The Fire Whisperer - Cyanide & Happiness Shorts

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    SILVER LIGHT 11 hours ago

    Cesar millan in a nutshell

  • Caleb Clingan
    Caleb Clingan 14 hours ago +1

    California really needs this guy about now

  • Shuai Wang
    Shuai Wang 16 hours ago +1

    This guy needs to assert dominance over the current California fire smh

  • mike trokey
    mike trokey Day ago


  • what is this
    what is this 2 days ago

    Need to call him for LA

  • kelly bradberry
    kelly bradberry 3 days ago

    Uummm okay

  • marcus gamer
    marcus gamer 3 days ago +1

    there you go good fire xd

  • Legend 27
    Legend 27 4 days ago

    not available in your country
    want to watch shows... well flip you

  • Jonah Hartman
    Jonah Hartman 5 days ago

    Narly dude

  • The Aman
    The Aman 7 days ago

    why is the van a ford econoline

  • OMGcat
    OMGcat 10 days ago

    why pay anime when free anime ....durrrrrrrr

  • Iosif I
    Iosif I 10 days ago

    Fuck happened to Seewhatever.

  • FrankTMP
    FrankTMP 11 days ago

    I Guess she was *FIRED*

  • Marky Namikaze
    Marky Namikaze 12 days ago

    This girl is on fire

  • Martin Chapman
    Martin Chapman 12 days ago

    This C&H short was based off a South Park episode, based off a reality TV show. W o w i e

  • Money K
    Money K 13 days ago

    Hey Vrv isn't available in Hong Kong...

  • napoleon yong
    napoleon yong 14 days ago

    looks like an evil organization leader from pokemon

    GLORIA KELLY 15 days ago

    3:11 😻😻😻

  • Maxime Tirol
    Maxime Tirol 17 days ago

    vrv sucks

  • Yakarot Sennin
    Yakarot Sennin 18 days ago

    Aren't _firebenders_ fire whisperers?

  • mark ian songkip
    mark ian songkip 19 days ago


  • wizzaroot. The CRINGE Channel

    Kevin Cosmo.... as in Jackson Galaxy. You morons are geniuses.

  • Joey Wise
    Joey Wise 21 day ago

    Oml it’s Guy Fire-Ri

  • ZuxoTheDude Dude
    ZuxoTheDude Dude 21 day ago

    This is like super nanny

  • TheBoombasticCriminal
    TheBoombasticCriminal 23 days ago

    1:40 nice ass, right is ok

  • The Wizzy
    The Wizzy 23 days ago

    all about the energy

  • le paw
    le paw 24 days ago

    vrv doesnt exist in my country. What i can to do to see this show

  • tyrellwilsonmusic
    tyrellwilsonmusic 24 days ago +1

    He should be *fired*

  • ShadowKing317
    ShadowKing317 24 days ago


  • Kyle Macasinag
    Kyle Macasinag 25 days ago

    Wow, Hot Streak has cleaned up his life.

  • Vault Dweller
    Vault Dweller 26 days ago +1

    I get that the youtube adpocalypse makes it very difficult to run channels like this one, but the promotions in this video were just cancer.

  • S70KB
    S70KB 26 days ago

    Your face is face face

  • Collin Anderson
    Collin Anderson 26 days ago

    Pick up butt

  • FishySquidMan
    FishySquidMan 27 days ago

    1:39 That's gonna be used in one of those unofficial clickbait compilation videos.

  • Kinato
    Kinato 27 days ago

    I really would like to watch on VRV but it is not available in Germany. Does someone know how it works in Germany all the same?

  • The_Nerd
    The_Nerd 28 days ago


  • Nnlt_ig
    Nnlt_ig 28 days ago

    I wish VRV was available in my country

  • Shadow Sage
    Shadow Sage 29 days ago +1

    Jackson Galaxy anyone?

  • Filip_zen
    Filip_zen 29 days ago

    Only on DMAX

  • TheInsidiousArtiste
    TheInsidiousArtiste 29 days ago

    He looks like the dude from Megas XLR

  • TheRedGameboy
    TheRedGameboy 29 days ago

    love the level of cooked jokes on the tombstone.

  • Shadow :3
    Shadow :3 Month ago

    Give me a phone number to The Fire Whisperer

  • Games Expedition
    Games Expedition Month ago

    Can't you upload season 2 to your YouTube channel?
    It said it's for free on vrv, which is not available on my country.

  • ChickenBurgerDude
    ChickenBurgerDude Month ago

    I’m Rick Harrison, and this is my pawn shop. I work here with my old man and my son, Big Hoss. Everything in here has a story and a price. One thing I’ve learned after 21 years – you never know WHAT is gonna come through that door.

  • jay i need to sleep jose

    Did anyone get a car add

  • D33P FR33Z3
    D33P FR33Z3 Month ago

    The entire video is the punchline

  • Bluebella
    Bluebella Month ago

    Supernanny much?

  • Silver Comics
    Silver Comics Month ago

    Ok, but that fire clearly has sentience!

  • the sean
    the sean Month ago

    He reminds me of guy fieri or however you spell it

  • Birki gts
    Birki gts Month ago

    Videos that are 50% add have earned my dislike.

  • My Name A Jeff
    My Name A Jeff Month ago


  • Θέμης Ευθυμιάδης

    Daaaaaamnn what’s Cosmo’s number I need him I think my fire has herpes!

