Darkness on the Edge of Town (Free Full Movie)

  • Published on Mar 9, 2019
  • A teenage sharpshooter, decides to avenge the death of her estranged elder sister after she is found murdered in a public bathroom. Crime, Drama
    Directed by Patrick Ryan
    Starring Brian Gleeson, Olwen Catherine Kelly, Emma Eliza Regan
    Edited for TVclip ad standards
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Comments • 73

  • Margaret Jones
    Margaret Jones 7 months ago +3

    Hella strange, hella twist, hella good. Thank u *P* for uploading and sharing.
    People egnore party poopers, it's worth watching.

  • Wanda Foxx
    Wanda Foxx 13 days ago

    I jumped to 49:00 in. Thats where it all starts to come together. Entertaining i guess

  • Big Will A.S.O. 79 D.T.T.P

    Watching from Birmingham Alabama go Boomer Sooner 😎I not bad at all!

  • Mark Ferguson
    Mark Ferguson Month ago

    Number one American import,- psychotic behaviour.You're so welcome-

  • Lucas Vidaña
    Lucas Vidaña 3 months ago

    Crazy! Good, but CRAZY!!!! GIRLS, GUNS, AND BLOOD.

  • Penny4Bernie 2020
    Penny4Bernie 2020 4 months ago

    Whoa, that was intense and I have no words, except yep, it kept me glued!
    Thank you for another fine movie!

  • John Dena
    John Dena 5 months ago


  • Anh-Tu Phuc Hoang
    Anh-Tu Phuc Hoang 5 months ago


  • Marlean Greene
    Marlean Greene 6 months ago


  • Jackie Marini
    Jackie Marini 6 months ago

    WOW 😔

  • Arctic Wolf
    Arctic Wolf 6 months ago

    Well that was some movie. I watched this years ago, didn't appreciate it the first time. I liked it , just didn't appropriate it as much as I did the second time . This would be a movie under the heading of a "Film Noir". I actually looked it up comparing it to Art films and different types of films. And a film versus a movie. Interesting to see the difference, and to learn what we thought we knew compared to what we didn't know. OK, the film... A slow burn to be sure. A twist many didn't see coming and a ending that tied it together at the end. Except , I'm not sure who or where the guy at the end falls into the story. I'll watch it again to figure it out. This was well crafted and well written, with flashbacks filling in some of the background and important plot points. I found this to be a original spins on what could have been a mundane film about friends sharing a common tragedy, and their desperation with their lives. For me, I didn't see or figure out the plot until the end. I'm usually good at figuring who is who and who the bad guy is. But not with this one. A clearly moody and darkly depressing film, that was well done and kept it's secrets to the end. Yet the reason for killing the friend was one that still baffles me. The excuse or reason given, just didn't seem enough for me. But what murder really does? A movie worth watching, although it requires a bit of patience, it is well worth it . Thanks for the upload.2 thumbs up … Thank You

  • Arctic Wolf
    Arctic Wolf 6 months ago

    so can anyone tell me how to get emogees into my comments? Greatly appreciate it .Will review the film , when I am finished. Thanks so much

    • James Hammett
      James Hammett 4 months ago


  • Phylly San Antonio
    Phylly San Antonio 7 months ago +1

    It is a good movie. Gawd, watch who you keep close to you.....

  • plum jade
    plum jade 7 months ago +2

    Would like to recommend this one to my forensic psychology class to dissect. Thanks Popcorn for the super crime drama!

    • Gramma W
      Gramma W 4 months ago

      I would love to be in your class, but not to dissect this movie. But picking a place to be that fly on the wall.

    • Phylly San Antonio
      Phylly San Antonio 7 months ago

      Starting with the Holy Water decanters at the doorways and the Holy Water at Mom's bedside. Great movie.

  • D C
    D C 7 months ago +1

    Start watching til 5:20 then skip to 49:00 the rest is irrelevant,

  • D C
    D C 7 months ago +1

    Not the first word was spoken until 7:06 into the film, WOW. That was excruciating.

  • Wake Up
    Wake Up 7 months ago

    Can’t get into it!

  • Lilly EH
    Lilly EH 7 months ago

    One twisted evil character. I won't say who. Haha!

  • Karla Beam
    Karla Beam 7 months ago


  • fanghicheck
    fanghicheck 8 months ago +1

    lez be friends ?

  • Johnny Draco
    Johnny Draco 8 months ago +3

    It's just a movie people. Entertainment.A mind drug. Not reality.

  • Dave La Violette
    Dave La Violette 8 months ago +1

    That was one messed up Psycho film. I liked it though - the sister's killer is revealed in the first 15 minutes, but it was nicely done how it played out in a nice pace as to how it came to this.

  • Kimberly Moll
    Kimberly Moll 8 months ago +1

    Strange movie

  • A Norseman
    A Norseman 8 months ago

    This has to be one of the most boring movies I have seen in a long time

  • Robert Douglas
    Robert Douglas 8 months ago +1

    so sad

  • Thomas Contini
    Thomas Contini 8 months ago

    First off the girls are gorgeous. Second the movie is good. It's a slow burn psychological thriller. I like to think of it as the fantasy in physical form of internal damage. Lots of stumbling and missteps towards a sense of what's real, of internal balance.

