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GROSS Food In Other Countries

  • Published on Nov 6, 2017
  • What are some weird dishes people eat around the world? Let's take a look in this episode of The Infographics Show: Weird Food In Other Countries
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  • The Infographics Show
    The Infographics Show  Year ago +365

    What is the weirdest food you ever tasted? Oh btw, 1 million subscribers is approaching. I've been working on a project for a while now that I'll reveal in the coming week!


      Faces of death depicted the monkey brain eaten wow that couldve been real🤔

    • minds channel
      minds channel Month ago

      Love this show...U guys are smart 👍👍

    • agnomilted
      agnomilted 2 months ago

      1:04 Scotland and Wales aren't part of England

    • White Star Line
      White Star Line 3 months ago


    • Sheldon Cooper
      Sheldon Cooper 5 months ago

      +Mr. Antipatiko I enjoy balut tremendously. None of my coworkers dare try it and I enjoy it.

  • Arribones
    Arribones 3 hours ago

    1:07 I'm from England and find it werid

  • Nugget Nugget
    Nugget Nugget Day ago

    I love fried oreos and in new orleans they sell lollipop s with scorpions and spiders in it.

  • Peepee In toaster
    Peepee In toaster 4 days ago

    Worst thing the Chinese have eaten are babies, not even an urban legend.

  • Mr. Cactus
    Mr. Cactus 5 days ago +1

    Wuts a mars bar?

  • Bluetrainer91 FireBlast

    None of these are "gross". These are real food.
    Something most Americans don't understand.

  • Rembrandt Van Gogh
    Rembrandt Van Gogh 7 days ago

    Search for Tamilok. You welcome.

  • Ken W
    Ken W 19 days ago

    frog legs

  • dominic swabba #mlbb gamer

    Hey we are asain I live at phillipinees we don't eat cats and dogs our country ban eating dog and cats

  • mark burress
    mark burress 19 days ago

    Nope...nope...and I'm Cajun😃

  • Miyukidreams
    Miyukidreams 20 days ago


  • Leslie Jenkins
    Leslie Jenkins 22 days ago

    Fried crocodile is AMAZING

  • Cheesy Challenges
    Cheesy Challenges 22 days ago

    Here in America Hawaii ruined pizza lol

  • Anon Kat
    Anon Kat 22 days ago

    Lol tokneneng and balot made it

  • im not worthy of anything i earn

    I keep pressing the "$ave button" I can't $top! No one can $top me!

  • Iron Ox
    Iron Ox 25 days ago

    Herring under a fur coat is amazing. I encourage everyone to try it.

  • Its Modelo time foo
    Its Modelo time foo 26 days ago

    Alligator and rattle snake doesn't sound bad.

    DIPAN NANDI 27 days ago +1

    So you should not use the "word" Wired according to your introductory address..

  • West Facing
    West Facing 28 days ago

    Well sausages are pretty gross if you know what's in them; just most people don't learn what they're made out of until after they've been eating them for years. Black pudding is a bit the same: sounds awful, tastes great. It just helps to try it before you know what it is.

  • ArticunoBro
    ArticunoBro 29 days ago


  • Alice Deathbelle
    Alice Deathbelle Month ago

    I thought for sure you would've mentioned that Australia eats kangaroo 😂

  • Robyn Bauer
    Robyn Bauer Month ago

    I love how all these countries are less wasteful than canada/us a.

  • Gakupo Kamui
    Gakupo Kamui Month ago

    In Puerto Rico, I've seen people eat "Iguana" or snakes in what we call "pinchos" (on a stick. Havent tried it but most people say it tastes like chicken. XD

  • Madeby Meci
    Madeby Meci Month ago

    Have you guys met a pregnant woman 😂

  • catlady
    catlady Month ago

    In Peru, nothing is left out and thrown away.
    Here you can eat: fried guinea pig, black sausage (pigs blood with intestines and herbs), grilled cow's tongue, heart, udders, etc, beans soup with pigs skin, fried ants and worms, chicken legs on a stick, fermented potato dough, fermented corn drink, etc etc etx etx

  • LunEkoYT
    LunEkoYT Month ago

    Balut and woodworms!

  • Bobby Green
    Bobby Green Month ago

    & tripe

  • Bobby Green
    Bobby Green Month ago

    Y’all lost me at pigs blood

  • Hula Girl
    Hula Girl Month ago

    Lutefisk! 😜😜😜

  • MartinFamily Gaming and stuff xD

    well in hong kong we eat chickens feet

  • Carla Ramos
    Carla Ramos Month ago

    As a french person, eating horse is considered very healthy but is now looked down upon younger generations so I imagine we won't be eating any in a few years. We don't really eat it on a daily basis tho, it's extremely pricey.

  • Illegal Memer
    Illegal Memer Month ago

    I’m so glad human fingers aren’t on this list

  • Anna Brooks
    Anna Brooks Month ago

    While I enjoy your videos in general, your pronunciation and wrong stresses of Russian names and words drive me crazy. It is not hard to google words and use the right stress.

