GROSS Food In Other Countries


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  • The Infographics Show
    The Infographics Show  Year ago +337

    What is the weirdest food you ever tasted? Oh btw, 1 million subscribers is approaching. I've been working on a project for a while now that I'll reveal in the coming week!

    • Sheldon Cooper
      Sheldon Cooper 16 days ago

      +Mr. Antipatiko I enjoy balut tremendously. None of my coworkers dare try it and I enjoy it.

    • Sheldon Cooper
      Sheldon Cooper 16 days ago

      Durian fruit! It's smell is so repulsive to Americans that even Andrew Zimmerman couldn't handle it. Some hotels refuse to allow it because the smell can get into your carpet.

    • Forge Comet
      Forge Comet 19 days ago

      +Bui Quynh Anh good for your sister

    • Bui Quynh Anh
      Bui Quynh Anh 19 days ago +1

      there are things like chicken testicals or smth but somehow my sister loves it

    • Forge Comet
      Forge Comet 21 day ago

      You have 3M subs

    LENA PATEL Day ago

    Hell to tha hell naw!!!! 😫😨🤪🤢🤮

  • Henry M.
    Henry M. Day ago

    I sometimes have starfish soup - dunno if it's common but it has a pleasant taste

  • Hsin-Yi Yeh
    Hsin-Yi Yeh 3 days ago

    T the g gui guinea pigs!?

  • SonicShell24
    SonicShell24 3 days ago

    Aw, sick! What’s wrong with these people?

  • Izuku Midoriya
    Izuku Midoriya 4 days ago

    Wow penises are that delicious?

  • ray the person
    ray the person 4 days ago

    This is why I can't go to other places like can I get a slice of pizza
    Order chocolate pudding and get pucks of pigs blood like I would kill my waiter if I ate it

  • Della Apw
    Della Apw 8 days ago

    In my place, some of us got to drink a coffee that's made from grinded worms. And there are coffee that's made from Luwak poop.
    And many small restaurants in the center area of my island are usually selling cow brains dipped in an egg coating on a stick.(the cow brain is really good) But there are also some cases like someone eating monkey brain. But I think it's very rare now. In the center part of my island, they sell some fried crickets. It's too crunchy for my taste.
    And there's a dish called Paniki, that's basically cooked bats.

  • Andy Gil Bayarcal
    Andy Gil Bayarcal 8 days ago

    I have tried "balot" for many times and it is good..
    Number 16 of "balot" is better than number 21 cause., in 21 it has feathers already..hehe

  • Legendary Sheep
    Legendary Sheep 8 days ago

    I have never heard of smalahove before and i live in norway

  • Taha Al Masri
    Taha Al Masri 9 days ago

    No look!!! The ginie pig 😢😢😢😢👎👎👎👎

  • KB65 YT
    KB65 YT 9 days ago

    The weirdest thing I ever ate is the cheesecake I made from rotten cream cheese and a dozen of lemon juice

  • KB65 YT
    KB65 YT 9 days ago

    Tuna Eyeballs,Duck embryo,Rats,Deep fried Mars bar,insects,alligators,Octopus, Sheep Penis,Chicken Testicles, What's next?Humans????

  • Amiris Gaming
    Amiris Gaming 9 days ago

    Animal abuse to little Ginie pigs

  • Corie Gardner
    Corie Gardner 9 days ago


  • skiing,
    skiing, 10 days ago

    i am from norway

  • DiamondPlayz
    DiamondPlayz 10 days ago +1

    the worst food ive eaten are cheeseburgers :D

  • vulpix gamer
    vulpix gamer 10 days ago

    I dint try horse meat but it look good

  • Nadzuki Creative
    Nadzuki Creative 11 days ago

    I’m English, and I find blank pudding freaky

  • Lemonnite nite
    Lemonnite nite 11 days ago

    Deep fried chicken intestines on a stick

  • TheWorldLaughsAtYourPain

    Well taste it to see if it's actually gross

  • Sandernista
    Sandernista 12 days ago

    They eat ass in my country...

  • Deretaku Otaku
    Deretaku Otaku 13 days ago

    in the philippines we eat dinuguan since they didnt mention it here it means its not gross!

  • Kawaii Narwarl
    Kawaii Narwarl 14 days ago

    A deep fried mars bar is nice!

