Epic Whiteboard Art - WHY is this SO HARD!??

  • Published on Jul 31, 2019
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  • Sa’Nya Landingham
    Sa’Nya Landingham 18 minutes ago

    Chalk Board Art!!!

  • Time Tells
    Time Tells 2 days ago +1

    Why was that mashup of Jazza screaming over magnets kind of a bop

  • Blake Quinn
    Blake Quinn 2 days ago

    The art work kind of makes me think that it could end up being a cover for a movie based on a guy who draws but one day his art work literally jumps off the pages and they have to go save the art world. That idea may be taken already but its still what came to mind

  • Sean Atherton
    Sean Atherton 2 days ago

    Sudio tolv

  • Sarah-Maude Benoit
    Sarah-Maude Benoit 4 days ago

    Jazza erasing shit on this board is the most satisfying thing on internet

  • Anderson Gomez Sanchez

    You inspire me!

  • Riggidy19_ neale
    Riggidy19_ neale 5 days ago

    I want a video of just the remix of Jazza dropping the magnets

  • Duke of The North
    Duke of The North 6 days ago

    hey tvclip.biz/video/H21CO_9SuOA/video.html

  • Duke of The North
    Duke of The North 6 days ago +1

    You look like you're gonna sell me a ShamWow

  • Arav Kulkarni
    Arav Kulkarni 7 days ago

    Make a video on a chalkboard

  • Irisleli
    Irisleli 7 days ago +2

    Jazza: I'm gonna start of with the easiest...
    Me: the avatar
    Jazza proceeds to draw the avatar
    Jazza: I'm gonna do what I love
    Jazza start with a dragon

  • Lachlan Wyvill
    Lachlan Wyvill 7 days ago

    I find it cool, that you were stuck for ideas, so you made the art about that... Great Job!

  • Tusk Channel
    Tusk Channel 7 days ago

    You did a draw my life how is this hard

  • Fumetsu No
    Fumetsu No 9 days ago

    Doesn't matter what it is jazza, just do you, In whatever it is. Might be here for the art and creativity, but we stay for you

    who can do anything


    I'm young(don't joudge the pic)but I'm an artist and a lot of plp say
    It's hard to draw realism and easy to not draw realism and I'm like:


    Jazza:And a lot of you know exactly what I'm talking about

  • Libwoi Iluvmeme
    Libwoi Iluvmeme 10 days ago

    U could do a pirate pizza
    I did one in my sketch book in middle school

  • Libwoi Iluvmeme
    Libwoi Iluvmeme 10 days ago

    He’s quite a handyman isn’t he!


  • winwin ma boi
    winwin ma boi 10 days ago

    4:06 I was shook when he turned around in a different colour shirt.

  • NothingToLookAt
    NothingToLookAt 11 days ago

    is there actually anyone who is complaining about dragons in any form? I mean, why would you?!

  • Nayeli Contreras
    Nayeli Contreras 11 days ago

    I mean you shouldve kept going. Thats the point of learning, stepping out of your comfort zone. I hade to step out of my comfort zone last week... Look im way more into getting all details and the challenge i had to face was POPART...i hated it but i finished and im proud of my creation...kinda cause i wanna add really fine details still lol

  • Jister King
    Jister King 11 days ago +2

    *That’s a remarkable white board ya got there*

  • Spoon the
    Spoon the 12 days ago +2

    *introducing Jazza, the Gordan Ramsey of art*

  • Scorebat
    Scorebat 13 days ago

    *Jazza converts into an online math teacher*

  • francisco notyo
    francisco notyo 13 days ago +2

    *reads the title*
    Everyone : That's what she said

  • [ Content ] [ X ]
    [ Content ] [ X ] 14 days ago

    The artwork could be a fricking book cover jesus it's amazing

  • Anime Guy
    Anime Guy 14 days ago

    This guy lit

  • Rosemary Scott
    Rosemary Scott 14 days ago

    the super hero on the top left of the white board looks like gran torrino (can't spell) for my hero academia

  • Love is Love
    Love is Love 15 days ago

    Me: **reads the title**

    Title: EpicWhiteboard Art - WHY is this SO HARD!??

