Taiwanese Street Food Liuhe Tourist Night Market

  • Published on Feb 15, 2019
  • Trying many different kinds of chinese street food at Liuhe Tourist Night Market located south of Taiwan
    Liuhe Tourist Night Market
    Address: Liuhe 2nd Road, Xinxing District, Kaohsiung City, Taiwan 800

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  • dzung1969YT
    dzung1969YT Day ago

    Yummy prawns

  • Renaldi Vanhoten
    Renaldi Vanhoten 2 days ago

    makanan itu coeg, duh.. kok gituin

  • predador007100
    predador007100 2 days ago


  • Wolf Grau
    Wolf Grau 2 days ago

    Я бы от борща не отказался бы 😁

  • László Horváth
    László Horváth 2 days ago

    bolond asszony azok a rákok még élnek hogy baszódnál meg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mjid Almajd
    Mjid Almajd 2 days ago

    كلشي ياكلون 😳
    اكيد هذول مو بشر

  • I Like
    I Like 2 days ago

    I see you from Thailand.

  • Wesley M videos
    Wesley M videos 2 days ago +1

    Que massa curto muito top. Parabéns🌟🌟🌟👏👏👏👏👏

  • 呆呆麵
    呆呆麵 3 days ago

    500? 還賣真貴~ 坑觀光客的 最奇怪的是還湖南妹子= = ?台灣歐巴桑吧?

  • Skrillex
    Skrillex 3 days ago +4

    eu sou carnívoro, mas de jeito nenhum eu apoio preparar o animal ele estando vivo

    • LeanSds
      LeanSds Day ago

      Viver só de carne é muito caro. É melhor ser onívoro.

  • Tre Ch
    Tre Ch 3 days ago

    When I share,this clip changes its title to "Chinese" Street Food Liuhe...,it is not in Liuhe at all.And it is not Chinese cuisine either.

  • faster gaming
    faster gaming 3 days ago

    is no Taiwanes is chinesse

  • Pasky's Channel
    Pasky's Channel 3 days ago

    Those looks yummy. Thanks for sharing. Taralets po ha.

  • Непонятное

    сука уроды плять,живьём жарит,да убей ты их вначале ....

  • Saturn S
    Saturn S 4 days ago

    I can’t stand watching them burn alive

  • handmade
    handmade 4 days ago

    The shrimp dish is so thankful for your video or heaven

  • omarazad1
    omarazad1 4 days ago

    Esa vieja esta bien pendeja no sabe comer camarones 🍤 🦐

  • Rapik Saputra
    Rapik Saputra 4 days ago

    Афжш сзитф жфбш

  • Amit Upadhya
    Amit Upadhya 4 days ago

    Wtf.. so much salt on the prawns

  • Victoria Lemardel
    Victoria Lemardel 5 days ago

    This is what I like in Taiwan,This is delicious for me:)

  • Hilary Barrett
    Hilary Barrett 5 days ago

    No no no, cruel. Stop it now.

  • the Driza
    the Driza 5 days ago +4

    I felt bad for the prawns in the beginning. She was slow cooking them too....damn

  • evangelina garcia de alba

    Hola soy Mexicana, y ustedes también cocinan delicioso 😋 como nosotros los Mexicanos, los felicito. Saludos mil, mil saludos🍀🗝🇲🇽🔑👍🗝🗝🇲🇽

  • Tysu Chu du
    Tysu Chu du 5 days ago +1

    so nice, thank you

  • Leeja's Cooking World

    Wow nice video

  • Sinan Duman
    Sinan Duman 5 days ago +1

    Ben ağladım.
    Allahsız şerefsizler canlı canlı ateşe mi atılır bir canlı!

