Sophia Grace and Rosie Reunite 8 Years After Ellen And Look Totally Different!

  • Published on Sep 11, 2019
  • Rosie McClelland and cousin Sophia Grace Brownlee went viral after Ellen DeGeneres introduced the pair to the world in 2011. They met up recently over Rosie's 13th birthday and fans got nostalgic about their numerous "Ellen" appearances.
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    Sophia Grace and Rosie Reunite 8 Years After Ellen And Look Totally Different!

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Comments • 1 851

  • lillian m
    lillian m Day ago

    ew 🗿

  • Kuda Kwashe
    Kuda Kwashe 2 days ago

    Lil grown ass bitches

  • Grego Gio
    Grego Gio 3 days ago

    We can see which one have the good parents.

    • Kyra Hampton
      Kyra Hampton 2 days ago

      Grego Gio it has no to do with their parents. they are both just the average teen.

  • seek him
    seek him 3 days ago

    Still look the same beautiful young ladies

  • S Damon
    S Damon 3 days ago

    You were such cute little girls doing what little girls do. Don't let the pressures of the world get in the way of who you are today. Maybe it will be like night and day. Be really you without the world's approval.

  • DFORREAL Log up
    DFORREAL Log up 3 days ago

    Lil one much taller her now

  • Adrianna Sebastian
    Adrianna Sebastian 4 days ago

    I didn’t realize how grown they were now but I still think Rosie never got attention

    • Kyra Hampton
      Kyra Hampton 2 days ago

      Adrianna Sebastian it was because Rosie was shy

  • Amanda Shepard
    Amanda Shepard 5 days ago


  • i am not here anymore

    U guys do know there cousins so I think they've seen each other since

  • ASMR with Sofia
    ASMR with Sofia 5 days ago

    So many makeup artists/ experts here that always have makeup on point!!! Come on people be kind!

  • splendor Inthegrass
    splendor Inthegrass 6 days ago

    holy make up

  • Daniela* horrutinet*** Sweet

    Wow that looks horrible makeup fail too be honest I thought they would look better but they don’t kinda awkward

  • XChronicHash
    XChronicHash 7 days ago

    Why does she look photoshopped

  • Kathy soccermom
    Kathy soccermom 8 days ago

    Hope these gals stay together.
    Their star power is being together

  • Paul Finiak
    Paul Finiak 8 days ago

    Sophia graces face is so weird dont k ow whats wrong with it is really bloated and just desorted

    • Kyra Hampton
      Kyra Hampton 8 days ago

      Paul Finiak learn how to spell before hating on someone else, check yourself

  • Anniefanny Charles
    Anniefanny Charles 8 days ago

    Still nice girls! And still as cute as ever!

  • Emily Verduzco
    Emily Verduzco 8 days ago

    Flash back mary

    • Amy Pearson
      Amy Pearson 7 days ago

      Emily Verduzco hey, why are you so rude? why do you have to resort to name calling? It is just immature. And how are they even hoes? Do you even know the meaning of the word? Lol 🤦🏼‍♀️

    • Emily Verduzco
      Emily Verduzco 8 days ago

      Ok leave me alone hoes

    • Evie Games
      Evie Games 8 days ago

      Emily Verduzco I guess your parents didn’t bring you up the right way did they? I guess they never taught you manners and respect. Did they ever teach you “if you haven’t got anything nice to say, don’t say it at all”?
      Why even mention her makeup in the first place? It’s her face, her choice.

    • Kyra Hampton
      Kyra Hampton 8 days ago

      Emily Verduzco phahaha you are probably like a 14 year old that jumps on the bandwagon with trends. You are a sheep and you know it. And your shitty comebacks are pathetic. How you gonna throw a rock at me then?

    • Emily Verduzco
      Emily Verduzco 8 days ago

      Evie Games bitch stfu before I throw a rock at you too

  • Edward Sanchez Productions

    Oh my god

    LM&JK LM&JK 8 days ago

    Feel old yet?