  • Vyshalini Mr
    Vyshalini Mr 15 days ago +1


  • hung luu
    hung luu 15 days ago

    im vietnamese and we have tiết canh that mean pig blood

  • Luminous
    Luminous 16 days ago

    In Finland we eat reindeer and moose. People say its weird.
    Its not

  • Diego Viovicente
    Diego Viovicente 17 days ago

    in phillipines we eat dinuguan which is blood of a pig and its insides well i will stop now🍖

  • Lima Chan
    Lima Chan 17 days ago +1

    Indonesian people eat snake

  • Maggie E
    Maggie E 17 days ago

    If you have never had an Elvis you are a square.

  • ZeskiPlayz
    ZeskiPlayz 18 days ago

    it's weird to eat horse meat? We Mongolians eat it frequently.

  • Chynna Bartee
    Chynna Bartee 19 days ago

    I love tripe. Especially in manuedo.

  • xXxIts_Min_SugaXxx
    xXxIts_Min_SugaXxx 21 day ago

    Here in Indonesia we eat pig ears lol

  • Forge Comet
    Forge Comet 21 day ago

    I eat egg this morning

  • Atharv Chaturvedi
    Atharv Chaturvedi 22 days ago

    These would be delicious for Bear Grylls!!

  • Derill Troy Tacang
    Derill Troy Tacang 22 days ago +1

    Peanut and Jelly is Really weird. Its like Mud mix with Blended jelly fish.

  • Kane Smith
    Kane Smith 22 days ago +1

    in Scotland we call deep fried battered pizza a pizza crunch 🍕

  • Diane Claire Aguirre
    Diane Claire Aguirre 23 days ago

    Where is Durian?

  • Hobi is a jellyfish cuz he got no bones Hobi

    Lmao I live in Sweden😂

  • Joyce Chen
    Joyce Chen 25 days ago

    Black pudding is AMAZING!

  • Lionel messigician
    Lionel messigician 28 days ago

    We also eat fish eye in 🇧🇩

  • Lionel messigician
    Lionel messigician 28 days ago

    In Bangladesh we eat cow and chicken brains and also cow's tounge and also cow and chicken heart's

  • Canadian N Socialist Party

    frog lags

  • Potato Cat
    Potato Cat Month ago

    I’m starting to be annoyed and ticked off at people saying “oh Chinese always eat cat and dog”
    Just shut the hell up. I’m sick and tired of it. I’m a Chinese. No inappropriate replies thx

  • Pening channel
    Pening channel Month ago


  • Nova Imperius
    Nova Imperius Month ago

    The duck embryo you mentioned is really popular in the Philippines...

  • Lucky patidar
    Lucky patidar Month ago

    I love dog and cat meat

  • Ernesto Rodriguez
    Ernesto Rodriguez Month ago

    Tripe is so fucking good i eat it in like a soup with garbanzo beans and tortillas with other vegetables in the mix its awesome

  • Crazy Tod
    Crazy Tod Month ago

    Penis fish!!

  • Cynthia Chan
    Cynthia Chan Month ago

    I've eaten pork blood jelly, chicken feet, pig's trotters and cow's stomach.

  • Angel Gang
    Angel Gang Month ago


  • Niko Klep
    Niko Klep Month ago

    So i live in Slovenia and we dont eat this mouse ok. wrong info.

  • MaJuV
    MaJuV Month ago

    Black Pudding is basically black/blood sausage and is a delicacy in a LOT of European countries, not just the UK.

  • The MantisBoi Empire

    5:12 R.I.P those 13 mantids. Also, is that a squid? Why is the guy who owns the bug stand selling a squid? A squid isn't a bug...

  • Albin Johansson
    Albin Johansson Month ago

    Surströming is fermented not rotten you cant eat rotten........

  • Edge YouTube
    Edge YouTube Month ago

    Iv eaten roasted worm(Cooked like roasted peanuts) and duck embryo.

    MR. SPAGHET Month ago

    Omg can anyone see my profile pic?? It removes itself

  • Qili Zhong
    Qili Zhong Month ago

    As a Chinese myself,I never had dog,cat and other things....

  • Tannen Biff
    Tannen Biff Month ago

    Eating dog is wrong, eating cat is wrong, eating horse is wrong.