  • Banter Ator
    Banter Ator Month ago

    In China it seems to me that if the animal is on the zodiac it's fair game to eat.

  • Gacha YT
    Gacha YT Month ago

    we eat something called balut and its fertilized egg and mostly men eat the duck but mostly people eat the yellow part

  • Nataly Damaskin
    Nataly Damaskin Month ago

    i actually eat the russian dish quite often and it is commonly called "shooba"

  • Daniela Rejas García

    Oh boy, where do I even begin?
    Here people eat alligators, turtles, snakes, guinea pigs, armadillos and even monkeys. People who live in the tropics basically eat anything they find. We also eat cow's and sheep's brains, cow's intestines, hearts, livers, stomachs, kidneys and make jelly with their hooves. We make morcilla with coagulated blood and soup with bulls penises and testicles. Some people also eat live worms and ants. Oh I forgot, we eat dried and very salted llama and cow meat.

  • Anabel Chun
    Anabel Chun Month ago

    I loved trying the moving octopus in Korea! The tentacles are cut into small pieces and all you need to do is dip it in soy sauce to avoid the suckers from sticking to your mouth. It didn't taste like much but it was a fun experience!

  • POOJA Singh
    POOJA Singh Month ago

    I am an Indian and I never knew that I ate RATS

  • xeno blade
    xeno blade Month ago

    Mmmmhhhh....intestines and livers are yummy

  • Keysey
    Keysey Month ago

    Haggis is normally thought to be a food from Scotland but actually it originates from England. so WHY IS IN FROM BRASIL IN THIS?

  • William Fletcher
    William Fletcher Month ago

    Alligator and snake is amazing

  • Ugolino Marevi
    Ugolino Marevi Month ago +3

    Lol, in Mexico we also eat coagulated pig blood: Morcilla. Well some, I don't.

  • Megatrix500
    Megatrix500 Month ago

    deepfriedmarsbars makes Tommy Vercetti fat

  • Draug Gaming
    Draug Gaming Month ago

    Black pudding is amazing

  • tzuyu flare
    tzuyu flare Month ago +2

    Philippines: Hold my beer.

  • Edwin V
    Edwin V Month ago

    My wife ham

  • Jasmine Johnston
    Jasmine Johnston Month ago

    Then there’s “Rocky Mountain Oysters” which aren’t oysters at all...but deep-fried testicles from a male cow!

  • CIA
    CIA Month ago +2

    I've ate rattles snake before it was the best

  • Saint Collie
    Saint Collie Month ago

    Uh, Vietnam people eat pig brain, cat and dog meat, chicken blood

  • Seema Deshpande
    Seema Deshpande Month ago +1

    Gosh I am seeing this while having dinner,😫😣😜

  • Johnnetta Free
    Johnnetta Free Month ago

    I’ve had tripe and gator but I’m headed to ft worth for that 🐍

  • the battle hawlk
    the battle hawlk Month ago +1

    Don't get mad at me

    But how bout that shark fin soup

  • hensy chicken
    hensy chicken Month ago +1

    The weirdest food I ever tasted was dragon fruit dragon fruits taste bland

  • Joakim Lindvall
    Joakim Lindvall Month ago

    All animal products. No suprise.

  • Seno rita
    Seno rita Month ago

    *Decent food left the chat*

  • Seno rita
    Seno rita Month ago

    *Chicken left the chat*

  • Daniel Valentin Vanvik

    i am norwegian and i have never heard of smalahove tbh the name doesent even sound norwegian

  • Jacquie Blu
    Jacquie Blu Month ago

    I nearly passed out watching this.😷😵💫

  • Sggsjdivksooqegbdn Andukckssyaojshhf

    No one eats rats in India

  • Ossian Fridh
    Ossian Fridh 2 months ago

    I’m from sweden

  • Susan Crockett
    Susan Crockett 2 months ago +1

    i have ACTUALLY tried pickled pig's feet, IT IS NASTY, but I think that the non-pickled version would be better

  • EnderIsaac 619
    EnderIsaac 619 2 months ago

    In the Philippines,some people eat bugs and snakes.....don't ask how I know....

  • my names jeff
    my names jeff 2 months ago

    in Philippines other people
    sell some beetles they said
    it taste nice but it looks discusting

  • Phoebe H.
    Phoebe H. 2 months ago

    i'm starting to think that US is the only country that throw away the animal intestines :/
    Here in Indonesia we have snail, sea cucumber, soil, and basically anything you can kill. But each are only available in certain regions.

