Amanda Nunes says she now has confidence...

  • Published on Dec 14, 2019
    Chael Sonnen talks UFC Champion Amanda Nunes on this episode of Beyond the Fight.
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  • Machinelf
    Machinelf 5 days ago

    Definitions can be changed, words always get used in new ways.

  • The Future Is Here
    The Future Is Here 29 days ago

    I'll take confidence over all the skill and talents and grit you got
    If you believe you will win, you're right

  • CJ James
    CJ James Month ago

    do think public martial arts is good for society giving every average idiot fighting skills is this good for america and God's green earth is this healthy?

  • PsyintZ
    PsyintZ Month ago

    Superb message & advice. Thanks, Uncle Chael!

  • Jonathan C
    Jonathan C Month ago

    Now that the fight is over, Chael's comments seem interesting indeed. Yes, Amanda won, but also was clearly caught off guard by GdR;s striking and had to take it to the ground. It seemed to me the first sign of vulnerability in a long while.

  • Josh Rose
    Josh Rose Month ago +1

    I love that. I’ve said for years that there is no such thing as confidence, just ignorance.

  • cmoneyvids
    cmoneyvids Month ago

    Can you make a video on what it was like for you to fight? Your nerves, did you doubt yourself walking in? You always presented yourself as very confident. Now that you are finished I'd like to hear what it was really like for you and what the mindset was like for you going to battle. Hearing Darren Till say he was going to fake an injury before the fight made sense to me. I remember wrestling and feeling that way and when it was over wanting to do it again. The mental warfare on me personally was very rough just with wrestling.


    I'll say what I said on twitter on here
    How is it that a black belt in #jujitsu can't finish off someone that has zero takedown much less grappling skills, literally a #UFC 1 one dimensional fighter, WHILE ON THE GROUND?! Plus almost got choked out?! Yo Gracie family and jujitsu nut huggers, what's up?!?! ( O_o)

  • James Watts
    James Watts Month ago

    Ana Wolfe is the best female fighter pound for pound fuck Amanda she ain't shit

  • Brandon Poindexter
    Brandon Poindexter Month ago

    I hate the pound for pound list too (The way its used by UFC). Although I do like the idea of the term. Basically I agree with Chael. I only put fighters like GSP, The Lioness, The Answer, The Natural, The Phenom, Rumble, Superman, The Diamond, Gamebread, The Last Imperor, The Notorius One, The Gangster From West Linn Oregon. others but those immediately come to mind.

    Nu INDIICA Month ago

    hugely inspirational guy Chael

  • alexandro sosa
    alexandro sosa Month ago

    this is some og shit right here

  • Nunya Bizwacks
    Nunya Bizwacks Month ago

    Cyborg is still the p4p right now. Lets see if Amanda wins her next fight thats not against a total can, aka Germaine, Raquel, etc. Plus cyborg almost laid her out before she got laid out herself and that fight wouldnt go the same again. And prime vs prime Cyborg beats Nunes 6-4 at very least imo.

  • Bugsy
    Bugsy Month ago

    Zhang will dethrone the great amanda nunes do to exhaustion.

  • Bugsy
    Bugsy Month ago

    Thanks chael!!!! I've been saying this to people forever. All these new age fans use p4p wrong all the time. Its a pet peive.

  • Kevin Guimont
    Kevin Guimont Month ago

    Amanda could not stand germaine standing... If both lady were fighting full kickboxing amanda would get knock out by germaine 100%

  • manuel rodriguez
    manuel rodriguez Month ago

    6:17 Drop those life lessons Chael

  • Special K
    Special K Month ago

    I think Amanda's stock actually went down this fight IMO, when I seen she started to gas vs germaine it reminded me of old fights I seen of her where she would get very woozy on her feet when tired. I think if theres a female fighter who can whether the initial storm of nunes and then can keep on their feet in the later rounds like germaine was unable to do. They will have Amanda's number. In the way nate diaz beat connor in the first fight. Amanda's will can be broken. I dont know who this girl is who will do it. But I believe it will happen.

