GROSS Food In Other Countries


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  • The Infographics Show
    The Infographics Show  10 months ago +320

    What is the weirdest food you ever tasted? Oh btw, 1 million subscribers is approaching. I've been working on a project for a while now that I'll reveal in the coming week!

      CARL JOHNSON 19 days ago

      fried penis of goat

    • Litty Girrl
      Litty Girrl 25 days ago

      The Infographics Show in South Africa we eat chicken feet (kwanda) mopane worms (mashonga) cow eye(litho la colomo) cow and goat guts(magulu)

    • Voice Over Gaming
      Voice Over Gaming Month ago

      Greenland or basking shark covered with human urine for 3-6 months in a hole then dried for 2 to 4 months,in short: Icelandic hákarl

    • Raja Nag
      Raja Nag Month ago

      The Infographics Show all those non vegetarians r disgusting

    • Setosa Tea
      Setosa Tea Month ago

      It's either frog meat or boiled chicken feet, from HK. (My brother has ate much weirder though, its just that I keep thinking about it in my head and finally spit it out) did you know that tiger penis is used as a medicine btw?

  • Ashley Ihde
    Ashley Ihde Day ago

    I've never tasted anything as bad as liver. I hate any kind of liver. Has a great smell while cooking but the taste just stops me every single time

  • Dorito space cat

    *fried guine pig*


  • Devildaily
    Devildaily Day ago

    I Ate an egg that is 14 to 18 days Old Named balut

  • Kyle danniell Sisayan
    Kyle danniell Sisayan 2 days ago +1

    you cant call it GROSS if you havent try the food

  • Domen Prevc Fanclub
    Domen Prevc Fanclub 3 days ago

    I'm from Moldova so.. I'll vomit when i eat this freakin food

  • Drewblu22
    Drewblu22 3 days ago

    Wouldn’t say gross more like very very unique 😂😂

  • Czhann Hara
    Czhann Hara 6 days ago

    Strangest food i very ever eaten was a crocodile and ostrich.


  • lalita yardi
    lalita yardi 9 days ago

    Stop killing cows

  • Jumby
    Jumby 10 days ago

    In western Germany you'll probably find a meal which is called "Blutwurst". Basicilly it's just animal meat mixed up with lots of animal blood.

  • Alex Caps Nats
    Alex Caps Nats 10 days ago

    I went to south korea, and they eat samon eggs
    it's not bad

  • Diego Sanchez
    Diego Sanchez 10 days ago


  • lil boy boss
    lil boy boss 11 days ago

    I have tried, and it was great

  • kc_ playz10
    kc_ playz10 11 days ago

    What about balot

  • Oscar Salazar
    Oscar Salazar 11 days ago

    In Argentina we eat out of the trash can, Che

  • Amy Kok
    Amy Kok 12 days ago

    I'm Asian and I've tried fried insects

  • Alexandru Neagu
    Alexandru Neagu 13 days ago

    They eat BRAINZ

    HIEK LAND 13 days ago

    Chicken embryo?! Just let the chick live!!

  • Gavin Deatherage
    Gavin Deatherage 13 days ago

    Gator is the best. America!

  • Ahmed _ Noor
    Ahmed _ Noor 14 days ago

    i think that ill just go for a cheese pizza XD

  • Ghizlene Sn
    Ghizlene Sn 15 days ago

    Well here we eat . Snails , sheep brains their intestines their head and legs so basically everything oh and their stomach is filled with rice and vegetables and Cooked . But I don't eat any of them and the smell of them being cocked is just horrible

  • Lady Sephiroth
    Lady Sephiroth 16 days ago

    one of the rarest foods you can eat in Spain (in the coast, and just in some places, not everywhere) is sea anemones fried (ortiguillas). It's a delicacy that brings the taste of the sea to your mouth. You can either love it or hate it when you try it for the first time

  • CrystalGirlForever55 CGF55

    Brain doesn't taste that bad.
    It tastes normal.
    Stop it, it's not disgusting. You're disgusting.

  • Female lastick Rimer rimer

    I like octopus from Korea and actually taste really good

  • Female lastick Rimer rimer


  • Raymondg Gwei
    Raymondg Gwei 18 days ago

    Am from Cameroon I have never seen any one eating rats

  • Davie Drexler
    Davie Drexler 19 days ago

    What about worms with monkey brains?

  • KittyKatGames
    KittyKatGames 20 days ago


  • KittyKatGames
    KittyKatGames 20 days ago

    Poor cats and dogs too

  • Jon- E
    Jon- E 21 day ago

    1:51 looks like a plate of tiny penises

  • Gamertube
    Gamertube 21 day ago

    Filipinos eat worms, baby ducks and pigs blood

  • iluvchess
    iluvchess 22 days ago

    my mom loves cow tripe

  • Jasper Kennis
    Jasper Kennis 23 days ago

    Bat, on Sulawesi Indonesia. To me it was terrible.