  • Shani Mustafa
    Shani Mustafa 2 months ago

    I’ve had porcupine meat , it tastes like beef

  • killer epic Rook
    killer epic Rook 2 months ago

    EW no I would not eat a brain of a monkey ARE They crazy

  • Sustaita Family Animated

    In Mexico we eat pig or cow stomach or intestines

  • Xistence Studios
    Xistence Studios 2 months ago

    C'mon to freaking Asia , you name it we serve it

  • sum guy
    sum guy 2 months ago

    My mom says that bacon is very unhealthy because it is from a pig that ate trash then you eat it

  • Aleksandriasw
    Aleksandriasw 2 months ago

    I went on vacation with my cousins ( they from Kentucky, I live in Florida ) to Alabama, and tried weird fried Alligator at a restaurant. It was pretty good, a bit like Calamari. I am Polish, and in Polish cuisine ( this is more common in the countryside of Poland but a lot of city people eat it too ) we eat Studzienina (Jellied pigs feet), and also chicken in gelatin which is usually eaten around holidays. We also eat tripe soup ( the cow thing that was talked about in the video ), and Czernina which is duck blood soup.

  • Yanna Williams
    Yanna Williams 2 months ago

    North America do NOT do deep fried guinea pig.

  • Vay Kaushik
    Vay Kaushik 2 months ago

    I'll just stick to fruit and veg lol

  • Ashley Smith
    Ashley Smith 2 months ago

    I think I'm going to be sick I see. Some of this crap on fear factor.

  • Ohmloud
    Ohmloud 2 months ago

    Chiken testikels?

  • Mika R. Jarwson
    Mika R. Jarwson 2 months ago

    Hell yeah we have the most disgusting food 😂🙌🏽 (smalahove)

  • Alexander Watson
    Alexander Watson 2 months ago

    this is ethnocentric

  • Slash_ Animations
    Slash_ Animations 2 months ago +1

    4:56 Mmm...I can almost taste the salmonella poisoning 👌

  • suomihyypä 12345678910

    Why no mämmi

  • Nata Trevino
    Nata Trevino 2 months ago

    Mountain Oysters in USA goat testicales

  • Anubhav Kesarwani
    Anubhav Kesarwani 2 months ago

    Eating of cat dog and cow should be prohibited.

  • Dee Pee
    Dee Pee 2 months ago

    6:47 Yeah, we see what you did there...

    • Dee Pee
      Dee Pee 2 months ago

      +Weirdina Leos woman just look at whats wiggling on the plate lol

    • Weirdina Leos
      Weirdina Leos 2 months ago


  • Unc Booyah
    Unc Booyah 2 months ago

    I used to eat mayonnaise and sugar sandwiches when I was you😋..... Unfortunately as an adult 🤢🤮 not too good 😂

  • Victoria Rodz.
    Victoria Rodz. 2 months ago +1

    I live in Yorkshire and I’ve never eaten whatever you described also I’ve never even heard of it, get your facts right infographics xx

  • Callses247
    Callses247 2 months ago

    Why giant tarantulas

  • SniPer Wolf
    SniPer Wolf 2 months ago

    I've eaten almost all of them but who the hell eats cats😐

    • special k
      special k 2 months ago

      What's the difference between eating a pig and a cat or a cow and a cat?

  • pg mechanics
    pg mechanics 2 months ago

    School food

  • Alice Farren
    Alice Farren 2 months ago

    Yes,it is weird but I'd never say it's gross.

  • B-Art Rainbow
    B-Art Rainbow 2 months ago

    It's a duck(egg)... It tastes so good but better with salt. But don't worry tho, it's cooked.

  • Canny Weng
    Canny Weng 2 months ago

    Truth is...

    I kinda like eating fish eyeballs...(Please don't judge me)

  • LadyVampireica
    LadyVampireica 2 months ago

    I would never eat any of these things on this list.....all of it sounds totally gross!!!!

  • Dante Miller
    Dante Miller 2 months ago

    And African countries are ignored 😐

  • AfroKitty Samurai
    AfroKitty Samurai 2 months ago

    Old video, so someone probably already mentioned this, but you forgot chitterlings in the U.S., esp down south. It's a common African American dish made of pig intestines, often drowned in hot sauce. I hate the stuff, but my family likes it.

  • Josseph cruz
    Josseph cruz 2 months ago

    Cow tongue

  • Alex Lestrange
    Alex Lestrange 2 months ago

    I watched Oldboy a long time ago and the live octopus eating scene scared and fascinated me at the same time and I still can't get that image out of my head, a great movie too

  • Chanchala Kumari
    Chanchala Kumari 2 months ago

    Rice with strawberry jam and with some mustard sauce...
    How would it taste? 😂

  • Rok Bežan
    Rok Bežan 2 months ago

    Hm... I am Slovenian and we have never eaten door rats nor any other rats.. Also i have never seen where they would eat them.. One of our weird foods is food similarly to black pudding called "krvavice"...

  • Daniel Heng
    Daniel Heng 2 months ago

    Chicken or pork blood and balut is eaten though out Southeast Asia.

  • Hernán Senra
    Hernán Senra 3 months ago

    Brazilians and their "Supa do Macaco " (monkey soup) and they say it's "uma delicia" lol

  • Adàn Gîll
    Adàn Gîll 3 months ago +1

    Bear grylls enters the chat....