The real reason Boeing's new plane crashed twice

  • Published on Apr 15, 2019
  • This isn’t just a computer bug. It’s a scandal.
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    Two Boeing airplanes have fallen out of the air and crashed in the past six months. On the surface, this is a technical failure. But the real story is about a company's desire to beat their rival.
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  • Vox
    Vox  7 days ago +828

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    • Nikhil Kulkarni
      Nikhil Kulkarni Day ago +1

      +Sweetteawillie Thank You for clearing the doubt!

    • Sweetteawillie
      Sweetteawillie Day ago +1

      Nikhil Kulkarni
      The engines are mounted higher and slightly forward for ground clearance, otherwise they would have to increase the landing gear height and retracted positions.
      The engines have a larger diameter than the NG and previous models.
      It's less tedious to position the engines than it is to relocate landing gear bays and components and systems in those areas.

    • Nikhil Kulkarni
      Nikhil Kulkarni Day ago

      Why didn't they increase the clearance from the ground with few design changes?

    • Sweetteawillie
      Sweetteawillie Day ago

      Vox, maybe you should stay in your lane and leave the explaining to the NTSB.
      They are REAL investigators, not pretend journalists.

    • MICHGO1
      MICHGO1 Day ago


  • David Coro
    David Coro Day ago

    Shocking Boeing.

  • Miihkali 78
    Miihkali 78 Day ago

    Not going to fly with this model.Ever.I’ll cancel my tickets if I have to.

  • Sammy Looney
    Sammy Looney Day ago

    The real reason airplanes crash...Gravity.

  • Peka Bhoo
    Peka Bhoo Day ago

    Corporate scum did this.

  • Ramses Farias
    Ramses Farias Day ago

    And of course, no one was arrested for this.

  • J Lew
    J Lew Day ago

    How many employees of Vox have NTSB incident investigator certification?
    Not one single referenced source is evident in this video.
    Even if this were a 7th grade essay or report assignment in an inner city public junior high school.....this video would likely have a red "F" on it's cover page because even the kindest most forgiving school teacher wants to KNOW what the author's sources are. most current so called on-line purveyors of opinion that's being masqueraded as actual news.....Vox seems to have a bad habit of failing to cite sources.

  • Tarzan jodeajane

    Sad reality, lots of PPL died from a risky long planned Airplane design. Hope Airbus learn from this and keeps on the good work.

  • Mc4wiwy y
    Mc4wiwy y Day ago

    They lied to get 360 people killed in less than 365 days

  • Clay Kemper
    Clay Kemper Day ago

    I dare a Boeing spokesperson to come on this site and explain:. 1. Corrective measures and time frame; 2. Compensation for families.

  • Phad Trader
    Phad Trader Day ago

    The airplane flew, in essence, without incident for 17 months prior to these crashes. It has nothing to do with greed but considering the source that slant isn't surprising. The airplane isn't perfect and won't be after the 'fixes' are put in place. It's not a scandal, it's not a matter of rushing to make the quick dollars. It's a problem, a potentially serious problem that had devastating consequences. It's nothing new in aircraft development.

  • Grant Bruner
    Grant Bruner Day ago +1

    The should be a direct hanging for those engineers and CEO’s that rushed this into service. Greed overtook their brain capacity, which was not much to begin with.

  • H Healey
    H Healey Day ago

    If they spent billions on a new jet design instead, I bet they'd still be in profit. If you're making profit the company is doing well because trying to save money on an already money making company is pure greed and disgraceful

  • Younis Qureshi
    Younis Qureshi Day ago

    is there something in Boeing's contract with Indonesian and Ethopian airlines that they can't take legal action against Boeing? If the crash planes were a US or European operators', would the circumstances after the 2 crashes be the same? Boeing should be held accountable for this in the international court of law and 2 airlines and governments should initiate the legal actions

  • Gary Cavanagh
    Gary Cavanagh Day ago

    After watching this I think about the 346 lost souls on both flights R I P

  • jelson95
    jelson95 Day ago

    The real reason for the crash was greed.