  • Landis Ratliff
    Landis Ratliff Month ago

    In one of the Faces of Death movies, there's a scene at a restaurant where they take a monkey and poke its head through a hole in the middle of the table and the customers take turns beating it with a club. Then the waiter cuts the head open and they eat the fresh brains. I've never actually watched the movie just because I've heard of this particular scene

  • Nathaniel Kaiser
    Nathaniel Kaiser Month ago

    As a amrican everything that is deeply fried I'll eat... Dammit now I'm hungry

  • Nathaniel Kaiser
    Nathaniel Kaiser Month ago

    Gotta be mac and cheese pizza
    Its really good tho

  • Dn Amirah
    Dn Amirah Month ago

    Asia just took it to another level especially China

  • Map Pam
    Map Pam Month ago

    You didn't add Philippines Balut it's an duck in an egg

  • Samuel AK
    Samuel AK Month ago

    Cow brain is normal for me

  • SubsidingJoshua
    SubsidingJoshua Month ago

    My favorite narrator.

  • Emigdiosback
    Emigdiosback Month ago

    What’s so disgusting about gator meat?

  • yaswanth gowtham
    yaswanth gowtham Month ago +1

    Thanks for the video, I'm puking now

    • cherry cherry
      cherry cherry 27 days ago

      yaswanth gowtham
      exactly!! am vegetarian 😱😱😱😱

  • 杨丽芬 杨丽芬
    杨丽芬 杨丽芬 Month ago +1

    I have eaten goat penis and scorpion in China I also saw seahorse,starfish and pigeon

  • Caelius TV
    Caelius TV Month ago

    Thanks, God, Philippines is not on the list!

  • Hans Yuan
    Hans Yuan Month ago +1

    one word ~~~

    ........WHAT !!!!!!!!!

  • Jimmy4164 //AVGNAddict

    1:05 England
    *shows all of great britain*

  • Palani Vedhachalam
    Palani Vedhachalam Month ago

    I think pure vegetarian people should get out of here cause I had experience watching this video vomited blah*vomits again*

  • Ninja Kitty
    Ninja Kitty Month ago

    I hate gross food

  • Peter Liwag
    Peter Liwag Month ago

    Here in phillipines we eat ducks and many more

  • Teja Vignes
    Teja Vignes Month ago

    I've tasted a lamb intestine in south india. I was first disgusted but it actually tasted good, u shud try it out

  • AndrewFG Gentapa
    AndrewFG Gentapa Month ago

    *Come here in the philippines*

  • Jarrod Bergeron
    Jarrod Bergeron Month ago

    I ate larva it tasted like nothing.

  • VioletViolent The Fangrill

    im asian but i never know that they eat them
    also im malaysian and yes its asia

  • Arianne Gwendolyn Quiroz

    is poop and pee

  • Rubick
    Rubick Month ago

    Yeah... I'll just stick with a plain old steak.

  • Isaac Tablet
    Isaac Tablet Month ago

    Im english and i love black pudding

  • ชวภณ นนทพันธุ์

    I love fried insects it is crispy and salty

  • Ashley Ihde
    Ashley Ihde Month ago

    I've never tasted anything as bad as liver. I hate any kind of liver. Has a great smell while cooking but the taste just stops me every single time

  • Dorito space cat
    Dorito space cat Month ago

    *fried guine pig*


  • Devildaily
    Devildaily Month ago

    I Ate an egg that is 14 to 18 days Old Named balut

  • Kyle danniell Sisayan
    Kyle danniell Sisayan Month ago +1

    you cant call it GROSS if you havent try the food

  • Domen Prevc Fanclub

    I'm from Moldova so.. I'll vomit when i eat this freakin food

  • Drewblu22
    Drewblu22 Month ago

    Wouldn’t say gross more like very very unique 😂😂

  • Yeon Chan
    Yeon Chan 2 months ago

    Strangest food i very ever eaten was a crocodile and ostrich.


  • lalita yardi
    lalita yardi 2 months ago

    Stop killing cows

  • Jumby
    Jumby 2 months ago

    In western Germany you'll probably find a meal which is called "Blutwurst". Basicilly it's just animal meat mixed up with lots of animal blood.

  • Alex J.
    Alex J. 2 months ago

    I went to south korea, and they eat samon eggs
    it's not bad

  • Diego Sanchez
    Diego Sanchez 2 months ago


    • Noskila
      Noskila Month ago

      It doesn't matter if something you considered is adorable or not, it's food.

  • lil boy boss
    lil boy boss 2 months ago

    I have tried, and it was great

  • galatic berry
    galatic berry 2 months ago

    What about balot

  • Peruano Bonito come palomas

    In Argentina we eat out of the trash can, Che

  • Amy Kok
    Amy Kok 2 months ago

    I'm Asian and I've tried fried insects

  • Alexandru Neagu
    Alexandru Neagu 2 months ago

    They eat BRAINZ

    HIEK LAND 2 months ago

    Chicken embryo?! Just let the chick live!!