Cutting Soap For My Dog While He Wears A Turtleneck


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  • sal winchester
    sal winchester 5 hours ago

    Kermit looks like he's had too many edibles

  • miranda holguin
    miranda holguin 5 hours ago

    3.25 HAHAHAHAHAHAHA poor Kermit

  • Chloe Lynn Parker
    Chloe Lynn Parker 6 hours ago

    I swear to god I NEED a 4 hour video of Jenna cutting soap for Kermit

  • Clarissa Garcia
    Clarissa Garcia 6 hours ago

    3:23 just look at how Kermit was so calm. 😂

  • Isabella Renee
    Isabella Renee 6 hours ago

    Kermit looks like a dog Steve Jobs

  • guy with a hoodie
    guy with a hoodie 6 hours ago

    Very specific title

  • Taylor Cutlery
    Taylor Cutlery 6 hours ago


  • Barbara Brody
    Barbara Brody 6 hours ago

    Kermit and Jenna sitting together cutting soap = Mother and son goals❤❤❤❤👏👏 Doing crafts and activities with your children stimulates their mind and helps them to grow and learn. You are such a great Mother Jenna. Kermits IQ is through the roof at this point 💖

  • john's peebis
    john's peebis 6 hours ago

    this is the third time i have watched this video all the way through specifically because i like it’s cursed energy

  • itzzstago
    itzzstago 6 hours ago

    What the fuck

  • Lydia Simone
    Lydia Simone 6 hours ago

    The video that I didn't know I needed to watch

  • Kaitlynne Heilaman
    Kaitlynne Heilaman 6 hours ago

    what kind of dog is that?

  • Ur gurl Tilly TT
    Ur gurl Tilly TT 7 hours ago

    Cuteness overload

  • Derrick Schupp
    Derrick Schupp 7 hours ago

    The dog hates you.

  • catherine oliver
    catherine oliver 7 hours ago

    jenna! please react to tinetv building a villa for dogs using just what’s around him in the jungle!!

  • Арсений Соболев


  • Amethyst Rain
    Amethyst Rain 7 hours ago

    Kermit looks like a disappointed therapist.

  • joshua kregg
    joshua kregg 7 hours ago

    What happened to Jenna marbles???

  • Geoff Pilot
    Geoff Pilot 7 hours ago

    This is the best kind of abuse.

  • Jasmine Edws
    Jasmine Edws 8 hours ago +1

    Jenna would be perfect for Mr. Rimmer's Theatre Class😭😂.

    Brandon Rogers:theatre class
    (Its a series)

  • Youngae Misun
    Youngae Misun 8 hours ago

    Kermit is so dope with those glasses 😂👌🏻

  • Meegin Van Wyk
    Meegin Van Wyk 8 hours ago

    U shouldn’t put glasses on him they are going to hurt his eyes

  • Smiling Angie
    Smiling Angie 8 hours ago

    I want a dog like kermit

  • kickinthebucketofmilk
    kickinthebucketofmilk 8 hours ago

    That poor dog....

  • Jesus Martínez
    Jesus Martínez 8 hours ago

    welp,at least i thought it was intresting.

  • JT Ballew
    JT Ballew 8 hours ago

    Jack was right, a trash can never runs out of garbage

  • Geeburs McFleeburs
    Geeburs McFleeburs 8 hours ago

    Soap will actually melt down like candle wax, you should of just melted it all down then poured that shit into a big mold and make a super soap bar for him.

  • Salami Toast
    Salami Toast 9 hours ago

    What breed is kermit

  • Thomas Blackwell
    Thomas Blackwell 9 hours ago

    Gorgeous woman hilarious... I like that...

  • Мария Журкина

    it's terrible

  • Chrissy Bear
    Chrissy Bear 9 hours ago

    Kermit looks like the aunt with no kids at a Christmas party that judges everyone while sipping her wine.