  • MrMiamiswaggz305

    Whose going to jail? Never a rich executive.

  • deretreivels44
    deretreivels44 Day ago

    pilot error due to not understandnig the trim update. Its not politically correct to tell the truth anymore because of where it happened, but thats the truth. This video just proves the guy knows nothing about the situation.

  • SL first
    SL first Day ago

    Evil business practises took 346 life. boeing should take full responsibility for each life cause by them

  • Hans Heini
    Hans Heini Day ago

    If Boeing has a free ticket at the FAA and Airbus needs to implement all safety measures, because the don't get free tickets at their aviation authority, this is a pretty unfair economic competition.

  • Ken
    Ken Day ago

    Wait, the plane crashed into the Java sea? The code was just trying to get back home. Its natural instincts.

  • Hans Heini
    Hans Heini Day ago +3

    In the first university courses about electrical engineering and software development i learned that in aviation you need very, very robust systems capable of deciding from redundant inputs which one to deem valid. Even that the software systems themselves should be redundant and a final gate needs to decide which output from the system is valid, i.e. 2 out of 3.
    The aviation software architect, developers and everyone who knew about these violations of basic aviation safety procedures, an automatic trimming system relying on only one sensor, where the system as well is not redundant(!!!), belong TO JAIL!!!! Why? Because they are a proofen danger to the public.
    Sorry, for this, there's no "They ordered me to do it", as an excuse.

    • Chris H
      Chris H Day ago

      I agree, you shouldn't only look at the top. A lot of people must have known about this!

    • Chris H
      Chris H Day ago

      Someone in the thread wrote, he heard, Boeing outsourced their IT to India. Maybe they recruited people who never heard about aviation software development. Then you should also put Boeings HR in a dark, dark prisonhole.

  • sanjuansteve
    sanjuansteve Day ago

    The world has lost their minds to capitalist GREED (fear)!

  • OFFICIAL.moriigon

    That's bullshit that they have such a software like that. Because of competition PEOPLE LOST THEIR LIVES!!!!! I couldnt imagine if that happened to someone I love or if it happened to me and my family had to deal with that heart break. I dont trust those planes no matter what, I dont care if theres a software update. I'm not risking my life nor the people I love lives. Either fix the plane to fit the engine UNDER the wing or say goodbye to your customers. I ain't trusting no scrap metal.

  • hyou zan ren
    hyou zan ren Day ago

    Greedy bastard! They risk our live just so their CEO can get more bonus by selling defect planes!

  • Lilac Lizard
    Lilac Lizard Day ago +1

    Same thing happened with MH370. There was a known fault in the emergency oxygen supply for the pilot/co-pilot that caused a cockpit fire & hull-breach at Cairo airport in the same model plane, but Boeing decided it was too expensive to bring all planes in to insulate the anti-kink wiring that was causing the emergency oxygen to explode.
    Any pilots that spoke out about that & let people know that it would explain exactly what happened on MH370 on the most respected & well known internet pilot forums (that boeing had bought out a few years earlier) were simply deleted & banned.
    Shocking they can get away with stuff like this!
    Thanks for blowing the whistle on this one & letting us all know the truth Vox!

  • Parlons Y-stoire

    Very good video. Congratulations! The final photos are very hard to look at.

  • leapingblackcat
    leapingblackcat Day ago

    That is the result of limited liability (ltd, plc, llp) company status and politicians not allowing large businesses to fail because of bad/criminal management. Both features of our none-free marking system. This means owners of large businesses (including shareholders) do not have to take responsibility for their decisions.

    Expect more of same until limited liability is removed.

  • leapingblackcat
    leapingblackcat Day ago

    Dishonesty. Whatever happened to 'my work is my bond'.

  • weber247
    weber247 Day ago

    thought I heard they didnt want to pay for the updated sensors, others that did never had this problem...