    My dirty mind: hehe that's what she Said!!

  • Baboshca Bombay
    Baboshca Bombay 15 days ago

    not to brag but i can draw stickman

  • Jennifer Lowrey
    Jennifer Lowrey 15 days ago

    who else needs this as a poster?

  • Dove Rosen
    Dove Rosen 16 days ago

    This is basically a “Who is Jazza” video, it’s great

  • Arts and Production
    Arts and Production 16 days ago

    Thank you for telling everyone that we do what we want and not what others want

  • the_only_ jamez
    the_only_ jamez 16 days ago

    2:24 I was *SPEECHLESS*

  • Kumu Noir
    Kumu Noir 16 days ago

    If this is truly that hard it shows he never had that 1 cool teacher

  • Arryn Groom
    Arryn Groom 17 days ago

    Jazzas "crap" art is god compared to mine 😂

  • Nozy Aardvark
    Nozy Aardvark 17 days ago +1

    Message: it isn't the outcome that makes it worthwhile, it's the journey that keeps it worthwhile.

  • Beatrice Affini
    Beatrice Affini 18 days ago

    That’s amazing

  • James de Waal
    James de Waal 18 days ago +1

    It doesnt cost money but it cost time and it is most important 😂😂

  • PotatoMateYT !!!
    PotatoMateYT !!! 18 days ago

    Heheheheh…I’m so immature…

  • Latté Queen
    Latté Queen 19 days ago

    I think that whiteboard is from IKEA lol (idk if it was said I the video cuz I skipped it)

  • Leah McLaughlin
    Leah McLaughlin 19 days ago

    Turned out incredible as always jazza ❤👏🏻

  • Wendy Dreams OwO
    Wendy Dreams OwO 20 days ago

    Jazza: is.... hOnEy

  • Zalied
    Zalied 20 days ago +1

    "i feel bad for always wanting to draw the epic art as its the first thing i always do so i wanted to try and be more creative" draws his avatar that he always draws

  • Android Technology Bangla

    Good video

  • Kayla O' Riley
    Kayla O' Riley 21 day ago

    Jazza looking like the shamwow guy w that headset

  • Rebecca Bates
    Rebecca Bates 22 days ago

    editing 10/10

  • CJ Evans
    CJ Evans 22 days ago

    i literally gasped when the first stroke of black went on 👌🏽👌🏽👌🏽

  • Louisse Junsay
    Louisse Junsay 22 days ago

    When Joyce's magnets fell off.

  • Luis Dimaranan
    Luis Dimaranan 23 days ago

    Am I the only one that thought he drew Gran Torino from boku no hero at the top flying?

  • Joy Stone
    Joy Stone 23 days ago

    Maybe you could draw what you want to, instead of pleasing people because people have opinions. And who cares if someone hates or loves what you do, or your videos. Love the result ❤

  • Mariana Arevalo
    Mariana Arevalo 23 days ago +3

    Jazza "i know what ur thinking"
    Me: what
    Jazza" why am i wearing a headset"
    Me: no im thinking that u remind me of Gordon Ramsay

  • unicorn_omg CZE
    unicorn_omg CZE 23 days ago

    Jazza: let's draw on whiteboard
    Jacksepticeye : LAUGH!

  • F.B.I
    F.B.I 23 days ago

    Pause 2:37

  • xEz_ DJ
    xEz_ DJ 24 days ago

    You sure u did not just copied mrbeast??🤔🤔😑😑

  • Dylan Bennett
    Dylan Bennett 26 days ago

    Look like the shamwow guy with that mic on lol 😂

  • Bladen Keene
    Bladen Keene 27 days ago

    Nice and moist tip is jazza trying to get demonized

  • Bensjo Bensjo
    Bensjo Bensjo 27 days ago

    Too bad you have to erase this. It s epic.

  • undercover werewolf
    undercover werewolf 29 days ago

    Jazza: "a nice moist tip" *perve face*
    Me: *face palm* "jazza I swear to God" 🤣🤣🤣

  • Eveanna Pennant
    Eveanna Pennant 29 days ago

    2:25 i was not prepared for that XD