  • Ghost Bunny
    Ghost Bunny 10 hours ago

    White people really have nothing to do now

  • Callum Crugby
    Callum Crugby 10 hours ago


  • Bored Bored bored
    Bored Bored bored 10 hours ago

    I'm getting cara delavegne (idk how to spell it) vibes from her makeup

  • max jacob
    max jacob 11 hours ago

    this is mildly creepy

  • YorkUniverse
    YorkUniverse 11 hours ago


  • Kaylabelle Seimet
    Kaylabelle Seimet 11 hours ago +1

    Lol Kirmeee you are ROCKING the look

  • Paris Rushmore
    Paris Rushmore 11 hours ago

    You should buy a paddling pool and fill it up with shredded Irish spring soap! That would be so cool🆒

  • So Zh
    So Zh 11 hours ago

    This is oddly dark but relaxing..

  • SIAS
    SIAS 11 hours ago

    How can u like so hideous dogs

  • Arthur Awai
    Arthur Awai 11 hours ago

    I'm crying😂😂

  • Amanda Lee
    Amanda Lee 11 hours ago

    "We found out that Kermit has a soap fetish" 😂

  • TheRottiePup
    TheRottiePup 11 hours ago +2

    Cermit is honestly a big mood

  • Emilija Petkovska
    Emilija Petkovska 12 hours ago

    2:56 if you gave him a beret this lookbook video would've been complete

  • poon slayer69
    poon slayer69 12 hours ago

    15,000 years ago human domesticated wolves to help them hunt, you'd expect that in modern day, we would have a tons of different breeds with all respected dutys and jobs, instead we have this.

  • Izzy Arch
    Izzy Arch 13 hours ago

    Kermit must be crying because you're cutting up his girlfriend. I think he's traumatised

  • Rip X 6/18/18
    Rip X 6/18/18 13 hours ago +1

    Steve Dogs

  • Zoe Rayner
    Zoe Rayner 13 hours ago


  • Canyon_Wolf
    Canyon_Wolf 14 hours ago +1

    He looks like a seal.

  • E L S A
    E L S A 14 hours ago

    lmao jenna is like regina georges mom and kermit and the soap are like regina and aaron

  • casper.
    casper. 14 hours ago


  • ilovepuppies088
    ilovepuppies088 14 hours ago

    Jenna I have watched your videos since you started. You never fail to make me laugh when I need it most. Thank you for being you ❤

  • Veronica Alonso
    Veronica Alonso 15 hours ago

    I feel bad for this dog

  • Jaw Belly
    Jaw Belly 15 hours ago

    I haven't watched a JennaMarbles video in years, and I'm glad this was in my recommended . Resubbed for cute doggo

  • Brontë Hall-Fernandez
    Brontë Hall-Fernandez 15 hours ago

    You know u should go have a nap when u end watching this.

  • Sophia Young
    Sophia Young 15 hours ago

    oH BOY

  • Mylo Fuentes
    Mylo Fuentes 15 hours ago

    Where can I get hours of this

  • Leigh-Elmo Arendse
    Leigh-Elmo Arendse 15 hours ago

    Kermit getting emotional over a bar of soap getting brutally killed by Jenna Marbles for 10:57 minutes straight.

  • Azure Fortman
    Azure Fortman 16 hours ago

    *TVclip Rewind who* ?

  • Azure Fortman
    Azure Fortman 16 hours ago

    Extended cut of cutting soap WHOLESOME CONTENT *imshakinglikecermit*

  • Azure Fortman
    Azure Fortman 16 hours ago

    Tmw you’re a dedicated dog mom and TVclipr ❤️

  • miaTHEangel
    miaTHEangel 16 hours ago

    How on earth does he put up with her XD ultimate patient dog

  • Puppyand friendsTV
    Puppyand friendsTV 16 hours ago

    It’s 3 am and I can’t stop laughing. OoPs

  • Martha Reyes
    Martha Reyes 16 hours ago

    All I got from this is that Jenna would be an amazing mom

  • Hailey Grace
    Hailey Grace 17 hours ago

    Kermit is the next Steve jobs

  • oof oof
    oof oof 17 hours ago

    Kermit in the turtleneck and glasses reminds me of the food critic from ratatouille. Im sorry.

  • max _man780
    max _man780 17 hours ago

    What the fuck why do yall do this

  • IGOTTᕼE ᗰOᐯEᔕ
    IGOTTᕼE ᗰOᐯEᔕ 17 hours ago

    You have 18m subs. I didn’t expect this good content.