    • oranjgutan
      oranjgutan 4 days ago

      06:25 yorumlara bakıyordum seni gördüm bro.. katıksız orospu çocukluğu!!! yapan-yiyen ikiside orospu evladı

  • Soner
    Soner 6 days ago


  • Cie An Ni an ni
    Cie An Ni an ni 6 days ago

    Hai 🙋🙋🙋

  • Rojo
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  • Rojo
    Rojo 6 days ago +1

    china seguime en instagram @rojofavarolo y en mixer como ROJOOO un beso

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  • OffRoad
    OffRoad 8 days ago

    I think I'll pass....

  • Team Gopez
    Team Gopez 8 days ago +2

    Looks bomb! Fresh seafood, tofu fries, grilled mochi! And that oyster omelet for less than $2..? What.!?!

  • FoxFaces Channel
    FoxFaces Channel 8 days ago

    No people there not being cooked alive the salt makes there muscles tense up.

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  • murat karahan
    murat karahan 9 days ago +3

    Wtf these are not human eating , my god , don't let me go to Asia hungry..

    • ggzh a
      ggzh a 5 days ago

      Do you think it is better in America, Europe or Australia?

  • 史萊姆
    史萊姆 9 days ago

    I think the banana pancake is from Thailand

  • Parnashree Das
    Parnashree Das 9 days ago


  • Camila Viaux
    Camila Viaux 10 days ago

    Amo assistir as Comidas de Outros Paises!Otimo Canal!

  • irfan fadly
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  • Ruth Gordon
    Ruth Gordon 10 days ago

    That looked good...esp the. Chic bites....and no you didn't flash a icecream covered cookie in the second at the end....lol...nice video. Come here and we will make a reallll video...😁😁😁😁

  • ليلي وسوف
    ليلي وسوف 10 days ago

    يا الله شو هالأكل هاد
    آخ ع الملوخية واليبرق والمحاشي

  • david king
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  • Monique Vasconcelos
    Monique Vasconcelos 10 days ago

    Aí que fomeee

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  • Alicia
    Alicia 11 days ago +2

    Felt really bad for the shrimp, wonder how we will feel to have that done to us🤔😢

    • Vikram K
      Vikram K 10 days ago

      I felt the same, it's disgusting to see the prawns getting incinerated live!!!! Jeez

  • maksim lukjan
    maksim lukjan 11 days ago

    very lucky people, surounded by ur own and good food, try shitty, smelly, racist London.

  • Edwin Mores
    Edwin Mores 11 days ago

    Nice video

  • Mr David
    Mr David 11 days ago

    first kill the Shirm, wash nicely to death Shirm, and then put on to the fire.
    If you put the alive Shirm on the fire,the dirty glands from every organ of Shirm (sweat and shit ) usually come out.because the shrim is still alive.
    So it is dirty and not healthy.So kill first,wash secondly and put it on the fire.

  • Rad It
    Rad It 11 days ago

    Who does not like fried rices???

  • Giovani22
    Giovani22 11 days ago

    This is more my style of cooking . Looks good .

  • Reeno Rains
    Reeno Rains 11 days ago +2

    Damn...You really dont want to be a Prawn in Taiwan...Tey will burn you alive...

  • Jeffrey Sasquatch
    Jeffrey Sasquatch 12 days ago

    That is 'NOT' a Banana pancake. That is a Banana Crepe!

  • maxlink pl
    maxlink pl 12 days ago

    co za JEBANI barbarzyńcy

  • A.Kadir Darıcı
    A.Kadir Darıcı 12 days ago

    Hayvan hakları savunucuları nerelerde?

  • wilhelm maravilla
    wilhelm maravilla 13 days ago

    look yummy

  • ศิริชัย หากินแบบบ้านๆ


  • Lia A
    Lia A 13 days ago +1

    Omg this looks delicious!!!

  • ummglick
    ummglick 14 days ago +3

    filthy noisy crowded and polluted night markets all over taiwan

  • Alvaro Cristian Sánchez Mercado


  • Isa Rodriguez
    Isa Rodriguez 14 days ago

    Banana pancake with eggs and chocolate. So strange and it looked so good.

