The Fire Whisperer - Cyanide & Happiness Shorts

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  • DJninja -funny ninja
    DJninja -funny ninja 2 hours ago

    Lol fire

  • Khashon Haselrig
    Khashon Haselrig 6 hours ago

    Dat azz

  • Jamir Mccoy
    Jamir Mccoy 14 hours ago

    I wish cyanide and happiness hadn't gone soft because of demonitization

  • theGamingHero
    theGamingHero 14 hours ago

    You should make a following one from this called my fire from hell.

  • PereraDeJesus
    PereraDeJesus 14 hours ago

    Legend in portuguese please :(

  • Jasmine Dazzle
    Jasmine Dazzle 15 hours ago

    This is just sad

  • Jasmine Dazzle
    Jasmine Dazzle 15 hours ago

    What why

  • parodoxnu
    parodoxnu 16 hours ago


  • hamed manoochehri
    hamed manoochehri 17 hours ago

    Is it me or a porn made by ExplosmEntertainment sounds like the greatest idea ever?

  • omar og
    omar og 17 hours ago

    Omg dat burning ass is sexy

  • Joe On a Boat
    Joe On a Boat 18 hours ago

    i enjoy these videos.  i also have a youtube but not a cartoon youtube.  don’t worry.

  • alexandros Ignatiadis
    alexandros Ignatiadis 18 hours ago

    420 anybody?

  • Josie Deneken
    Josie Deneken Day ago

    Which App?

  • اصيل الشمراني

    we need arabic language😞💔

  • dudu's gaming
    dudu's gaming Day ago

    He's is like the dog whisperer at the channel national geographic

  • MrDoboz
    MrDoboz Day ago +1

    yeah, cool episode, but I had to give dislike for the vrv sponsor shitshow

  • rudydude official

    which software do you use for animation

  • jesus_play_ collabes

    I love butt chikes

  • balexstudent
    balexstudent Day ago

    Interesting timing with the North Bay fires

  • TheHomeless TeddyComics

    Very funny. Please check out the video, subscribe, & like. Thank you.

  • Follow4follow Futureblood

    1:01 to

  • Follow4follow Futureblood

    0:55 to 0:57 dumb ass yealling at the fire like it's a person

  • Follow4follow Futureblood

    0:28 to 0:30 take it on water is fries wost weenkss out all water and ice defeets fire

  • Follow4follow Futureblood

    This dumb bitch 0:10 to 0:14 take it out you going burn your chair if you don't move you going get burn fuck it is your chair go head let it burn

  • Follow4follow Futureblood

    Flinely new video

  • Marshall Family
    Marshall Family Day ago +1

    I want to hear more about the guy with the hurt dick.

  • Mista skeleton
    Mista skeleton Day ago

    Is that guy fury

  • Orion's Arrow
    Orion's Arrow Day ago

    Lol. It's Endeavor from bnha.

  • Anthony Peskey
    Anthony Peskey Day ago


  • Baddude 04
    Baddude 04 Day ago


  • Flint Brennan
    Flint Brennan Day ago +1

    C'mon explosm, right after the wildfire? Too soon.

  • Logan Hernandez
    Logan Hernandez Day ago +1

    This is actually my favorite video on youtube

  • Monster Explorer Furcorn

    He sounds like krog from Mixels.

  • kamekaze201
    kamekaze201 Day ago

    Disliking for VRV which SUX

  • Christian Carlo de Jesus

    Pathetic Satanists. Hell-bound and can't whisper the fire. Hehehe.

  • Hans Kristian Rosendal Jakobsen

    Who keeps fire as a pet? As far as I now, it's not a living creature! >_< Don't worry! No dislikes from me! :-)

  • JackWolfGaming
    JackWolfGaming Day ago

    If I have to watch ads before your cartoons, don't make me watch ads IN your cartoon...

  • gupster
    gupster Day ago

    he has a fire extinguisher in his car

    *oh no*

  • Geek Sheep
    Geek Sheep Day ago +1

    you know that something is madly wrong with this channel when half of an episode is an ad :/

  • Abdullah Qumper
    Abdullah Qumper Day ago

    Hey guys, I have vidoe of your that I "like" waaaaaaaaaay back it was called: I did it
    am glad you still making those vidoe, keep that up

  • GraVe235
    GraVe235 2 days ago +1


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  • BlueCobra
    BlueCobra 2 days ago

    Make more videos

  • Navin Ganesan
    Navin Ganesan 2 days ago


  • Benjamin stare
    Benjamin stare 2 days ago

    Missed opportunity to call the host Guy Firei

  • Random Parent
    Random Parent 2 days ago

    an actually pretty funny vid
    Haven't seen that in a while

    nevermind half of it's an ad..

  • The bros
    The bros 2 days ago


  • consicedisc
    consicedisc 2 days ago

    well what did we learn that if we listen to the fire whisperer we will get 8th degree burns

  • Wirkko100 Pelailee
    Wirkko100 Pelailee 2 days ago

    Meanwhile in soviet russia

  • TracksbyAlexander
    TracksbyAlexander 2 days ago

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  • BewareTheForce
    BewareTheForce 2 days ago +1

    I swear, half the episodes are just advertising how they keep banishing the show to obscure websites. And then they decided to throw Purgatony on a different service entirely, for some fucking reason.

  • YamiGekusu
    YamiGekusu 2 days ago

    ...I actually got my back burned from a fire in my living room last year...

