• Published on Jan 22, 2017
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    Hey! WELCOME to my channel My name is Holley Rojek! I am 20 years old, and I am a nursing student in my second semester, working toward my BSN. My program is 5 semesters long (2.5 years), so I would love to have you follow along my journey! I love fitness and health. It changed my life two years ago and it has become a massive passion of mine. I post tons of different things involving nursing, tips and tricks, beauty, workouts, lifestyle, vlogging, etc.! I appreciate EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU who supports me. I promise I notice every comment, like, share, etc.! Any negative comments will be deleted and you will be blocked. I like happy people. THANK YOU FOR WATCHING!
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  • Limelight For life
    Limelight For life 9 days ago

    Am I a 7th grader? Yes. Will i still bust my butt to do well this semster to know what I need to know an get used to doing? yes

  • Presha Hall
    Presha Hall 26 days ago

    Hi Holley..... if u don't have a friend to study with... what is the next advice 🐩

  • Kyanna Curtis
    Kyanna Curtis Month ago

    Study until your eyes bleed 😩😂😂love this video and your tips.. so cute !

  • Makenzie Kim
    Makenzie Kim 2 months ago

    Thank you so much! This is so helpful, and speaks to me on another level with the color coding and multiple bags!!! Thank you for the help!!!

  • Vicki Vaughn
    Vicki Vaughn 3 months ago

    Also do you care to share the color code system you used?

  • Vicki Vaughn
    Vicki Vaughn 3 months ago

    Do you mind to share what print your backpack is... and style ?

  • Krishna Patel
    Krishna Patel 5 months ago

    i liked your video alot. it was very helpful. i want to ask you how did you study for Fundamentals and Physical Assessment?

  • Faye Raively
    Faye Raively 6 months ago

    Wow your professors give you a lot!!! We literally get nothing but a "pre-class powerpoint" prior to class and have to take all our notes ourselves!!

  • Andrea salazar
    Andrea salazar 6 months ago

    This was SUCH a great video!! I spent 1 hour watching videos about this and yours helped so much! Thank you so much Holley!💙💙

  • Dori Beardsley
    Dori Beardsley 9 months ago

    You and I "think" alike. I learn the same way AND I have a different bag for a different purpose.

  • Erica Bravo
    Erica Bravo 10 months ago

    Love it !!! Definitely subscribing

  • Itzel Hernandez
    Itzel Hernandez Year ago

    so true about the group chats ! I'm in medical school and our class has a group chat and we're all pretty helpful towards each other ...

  • Angel Marie
    Angel Marie Year ago

    Omg, I looooovvvveee this , it’s super helpful . So following these tips.

  • Yalanda Jones
    Yalanda Jones Year ago +1

    Thanks so much!! I start nursing school on the 14th of January!! Your videos are so dope!!

  • Iyana Davis
    Iyana Davis Year ago

    I’m so late but I loved this!!!! Yes I took notes from this lol😂

  • Dezundria Williams

    I do a lot of these, and they are awesome 👏

  • autumn taylor
    autumn taylor Year ago

    I start school in January and you’re videos are seriously what have been making me so excited! My goal is to get my BSN!

  • Erika Baez
    Erika Baez Year ago

    I love ❤️ all your videos girl.

  • Jar'Migyong R
    Jar'Migyong R Year ago +1

    Hi! So I’m binge watching your videos, because I recently was attending a university for Biology bc I wanted to be an OBGYN but then after being there & majoring in that I hated it and thought like I’ll become an STNA first bc now I want to be a NICU Nurse. I’m a NA right now until I get state tested and I have an academic meeting Friday to see what classes I need to take BEFORE nursing school! Your videos are helping so much with my anxiety and my courage lol. But anywho I don’t know if you found a good planner yet bc like I said I’m binge watching your videos, but if you haven’t I have a link to an awesome planner! It has big boxes for the actual day with a weekly view, a monthly view, a section for goals for your semester and classes, a habit tracker, a spending tracker, plus more it’s really great!
    Here’s the link: & please keep filming because you’re helping a lot of people out! 💞

  • Keeping Up With Jee Reed

    I start nursing school in January (well prerequisites for nursing school) I never thought about the different bags such a good idea!!

    • Lia Rodriguez
      Lia Rodriguez 10 months ago

      Also, try to get a backpack that rolls!!!!! My back was hurting from bringing back and forth 3+ textbooks. Also, compression socks and a posture corrector/waist trainer. It will provide support and lessen the pain. I also like roll on anesthetics for when I get a lot of back pain

  • Jessica Villegas
    Jessica Villegas Year ago

    Where is this headband from? I need some for nursing and I like the ones that are smaller towards the front. My head looks weird if the headband is thick all around. It just makes my head look small

  • Sarah Jackson
    Sarah Jackson Year ago

    Can I use these tips for medical assistanting class?

  • Med Made EZ
    Med Made EZ Year ago

    Very helpful!!

  • Jazzy's vlogs
    Jazzy's vlogs Year ago

    Definately true great nursing tip folder case for documents

  • Mika B
    Mika B Year ago

    Very good video to prepare and organize for nursing school

  • Duduyemi !
    Duduyemi ! Year ago +10

    'Study till your eyes bleed'😁😂💯💯

  • Cassie Foster
    Cassie Foster Year ago

    Thanks for the video Holley! I would love to see an updated version of this video as you go into your last semester of nursing school!😊

  • Bri&bry T
    Bri&bry T Year ago

    how is this bag holding up? do you still use it?