  • LazySpacenoid
    LazySpacenoid Day ago

    Airplane makers should change its business model from selling planes to renting planes worldwide.

  • Shawn McKee
    Shawn McKee Day ago

    I think this is a very poor piece of reporting drawing conclusions as to why an accident occurred as a result of company policy. This is a very selectively chosen hypothesis from a very complex set of circumstances that ignores other factors in these crashes in an ignorant and insulting fashion. Dramatic panning photos and mood music do not resolve the truth in accident investigation. I'm disappointed in this video.

  • Nini Zeldav
    Nini Zeldav Day ago

    It's always about the money....

  • Noah Campbell
    Noah Campbell Day ago

    Don’t worry, exec bonus’s will still get handed out.

  • Miftah Zidan
    Miftah Zidan Day ago

    Thanks for clearing this up.🇮🇩

  • Azrul Ahloi
    Azrul Ahloi Day ago

    Both Mas mh17 and mh370 is Boeing, duhhh.My country should just accept Airbus.

    • Lilac Lizard
      Lilac Lizard Day ago

      yeh & mh370 was the same story, known fault that had previously caused the pilot/co-pilot's emergency oxygen supply to explode & rip a hole in the hull, but boeing didn't want to foot the bill fixing, so they just pretended that didn't exist on the rest of the effected planes despite that explosion & hull breach in Cairo a year before mh370 happened

  • Dolphin
    Dolphin Day ago +1

    btw the plane had 2 mcas/AoA sensors but it the software only took input from one sensor. FAA likely looked at 2 sensors and went yeah ok that's good in case 1 fails without realizing the software only reads 1 sensor ignoring the other, the new software update will use both sensors (plus the black box recorded both sensors but the software took input from 1, its likely other planes had an MCAS sensor fail but it took input from **only** the other sensor, basically a 50/50 chance of living if a sensor fails before the crashes.)

  • rubberchicken8088
    rubberchicken8088 Day ago +1

    I see the Boeing PR shills are back in full force.

  • Adam Pine
    Adam Pine Day ago

    As a software engineer... It saddens me that the company rushed the production of that software.

    • rubberchicken8088
      rubberchicken8088 Day ago

      Adam Pine Worse than that the physical design may have been rushed. MCAS software is just there to compensate for the aerodynamics issue.

  • Delta 001
    Delta 001 Day ago +1

    Told you Lion Air is bad at landinh

  • jacksonmar marina

    very well video. Superb editing and scripting . Professional , smooth graphic and well narrated. Good music choice and mix. A little bit more modernish music will be better. well done

  • Seleucus
    Seleucus Day ago

    good job america

  • RogerPierre
    RogerPierre Day ago

    The simple answer is to buy Airbus jets!

    • Mariban
      Mariban Day ago

      That would be easy. But the A320neo is sold out for years and Airbus cannot increase production any further.
      Unfortunately, Boeing will soon bring this ancient aircraft model back into the air and the airlines will buy it.

  • Myron Tedrow
    Myron Tedrow Day ago

    I recognize that Vox is a partisan “news” organization. But they stated, and then totally ignored the most important fact: it happened to American crews and it was a non-event.. how many fatalities do we have in the US each year? Approximately zero on average. Dozens per year were killed in Indonesia every year in planes that had noncontroversial systems. Same goes for Ethiopia. Please Vox, stop demonizing big business Boeing for things you do not understand. The beginning of the video was well researched, but drawing your own ignorant conclusions before the investigations are finished and presenting them as facts is dishonest and damaging to the industry.

    • rubberchicken8088
      rubberchicken8088 Day ago +1

      Myron Tedrow It wasn’t a “non-event”. American crews reported the problem several times. We just got lucky. Not a training, cultural or software issue; it’s a fundamental design problem.

