Osprey Packs Ultralight Liquids Pouch - Review

  • Published on Jan 16, 2019
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    Today Luke is talking about the Osprey Packs Ultralight Liquids Pouch and how it could be an awesome kit bag! Also, he discussed the issues he discovered while reviewing this product.

    Link : www.amazon.com/gp/product/B071K8D2LZ
    Price : $10
    Weight : 1.5oz
    Measurements : 8.5” x 4.5 x 1.25” at the top, 2” at the bottom - Tapered Cut
    Materials : 40D Nylon Ripstop - with TPU walls
    I recently came across this pouch while looking to see if there were any interesting products which I felt you all would be interested in seeing and came across this one. It’s what Osprey refers to as a liquid pouch, it’s cost $10 and I liked the fact that it was ultralight and was see through. For a kit bag, that could be incredibly handy and as liquids bag for traveling comes in handy from time to time.
    I received the pouch and was looking at the packaging and noticed that everything was incorrect from the weight, to the measurements and this carried over to the osprey web site. Osprey is a big company, get your stuff together! Osprey states that the pouch features a Dual-zippered main compartment. Umm, no it doesn’t.
    Also the description on their web page isn’t even about this product and I can’t help but feel that the company is producing so many products that they don’t have the capability of even getting their details correct. I don’t like that but lets focus on the pouch.
    The pouch I like but not for the sake of a liquids pouch; yes it would probably please the average TSA agent but in my opinion a good quality liquids pouch is one that is sealable and is leak proof. If you have a leak in this, it’s coming out of the pouch easily! Leak proof travel bags, they are out there but aren’t as common as you would think. Anyways, being used as a kit bag, this is where this pouch shines and I recommend it for smaller items such as a fire kit, first aid kits or a light bag. Works perfectly this way, much better than a liquids bag.

    Pros :
    Very light weight.
    Very good quality if with the pile of mistakes made by Osprey.
    Easy to see what you are grabbing and what is inside.
    Good size; can hold a lot
    Covered by an awesome warranty- They have one of the best warranties in the busy; they will repair any product for any reason and it doesn’t matter how long you have had it. If they can’t fix it, they replace it.
    Has a loop to assist with opening…but is missing one on the other side for closing. I would like to see that added.
    Cons :
    Will leak liquid - For liquids, stick with a ziplock bag; will please TSA but outside of flying, go with something else entirely.
    So little attention was paid to the packaging and the web site…it doesn’t make Osprey look very good and doesn’t inspirit confidence.
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Comments • 107

  • Connell MacCool
    Connell MacCool 8 months ago

    Very very poor show by Osprey! Buck your ideas up quick time Osprey.

  • Reviews By Rob
    Reviews By Rob 9 months ago

    It’s a waste at security in England. Went through in December and they told me it should be in a ziplock and the actually frowned on this liquids pouch.

  • Romin
    Romin 9 months ago

    #Osprey outsourced to china?

  • t s
    t s 10 months ago

    Waste of money

  • Detman101
    Detman101 10 months ago

    Goodness gracious...I don't know what camera you use for these videos, but whatever it is...I HAVE TO GET ONE!
    I have seen no other youtube channel with video as HD and clear as yours man.
    Great work!

  • Threat Mitigation Research Group

    For kit bags, I like using the IV pouches that come in the Mystery Ranch RATS pack. You can't buy them individually from Mystery Ranch, but they pop up on Ebay every so often. They are durable, have a clear window, and have a velcro field for attaching labels (you can order name tapes with whatever you want on them to easily identify the contents). They are the perfect size to hold four 2400cal ration bars.

  • Greg Letter
    Greg Letter 10 months ago

    nite ize RunOff™ Waterproof Large Packing Cube

  • Greg Letter
    Greg Letter 10 months ago

    nite ize RunOff™ Waterproof 3-1-1 Pouch

  • Paul Panel
    Paul Panel 10 months ago

    Regarding the Liquids pouch. It is only good to carry on a plane through TSA. It is not good for hiking in inclement weather or rain and it's not waterproof. Also it is $10.00 Too much money in my book. I can get a liquids pouch at the dollar store that will last in my pack no problem if you take care of it and as far as the lifetime warranty goes, who sends back a $10 item? it's a throw away... I agree with Out And About Don. Just my opinion. SPARTACUS!

  • BA
    BA 10 months ago

    Incorrect product information is a problem across.... everything.

  • Robert Michael
    Robert Michael 10 months ago +1

    Ive bought one similar to this at Walmart for less than $5 that comes with toiletry items inside.

