How To Make 6 Secret Hiding Spots

  • Published on Apr 27, 2017
  • How to make 6 Secret Safes or Hiding Spots using common household items. From turning a bottle into a hidden compartment, to making your clock hide your emergency fund... we've got you covered!
    You can get all the safes here:
    We tested 6 different diversion safes that you can purchase at the store and then recreated them ourselves using household items. Turn a clock in to a safe, turn a water bottle into a safe, turn a pringles can into a safe and even a thermometer! Check out the full video to see more.

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  • FreE Spirit
    FreE Spirit 2 days ago

    One is taller I noticed 🕵️

  • No Regrets
    No Regrets 3 days ago

    I can just feel the amount of drug addicts watching this

  • MaltaMcMurchy
    MaltaMcMurchy 11 days ago

    I'm pretty impressed with these! Thanks for sharing. 👍

  • Betty Schneider
    Betty Schneider 13 days ago

    Thanks💝 for the cool 😎 video 📹

  • Betty Schneider
    Betty Schneider 13 days ago +1

    Ya now everyone knows! Lol 😆 and people can tear up your place looking for goodies! 🎭 guess we need to find different places now? Lol. 😆

  • Chromixzx
    Chromixzx 13 days ago

    The thieves watching this will now open our plastic bottles

  • George Martinez
    George Martinez 14 days ago

    Iam hiding weed

  • Space Dinosaur
    Space Dinosaur 14 days ago

    **Robbers have joined the chat**

  • Johnny Aingel
    Johnny Aingel 18 days ago

    Excellent video thank you for sharing

  • Buğrahan Özdemir
    Buğrahan Özdemir 18 days ago

    Nice tactics for drug dealers.

  • Well possibly
    Well possibly 19 days ago

    Hide your spare key along with about 50 other useless keys. It will take them so long trying one at a time that they will fear the neighbors will spot them and call it in.
    Leave a unique, inconspicuous mark on the correct key and memorize the color.
    I wish we all had a device that would alert several neighbors in case someone breaks in and prevents you from calling the police. They could call for you and vice versa.

  • Tina Randall
    Tina Randall 20 days ago

    Like the book safe. tina Randall in California

    THESUPREMESUPERGOD 22 days ago +2

    Clearly you have no criminal element in your thought process

  • Connor Bryant
    Connor Bryant 29 days ago +1


  • JJ Hill
    JJ Hill 29 days ago

    Yeah let’s all keep acting like we clicked on this video to hide money or keys😂

  • Raymond Emsworth
    Raymond Emsworth Month ago


  • Samantha Brown
    Samantha Brown Month ago

    *hides juul pods in sprinklers*

  • LT72884
    LT72884 Month ago

    This is how i found my phone, keys, and money my parents took last week. Thank you university of youtube

  • Sami Harvey
    Sami Harvey Month ago

    I feel like ONLY stoners have seen this video

  • jewel Canlas
    jewel Canlas Month ago

    The first one was soo tiring


    are we not gonna talk about the voice crack at the start?

  • bran c
    bran c Month ago

    Finally a video that shows the wster bottle can be opened

  • O.G. R/\H
    O.G. R/\H Month ago

    A lot of these are hokey. The Pringles can is a horrible idea people will tend to find your stuff if you have a Pringles can that’s bottom heavy they’re going to want to know what that crappy piece of cardboard glued in the bottom is. It’s just a bad idea.

  • Sean Ferree
    Sean Ferree Month ago +1

    Sadly he found the entire book missing as it turned out the intruder enjoyed reading H.P. Lovecraft 😳

  • Mario Velazquez
    Mario Velazquez Month ago +2

    Its all fun and games till someone throws it away

  • kyle hackney
    kyle hackney Month ago +1

    This is retarded now that king of randoms gone now you got this is my recommendation why don't you stop these stupid channels from growing and let a real Channel grow for once

  • Rigo Hurtado
    Rigo Hurtado Month ago

    0:09 that voice crack tho

  • Jonah Abenhaim
    Jonah Abenhaim Month ago +1

    Other People who watch this video will soon Realize where secret money could be hiding.