  • Seth Cristobal
    Seth Cristobal 23 days ago

    How about balut in the Philippines?

  • Amadhea Trizza
    Amadhea Trizza 24 days ago

    check Manado, Indonesia:(

  • boredom ._.
    boredom ._. 25 days ago

    I hate Asia 😡

  • what the heck did you say?

    Hopefully these foods does not lose anyone's appetite

  • FBI
    FBI 25 days ago

    WOOOO ASIA MY CONTINENT! which we serve bull penis.....

  • GamingGirl
    GamingGirl 27 days ago

    HAH! You dont know what my little sister eats EVERYDAY

  • Gavin Su
    Gavin Su 27 days ago

    It's not wrong to eat cats or dogs because it's like eating a cute little chubby piggy!

  • Floyd Matthew Santos
    Floyd Matthew Santos 27 days ago

    What about the Philippines =)

  • princess A
    princess A 27 days ago

    humans are tastier than other animals , specially young ones.😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

    😍😙😘😚tastiest 👉🍴human🙎🍴👧🍴👩😍😍yum yumyum🍴

  • Evan Lee
    Evan Lee 28 days ago

    We actually don't stick chicken embyro, we incubate the egg and eat it directly after taking the shell off, we sometimes pour vinegar first.

  • Manas Sinha
    Manas Sinha 29 days ago

    Everywhere people who are poor eat rats not just a few certain countries

  • Dipankar Sinha Sarkar
    Dipankar Sinha Sarkar 29 days ago

    Black pudding and alligator

  • Rosé is my drugs
    Rosé is my drugs 29 days ago

    In Egypt they eat rabbits

  • Thomas Cool
    Thomas Cool 29 days ago

    Most of it are normal in Indonesia except monkey

  • Hikazaya Nikushi
    Hikazaya Nikushi Month ago

    Horse meat ok fine but Escargot and Horse brain?. Y’all crazy

  • Theresa Bukenya
    Theresa Bukenya Month ago

    I love fried grasshoppers their amazing

  • Yoshino miku
    Yoshino miku Month ago

    Well now I finally found out the truth that I'm weird I like e eating raw salmon and fish eggs that's why everyone call me a neko(Translate to cat) XD

  • ญาณวุฒิ สังเกิด

    I never saw any Scorpion in Bangkok before.

  • Refilwe Tsalaile
    Refilwe Tsalaile Month ago

    We eat worms in Botswana, specially mophane worms

  • Ko Ko Chim
    Ko Ko Chim Month ago

    You forgot to mention balot in the Philippines

  • Tahseen Baig
    Tahseen Baig Month ago

    Woah only food is hunger

  • Philip Tchaykovskiy

    Yellow watermelon

  • Uwalo
    Uwalo Month ago

    Funny how all' "strang" french dishes are stolen from italy

  • Nicole Thepuppylover

    I tried snails in France and they were disgusting they tasted different than I expected and how is black pudding weird?

  • salma سلمى
    salma سلمى Month ago

    I've already ate sheeps and cows brains and they were surprisenly delicious! i also ate sheep stomach, intestins, kidney, balls, tongue, liver, lungs, feet...(basically everything xD)
    also I love eating snails ! they are sooooo yummyyyy!!! they are like a famous street food here in morocco and we call it "babboush"
    never judge something until you try it !

  • SonjaLeigh1
    SonjaLeigh1 Month ago

    Eating Monkey brains is true, watch " Faces of Death ".

  • EarlGaming
    EarlGaming Month ago

    In The Philippines Soup no. 5 Is a soup made by a cow’s or bull’s

  • Setosa Tea
    Setosa Tea Month ago

    Boiled cow and pig insides (lung, heart, liver, stomach, intestines) with noodles are sold here in Hong Kong, in some restaurants. Personally I'm not a fan of eating insides but my brother and mother love eating them :)
    There is also congealed pig blood congee, which I haven't tried before, but I think my dad bought it home once for breakfast???

  • 765respect
    765respect Month ago

    All the French foods here have been eaten at a backyard barbeque in Texas!

  • necromancer
    necromancer Month ago

    So disgusting Indians not only poop on streets but also eat rates.
    India should be declared rape capital of world, these shit eater worms even rape childrens.
    These assholes barbarians can never be civilized.

    Destroy India, Pakistan , Bangladesh and Nepal.


    Before it’s cooked,it may look disgusting. But when it’s cooked, it might taste a bit ok

  • Exequiel Aloi
    Exequiel Aloi Month ago

    black pudding is eaten in Argentina, i like it! UwU

  • Vonn Deveraux
    Vonn Deveraux Month ago

    ...I don't think we.. eat worms..

  • Nicole Law
    Nicole Law Month ago

    I’m from PA and I’ve never heard of turtle soup being eaten ever.