  • Michael Bean
    Michael Bean Month ago

    Juni Taisen? Dude we have Kujira no kora wa sajou ni utau and you stick juni taisen on there? Tf

  • only257
    only257 Month ago


  • Twils Stanton
    Twils Stanton Month ago

    Not funny enough to pay for. I guess YouTube is screwing over one more .

  • Dana Logan
    Dana Logan Month ago

    Your life depends on it also don’t call 911 if there is a fire because you want to save one but the will still come anyways so I guess whatever you do you can’t save fire huh

  • Dana Logan
    Dana Logan Month ago

    Also did anyone notice that at the start of the video Cozmo has a fire extinguisher so maybe if the fires are bad he kills them what a terrible way to deal with fires #savethefiresfromCozmo!!!

  • Dana Logan
    Dana Logan Month ago

    Did anyone notice this has a reference to super nanny I totally don’t watch her I just watch the previews that still counts as cool right right?no ok(*-*)

  • Jeff the stormtrooper


  • book lover
    book lover Month ago


  • PodcastPlayer
    PodcastPlayer Month ago

    does this guy help with a burining pussy

  • Jonathan Warrdddedcxddeececldron

    Guy feretti

  • lycons Lawrence music

    dat ass thicc ad

  • The SRK
    The SRK Month ago

    I guess that show eventually crashed and burned.

  • Sonicgamer 999
    Sonicgamer 999 Month ago

    My cat from hell parody

  • Bobbydog66
    Bobbydog66 Month ago

    1:59 Now all I can think is my brother, my brother, and me.

  • NYPD Fan
    NYPD Fan Month ago

    Fire I deal with it is say your adopted

  • death stroke
    death stroke Month ago

    Rip ceaser

  • Originally Network
    Originally Network Month ago


  • Alex Brown
    Alex Brown Month ago

    To everyone complaining this is insensitive all i hear is "waaaah my feeling, give me attention and pander to me". this is a parody of Caesar Milan but you insist on making it about something else to get attention for yourselves and want others to pander to yourselves because you are so desperate for attention, the worst part is how willing you are to invoke a tragedy to do so while hypocritically calling everyone else insensitive and selfishly demand attention. No on gives a fuck, lake give a fuck is dried up no one cares about your feelings, you deserve no attention, we will not pander to you, go fuck yourselves while we enjoy this. Fuck off elsewhere to your echo chamber of butthurt. I can tell you not one of us fucking cares about anything you feel or have to say.

  • Cohaggs
    Cohaggs Month ago

    Guy fire

  • ItzFizz
    ItzFizz Month ago

    I think C&H is this universes interdimensional cable.

  • Jökull Máni Óttarsson

    his name is Kevin Cosgrove? like the 9/11 victim?

  • Trevplays5
    Trevplays5 Month ago


  • Toxic Beetle
    Toxic Beetle Month ago

    “But everything changed when the fire nation attacked”

    MICHAEL JONES Month ago

    Yeah!! A 3 minute video!!!

    (Explosme twiddling there Beards) fools!!

  • StormyBass
    StormyBass Month ago +1

    1:59 420 hehe

  • DerpeyyyTM
    DerpeyyyTM Month ago

    Cesar Millan

  • Axilleas Evmo
    Axilleas Evmo Month ago

    ok ok you know what thats EXACKLY LIKE SUPPER NANY

  • AwaX Mind
    AwaX Mind Month ago

    FUCK VRV, stop this raping of C&H.

  • Natasha Ray
    Natasha Ray Month ago +1

    Is this supposed to be a cross of my cat from hell and supernanny?

  • Mettaton Ex
    Mettaton Ex Month ago

    Let's check in with the Indus River Valley Civilization they're gone.

  • Mettaton Ex
    Mettaton Ex Month ago

    What nice buttocks that woman has.

  • White Rice Plays
    White Rice Plays Month ago

    That was a very HOT situation...

  • David Quezada
    David Quezada Month ago

    pssh anime never reuses scenes! >:C

  • Channel Jake
    Channel Jake Month ago

    It's a supernanny parody

  • Fishing Under 10 Bucks

    Fuckin Caesar Milan prarody. Good job

  • Multi Subjects
    Multi Subjects Month ago

    Can y'all make another fire whisperer episode?

  • Sockeye
    Sockeye Month ago

    Remind me of "My Cat From Hell

  • Animation Cow
    Animation Cow Month ago

    This looks like a job for...!

    John Battman.

  • Kabbier Bali Nag
    Kabbier Bali Nag Month ago

    "A life well done"

    That's not rare at all...

  • Viridian Borage
    Viridian Borage Month ago

    Wew vrv isn't available in my country

  • BewiggedGolf
    BewiggedGolf Month ago

    I get the joke XD random

  • anony mous
    anony mous Month ago

    I will downvote everytime I see a VRV ad.

  • Joseph Decasper
    Joseph Decasper Month ago

    Karin died on Hitler's Birthday.

  • uniqueUsername_1024

    Hello, how much do you charge for your fire whispering services?

  • XxrexusxX
    XxrexusxX Month ago

    Dumb ass lol

  • Fuwaffle
    Fuwaffle Month ago +1

    Endeavor be like

  • manoj yadav
    manoj yadav Month ago

    He's so russian

  • Johnny Appleseed
    Johnny Appleseed Month ago

    Damn this sucks. I liked the book C&H released, but this VRV idea is just bad. Long time fan majorly disappointed.