  • D T
    D T Month ago +1

    I'm getting notifications for videos from days ago?? WTF youtube

  • Henny Winkelman
    Henny Winkelman Month ago

    Fedor was.

  • Eratic Elmo
    Eratic Elmo Month ago

    Just for the sake of discussion couldn’t a argument be made for the bullet? I do however for the record believe Amanda is the female goat

  • Arthur Jackson
    Arthur Jackson Month ago

    Chael..I think you confused a lot of people with this segment lol. Confidence is a main component in any competition." If you have no confidence in yourself, you are twice defeated in the race of life. With confidence, you have won even before you have started." ( Marcus Garvey quote). You make it sound like having confidence is a bad thing. I believe Amanda was saying that she's more confident now then she has ever been. It's not that she never had confidence. There are levels of confidence. I believe every person on the planet is confident in something, some more than others.

  • Femi Ayanbadejo
    Femi Ayanbadejo Month ago

    Chael......just stop bro. No we don't need one hell of an explanation. I love Amanda Nunes. The GOAT is Jon Jones but you hate JJ. He has never lost a fight.....the steroid thing is a fricking sham and if you took the time to study we all know he didn't actually pop steroids or inject anything. JJ IS DA GOAT PERIOD.

  • Cicero Hobbs
    Cicero Hobbs Month ago

    Daniel Cormier George St-Pierre Henry cejudo Demetrious Johnson Jose Aldo you can say they are

  • David Erdman
    David Erdman Month ago

    Confidence is a load of crap? Ok, what's the opposite of confident? Weak and insecure. Right, and maybe that's why you never won a title, but Amanda did? She believes in herself, and you don't. One has a title, the other does not. So stick with your weakness and insecurity, Chael, and let's see how much further it gets you. Unbelievable.

  • Conspiracy Theory
    Conspiracy Theory Month ago

    That counts out Jon Jones as the #1 Pound for Pound fighter bc he’s 6”4 and walks around at 240lbs but fights a 205 bc he’s a coward with no balls he has only fought guys smaller than him he’s never fought someone bigger.

  • Riger Deal
    Riger Deal Month ago

    Well actually confidence means something different to her she dominated

  • Rasheed Huggins
    Rasheed Huggins Month ago

    She didn't fought as great as she did with holly holm and Rhonda Rousey. Her stand up really needs to improve dramatically to knock out the iron lady again and other higher level strikers if there are any.

  • Cody Boardman
    Cody Boardman Month ago

    Anyone else notice Chael has been wearing the same thing for days now?

  • jabroni6199
    jabroni6199 Month ago

    Is he saying cough-adence?

  • Scott G
    Scott G Month ago

    Chael never had confidence, confidence had Chael

  • MasMash Films
    MasMash Films Month ago

    Chael “on third base wearing a catchers mitt” Sonnen

  • Christian Juarez
    Christian Juarez Month ago

    Chael. Your point of view on confidence is awesome

  • bigtomivan
    bigtomivan Month ago

    I think Valentina beat Nunes, but have to agree, Nunes is the female GOAT

  • ben fox
    ben fox Month ago +1

    Me thinking I’m a confident person
    Not anymore

  • Adam Westcott
    Adam Westcott Month ago

    I love your opinions Chael but your forgetting about Valentina... She's just as dominant to a point where her fights aren't even competitive. She beat Nunes in their last fight and got screwed by the judges while being the substantially smaller girl. She also fights at multiple weights and it's always a massacre

  • John Pembroke
    John Pembroke Month ago

    Ariel is really a Palestinian Hezbollah plant, waiting for the call from Tehran , to blow up the first MMA event to be held in Israel.

  • OddPets247
    OddPets247 Month ago +2

    Tony Ferguson the type of dude to breakdance with confidence.

