Card Magician Shin Lim | WINNER | America's Got Talent 2018 | Got Talent Global

  • Published on Sep 27, 2018
  • Watch card magician and winner of America's Got Talent 2018, Shin Lim. Check out all his magic auditions and performances including his auditions with guest host Tyra Banks. What did you think of his audition?? Let us know in the comments below...
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Comments • 1 657

  • Love god And Jesus
    Love god And Jesus 21 hour ago

    Some one sold their soul

  • Le Canon noir
    Le Canon noir 7 days ago

    Shim lim is a legend!

  • Raul Rojas
    Raul Rojas 8 days ago

    Yoo the black thing in the table is the way he does it I’m pretty sure

  • Julian Miguel Mata
    Julian Miguel Mata 9 days ago

    The whole props is in his black matt

  • Turtle Power
    Turtle Power 11 days ago

    Oh my lord 12:29
    Watch first the play back on slowest speed possible you can see that he swapped it now this is freakin amazing i cant believe how magicians can come up with this this must have took a lot of practice and he deserves to definitly be the winner of this season

  • S.P. SINGH
    S.P. SINGH 12 days ago +2

    Card is mechanically built. Card works on voice commands too.

  • Ahmed Blasy
    Ahmed Blasy 12 days ago

    My wife is the best she can despear a lot of money

  • Derek Elder
    Derek Elder 14 days ago

    I only figured out one trick he did and that was the sharpie he has a almost hidden pocket in his vest he just used his other hand as cover

  • Feed Me To My Enemies
    Feed Me To My Enemies 14 days ago

    His performances are very emotional. His talent is magnetic

  • Nathan Schader
    Nathan Schader 15 days ago

    i figured out the audition and a couple of the other tricks he does
    It helps me myself being a card magician but this guys still has some tricks that are amazing and are simply mind boggling

  • singh zoraver
    singh zoraver 16 days ago

    I guess he learned all the tricks from america's great magician hudini !😬😱

  • Xiaomi Xiaomi
    Xiaomi Xiaomi 17 days ago

    What's the title of this song??3:15

  • Fabien Bigilimana
    Fabien Bigilimana 18 days ago

    What's the song from 2.39 ??? I like it

    • Whitney D.
      Whitney D. 17 days ago

      Usually Shin Lim uses the song called "Time" by Hans Zimmer. I think this song was some kind of cover that is similar but different enough to avoid royalty fees. But listen to the song, "Time" it's better anyways.

  • Chhakchuak Sangtei Asangi

    ohhh man....u r very handsome man...i like it😘😘😍😍😍

  • Khan Aleena
    Khan Aleena 23 days ago

    0:58,9:54,12:30,16:54,20:32,and many, figure it out,nothing special, perceivance matters.

  • faster then you
    faster then you 25 days ago

    2k can better

  • they call me tim
    they call me tim 28 days ago

    I was amazed
    and then forgot it was just slight of hand

  • Ramshangphy Leisan
    Ramshangphy Leisan 28 days ago +1

    Shin lim I really really love da way u act👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  • beechy lovesong
    beechy lovesong 28 days ago

    Chin Lim is the person that every casino don't allow him to enter....... because he is the dangerous person......

  • beanfarkle
    beanfarkle 28 days ago

    its sure been a while since we’ve had a winner thats not a 12 year old blonde mediocre singer girl

  • daffa zulfiansyah
    daffa zulfiansyah 29 days ago

    He finished in Hogwarts school with Cumlaude grade

    MANMOHAN KUMAR Month ago

    Nice bro, i want to learn but i can't do it.