  • Johngabriel bargayo
    Johngabriel bargayo Month ago +2

    One problem.
    If it's so good at deceiving you, you might throw it away thinking it has nothing in it but the normal contents.

  • Simon's Games
    Simon's Games Month ago

    7 milion views... No more secret..

  • DoRiTeRsAs
    DoRiTeRsAs Month ago +5

    Thieves watched video:


  • Eileen Benson
    Eileen Benson Month ago +1

    Great ideas but food containers would end up in the trash. My daughter lost $40 from hiding it. Never did find it.

  • Alpha Rocket
    Alpha Rocket Month ago

    Where is the entry link for the clock safe

  • Shao Lor
    Shao Lor Month ago

    Meth dealer's hack.

  • Jumpandkick
    Jumpandkick Month ago

    Is no one gonna talk about the voice crack at the start

  • Headshotz Headshotz

    How to hide your weed

  • Kitty Venom Gaming
    Kitty Venom Gaming Month ago

    The comment section is my favourite place 😂

  • Gametron13
    Gametron13 Month ago

    The pringles hack wouldn't work for me
    My pringles cans don't last very long and anyone who knows me would know I wouldn't keep a specific pringles can in my cabinet for more than a week

  • Aoi San
    Aoi San Month ago

    The thing is burglars could watch these vids and then know where to look but I love the ideas.

  • Aoi San
    Aoi San Month ago

    The ting is burglars could watch these vids and then know where to look but I love the ideas.

  • The Artful Dodger
    The Artful Dodger Month ago +1

    It's a damn good thing criminals never watch TVclip.

  • wantsome7655
    wantsome7655 Month ago

    My step dad thought I was Scareface because I sold drugs. I had a false bottom in my stereo speaker. He never found my stash. Another hiding place I used was the battery compartment in my alarm clock.

  • Kevin Xie
    Kevin Xie Month ago

    Rip book

  • Rc adventures
    Rc adventures Month ago

    Ima rob you and look in all the places in this video

  • Mista zOgs
    Mista zOgs Month ago


  • Master Person
    Master Person Month ago

    Oh thank god now I know where to look when I rob houses

  • Kin
    Kin Month ago

    *Thieves will remember that.*

  • Dèstrøyer
    Dèstrøyer Month ago

    The last step for everything is to remember you hid your stuff there

  • ParkersaurousRex
    ParkersaurousRex Month ago +3

    Thief: oooooh I love Disani water bottles I will take it
    Thief’s friend : hey I found a clock

  • Scotty
    Scotty Month ago

    How many people are watching this for weed hiding spots

  • Nathan Butcher
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  • 张铁牛
    张铁牛 2 months ago

    Guys dont use this method, robbers watching this video

  • iDoNotHateMyLife
    iDoNotHateMyLife 2 months ago

    0:10 voice crack

  • 3rd Zone RusideMinded
    3rd Zone RusideMinded 2 months ago +2

    It's not a secret if about 7 million people know about it
    Like if u agree

  • George Sikorski
    George Sikorski 2 months ago

    "How to make secret safes"
    *Thumbnail is of money inside a transparent water bottle*

  • SD People
    SD People 2 months ago

    Someones gona take them Pringles one day

  • Kalimullah Ziai
    Kalimullah Ziai 2 months ago

    I have the same kind of Pringles.

  • lex0
    lex0 2 months ago

    Did you just destroy a complete and annotated edition of Lovecraft's work ? what the hell is wrong with you.

  • Gxnnar T
    Gxnnar T 2 months ago

    We all know why you guys are here;)

  • Hussain's gaming
    Hussain's gaming 2 months ago

    Or just buy a safe.