  • rachel halcyon
    rachel halcyon Year ago

    Thank you for this it has been so helpful. Going this fall, 1st semster. Yeah😄

  • funke agbeja
    funke agbeja Year ago

    Thanks for this. I will be starting nursing school this fall and I will appreciate it if you could help me with getting organized. Please let me know if you can help. Really appreciate this video.

  • Shaina ReNaye
    Shaina ReNaye Year ago

    I do the same thing with colors! I'm a flashcard person so I used colored flashcards too!

  • Nurse Jake
    Nurse Jake Year ago

    Its HIPAA, not HIPPA just sayin..

  • Santa Rose
    Santa Rose Year ago +66

    When ur mom ask u to clean ur room and your a nursing student so you cover all the junk under your sheets 🤔

  • Caitlin Kaltenbach

    I'm actually still in highschool but planning to go to school to get my BSN and your videos already help me a ton

  • WM
    WM 2 years ago +1

    I love how you are so organized Holley, I ll be starting nursing school soon and I love watching your videos you give some awesome tips.

  • Nakia S Johnson
    Nakia S Johnson 2 years ago

    Hi Holley! Let me start off by saying you’re the cutest! I love your energy and spunk! Thanks for the tips and I plan on utilizing them to the fullest once this fall starts. I’m currently a CMA at a pediatric clinic and I love it! Keep doing great things and I will look forward to more videos.

  • Tiffany Bracy
    Tiffany Bracy 2 years ago +1

    Girl, this video is everything. I'm an LPN that's been out of school for 3 years and its like I've forgotten how to be a nursing student. Last semester I felt like a chicken with my head cut off, I was and will be working and I have a family, with two little ones so my schedule totally got the better of me. These tips are a Godsend, your specific info on how to organize and plan (thank you for the visuals) and even study are very helpful. Going into my last semester feelin like a boss! Thanks.

  • PeachyPlans
    PeachyPlans 2 years ago

    Did you make that outline, or do your instructors make them?

  • Merci Beaucoup
    Merci Beaucoup 2 years ago

    you're fantastic. thank you!

  • EricaS20
    EricaS20 2 years ago

    What brand is your blood pressure cuff?

  • Cassie & Guetch
    Cassie & Guetch 2 years ago

    You're amazing and very helpful .
    Thanks for all your videos !!

  • jennifer grams
    jennifer grams 2 years ago

    Your page is a god send seriously! Thank you

  • Taylor Ann
    Taylor Ann 2 years ago +1

    Hi I'm new here!! I'll be applying to nursing school next June and I would love to see your tips and tricks on how to get an A in Micro & AP 1&2😊 I'm not sure if you've done a video on that already but it would help me out so much!

  • Sheigh Williamson
    Sheigh Williamson 2 years ago

    Hi! I just found your channel today and I love the nursing videos! I just became a senior in high school and want to go into intensive care nursing! do you know if there are any specific classes I have to take for that specialty? and I'm also curious what specialty you want to go into?

  • Sherry
    Sherry 2 years ago


  • Nurse 17
    Nurse 17 2 years ago

    So glad I found your channel for both fitness and nursing! I've been a personal trainer for 20 yrs. and now finishing my last yr. of Kaplan nursing school for RN! I live in small town Iowa. I noticed your UNI sweatshirt earlier!

  • karlee elizabeth
    karlee elizabeth 2 years ago

    I'm starting LPN nursing school in August. I am so nervous I'm watching every nursing video

  • rnstudent romeiro
    rnstudent romeiro 2 years ago

    where did u get these bags? cute

  • greta b
    greta b 2 years ago

    you're wearing a cubs shirt, are you around that area?? i only live around 2 hours away from there!

  • Valeria Monice
    Valeria Monice 2 years ago

    Great tips 😊

  • Dia Blanco
    Dia Blanco 2 years ago

    Your videos are great!

  • Millie Appleton
    Millie Appleton 2 years ago

    What year of nursing are you in? I swear British nursing schools don't teach half as much as your course does :(

  • Mikaela Kellogg
    Mikaela Kellogg 2 years ago

    Love this!! I'm in my second year, getting my BSN in Upstate, NY (Hartwick College)... I'm taking Medical - Surgical II right now and absolutely love it! Love your videos, always accepting more tips for studying/organization! Keep it up girllllll

  • Nurse Corinne
    Nurse Corinne 2 years ago +1

    Loved the video! Went to get one of those totes but they dont deliver to Ireland

  • Haylie Heisel
    Haylie Heisel 2 years ago +6

    i absolutely love all your videos! i'm a CNA in training , and trying to lose weight & go to school full time! you motivate me to no end !

  • Emma Belhumeur
    Emma Belhumeur 2 years ago +11

    Ah, totally wish I had seen this video before starting nursing. Just finishing up pharmo right now, and I feel like I still know nothing! Way to go finding a way that works for you!!

  • Adriana Magana
    Adriana Magana 2 years ago +3

    loved this!! :) thank you so much!!

  • Savannah Lee
    Savannah Lee 2 years ago

    So thankful for your channel! Im taking prerequisites for nursing right now, and it's so helpful having your videos to watch and what to except. Please don't stop making videos! And congrats to you, you seem like you're handling nursing school so well 😊

  • Jenna King
    Jenna King 2 years ago

    I love your videos! Could you do one all about your Clinicals?

  • Miranda Smith
    Miranda Smith 2 years ago +1

    Weird question but I would love to know where you got your bed spread???? Its super cute

    • Holley Gabrielle
      Holley Gabrielle  2 years ago

      Thank you:) TJ Maxx last year! It was around summer time, they ALWAYS get super cute, cheap bedding around that time of year!