eneko Prins
    Eneko Prins 14 hours ago

    Respect to the Lamborghini owner for recognizing the 959 👍

  • bertoray
    bertoray 15 hours ago

    Way cool clip at end.

  • Ed
    Ed 16 hours ago

    There he goes again makin me jealous. All time favorite Porsche. Even if its an ugly duckling.

  • cheese gromit
    cheese gromit 16 hours ago


  • Christopher Hall
    Christopher Hall 16 hours ago

    Thanks! Been waiting for you to do a 959!

  • MrTimeless101
    MrTimeless101 17 hours ago

    Made in Stuttgart, West Germany. Certified 80's.

  • Citizen Shane
    Citizen Shane 17 hours ago +1

    if you want to see a mint condition 1984 porsche 911 RSR hotrod, I did a video for my friend who bought one. Its on my channel. Just type in 1984 porsche 911 RSR and the video should pop up.

  • G7R611
    G7R611 17 hours ago

    The future in the 80s, unreal and most innovative Porsche ever.
    Remember, this car is 30 years+ old.

  • Carl Douglas  Miles
    Carl Douglas Miles 17 hours ago

    Doug the type of guy she tells you not to worry about...and she means it.

    MICK ΛVØ 18 hours ago

    does the Porsche change color when you put your cursor in the video frame, or am i just high?

  • Ed Dale
    Ed Dale 18 hours ago

    Surprised how much of the 959 is the same as the 911.

  • nick chatterton
    nick chatterton 19 hours ago

    Who else screenshotted the engine LOL

  • Rose Rey
    Rose Rey 19 hours ago

    Look at those massive overhangs and tiny wheels. The Ferrari F40 has aged much better

  • Ashy Gee
    Ashy Gee 19 hours ago

    Great video. Yeah people have no clue...only other porsches that surpass are gt1 and CGT imo.

  • Jimmy
    Jimmy 19 hours ago

    Why are the wheels pushed so far forward in the wheel wells?

  • megatronVS
    megatronVS 20 hours ago

    Thank God they only built 345. That thing is an eye sore.

  • levelcruiser
    levelcruiser 20 hours ago

    Amazing car. Back in the early '90s I saw the (at the time) only 959 legally in the US at the Chandler museum (Otis Chandler of LA Times family) in Oxnard, CA. Could the car you are reviewing be that car? At the time I was told that Bill Gates's and the other Microsoft guy's 959's were tied up in a US Customs facility in Oakland and couldn't be released. Other cars of note at the Chandler museum included the Porsche 917 driven by Steve McQueen in the movie LeMans, one of the two 1969 Corvette ZL1's produced by Chevrolet (the white one), and the silver 1988 Callaway Corvette Sledgehammer that was driven from Callaway's Connecticut facility to a track in Ohio where it went 254.7 mph.

  • TheSpeeddemon265
    TheSpeeddemon265 20 hours ago

    This was the car that almost made Porsche go bankrupt but also the car that made what the modern Porsche is today.

  • wtdash
    wtdash 20 hours ago

    I'M 99% sure I saw Gates driving his on Mercer Island '90-'91ish. Been hopelessly in love ever since-with the car!

  • boxz1984
    boxz1984 20 hours ago

    Brilliant !! Thanks for this journey of experience shared

    FAJAR MULIA 21 hour ago

    so.. we want more group b

  • James j
    James j 22 hours ago

    WHAT THE FUCK IS A LANCHA? How can someone that does so much with cars not even able to pronounce them correctly.

  • Dan Adams
    Dan Adams 22 hours ago

    Clearly, this is the Porsche P-150. Built Porsche Tough.

  • jacob matthews
    jacob matthews 22 hours ago

    These use to be my all time dream car. I always used it on need for speed porsche unleashed

  • zhen bond law
    zhen bond law 22 hours ago

    Better than F40

  • tekkietekkie
    tekkietekkie 23 hours ago

    i just found the ultimate winter car, what an amazing machine

  • Dxmtv gaming
    Dxmtv gaming 23 hours ago

    Can I have it

  • nashville slim
    nashville slim 23 hours ago

    The headlights look like 944 headlights to me.

  • Hicks boson
    Hicks boson 23 hours ago

    People who drink caffeine are drug addicts. America was founded by the search for a new shorter route to a known caffeine drug dealer in India. Instead they found America.. all in the search for drugs.