  • Allison Jones
    Allison Jones 17 hours ago

    This fucking video kept coming up on my feed, and I got so pissed at seeing it that I clicked on it, and it’s the funniest shit I’ve seen

  • Zenieth Rose
    Zenieth Rose 17 hours ago

    5:25 “this is getting weird “
    This was weird from the start😓

    BMT D3PR3SSED BROOK3 17 hours ago

    I want an extended version

  • Kick Saunders
    Kick Saunders 17 hours ago +1

    I never knew deer loved soap.

  • Travis Kern
    Travis Kern 17 hours ago

    Julians comments are the best

  • Alyssa Dominguez
    Alyssa Dominguez 17 hours ago

    Swear I can’t stop rewinding to 7:25 😂😂😂

  • marta lanager
    marta lanager 17 hours ago

    jenna would be soooo good at asmr she needs to do it am i right??

  • randi nicole
    randi nicole 18 hours ago

    jenna’s videos are just so wholesome about her dogs

  • Misha Marx
    Misha Marx 18 hours ago

    Definitely watching this with my dog....I’m knitting, and she’s just resting her head on my knee (because we can’t be more than .....much apart). I’ve warned her to beware. This could happen to her too if she doesn’t leave me alone while I’m doing things. Last week, she got eyebrows. I’ve threatened her with a knit turtleneck now. 😈

  • Sarah Mitchem
    Sarah Mitchem 18 hours ago

    ‪ok but could you create your own vine compilation but get the dogs to reenact each vine? that’s the content I need in my life

  • kayee fake
    kayee fake 19 hours ago

    wait, is jenna monitized?

  • •Noodle•
    •Noodle• 19 hours ago

    This is the video I didn’t know I needed and I’m glad I watched it 😂😂

  • Alissa Michaela
    Alissa Michaela 19 hours ago

    Fuckin' Kermit

  • Meg_rides 11
    Meg_rides 11 19 hours ago

    I felt really uncomfortable while watching this but I couldn’t click away

  • Meg_rides 11
    Meg_rides 11 19 hours ago

    The weird side of TVclip...

  • Simply Becky
    Simply Becky 19 hours ago

    -Kermit calls animal abuse hotline-
    -hello how may we help you or a animal in danger?-
    Kermit replies: Woof Woof woof!!
    Information Clerk Says Back: Oh is that you again Kermit? Oh my god did she give you that Irish spring soap again. We are on our way to retrieve you

  • Gabey Gamer
    Gabey Gamer 19 hours ago

    Klondike’s better

  • Fallon Chicosky
    Fallon Chicosky 19 hours ago

    Sometimes the simplest content is the best content

  • John Taylor
    John Taylor 19 hours ago

    How did I get here?
    LOL 😀 😁
    Still cute.

  • Coffee Brand
    Coffee Brand 19 hours ago

    I lovw how you post the most random stuff 😂😂 it's the best!!!

  • Holly Radaj
    Holly Radaj 19 hours ago

    my depression is gone.
    thanks Jenna 💞😚

  • Dan Bugenhagen
    Dan Bugenhagen 19 hours ago

    I wish my dog would roll in soap, all it wants is dead fish, or dead animals to roll in, says a lot for Irish spring fresh scent.

  • Scarlett red
    Scarlett red 19 hours ago

    This is beautiful
    This is art

  • Bonnie Collings
    Bonnie Collings 19 hours ago

    Turtleneck and glasses Kermit will grow up to do your taxes

  • RoseAline McDonald
    RoseAline McDonald 19 hours ago

    This is a video I didn't know I needed but I did

  • Annika Nielsen
    Annika Nielsen 19 hours ago

    4 hour video is needed asap

  • Sexy Awesomeness
    Sexy Awesomeness 19 hours ago

    Aaaaaw lol that dog is funny.

  • Alejandra Corona
    Alejandra Corona 19 hours ago

    My question is how did you find out Kermit likes Irish Spring

  • Sophia Benavides
    Sophia Benavides 19 hours ago

    this is the quality youtube I need in my life. Thank you.

  • Soleil Ampil
    Soleil Ampil 19 hours ago

    Kermit looks so SAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!