  • RadecTheNoob
    RadecTheNoob 2 days ago +1

    California needs this guy

  • Milan Thapa
    Milan Thapa 2 days ago

    this reminded me of dog trainer south park episode.

  • cristian collins
    cristian collins 2 days ago +1


  • Gabe Stark
    Gabe Stark 2 days ago

    He's like the fire Supernanny

  • Jacquez smith A.k.A Choppa quez

    Go to my channel listen to my Music like my comment subcribe

  • Cam Vligs
    Cam Vligs 2 days ago

    Can you guys make a Ted Bear 3 with him exploring the wilderness I promise I will subscribe

  • Najann127
    Najann127 2 days ago

    Dude, we need you in California lol

  • Kage Eazy
    Kage Eazy 2 days ago

    01:58 so Karin died on 420. Lmao.

  • marsel egan
    marsel egan 2 days ago

    Is this a rip off from " Dog Whisperer " from National Geographic

  • Razorsanchi
    Razorsanchi 2 days ago

    That ad ignited my disappointment

  • armarion graham
    armarion graham 2 days ago

    can you make a pull my finger 2

  • Jayeh Jay
    Jayeh Jay 2 days ago

    California - too soon. 🔥

  • Engelin
    Engelin 2 days ago +1

    Are you fuckin serious lmao I thought I was getting a 3 minute cartoon, but instead got a minute-and-a-half ad

  • julia duarte
    julia duarte 2 days ago

    is that guy fieri

  • jumpsplat120
    jumpsplat120 2 days ago

    I tired this and my house burned down.

  • Stetson
    Stetson 2 days ago

    Someone call the Fire Whisperer to California

  • Mqx Animations
    Mqx Animations 2 days ago +1

    That fire is on *fire*
    BTW: National geographic reference?

  • Sean Stapleton
    Sean Stapleton 2 days ago

    T H I C C

  • SwegMeisterGaming
    SwegMeisterGaming 2 days ago

    It's Guy Fieri's son

  • DingleRoot 69
    DingleRoot 69 2 days ago

    Wait?! So confidential that today I were talking about the film " horse whisper" and so happen I'm watch fire whisper on cyanide and happiness!

  • Ananoumus Man
    Ananoumus Man 2 days ago

    Make a new ted bear

  • Aren
    Aren 2 days ago

    This episode was straight FIRE!!!

  • draco5991rep
    draco5991rep 2 days ago


  • Xtreme543YT -
    Xtreme543YT - 2 days ago

    0:14 why is her phone broken?

  • Wacky Waffles
    Wacky Waffles 2 days ago

    Super Nanny

    Only some people will know

  • Shaun A
    Shaun A 2 days ago

    Will there be a season 2 of purgatony

  • Slayer119988
    Slayer119988 2 days ago

    Damn it's too friggin early for this level of absurd

  • David Cruz Jr
    David Cruz Jr 2 days ago +1


  • el clasher29 el DIOS de la variedad

    Porque no ponen subtítulos en español

  • Arlorian Sloane
    Arlorian Sloane 2 days ago

    another half-episode ad.

  • AfterTech
    AfterTech 2 days ago


    Like if you get the reference; or dont ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  • Darius Rayan
    Darius Rayan 2 days ago

    I saw the cynide thing at the end where that white ninja is *GAY*

  • Gary_DopeAsFuck
    Gary_DopeAsFuck 2 days ago

    At Every Fan of ExplosmEntertainment:

    One Person, means that he would Be ExplosmEntertainment. His Youtube Account is „Cyanide Vines".
    Every Fan should please Report hin. He means He would Be the owner of this youtube Channel. He ist the biggest Son of a bitch I ever saw.
    Again: Report the Instagram Account "Cyanide Vines" because of copying a star.

  • Esau Torres
    Esau Torres 2 days ago

    Funny coincidence how they released this when California is currently on fire.

  • Raptor Lord
    Raptor Lord 3 days ago

    What a weird superhero or it could be like that show house nanny I think you know the one where the woman goes around making kids behave

  • AlexLava
    AlexLava 3 days ago

    Cool make plz many episodes!

  • Life is brutal
    Life is brutal 3 days ago

    Best ad

  • What?
    What? 3 days ago

    Offensive with California dealing with fatal wildfires.

  • Hollowfist90
    Hollowfist90 3 days ago


  • mrRexninja
    mrRexninja 3 days ago

    im only 32 seconds in and your guys fire effects are very impressive.

  • Classic Seb
    Classic Seb 3 days ago

    420 on the grave 😂

  • Vedrit Mathias
    Vedrit Mathias 3 days ago +1

    A rare soul? A life well done? Someone call a medium!

  • Earth
    Earth 3 days ago

    *goes to gogoanime* it's the same

    MAMBO AMO 3 days ago

    0:35 look at at the door

  • Mattteus
    Mattteus 3 days ago

    your fire should walk *with* you, not all over you **cue Twin Peaks music**

  • Joseph Chung
    Joseph Chung 3 days ago

    Got a huge case for this man in Napa Valley CA

  • Jimmy Walker
    Jimmy Walker 3 days ago

    Straight fire. 🔥

  • Randomly Ron
    Randomly Ron 3 days ago

    Is this a parody of the dog whisperer

  • NIGG36 Pin
    NIGG36 Pin 3 days ago

    I need to call this guy, I have problems with my fire🔥🔥