GREEN BOOK interviews - Mahershala Ali, Viggo Mortensen, Peter Farrelly

  • Published on Nov 6, 2018
  • Fox 5's entertainment reporter, Kevin McCarthy (@KevinMcCarthyTV), sat down with Mahershala Ali, Viggo Mortensen and Peter Farrelly to talk about GREEN BOOK. Movies.

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  • Simon Friedman
    Simon Friedman 6 days ago

    Viggo lost all the movie weight as quick as he gained it

  • Devon Ambrose
    Devon Ambrose 11 days ago

    It's the dude!

  • Email Orphone
    Email Orphone 11 days ago

    Will we just ignore how great this interviewer is

  • Trisha Yun
    Trisha Yun 17 days ago

    Love both of two actors :) so great
    N what a great leading during the interviews

  • lili ks
    lili ks 19 days ago


    GIACOMO'S 25 days ago

    Didn't even realize this man was aragorn...he reminded me something but aragorn no way.Mind blown

  • BroccoliQueefed
    BroccoliQueefed 27 days ago

    An actor is never able to convey how unglamorous the business actually is.

  • Sue Smith
    Sue Smith 28 days ago

    great movie.... both actors contributed to make me want this movie to go on and on......wonderful acting and the humour was awesome.

  • Gabriela Maja
    Gabriela Maja Month ago

    What a great movie! The best I've seen in a while... Viggo was simply amazing!! Mahershala was great too!

  • Jason
    Jason Month ago

    Vijjo Mortenstein!

  • Kien D Luu
    Kien D Luu Month ago

    This interviewer does consistently great interviews. He has such a friendly and genuine presence that he puts the subject at ease.

  • Kevin Healey
    Kevin Healey Month ago

    Mortensen is not like the character he played. He has a lot of personality.
    The same with Ali. He's a nice guy.

  • Harry Demps
    Harry Demps Month ago

    Viggo and Mahershala should do Spenser and Hawk

  • aaa xyz
    aaa xyz Month ago

    This movie deserved the Oscar.. one of the best movies I have seen so far. very inspiring and great acting

  • Mission Seven
    Mission Seven Month ago

    Master Chief!

  • mona polk
    mona polk Month ago

    Maher’s Hal’s has a beautiful smile.

  • BaDUM Tsss
    BaDUM Tsss Month ago

    brilliant actors, great movie. was so fun watching it.

  • Maicy Ru
    Maicy Ru Month ago

    Both intelligent and great actors..Viggo should win Oscar it just that Rami did great too..kudos to all

  • Paris Hoffmann
    Paris Hoffmann Month ago

    He's(Viggo) half danish that's why he have this strong accent but I love to listen to it

    • Sebas Sanchez C-137
      Sebas Sanchez C-137 14 days ago

      +Paris Hoffmann yes, his father is Danish, mother American. He grew up in Argentina from 2 to 11 Buenos Aires and Chaco Province(rural area). He learned Spanish (castellano rioplatense) first and then moved to USA with his mom. And lived in many places.
      He's a genius. He's extremely talented, generous and humble.

    • Paris Hoffmann
      Paris Hoffmann 15 days ago

      +Sebas Sanchez C-137 but he's danish too

    • Sebas Sanchez C-137
      Sebas Sanchez C-137 17 days ago

      His first language is Argentinian Spanish not Danish..

  • Paris Hoffmann
    Paris Hoffmann Month ago

    Great movie with a very important message...just recommend it you have to watch it

  • Fr7o0on Alhammadi
    Fr7o0on Alhammadi Month ago

    This interviewer is so smart and perfect to talk to

  • Kendall Quillin
    Kendall Quillin Month ago

    Nice to see a movie about race that deals with friendship and understanding win best picture at the oscars

  • M M
    M M Month ago

    I am so truly happy the director left out opening credits.

  • Ahlam charbih
    Ahlam charbih Month ago

    Oh such a great movie

  • Scott West
    Scott West Month ago

    It's a great movie.