  • William J Hong
    William J Hong Month ago

    Humans are insane!!!!

  • Skittlez The Me
    Skittlez The Me Month ago

    Oceania the only normal group of countries

  • Lea's Life
    Lea's Life Month ago


  • Bush Asian2003
    Bush Asian2003 Month ago

    What about duck blood soup

  • PoutineProductions
    PoutineProductions Month ago

    In Mexico they eat some sort of tripe stew. Smells like arsehole.

  • amanda miho
    amanda miho Month ago

    in Iraq (as well as other Arab countries) we eat a dish called Pacha its basically made from sheep's head, trotters, and stomach and then cooked in a broth, and its freaking good especially when your sick or if its cold outside

  • PunkrockerCPPS a
    PunkrockerCPPS a Month ago

    You COMPLETELY forgot about snake blood (a type of wine drunk in Thailand and Laos), and apparently patties put in jelly are often eaten in the Nizhniy Novgorod area of Russia.

  • Kieran Iula
    Kieran Iula Month ago

    Black pudding is actually really nice

  • RLomoterenge
    RLomoterenge Month ago

    Hutlacoche in not rotten. It’s a fungus that grows on corn. Kinda’ like a truffle

  • Cutie Cookie Animations

    I just know there gonna be Thai food in here lol

  • Aciimov
    Aciimov Month ago

    Indonesian here?
    cow blood, goat penis, chicken heart, and Kalong? (Giant bat) :)

  • Kenneth Liang
    Kenneth Liang Month ago

    Tripe is amazingly good.

  • Alicia Mae Villamor


  • Lauri Juntunen
    Lauri Juntunen Month ago

    not on the list but in scandinavia there is also finnish easter-delicacy called "mämmi"...if you have ever seen one such dish,it looks like a pound of diarrhea poop in a box but tastes decent when you are able to get over a look of the thing..

  • The Skele Slayer
    The Skele Slayer 2 months ago

    if you think about it stuffed turkey is disgusting.

  • Hari Kishan
    Hari Kishan 2 months ago

    Indians eat rat?? Not True!

  • _MinhTuoc
    _MinhTuoc 2 months ago

    What About Durian & Jackfruit? They Are Spiky And Smell Like Rotten Animal :D. But Taste Very Sweet.

  • AwesomeAndrhhg ٤٩٢
    AwesomeAndrhhg ٤٩٢ 2 months ago

    I am 🇭🇺 for Some 🇹🇷 with 🇬🇷. 🇮🇷 to the kitchen. I opened the fridge. 🇸🇾sly? The 🇹🇷 was taken!! Then i saw how. I looked back and found santa claus. 🇳🇴, this is a dream!! Santa 🇮🇱!!!! He told me: 🇰🇪 look away? And then he left: he was 🇷🇺en away. Since i was mad i got me a 🇨🇦t cool aid mountain dew.

  • AwesomeAndrhhg ٤٩٢
    AwesomeAndrhhg ٤٩٢ 2 months ago

    In lebanon we eat chicken livers and small fried fish. But we eat the whole thing in a bite, including the head. Its pretty crunchy. Its not our fault the ottomans tried to starve us for being Christian

  • Laura Emily
    Laura Emily 2 months ago

    you need to add malaysia, specifically sabah where we ate sago worm. search it and give it a go when you visit sabah!

  • Mr.lemon Melon
    Mr.lemon Melon 2 months ago

    And he forgot Philippines well it's exotic not weird except the wood worms 😅

  • Rumi Das
    Rumi Das 2 months ago

    They consume every animal.Don't they?

  • Riley Roberts
    Riley Roberts 2 months ago

    Tripe is lovely

  • Stjepan Maric
    Stjepan Maric 2 months ago

    I eat brains

  • Salem Gibson
    Salem Gibson 2 months ago

    kangaroo meat is too damn cwewy ive had scorpions alligator and crawfish

  • Koo
    Koo 2 months ago

    Well I didn't see cannibalism on there so I guess it's pretty normal to eat people.

  • isäs on
    isäs on 2 months ago

    Isn't haggis from scotland?..

  • Dane Gien
    Dane Gien 2 months ago

    We use tripe to make callos. It's tomato base. Eat it with French bread or biscuit. It's delicious!

  • Dane Gien
    Dane Gien 2 months ago

    In my town they eat ants , big red ants. They saute it including the eggs.

  • zZShadowZz
    zZShadowZz 2 months ago

    add balut from phillipines its an duck embryo

  • DannyCool2001
    DannyCool2001 2 months ago

    I'm scottish so I've eaten all the "weird" Scottish food

  • Havoc Gaming
    Havoc Gaming 2 months ago

    Head over to Africa and you’ll find people eating Stinkbugs.

    ANIME LOVER21 2 months ago

    Well I ate a pickled bull testicle

    It was disgusting