  • Jesus55
    Jesus55 Month ago

    He’s not even that good

    • Cassidy
      Cassidy Month ago

      lol you kidding me right ? yeah he must not be better than a man named jesus55


    Is it just me? Like at 17:24 the moon looks like that Bork doggo😂😂😭

    ACO TO UGI Month ago

    Maybe ..he have ghost

  • kenshop thời trang

    Cần ban giám khảo biết nhiều chứ ko phải bgk biết hài

  • mert karadag
    mert karadag Month ago

    Bu altyazılar ne aq siz kafayı sıyırmışsınız OPASDKOPSASFOPKKASOFGAS

  • Tân Tiến Nội THất


  • Spidey Batsy
    Spidey Batsy Month ago

    I would dare to say that at 14:49 he used an invisible time stone to stop the time and switch the card(s) to the other hand

  • Sou uma Bruxa
    Sou uma Bruxa Month ago

    Botei em camera lenta e mesmo assim nao descobri

  • david worden
    david worden Month ago

    magicians do NOT deserve to EVER win...if you were a real magician why wouldn't you just make 1 million dollars appear in your bank account ro wish for world peace? ohh, that's right, because you are a FAKE magician...nothing but a bunch of crap parlor tricks (and yes, I admit I can't do any magic tricks, but it's still tricks)

    • James Wise Magic
      James Wise Magic Month ago

      What you just said literally doesnt even make sense. You practically contradicted yourself. You believe magicians should never win because its all just fake?..... ok so? Its stil a talent regardless. You even said yourself that you couldnt do any of these tricks. Wanna know why you cant? Because its STILL A TALENT! The things he is doing is extremely difficult to create the illusion of something supernatural or magical. This win was WELL DESERVED

  • Lebird 75
    Lebird 75 Month ago

    Magic is real

  • Monish Legend
    Monish Legend Month ago +1

    perform good magic!

  • angel or devil
    angel or devil Month ago +3

    This is really not a trick nor a talent--this is really really majic...
    I can do this as well.all i need to do is find a devil and sold my

  • s h
    s h Month ago

    23:09 he's like "what do you meeean you're Asian"

  • April Rodriguez
    April Rodriguez Month ago

    not human skills at all..

  • Jenna Clarke
    Jenna Clarke Month ago

    I think makayla should have won

  • Mjlover419
    Mjlover419 Month ago

    Okay 4:22 seriously is confusing me

  • Zeeshan Ashhar
    Zeeshan Ashhar Month ago

    Cards is a paid actor😁

  • zubair khan
    zubair khan Month ago

    Digital cards🙄

  • Đất Cảng Hoa
    Đất Cảng Hoa Month ago

    What is 9:54 lteen minute song?

  • Đất Cảng Hoa
    Đất Cảng Hoa Month ago

    What is 9:54 lteen minute song?

  • Đất Cảng Hoa
    Đất Cảng Hoa Month ago

    What is 9:54 lteen minute song?

  • Soyam creations
    Soyam creations Month ago


  • Heaven Piercer
    Heaven Piercer Month ago

    imagine u are playing either blackjack or a poker in a vegas casino and this guy is your dealer.

  • cristiano foster bill

    He was an alien

  • Ben Scheidegger
    Ben Scheidegger Month ago +1

    He sold his soul. There are demons working through him.

  • new youtubers
    new youtubers Month ago


  • Uberphat
    Uberphat Month ago

    He's practicing some dark magic here...

  • I am LushX
    I am LushX Month ago

    Slight of hand used Shim Lin

  • Lê Đại
    Lê Đại Month ago +1

    many continuous movements. It is very difficult to make it so smooth

  • Huy Nguyen Vlog
    Huy Nguyen Vlog Month ago

    Special Magic :

  • Arjun PV
    Arjun PV Month ago +1

    Only watched AGT to watch Aaron Crow and Shin Lim.

  • Yusuf Mm
    Yusuf Mm Month ago

    main kartu terus... bosen saya. yang lain ada ngak.

  • Alejita Carrasco
    Alejita Carrasco Month ago

    Amazing 😯

  • Lourie Villacruz
    Lourie Villacruz Month ago

    Kàrate spàring

  • Matabelok Shop
    Matabelok Shop Month ago

    I love when you show up ur tatto 😍😍

  • Ludimila Gomes
    Ludimila Gomes Month ago

    feitiçaria😂😂😂 poxaa muito louco

  • amirose toroy
    amirose toroy Month ago

    One of the best card magicians ever