  • A 243
    A 243 Month ago

    Such a lovely interview. This film really hits you from all angles. It's a must watch

  • Hosen
    Hosen Month ago +3

    looool... from its always sunny in phili.... mac says "VIGGEO MORGENTSIEN" lmao

  • Jay-Ehm
    Jay-Ehm Month ago

    I watch this movie like it's a youtube video ahahahh. It's so good i think i've watched it 5 times already

  • Max Beene
    Max Beene Month ago +34

    Viggo is a prodigy, can't believe he didn't win anything from the Oscars, what a shame 😞

    • elvin pasa
      elvin pasa Month ago

      I know! I'm so disappointed as well :(((

    • John Reese
      John Reese Month ago +4

      Well the film he was clearly the lead or one of the two leads in won best picture so that's surely a personal win too. Apart from being nominated for the third time, and that already being the second Best Picture he's worked on.

  • Andy Baughman
    Andy Baughman Month ago

    So happy they won!

  • jackpage2
    jackpage2 Month ago +1

    Interviewer is so genuine ! love it

  • jose sanfilipo
    jose sanfilipo Month ago +1


  • Not Swedish
    Not Swedish 2 months ago


  • Nero Murf
    Nero Murf 2 months ago

    i love the greenbook..

  • Angela Manukau
    Angela Manukau 2 months ago

    Mahersharla Ali. Is amazing so is Viggo. They both deserve awards.

  • Kalle Ameln
    Kalle Ameln 2 months ago +18

    Nice to see Virgo Morgenstein and Marshall Marshmallows together.

    • Romarina
      Romarina 9 days ago

      Kalle Ameln His name is Vitto, you idiot 🙄

  • Anonymous13
    Anonymous13 2 months ago

    Just saw the movie at my college theater. It was such a beautiful movie and these men are extremely talented. I loved watching Mahershala Ali in this role. He brought tears to my eyes.

  • Nadhirah Nuha
    Nadhirah Nuha 2 months ago

    it is great when an interviewer is ACTUALLY knows his topic and being enthusiastic about it! (and mind to not ask frequently asked questions)

  • Marija C
    Marija C 2 months ago

    Can't wait to see this!!!

  • Pang Xiong
    Pang Xiong 2 months ago

    Just saw the movie. It was fantastic. Made me laugh, and cry. They are both spectacular actors.

  • Gabe Shedd
    Gabe Shedd 2 months ago

    I normally hate these sort of interviews but @KevinMcCarthyTV is fantastic.

  • Georgina Mena
    Georgina Mena 2 months ago

    Great interview 💕 I love this movie so much.

  • Disey Depp
    Disey Depp 2 months ago

    Interesting, unusual and probing questions by a great interviewer and as a result, we hear interesting replies. Wonderful movie , loved every minute, both actors were fantastic but for me, Viggo really made it HIS movie. How hard must it be to act a personality and accent so different to your own and anything an actor has done before?! He was gorgeous and brilliant in LOTR but stunning performance in this!

  • Pam Baars
    Pam Baars 2 months ago

    My favourite movie. Great actors.

  • Elena Way
    Elena Way 2 months ago

    Viggo I want your children lol

  • Tri Steven
    Tri Steven 2 months ago

    Best movie, best actor

  • Elijah cesspoole
    Elijah cesspoole 2 months ago

    It´s too bad he made a bunch right career choices only to blow by converting to islam. Islam is a disgusting ideology. I thought he was smarter than that. I guess I was wrong.

  • Lone Mortensen
    Lone Mortensen 2 months ago

    Fantastisk film

  • Gregor
    Gregor 2 months ago

    The name mispronunciation question is a bit shit.

  • Alexis Newell
    Alexis Newell 2 months ago

    Thats fasinating re the filming n focus n the timing so intricate ❤❤❤❤❤

  • Alexis Newell
    Alexis Newell 2 months ago +1

    Viggo n Mahershala unreal actors GREEN BOOK was beautiful ❤ they outdis themselves i cried was so attached to them magnificent 🌟🌟💫
    Movie of the yearsss!!!

  • Jillian jarin
    Jillian jarin 2 months ago

    I didn't like the interviewer. He seemed rushed.

