Rafael Aghayev in Slow Motion - He is just too fast!

  • Published on Jul 30, 2013
  • Rafael Aghayev in Slow Motion. Filmed at 100fps and post-processed in After Effects up to 1000fps. Rafael Aghayev is too fast to freeze the motion without producing artefacts. Rafael Aghayev is World & European Karate Kumite Champion in the category -75kg.
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    microphone: tinyurl.com/mqstasw
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    recorder: tinyurl.com/mc8lv2f
    tripod: tinyurl.com/m56tpwo
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Comments • 72

  • Sharada Patil
    Sharada Patil 3 days ago

    Rafeal is my inspiration and motivation lots of love from us

  • Sharada Patil
    Sharada Patil 3 days ago

    Rafeal is the legend of the Kumite

  • Sharada Patil
    Sharada Patil Month ago +1

    Rafeal aghayev is the legend of the Kumite

  • Kampfsport Tutorials Kampfkunst

    Its to slow

  • Gamer Boy ADI
    Gamer Boy ADI 2 years ago

    Nice song wich it is

  • burhan atac
    burhan atac 3 years ago

    Whats the name from this melody?

  • Nenillo
    Nenillo 4 years ago

    Very slow.

  • luis Salazar
    luis Salazar 5 years ago +1

    enes erkan

  • Elbardoudi Karim
    Elbardoudi Karim 6 years ago +1

    Les quenelles les plus rapides du monde! Bravo Aghayev pour ce festival de quenelles! Vive la résistance et vive la Palestine!

  • juan ricardo
    juan ricardo 6 years ago

    3 !!

  • Surin2100
    Surin2100 6 years ago

    Magnifiques quenelles éclaires! Le tout joliment exécuté par Aghayev.

  • Ricardo Carvalho
    Ricardo Carvalho 6 years ago

    enes erkan

  • MartialTortoise4114
    MartialTortoise4114 6 years ago +5

    Yeah he's a pointfighter, and excels at that. That's why his punch is tailored that way. Still, imagine an average person getting hit by him. It would definitely hurt.

    • Gede Outsiders
      Gede Outsiders 3 years ago +1

      right, in karate machida is street karate fighter

  • DaVideoProductionsSA
    DaVideoProductionsSA 6 years ago +18

    thats not slow motion... thats pixel motion...

  • Obeliskescorp
    Obeliskescorp 6 years ago

    que tiene que hacer uno para ingresar a la federacion o participar

  • Tano Vélez
    Tano Vélez 6 years ago

    En ningun momento he querido decir que sea malo, por si la manera de leer lo daba a entender! Eso de los valores se ven en la arena, bueno, no todo karateka va a los torneos, de ello que digo de conocer mundo. Aprovecho para manda un saludo a todos los amantes del karate y dar las gracias por poner todos estos videos.un saludo!

  • Daniela Belén Robles
    Daniela Belén Robles 6 years ago

    los valores se ven en el area. Aghayev lo mejor de lo mejor.

  • World Karate Federation
    World Karate Federation  6 years ago +1

    En España hay muy buenos karatekas, de ello damos fe; al fin y al cabo somos la Federación Mundial de Karate.

  • Tano Vélez
    Tano Vélez 6 years ago

    En España hay MUCHISIMOS karatekas mejores que este! Por dios, daron una vuelta y conocer mas mundo!!!

  • KonjouKarate
    KonjouKarate 6 years ago +1

    I would love to see Rika Usami being filmed, even though she has retired from competition. I wonder if the camera would pick up her super fast motions? :)

  • Muhammad Wishal Khan
    Muhammad Wishal Khan 6 years ago +1

    Well, can't argue with that..

  • Jaska124
    Jaska124 6 years ago

    This is just a demonstration, have you seen Aghayev's gyaku in a match? Completely different. He's not stupid...

  • Jaska124
    Jaska124 6 years ago +1

    C'mon now, this video clearly displays only his speed, screw the "purity" of the technique! You ever seen Aghayev fight? His gyaku is completely different in a match, he looks at the opponent, of course his fists are clenched, or there will be no points + a an injured wrist. Please stop preaching about purity and tradition in a WKF video, they have little to no meaning here...