  • nashville slim
    nashville slim 23 hours ago

    I said it once and I'll say it again, your Jay Lenos lost love child.

  • Sun Cop
    Sun Cop 23 hours ago

    I love that the first aid kit's list of contents includes "1 specification of contents", in other words... itself.

  • Rudpavv Rudpavv
    Rudpavv Rudpavv 23 hours ago

    Why haven't you shown the power split gauges while driving? Nobody wants to see your face...

  • Romy Schneider
    Romy Schneider Day ago

    959 is Porno

  • Jeremiah
    Jeremiah Day ago

    Doug, how could miss such a perfect time for a Grannie Gear joke? The 959 is probably the only super-car in existence with one..I am truly disappointed!

  • Thomas
    Thomas Day ago

    Its called Porsche not porscha

  • Steve Bodiford
    Steve Bodiford Day ago

    This car should be exempt from the Doug Score. I mean.. c'mon DOUG! Fair to say it might be worth slightly less after you got in the back and scuffed up the interior. You are way too critical of this car... it deserves so much more leniency considering it's history, age and current market value.

  • Chris Namaste
    Chris Namaste Day ago

    They let you drive it?

  • jvdacosta1
    jvdacosta1 Day ago

    It's inpressive how many things the 959 has in common with the original VW Beetle. And also... Dougs best video ever.

  • infideldog13
    infideldog13 Day ago

    My favourite Doug review so far. Saw one of these at the 1988 International Motor Show in Birmingham UK when I was a kid. They also had a display one, or rather half of one, cut down the middle from nose to tail to show off the mechanics. I was blown away by the model then... I still am! Again, brilliant review Doug, thank you.

  • Andre Marais
    Andre Marais Day ago

    Do the research Dpug. We know all this crap about the 959. You whine like a MX Miata owner.How often does your wife hit you?

  • james curtis
    james curtis Day ago

    The first aid kit- I'm making them for friends and family this year- it's funny until you need it...

  • Fabio Carvalho
    Fabio Carvalho Day ago

    5:38 it's like new! Awesome!

  • Tom J
    Tom J Day ago

    I love that steering wheel. It's simplicity makes it nice.
    There are 4 shades of gray leather on the seats.

  • Charlie Leon
    Charlie Leon Day ago

    So ugly

  • Phil
    Phil Day ago

    Fun fact, those side indicators have been in the Volkswagen parts bin for a long time. My 1995 Audi A6 C4 has the same ones.

  • Jaska Mäkynen
    Jaska Mäkynen Day ago

    This is truly in my opinion the sexiest looking car ever made. Its 911 in its best / classiest.

  • SkywallGuttz
    SkywallGuttz Day ago

    Almost 959 thousand views!

  • FrozenguyRS
    FrozenguyRS Day ago

    He's flooring it for 12 seconds and barely passes the mercedes.

  • Gray Fox
    Gray Fox Day ago

    Bill Gates ownes one of these...true trivia

  • Phil Swift
    Phil Swift Day ago


  • Mr. Ollie'z
    Mr. Ollie'z Day ago +1


  • William Wallace
    William Wallace Day ago

    “Group B” like americans know what group B is 😂

  • DodgingRain
    DodgingRain Day ago

    Boo on the coffee advert :(

  • Dahtemba
    Dahtemba Day ago

    I just saw a 959 sport today

  • Dave40
    Dave40 Day ago

    Even the Porsche 959 is subject to the law of physics!

  • Delving Deeper
    Delving Deeper Day ago

    The ending of the video was awesome xD

  • Jessi Hogarth
    Jessi Hogarth Day ago

    Awesome video, I thought I knew a lot about this car but learned something new. Didnt know it had a crawler gear. And those traction and torque split gauges are sweet !

  • i spit on you
    i spit on you Day ago

    god it's hideous.

  • scoobydog411
    scoobydog411 Day ago

    Why do you keep saying hole? It's a port you B;?($. The way you talk is annoying. I must keep the sound very low. People are watching your vid to see the car not you. Sorry ok man....

  • Ian Harvey
    Ian Harvey Day ago

    Why. Does. This. Keep. Appearing. On. My. Recommendations?!

  • Jacob Hammann
    Jacob Hammann Day ago

    Congrats for being on trending!