  • Ruth Thapthong
    Ruth Thapthong 10 months ago

    osprey pack dimension info seems always wrong

  • Jeff Newton
    Jeff Newton 10 months ago

    Pouch looks good for the price, but the product details seriously need to be updated by company, as I would agree with you Luke.

  • Jacqueline
    Jacqueline 10 months ago

    Great job Luke! Thank you!

  • Jo Do
    Jo Do 10 months ago

    Nah, looks kind of girly and out of place. Belongs in a suitcase!

  • Brian Bassett
    Brian Bassett 10 months ago +1

    Another youtube beggar sells crap on his private little offramp of narcissism. Let the monkey perform they are cute when this stupid and greedy. This one is too stupid to understand that the item he is yammering on about wasn't designed to hold liquid, just to get small containers holding liquid through airports.

    JAMIN DAVID Seah 10 months ago

    You mentioned ziploc bags so many times. So why would anyone buy this? ROFL? $10 can buy a heap of ziploc bags in various sizes!

  • Michael & Colleen Doherty

    I understand where your going with it but a heavy duty zip lock bag works and if it blows out grab another. If it was a couple of bucks maybe. Typical of the internet with websites being out of date or incorrect info. Good review vid. 👍💪🇺🇸

  • Frank Nolan
    Frank Nolan 10 months ago

    That crap ain't worth 10 bucks.

  • buford guber
    buford guber 10 months ago

    Great idea and pricing , just ordered 3 . Hate trying to figure what is in each non-see-thru pouches I have !!

  • Abram Stewart
    Abram Stewart 10 months ago

    what jacket are you wearing?

    BEN DOVER 10 months ago +2

    You probably got an Amazon Chinese counterfeit. #BOYCOTTAMAZON

  • Bruce Matys
    Bruce Matys 10 months ago

    Great review Luke, it looks durable and I like the fact that it is see through, should help finding what you need in your pack. Nice warranty as well! Cheers 🍻!

  • Richard Elbe
    Richard Elbe 10 months ago

    @Luke I would bet money if you measured that bag diagonally it would probably match up to the measurements they gave you

  • Kari Gluth
    Kari Gluth 10 months ago

    Yes I had problems with Ospreys description of certain packs actually bought a pack because of the website description and it didn't have the features described in the website 🤔😕

  • Diana Hammond
    Diana Hammond 10 months ago

    $12, for 5 different colors about the same size

  • David Goodridge
    David Goodridge 10 months ago

    Nice looking kit bag

  • Hillbillyjeeper WV
    Hillbillyjeeper WV 10 months ago

    Luke did they punk you?

  • 02cents
    02cents 10 months ago

    What is the name of that spork?

    TRACY SAMPS 10 months ago

    The best bags that I have found are those Vaultz bags that You reviewed a few years back. They are Fricking Awesome. Have not used anything else since.

  • paul cox
    paul cox 10 months ago


  • Eric Rosbottom
    Eric Rosbottom 10 months ago

    If you purchase an Osprey product from another distributor , Does this awesome warranty still apply? Thanks Cool Hand

  • Lee Benson
    Lee Benson 10 months ago

    Reminds me of the pouches, I got shoe polish in the 80s. Still using them in the gear, but the clear sides r now smoked looking. LOL

  • Loli Whisperer
    Loli Whisperer 10 months ago

    At first I thought that brown square was a condom wrapper. :D

  • Ib Erik Söderblom
    Ib Erik Söderblom 10 months ago

    Yes its a nice bag and good quality.
    But ziplocks are effective when compressing, its possible to find qualities that can handle lots of use AND frosty weather.
    And its easy to have extra ziplocks in the pack...
    But yes, its sometimes just nice to have something of a good quality, despite its flaws.

  • Bob McElroy
    Bob McElroy 10 months ago

    Good review. I wonder if you could fit a specific size zip lock bag inside to make it liquids bag.

  • Greg Morphis
    Greg Morphis 10 months ago

    Is that a blow up jacket?