  • Kawika Jones
    Kawika Jones Day ago

    Lot's of misinformation on this video! How about placing the blame where it belongs. The MCAS sensor's were not maintained IAW requirement. How about lack of training before flying this plane.

    • rubberchicken8088
      rubberchicken8088 Day ago

      Kawika Jones Do you want to fly in a plane where one broken sensor followed by a missed switch causes everyone onboard to die?

  • Bujang Ganteng
    Bujang Ganteng Day ago

    The MCAS was probably programmed by "code artisans".

  • Martin
    Martin Day ago

    Thanks for this summary. Great video. This is a perfect example of corporate companies gambling with human lives without sufficient consequences.. this is unexaptable.

  • Bobby Collins
    Bobby Collins Day ago

    they were 'operating the same plane'? NO, They were operating the same 'kind' of plane!

  • Steve
    Steve Day ago

    It was bad enough that the first plane crashed due to Boeing's rush to build this plane. The fact that they allowed a second plane to crash before taking this seriously, is totally unacceptable and inexcusable!

  • Harmeet Gill
    Harmeet Gill Day ago

    Their planes should be shut down... So many people had to pay for their mistakes...

  • what a shambles
    what a shambles Day ago

    Sad ☹️

  • Plebs100
    Plebs100 Day ago

    How VW paid for the software was ok. What now will Boeing also pay? Jokes

  • hello 789
    hello 789 Day ago

    Don't think a plane could crash twice

  • Richard M
    Richard M Day ago

    This makes the situation all the more tragic, poor souls. That being said, very informative video thank you.

  • Shotby Zy
    Shotby Zy Day ago

    Hey I am new to TVclip!
    On my channel I will be uploading vlogs and different car related content! I have 3 videos up so far so if everyone would be nice enough to go check them out I’d really appreciate it!
    Link to my channel:

  • فوق الله
    فوق الله Day ago

    they will accuse Bin Laden

  • Manu Das
    Manu Das Day ago

    What about the lives and dreams shattered. How are they going to explain that😡

  • Samko Ca
    Samko Ca Day ago

    Im just wondering , was there possibility to shut down MCAS like switch or something and also were the pilots aware that there is MCAS installed.

  • Chris Parkes
    Chris Parkes Day ago


  • Rezistor
    Rezistor Day ago +1

    OMFG! 2 hours iPad training? LOL! Even we (tramdrivers in Prague) have longer and deeper training when something comes (is implemented) to our trams. I'm shocked!

  • Jared H
    Jared H Day ago +1

    Heaps of information missing from this video that was available at the time of upload. The software packages that were distributed on the two planes that crashed were NOT the same as those installed on other airlines. The bottom-line is not as this video lays out. Shameful "reporting".

  • De G
    De G Day ago


  • james Hau
    james Hau Day ago

    People love to miss these couple of details. 1 there is a disconnect for that software in the cockpit Incase of instances like this.
    2. While yes this is a issue with Boeing it’s also a human error issue as well. They the planes that went down were in 3rd world countries flying for budget airlines and had little experience with this plane... ya get what ya get at that point. 3. People seem to think this plane just came out like a month ago. It hasent. It has flown, landed, took off, god knows how many hours/times. I’m not trying to say Boeing isn’t at fault on this but y’all seem to think they have 100% responsibility for this when that just isn’t the case. 90% of you arnt in the aviation field and really don’t know what your talking about, your just spewing what you think or hear other people say.

  • federuco
    federuco Day ago

    If it's not boeing i'm not going

  • Goodness Graces
    Goodness Graces Day ago

    In other words, it's just one more example of today's techs getting dumber and dumber

  • maltouch
    maltouch Day ago

    Strategically first product in the market will capture the majority of the sales shares. Boeing rushed to come up with a branded product at the cost of quality. Time was crucial especially for front office and execs. No time to have a perfect product as such we have time to time such disasters. FAA seems to be loosen its certification requirements as well and such did not help much

  • maltouch
    maltouch Day ago

    Yep agreed it make sense

  • Souhaj
    Souhaj Day ago

    The 737 was in production since decades therefore they got enough benefits to launch a completely new Aeroplane...