  • Orkhan Karate
    Orkhan Karate 6 years ago +2

    aghayev king of the karate

  • Muhammad Wishal Khan
    Muhammad Wishal Khan 6 years ago +1

    His head, he looks away when applying the Yakusuki technique

  • AK
    AK 6 years ago +2

    Yes it's still a martial art.But today Kumite is not so close to Kata like before.More moves,faster than it was and today they are combinating strength,speed,distance and inteligence together,if these are perfect than a more oblique gyaku zuki or a kizami zuki is not so important.Don't forget,if you hit you need to get your hand back and be prepared for the next move of yours and the one from your opponent.No need for zanshin,still a good view of techniques just in a different way.

  • YACINE lyak
    YACINE lyak 6 years ago

    He is just too fast! ♥

  • Marcílio Meira
    Marcílio Meira 6 years ago

    Arguably fast. But the technique?

  • alexe bogdan
    alexe bogdan 6 years ago

    The fastest in the world Xtreme Aghaye;) :)))

  • Dragonholderr
    Dragonholderr 6 years ago

    Loce rhis guy :D

  • Cheers Cheers
    Cheers Cheers 6 years ago

    U g tv im p

  • Ralf aliyev
    Ralf aliyev 6 years ago

    · Each parent wants the child to look happy and joyful

  • Ralf aliyev
    Ralf aliyev 6 years ago

    It is difficult in all sports, good preparation is necessary. Good luck

  • Ralf aliyev
    Ralf aliyev 6 years ago

    The most important result, already protector views
    the human world, and respect. Let's be good. He is my brother.
    Good luck

  • TDB
    TDB 6 years ago +1

    enes erkan please !!

  • DzenVazovsky
    DzenVazovsky 6 years ago

    This is no WKF, this is WTF

  • Ruben1994OL
    Ruben1994OL 6 years ago

    You put words to my thoughts.

  • lodzianin1973
    lodzianin1973 6 years ago

    that's sad - he's undoubtedly one of the fastest karateka in the world but his technique is so impure, so far from ideal...it's no longer a martial art, it's only a sport - just like any other

  • Der Asiate
    Der Asiate 6 years ago +1

    Enes Erkan

  • AlmosawiTwinsQ8
    AlmosawiTwinsQ8 6 years ago

    1- italy female kata team ;) Sara Viviana & Metchella

  • Mauricio
    Mauricio 6 years ago

    Lo máximo!

  • Jerry Maukar
    Jerry Maukar 6 years ago

    His not to see the enemy actually when do the diakusuki.

  • Tony Copeland
    Tony Copeland 6 years ago

    Agreed, but that's the problem with sports karate.

  • Tony Copeland
    Tony Copeland 6 years ago

    There's no argument he's a great points fighter,but so fundamentally wrong.

  • loyalarcher
    loyalarcher 6 years ago +8

    Don't forget, he's also the World Games champion. :)

  • Kaibo101
    Kaibo101 6 years ago

    He is fast but none of his fists were fully closed when the punch was supposed to make impact. Sometimes I feel that this point sparring is ruining what is left of the great art karate.

    TAY SON 6 years ago

    Aghayev ROCKS!!!!!!!! LOVE AGHAYEV. You Are the Best Fighter that ive ever seen.

  • Stid Kert
    Stid Kert 6 years ago

    point system..... real karate with power of KI and YPON and mind philosophy way have die...... so pitty....

  • Raphael Macedo
    Raphael Macedo 6 years ago

    Italy Kata Team

  • mahdy SAYEH
    mahdy SAYEH 6 years ago

    I think we have here 4 traditional karate players

  • World Karate Federation
    World Karate Federation  6 years ago +1

    Thank you for your comment! Regards.

  • JaxenChaz
    JaxenChaz 6 years ago


  • georgecomp
    georgecomp 6 years ago

    George Tzanos next!!!!

  • moh
    moh 6 years ago

    2 - Enes Erkan

  • Matt Bickel
    Matt Bickel 6 years ago

    Enes Erkan or George Tzanos (if you have it) :)

  • IvanKaratedo
    IvanKaratedo 6 years ago

    italy female kata team!

  • Dyun Kimura
    Dyun Kimura 6 years ago

    2-enes erkan

  • P.M.P. / ProMegaPlayers

    Really fast!

  • Shaken River
    Shaken River 6 years ago

    Dear Haters,
    No one ever made a monument to a critic.

  • leandro mameli
    leandro mameli 6 years ago

    1. italy female kata team (and male too)