  • SAM .H
    SAM .H 14 days ago +1

    Todo iba bien hasta que llegue al minuto 6:12...😔😡😡😡 y por si no fuera poco las ponen al fuego... 😡😡😡

  • adam kane
    adam kane 14 days ago

    Hell yeah that is awesome delicious 😋👌

  • adam kane
    adam kane 14 days ago

    I'll take two thank you 😛👍

  • جاد ادعيس
    جاد ادعيس 14 days ago

    شو هادا

  • long long
    long long 14 days ago

    Good price for fry rice.Cheap and delicious food supply in Taiwan.

  • Erasmo Hoyos Mejia
    Erasmo Hoyos Mejia 14 days ago

    eso es un arroz chaufa y lo inventaron en Peru y aca es mil veces mas rico

    TRIATA ABADI 15 days ago

    12:00 its like martabak from indonesian street food

  • SpellboundTonight
    SpellboundTonight 15 days ago

    10:54 lady double caked up🤣

  • SpellboundTonight
    SpellboundTonight 15 days ago +21

    10:25 how much snails can you eat man🤣

  • holografe1
    holografe1 15 days ago

    Queimados vivos?

  • Натали Голубева

    Спасибо за обзор , люблю , когда минимум слов , как будто сама там побывала , спасибо!!!!

  • Daily life In taiwan
    Daily life In taiwan 15 days ago

    Oh very good, nice upload.... like you

  • Mary Joy Inan
    Mary Joy Inan 15 days ago

    Xnfktit5 h

    Glfkfkfi RU if up ph yduirigof IV jgddkgjo height GK lk

  • Arthur Diniz
    Arthur Diniz 16 days ago +2

    In the first cooking guy I was like: "Wtf is he doing? He's just doing a mess!"

  • 창수오 SooOh Food
    창수오 SooOh Food 16 days ago

    한글도 보이고 신기하네요.. 저도 중국가서 촬영하고 싶네요 잘 보고 갑니다. good video~

  • Usha Morrison
    Usha Morrison 16 days ago

    yum yum give me some!

  • Heide Liza
    Heide Liza 16 days ago

    Hmm yummy street food i want to taste this

  • ZinZin Cars Toys
    ZinZin Cars Toys 16 days ago

    tôi rất thích những món ăn

  • Chanda's Kitchen
    Chanda's Kitchen 17 days ago

    Wow beautiful

  • John Wick
    John Wick 17 days ago

    Come to malaysia try out malaysian fried rice

  • firas gh
    firas gh 17 days ago

    لا يصح الشواء . يجب قتل الجمبري أولا

    SAYA ASMR 17 days ago

    Nice video sharing 👍🏻💕
    Looks delicious 😋

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  • minu hisham
    minu hisham 18 days ago

    Don't you clean the prawns

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  • ĂnChơiLàMiễnPhí
    ĂnChơiLàMiễnPhí 18 days ago

    nhìn rất ngon !

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  • Lima akhter Nishi
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  • Alex Martinez Martinez
    Alex Martinez Martinez 19 days ago +1

    Nunca me a gustado la comida viva,,,porque nunca sacrifican primero a los crustáceos para que no sufran,,,tan dificil es o que,,,

  • Jonas Duraes
    Jonas Duraes 19 days ago

    Here in brazil we are used to eat shit in the streets and in the restaurants too...never but never eat street food in brazil...

  • Hellava Live
    Hellava Live 19 days ago

    If you dont like the shrimps getting cooked DONT WATCH

  • Chow George
    Chow George 19 days ago

    1:28 看到這個我想起邰哥一日系列,做鐵板燒師傅……

  • Bunda vindy Putri Lawu

    Hmmmm so delicious

  • Rei Lea
    Rei Lea 20 days ago

    That's mean...putting a scewer in a live shrimp

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    Nasi goreng

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