  • jadonplox
    jadonplox Month ago

    1:27 man how much does chael hate jon XD XD

  • Warriors Of Ares
    Warriors Of Ares Month ago

    Amanda Noons

  • Paul Martin
    Paul Martin Month ago

    Did m. Tate retire early

  • Robert Vasquez
    Robert Vasquez Month ago

    Good thing I was never confident now I see it was always a good thing

  • tom j
    tom j Month ago

    I want to be that foolish man and say I wasn’t impressed with Amanda in that fight! She showed her striking is swinging for the fence and pray she lands and her ground game was just as bad!

  • Isaac Smith
    Isaac Smith Month ago

    Women can’t be considered p4p because unranked ufc male fighter would smash Nunes. It’s just biology. Iron Lady won that fight, Nunes just laid on her for octagon control, didn’t do shit from guard and got destroyed on her feet.

  • Leopoldino De Almeida

    Chael is on speed but I agree she is the pfp of all times.

  • Dom sugar
    Dom sugar Month ago

    U talking about jones right? But jones is a bad ass with haters on his dick

  • Mario Paul
    Mario Paul Month ago

    Her result against Germaine proves what you say. The Amanda we saw here is not the Amanda that demolished her previous opponents. She seemed too confident. Overconfident even. Nevertheless, and ironically, watching Germaine fight showed that all she needed was some confidence. She had many moments where she stunned Amanda during the fight. It seemed to me like she was on survival mode, that she was only glad she made it all five rounds. But when she got Amanda on that submission armbar she was almost surprised she was there and could not believe it. And because of this she did not capitalize on it. Likewise, Amanda seemed surprised to be in that situation and surprised she managed to get away. Before the fight, I thought Germaine was going to be carrion meat. But she had a real chance to beat Amanda.

  • Gillin
    Gillin Month ago

    Chael had so much damn make up on last night. Looked like a cross dresser 😂

  • Daniel Ellis
    Daniel Ellis Month ago

    yknow i just noticed.. sometimes soggy faced, sometimes firm
    is chael using botox😂

  • Tino Tino
    Tino Tino Month ago

    CONFIDENCE...It has just cost Andy Ruiz what he probably won't gain again soon !

  • I make dumb bitches Reply to me

    Confidence is fake used by people with no grit and heart. I’ve learned Something new today uncle Chael!
    Btw cat beat Amanda though..obviously Amanda is a different animal now

  • Smedley Butler III
    Smedley Butler III Month ago +1

    You only gain confidence through repetition..When something that was originally foreign, and uncomfortable, become less foreign, and less comfortable....It can only become those things after youve failed, and failed..and failed some more.

  • Echo In My Brain
    Echo In My Brain Month ago

    yea yea playing shark in a puddle .. I don't take anything from her she has skills but in shallow division with lack of well rounded competitors it's not pleasing to watch...

  • Issac Galvan
    Issac Galvan Month ago

    Thanks Unc

  • The Sick Truth
    The Sick Truth Month ago

    Without confidence you don't have things like grit and determination. You need to have confidence that you CAN do it, not necessarily confidence that you will. Without that confidence people give up and never try.

  • Boris The B1ad3 X
    Boris The B1ad3 X Month ago

    Jon jones is the goat. You're right tough, it'a batman vs superman coversation. Superman beats batman, no doubt. Jon is the goat, no doubt

    TALON Month ago

    3:00 minute mark -- GDR never lost her belt Uncle Chael because she walked away from it.

    Big plothole you left out Unk. Just saying. Ok great, please continue.

  • Weston Hatcher
    Weston Hatcher Month ago

    Amanda Nunes is becoming my favorite fighter.

  • Don Lem
    Don Lem Month ago

    Brilliant, thank you

  • Kale Stuntin'
    Kale Stuntin' Month ago

    Ok Chael, enough with the vids about Nunez, I mean this is 7,557th one already! Quit effin around and drop the price on that t-shirt b4 I crawl through there and whoop dat ass!