  • andydurbs
    andydurbs Day ago

    959 is a unicorn but that steering wheel is horrendous 😂

  • Tasty yoghurt
    Tasty yoghurt Day ago

    Doug the type of guy to call a 959 just an old Porsche

  • chris
    chris Day ago

    i would never let Doug try and get in the back of my 959 or 911 with his shoes on.

  • Sergey Choukanov

    I hope everyone is also aware that there was a Lada rally car with a 959 suspension and a 3.6 naturally aspirated flat six.

    ARCHANGEL 70X Day ago

    This car is amazing!

  • Michele Capobianco

    Loving that back 🍑🍑🍑🍑

  • Danimal Savage
    Danimal Savage Day ago

    amazing vid, love it

  • Cyril Geniaux
    Cyril Geniaux Day ago

    you should always do a 360 of the car!

  • J Stokes
    J Stokes Day ago

    This was my Dad's favorite car on Need For Speed.. RIP Dad

  • MoparViking70
    MoparViking70 Day ago

    Awesome review man, I learned a lot. What an amazing car!

  • Botond György
    Botond György Day ago

    German engineering

  • Ice banna
    Ice banna Day ago

    Drive coffee 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️ who came up with that idea

  • David Cordes
    David Cordes Day ago

    Doug's the type of guy to pronounce Lancia properly

  • BvsMAcosh
    BvsMAcosh Day ago

    Backseat passengers still aren't people.

  • stevehislop
    stevehislop Day ago

    Palease Doug!Get your research right! The "G" on the stickshifter means "Gelände" but it was just an ordinary first gear and now "crawling gear" and done only by clever engineers to pass the sound emission testing in a gear higher.

  • ScottyRules33
    ScottyRules33 Day ago

    Doug is the kind of guy that would wear socks with sandals while driving a sports car.

  • stevehislop
    stevehislop Day ago

    Porsche has built only 292 according to its German Website.Eat this , Doug!

  • riothero313
    riothero313 Day ago

    best one ever, my FAV

  • Chris809//CarHunters

    I’d daily it...

  • Andy Richardson
    Andy Richardson Day ago

    Was great to see this one. Amazing car. But fairly ugly. Looks like it could have been designed by Chrysler or Mitsubishi.

  • ButtHorn 1911 1911

    If I remember right it didn't have head gaskets. It was machined so precisely it didn't need them.

  • Nick Sushkevich
    Nick Sushkevich Day ago

    The way Doug mock "high society" cliches is priceless

  • Giovani Gamarra
    Giovani Gamarra Day ago

    Gotta say... I'm loving this 4K goodness

  • TyrannyTerminator

    Brake pad wear indicator on the left

  • Z.A.N.A.
    Z.A.N.A. Day ago

    I feel like Porsche are for middle age men I just Don’t there cool to drive if you under 30 who else agrees with me.

  • Z.A.N.A.
    Z.A.N.A. Day ago +1

    Hey your number 50 of trending witch means your Number 1 if this 2013 and bellow

  • JDMuscle 101
    JDMuscle 101 Day ago

    Doug the type of guy to go to the mall just to use the massage chairs.

  • The Waldfe
    The Waldfe Day ago

    What about the offroading part of the review?

  • Dhruv Singh Pal
    Dhruv Singh Pal Day ago

    Though it is 30 yrs old but this car can upset many supercars of today. 0-60mph, 3.8secs almost same as Mercedes amg gts is commendable

  • Kaleb Kormendy
    Kaleb Kormendy Day ago

    They should've sold 959 cars

  • chaseman94
    chaseman94 Day ago

    17:42 - GM had steering wheels like that in some cars in the mid 1980s like the Pontiac Grand Am and Pontiac 6000

  • Alpha namens
    Alpha namens Day ago

    G, for Granny gear.

  • Zato Zatoichi
    Zato Zatoichi Day ago

    Dreams on wheels.

  • david charlton
    david charlton Day ago

    ugliest Porsche I've ever seen, yet I can't stop looking at it...

  • Silent Gloves
    Silent Gloves Day ago

    A previous acquaintance of mine, the late John Dixon of Dayton, Ohio, was a prolific Porsche collector (his collection was well into the double digits and very impressive). He was involved in getting the 959 approved under the show and display law, and accepted delivery of the first 959 in the United States. It was later totaled in a rather unfortunate circumstance. You can read the story here:

  • Brooke Daye
    Brooke Daye Day ago

    Doug - type a guy to give a 1.5 million dollar car a C.