  • M- Leo
    M- Leo 8 days ago

    Sofia has taken this too far! Be a kid, are you a drag queen?! Easy on that heavy makeup 🥺

    • Amy Pearson
      Amy Pearson 8 days ago

      M- Leo but she loves makeup. she is 16, not really much of a kid anymore anyway. she is just a normal average teenager. If she wants to wear lots of makeup, it’s her choice. Not yours

  • jim Moore
    jim Moore 8 days ago

    Always knew the fugly Burnett would grow up to be a fugly Burnett

  • Piper Barry
    Piper Barry 9 days ago

    For everyone in the comments taking about Sophia’s makeup, she’s a teenager and she’s experimenting. It might not be the best and that’s ok, let it go.

  • Achie Millendez
    Achie Millendez 9 days ago

    😨😨😨 i am surprised by sofia..her face is scary with that much make-up...rosie is still a beauty..simple but pretty.

  • Precious Dhienise Batiancila

    I knew it Sophia will be uglier ...
    I dont know why i really hate her?

    • Hollie T
      Hollie T 8 days ago

      Precious Dhienise Batiancila suck to be you... you hate someone that you don’t even personally know? why have so much hatred for someone? Just ignore her if you don’t like her.

  • Russel Furtado
    Russel Furtado 9 days ago

    I thought was a Madame Tussaud wax figure!

  • JL January
    JL January 10 days ago

    Sophia needs some contour and bronzer lol

  • Rebecca Peterson
    Rebecca Peterson 10 days ago

    I have a friend like Sophia who’s very charming, gregarious and talented. I just stand by her and make sure she has water and nothing in her teeth. I’m fine with it.

  • Keyla Quijas
    Keyla Quijas 10 days ago

    Rosie got pretty Sofia got ugly

    • Amy Pearson
      Amy Pearson 8 days ago +1

      Keyla Quijas everyone is so focused on looks and appearance nowadays. why is everyone so caught up on looks? People focus on the wrong things. Wish people would stop being too focused on “what’s pretty, or what’s ugly”
      Just accept people for how they come

    TAE PEACHY 10 days ago

    Sophia looking a little rough

    FARK GOOGLE 10 days ago


  • Alexis Bentley
    Alexis Bentley 10 days ago

    Sophie doesn’t need makeup 😕 she’s beautiful that way she is.

    • Hollie T
      Hollie T 8 days ago

      Alexis Bentley but she loves makeup. she likes doing it

  • Ericka Hayden
    Ericka Hayden 10 days ago

    Why tf am I sooo olddd😭😭😭

  • cmtangiiti89
    cmtangiiti89 11 days ago

    Rosie looks like she grew up. Sophia looks...terrifying

  • Happy
    Happy 11 days ago

    The horrible comments can be the reason this girl feels like she has to wear makeup. She has been dealing with criticism for years. Adults taking the time out of their day to criticize a 16 year old girl. Shame on you! I’m sure if we look at some old or current pics of all the faceless internet warriors we would probably have less nasty comments

    • Becca Rose
      Becca Rose 7 days ago

      Happy very true!!! 👍🏻

  • Frances Proctor
    Frances Proctor 11 days ago

    They are beautiful young ladies.
    Ellen has been extremely good to them.

  • Vincent Vermeer
    Vincent Vermeer 12 days ago

    Sophia's make up looks like that of nicky minaj

  • The Laugh Box
    The Laugh Box 13 days ago

    Its strange I didn't see how creepy it was, that these girls kept appearing on the Ellen show. I feel Ellen has a strange fascination with kids, but it is Hollywood, so you know, pedophilia is at its core.😈

  • Yazi Carter
    Yazi Carter 14 days ago

    they look sooo different now it’s crazy! They grew up very fast 💗

  • casual tea
    casual tea 14 days ago

    Sophia became a ghost. STRAIGHT UP FACTS.

  • Reese James
    Reese James 14 days ago

    in the thumbnail sofia looks like your average british girl and rosie looks like your average american girl

    • Becca Rose
      Becca Rose 13 days ago

      Reese James yes true!! They just look like the average teens, one looks british and other looks American. People should stop being so rude.

  • Why you wanna know my name!?