  • celikblack
    celikblack Day ago

    Why boeing didnt just increase the heigh of the landing gears?

  • Explore The South-Pacific

    I used to prefer Boeing, but after this.. I'll go with Airbus. Like come on, safety should ALWAYS be priority.

  • Dee Jarvis
    Dee Jarvis Day ago

    The engine move is a bit of a red herring. Most passenger planes have anti stall systems (including the A320) the problem is that MCAS in particular is not fit for purpose.

  • Mey Haqim
    Mey Haqim Day ago

    Boing is not relevent anymore

  • Dennis Hastings
    Dennis Hastings Day ago

    Capitalists have to make money. People die, but they're still happy. That's our world.

  • Peter Horak
    Peter Horak Day ago

    It used to be that government regulations and safety of planes was enforced by the government. Not anymore. Nowadays it is the airplane makers certifying their own planes. It is like asking a wolf to guard your sheep.

  • equalism 42
    equalism 42 Day ago

    It is crazy that these planes are crashing, basic pilot training must be changed to include 'turning it off and on again' when computers are involved in being able to over ride the pilots.

  • Taluvian
    Taluvian Day ago

    Decent, but you missed that the flights had faulty angle of attack sensors, and that Boeing will be using sensor data from both sensors instead of only one and will disable MCAS if sensors disagree more than 5 degrees. Juan Brown, a commercial airline pilot explains the changes in detail here.

  • the goldman24
    the goldman24 Day ago

    looks like theve got blood on their hands

  • Panthera Draco
    Panthera Draco Day ago

    The families who lost their loved ones in this incident could rightfully sue Boeing for their negligence that resulted in loss of life.

    • Panthera Draco
      Panthera Draco Day ago

      Heck, even the FAA in particular for saying that these things were safe to fly in.

  • supertamal2000
    supertamal2000 Day ago

    Didnt the second plane crash actually turned off the MCAS but somehow it was still active?

  • bee4pc goldrule
    bee4pc goldrule Day ago

    Never fix something that is not broken

  • midnighttutor
    midnighttutor Day ago

    this video is factually incorrect about the ethiopian flight

  • Alan Powell
    Alan Powell Day ago

    It's amazing how many people have an opinion on something they know little to nothing about! The invesigation reports are not even completed yet and the people who made this video talk as if what they say is fact rather than the wild unfounded speculation that it is.

  • Sapta Saputra
    Sapta Saputra Day ago

    Money, its all about it.

  • Ozzie Wozzie Original

    And when is BOENG going to be sued for the unnecessary death of 600 passengers from two planes?
    6 millions who have viewed this video.. ALLL of you should make it a point to refuse to board this plane or even BOYCOTT Boeng Planes until they have paid for the loss of 600 lives....
    stupid program, stupid plane design.... stupid lack of training of pilots, all they had to do was be told how to turn of the auto system and to fly manual if such incident occured... also the pilots should be able to monitor speeds with different system and see other stall warnings.

  • buzzingvid
    buzzingvid Day ago

    why Boeing use a software to weighing down a plane when the pilot could actually do it? a software dont do random error, something must've triggered it. what is it?

  • Piesang
    Piesang Day ago

    We want more money

    Doesn't matter how many guinea pigs dies

  • Tyler Bridges
    Tyler Bridges Day ago

    This video is bull the only reason it really failed was because of the aoa sensor had failed which sent a false warning to the MCAS which is why they have updated the software so that it can bypass it and also blame the airlines for not requesting the proper training on the new system

  • Juheon Lee
    Juheon Lee Day ago

    Boeing can just make their fighter jets.

  • Andrew York
    Andrew York Day ago

    Don't be so irresponsible and leave out so many details.