  • lostagain
    lostagain 10 months ago +9

    Luke...you don't travel much do you? A "Liquids" bag doesn't mean you can store actual liquids in it, but rather it's a bag for holding all your little travel sized liquids bottles, as opposed to solids like toothpaste or deodorant. That's why it's TSA approved. It's not meant for backwoods/trail backpacking, but TRAVEL backpacking. Good review none-the-less. Cheers! DonP

  • Armour783
    Armour783 10 months ago +3

    I'd like to argue that GORUCK actually has what should be the gold standard for warranties. There's truly is "buy it for life".
    From their website: "All GORUCK built gear, apparel, and footwear - everything we manufacture - comes with our Scars Lifetime Guarantee. If there is a defect in workmanship or materials or if you actually manage to wear our stuff out, GORUCK will fix or replace (at our discretion) your item, free of charge. No receipt necessary - we can recognize our own stuff - and your date of purchase does not matter. Hence lifetime."
    There are many examples from the private Facebook page of SCARS (their repair program) repairing a pack that is 5-8 yrs old, beat to hell, and on their 3+ owner. They repair or replace any item they've ever produced, for free. Forever.
    Osprey can't say this about every product they make because "OSPREY PACKS ARE AVAILABLE THROUGHOUT THE WORLD VIA OUR EXCELLENT GROUP OF DISTRIBUTORS. PLEASE CONTACT THE DISTRIBUTOR IN YOUR REGION FOR THE BEST IN CUSTOMER SUPPORT." In fact earlier in 2018 Osprey changed their international warranty to read: "Should you find any defect in the way your pack has been built we will repair or replace it without any charge, within its reasonable lifetime. While cases of wear and tear, accidental damage, abuse and lifetime expiration are not covered we will always try our best to help. When at all possible we will offer to repair the pack at a reasonable cost."
    Basically if you live outside the US, the almighty guarantee doesn't come into affect. Is Osprey's warranty better then 99% of other companies? Yes. Is it the gold standard? I'd argue it is not.

  • sky blue
    sky blue 10 months ago

    Wrong label ?

  • Dima Habenko
    Dima Habenko 10 months ago

    Should work great as electronics pack too. It would be nice if it had better water protection, both from inside and out.
    Still a ziplock is a better deal all around. Lighter, cheaper, easily replaceable, can be made waterproof.

  • Calihiker
    Calihiker 10 months ago +2

    You could get a see through kit bag like that from the dollar store... for $1. Might not be the bags original purpose, but it would work. The quality wouldn’t be as good of course, and no warranty. But for $1, who cares?
    Or like others have said, a freezer ziplock bag.

    JOHNO OAFAAF 10 months ago

    Hahaha I love this review. Ospray you need to get a grip, nice pouch I'm really proud of you... But you are shite by the way. Haha bipolar review, love it haha

  • Chris George
    Chris George 10 months ago

    Why would I want it "tapered"? I don't care if it stands up. The contents I would likely put in there wouldn't be tapered.

  • Mark Twibell
    Mark Twibell 10 months ago

    Great review, Luke!

  • Greg Letter
    Greg Letter 10 months ago

    Please review this product - look this up on amazon - Evergreen Garden Firefly Frosted White Bell-Shaped Indestructible Silicone Solar Powered LED Emergency Power Light with Water-Tight Twist Top

  • cyclist01222
    cyclist01222 10 months ago

    Maybe they meant "LIQUOR" to hold your flasks lol.

  • jeska edmisten
    jeska edmisten 10 months ago

    You may have got a fake

  • gaz lyno
    gaz lyno 10 months ago

    Naughty Osprey tut tut

  • Leonard Sackett
    Leonard Sackett 10 months ago

    OK what is tick oil....if I heard you correctly.?? Never enough stuff in my kit when it comes to ticks.

  • Margery K
    Margery K 10 months ago

    Just checked their website and they list the dimension as 0 x 0 x 0 : )

  • Edward Gomillion
    Edward Gomillion 10 months ago

    Great honest review. Thanks.

  • DIB 001
    DIB 001 10 months ago

    Maxpedition does the same crap.

  • Tim Stone
    Tim Stone 10 months ago

    Who ever helped you pick out them sunglasses hates you.... lol

  • Les Baker
    Les Baker 10 months ago

    I purchased three of the bad boys after your first debut. I use them in my backpack for fire first aid and water kit. Absolutely love them.

  • out and about with Don
    out and about with Don 10 months ago

    I think that this product is to be used more for carrying small bottles of liquid like hand sanitizer rather than filling it with liquid.

  • Redsorgum
    Redsorgum 10 months ago

    This would be good so I can see how many cookies I have left.......😙

  • Mr. Skeptical
    Mr. Skeptical 10 months ago

    Killer waste of $$ !

  • carmas54
    carmas54 10 months ago

    how quickly after extended use do you think the clear plastic become like other clear plastics that become opaque and defeats the initial purpose?

  • JT Survival Systems
    JT Survival Systems 10 months ago

    Looks like a great pouch that could literally save you from digging through bag after bag looking for certain items. I think a full line-up of these, in different sizes would be great. Minus the tapered cut though. Thanks for sharing!!