    Why is everyone being so mean to Sophia!? She is a teen, girls at that age are trying to figure out their look and how to feel comfortable and confident with their look... let her be!

    • Becca Rose
      Becca Rose 13 days ago

      Why you wanna know my name!? Exactly!! I agree with you!

  • ___——
    ___—— 14 days ago


  • cass9041
    cass9041 15 days ago

    They look like a doll

  • All Things Adjani
    All Things Adjani 15 days ago

    What??? They grow??.. 😅😅

  • Jaiie Williams
    Jaiie Williams 15 days ago

    How did 8years pass already

  • craycray rayray
    craycray rayray 15 days ago

    Remember girls, Instagram brows are usually a sin. Still though, two beautiful girls I see.

  • MissIToldYou Sooo
    MissIToldYou Sooo 15 days ago

    Damn I don't who has the worse eyebrows, the caterpillar almost unibrow or the sperm eyebrows that are almost on the side of her head😆

    • Evie Games
      Evie Games 15 days ago

      MissIToldYou Sooo why does it matter to you? Focus on your own face. Not theirs.

  • itzalizworld
    itzalizworld 15 days ago

    Sophia said: HI SISTERS 🤡🤡🤡

    • itzalizworld
      itzalizworld 10 days ago

      Evie Games I didn’t see those.

    • Evie Games
      Evie Games 10 days ago

      itzalizworld everyone says that.. but the James Charles comments are everywhere in this comment section.

    • itzalizworld
      itzalizworld 11 days ago

      @Evie Games how am i commenting others comments? i rarely even look at the comments

    • Evie Games
      Evie Games 15 days ago

      itzalizworld stop copying other comments

  • G M
    G M 16 days ago

    Rosie is what a normal teenager looks like who doesn't want attention and likes being herself Sophia is a teenager who seeks attention and wants to please others even if she has to look different to do so, she is 2019 basic TEEN now.

  • Talvi Luna
    Talvi Luna 16 days ago

    Somebody needs to tell sophia insta brows dont translate well into real life 🙈🙅

  • Life Life
    Life Life 16 days ago

    Sophia looking like James Charles (if u know what I’m talking about)

    • Life Life
      Life Life 15 days ago

      Becca Rose boo I’m sorry I didn’t see the comment on my bad like dang 😭😭 people can think the same

    • Becca Rose
      Becca Rose 15 days ago +1

      Life Life stop copying other comments..

  • MyLifeAsPotato
    MyLifeAsPotato 16 days ago

    Why y'all dragging a kid's makeup lmao let her be

    • Becca Rose
      Becca Rose 15 days ago

      MyLifeAsPotato exactly I agree!! Why can’t people just leave each other alone. Why do people always get involved. Why can’t people mind their own business. it’s her face, her makeup.

  • Mitters
    Mitters 16 days ago

    Wait it's been 8years? I somehow thought they were still little kids 😂😂

  • TommySotomayor's Momma

    They shouldn’t be singing Nicki Minaj lyrics

    • Becca Rose
      Becca Rose 15 days ago

      TommySotomayor's Momma but they were fans of her.

  • Hey Greg
    Hey Greg 16 days ago

    Sophia Grace be looking like flashback Mary

    • Becca Rose
      Becca Rose 15 days ago +1

      Hey Greg stop copying other people’s comments

    NCC-1701-HUFFLEPUFF 16 days ago

    I thought these two were sisters!!!!😂😂😂😂

  • Adam
    Adam 17 days ago

    Wont be surprised if one is pregnant

  • Bina Mangrati
    Bina Mangrati 17 days ago

    nicky minaj be like😮😮

  • Tahlia
    Tahlia 17 days ago

    What do you mean "reunite" lmfao, they're cousins. I'm sure they see each other often, they just don't film it or post about it much.

  • Venkat Teja
    Venkat Teja 17 days ago +1

    I see Rosie, sees a normal teenager
    And then I see Sophia😬.....

    • Becca Rose
      Becca Rose 15 days ago +1

      Venkat Teja Sophia looks like the normal teenager from the uk. Most teenage girls do makeup like hers