  • Jet Valmonte
    Jet Valmonte Day ago

    Air France 447 an Airbus 330, crashed due to incompetent pilots not able to control the aircraft when the autopilot failed. The French aviation authority also seemed to fail to disclose crucial information about the last moments of the crash.
    People can’t handle the truth, more crashes are caused by human pilot error, poor maintenance and airline management, than anything ekse😌

  • mopar 2ya
    mopar 2ya 2 days ago

    So many problems? 2 planes from 3rd world airlines that didnt understand how to use the system, plus they got cheap and didnt buy the optional warning system.
    Want proof? The day before Lion Air crashed, the planes crew experienced an issue with the MCAS system from a defective air speed sensor. However there was a deadheading pilot from another airline with the flight crew on that flight. When the plane experienced issues, the flight crew didnt know how to control it. Thats when the deadheading pilot stepped in and simply turned off the MCAS system and saved the plane.
    Unfortunately a new crew took the plane the next day and crashed it. They were not told or trained by their airline how to correct the issue.
    Lastly, US carriers like Southwest have not had issues and they have more Max 8s in use than any other carrier.

  • OG Gaming 2
    OG Gaming 2 2 days ago +1

    This is not an “ethical problem” that Boeing had. People should not make them the bad guy. They’ve successfully built the worlds most reliable aircraft for many decades. This was a fault in computer engineering and programming, which they are rushing to fix.

  • 윤상이
    윤상이 2 days ago +1

    Those greedy bastards think human lives as toys. Whish they go to hell.

  • Jaye Bass
    Jaye Bass 2 days ago

    If you want to understand this issue read the article at the end of this post. The video glosses over some important facts. Same bottom line but more info.

  • dev deque
    dev deque 2 days ago

    deep AF

  • John Plumleigh
    John Plumleigh 2 days ago

    This is not the entire story. Boing also had to change the design of the tail of the 737-max 8. When they did this, they did not change the measurements that where feed into the sensors and computers. Because of this, they data being fed in as far as pitch of the plane was wrong. The incorrect math made it seem like the pitch of the plane was much steeper then it actually was, this is why the plane continually went up and down.

  • minxthecat
    minxthecat 2 days ago

    I don't mean to be mean to anyone here but it is always recommended that you read the guide to plane after each time it gets updated which means me manual which state how to override the system if any malfunction occurred if plane itself and you could tell with malfunctioning you should probably override the autopilot which was the main cause of this now yes system was like this yes it was aggressive but you could clearly state that it was pilot error and not the plane the yes a plane was fighting them but pilots had more than enough time they had 12 minutes override that system it is clearly stated every time boeing releases a new plane that you read the manual and this won't happen this wouldn't have happened if those pilots were smarter men or women if you were to fly a new plane or something that had been revamped and they said it was basically the same would you consider to be completely the same now and you probably brush it off and say yeah it's the engine but would you do that with a brand new car let's say it's a lemon you don't know that of course though because the dealership trying to sell it to you that way store as they're concerned as soon as you get off the lot it's not their problem so would you look into the engine to see if it was a good enough car to drive to see if there were any problems relating to this or would you say no it's good enough I shouldn't read the manual I shouldn't check out the concerns on a driver's course do they not State the rules on how to drive so when you're flying don't think he should override the system if there is a plain error so then it's under pilots command

      BIGMUSCLE 2 days ago

      Did you miss the part of the video where it explains that the new system wasn't highlighted in their iPad training?

    • minxthecat
      minxthecat 2 days ago

      Don't get me wrong I feel bad for these people but this is just the plain truth

  • Bricket Inc.
    Bricket Inc. 2 days ago

    happens! nothing is perfect,real life.

  • Nirvash AOE
    Nirvash AOE 2 days ago

    if it was a boeing plane, i wouldnt fly with that coffin plane ..

  • Yosuf H
    Yosuf H 2 days ago

    This what happen when the money came in first for the companies and the people life came second or last !!??
    Ugly facts 💔😔