    • Mark Ferguson
      Mark Ferguson Month ago

      Impressive synopsis,- nice to see people are seeing what they're watching.

  • Luis Velázquez
    Luis Velázquez 8 months ago +2

    This movie I see this for the first time it is truly a a deep emotional fleck that that has Betty ways of betrayal loss of a loved one add feel like you're lost part of yourself will you lose that person who vetality you are the same time being backstabbed the one who is trying to help you. The director and the at the actors played a perfect heart and you felt hate or love for characters or sudden madness of this failed it was an endless circle of chaos. whatever is your opinions I would just like to know if it's negative or positive by your opinion. I'll bet this will be your felt of The madness of humanity? 🦅

    • Shredded Chi
      Shredded Chi 6 months ago

      English isn't your first language, is it?

  • Daniel Snedden
    Daniel Snedden 8 months ago +6

    5 minutes into the movie and I am already confused. ???

  • Linnea Beckman
    Linnea Beckman 8 months ago +3

    Slow , SO SLOW and a couple of baby girls that haven't gotten past 5 yr old mentality...

  • Slacker G Guitar Skills
    Slacker G Guitar Skills 8 months ago +8

    Does my brain know that I'm watching this?

    • Jackie Marini
      Jackie Marini 6 months ago


    • Jack
      Jack 8 months ago

      Yes it knows...:)

  • Mary Aberilla
    Mary Aberilla 8 months ago +3

    WTF LMFAO 😱😬😈

  • GGALLIN1776
    GGALLIN1776 8 months ago +3

    off to a bad start, looks like a movie about violent lesbians.

  • Souls Of Sorrow
    Souls Of Sorrow 8 months ago +5

    Stupidest movie in the history of movies... the entire movie made ZERO sense!

  • Souls Of Sorrow
    Souls Of Sorrow 8 months ago +3

    Comical how the handgun went from a ruger mk lll to a colt .45 in the back of the van scene at the 35 minute and 20 second mark!

    • Arctic Wolf
      Arctic Wolf 6 months ago

      hmmm didn't notice that. I'll check it out. It's always cool to spot little errors and/or Easter eggs in movies. Good pick up.

    LINDA YOUNG 8 months ago +5

    Wow. I watched with rapt attention. This, in my opinion, is not a 'movie' but a FILM, or rather an ART FILM, of a subtle and somber tenor with hues like a Rembrandt painting. It brings to my mind movies like Vagabond (1985) and River's Edge (1986). The pace seems effective with well timed flashbacks that provide just the right amount of insight into the main antagonist's motivations. She seemed inherently 'evil' but turned out to be also sick and damaged by abuse and family dysfunction. With her warped but somehow naive perspective with childhood memory so vivid and alive within killing the friend's sister, though an act of evil , was her act of 'good' to avenge 'the sister' having made her friend cry. This was PROFOUND and just think I got to enjoy it thanks to you Popcornflix. Please accept my gratitude.

    • Leonard Urban
      Leonard Urban 8 months ago

      A regular Isle of compassion in a sea of indifference...

  • Patti Willing
    Patti Willing 8 months ago +1


  • Shelia Paige
    Shelia Paige 8 months ago +3

    It was ok slow going now but fine🙉🙊😱😳🤪🤔🤔🤔🤔🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄

  • Leonard Vaivada
    Leonard Vaivada 8 months ago +3

    It was alright.

  • Jami B
    Jami B 8 months ago +4

    Good drama. Thanks. Your variety in movies kicks butt.

  • Chung Lee
    Chung Lee 8 months ago +5


  • Brian Olson
    Brian Olson 8 months ago +6

    The blonde looks like Tiffany Trump.

  • v ttd
    v ttd 8 months ago +6

    Thanks popcornflix ! 👍 End kinda sux 🤔

  • Larry Sample
    Larry Sample 8 months ago +10

    she has her bandolier on up side down at start of movie - just walking - the ammo will all fall out -- stupidness just caused me not to watch

    • plum jade
      plum jade 7 months ago

      @Master Splinter flick must of really touched a nerve

    • Master Splinter
      Master Splinter 8 months ago

      @Bob W
      I apologize for offending you, sir. Please forgive me. God bless you.

    • Bob W
      Bob W 8 months ago

      @Master Splinter A Stable Genuis you are not...you do not bother me with your comments as I don't know you and I don't care what you think, say or do. I do find you a very funny troll with a poor sense of knowing whom you speak as I have been a conservative all my life, unlike you I did not ell out my convictions to some Moron with a lot of money, and a few supporters who can only focus on simple slogans and bad name calling. Have a great life Little Splinter!

    • Master Splinter
      Master Splinter 8 months ago

      @Bob W
      For the record, these aren't political problems. They're societal problems.

    • Master Splinter
      Master Splinter 8 months ago

      @Bob W
      Truth hurts, dont it Bobby boy? Cuts right to the heart! Glad to know my words had quite an effect on you my emotionally unstable liberal buddy.