  • Funk O'Matic
    Funk O'Matic 2 months ago

    who woulda thunk the guys who did Anchorman + Dumb & Dumber would then helm Oscar best picture nominated movies...
    shallow hal, something about mary, stepbrothers, talladega nights.... 😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • leilanecozzi
    leilanecozzi 2 months ago

    GREAT interview. This is the best movie I've seen in a looooooong time. They deserved all the awards they''ve won so far and they surely deserve the Oscar. #GreenBookOscarWinner

  • Kevin Harris
    Kevin Harris 2 months ago +1

    A platonic love story between two men that discover who they are and then dares to change

  • Jacky Woo
    Jacky Woo 2 months ago

    best movie of the year, friendship, music, passion, emotion, and Christmas!!!!!!~~~~~~its just wonderful~~~~~~~

  • Zandra Cecilia Gonzalez Martinez

    love viggo hope he wins the oscar

  • Gary Knight
    Gary Knight 2 months ago

    Great film, story, actors & directing. Subtle yet powerful & heartfelt!

  • Momo Waterlily
    Momo Waterlily 2 months ago


  • Kari
    Kari 2 months ago

    A fantastic movie::)) I loved it::::))))

  • Ena Spitzenberg
    Ena Spitzenberg 2 months ago +3

    The interviewer is awesome! I love it when someone is genuinely interested and knows what questions to ask!

  • Anne-Sophie Pastor
    Anne-Sophie Pastor 2 months ago

    Viggo! You're amazing

  • Marsi Norman
    Marsi Norman 2 months ago

    This movie was an absolute treasure!! I loved it. Both actors did a phenomenal job!!

  • ChezzaAU
    ChezzaAU 2 months ago

    Brilliant movie, the acting was outstanding esp Mortensen

  • ArkFT
    ArkFT 2 months ago

    Awesome movie that goes beyond any political agenda.
    A truly powerful film about friendship and compassion.

  • James Toledano
    James Toledano 2 months ago

    How can a decent person like Ali believe in such a brutal and oppressive death cult. Part of me thinks that African Americans just think Islam is cool without actually knowing anything about it. Never was a peaceful religion. Oppresses women. Where ever Islam is you find misery.

  • Carol Benson
    Carol Benson 3 months ago +1

    I'm praying both of them get Oscars! Fantastic acting! Everyone must see this movie!!

  • Connor Elliot
    Connor Elliot 3 months ago +2

    What an amazing movie.

  • Marshan Thomas
    Marshan Thomas 3 months ago +1

    i wish i saw this movie

  • teddy cannoli
    teddy cannoli 3 months ago

    Good it...forget about it

  • PathofCultivation
    PathofCultivation 3 months ago

    Wingfoot he was known, Thorongil in his youth and Estel that means hope. Wielder of the sword reforged, who bears the band of Nargothrond and whose hands bring healing. Of House Telcontar, Elessar the Elfstone! Son of Arathorn, Isildur, and Elendil of Numenor. Chief Dunedain and King of the Reunited Kingdom, who beheld the lands of Rhun where the stars are strange, and who did return from the doors of the dead where the way was shut!

  • Lightning Film Productions

    This guy consistently asks bad questions. Give me some feeling dude!

  • Oscar Maidana
    Oscar Maidana 3 months ago

    When the dr walks in the rain and stars his speech, "Doesnt matter how good pianist I am, as soon as I stop playing, they see me as any regular nigga" I was like ... Here we go again with this super left racial speech that supose to touch us... but then when he said "And me people dont acept me neither"... It was a nice turn. I enjoyed.

  • orionsecret
    orionsecret 3 months ago

    So glad Kevin asked about the music. I was totally captivated throughout the film with the song choices so I made it a point to stay throught he credits. Lo and behold, the last song was Rich Woman by Li'l Millet and HIs Creoles, a song my father played tenor sax on in 1955. I was blown away!!!

  • Rajaul Alam
    Rajaul Alam 3 months ago

    Im gonna watch this movie.....right now

  • Emily Weirdnez
    Emily Weirdnez 3 months ago +2

    Watched it like 3x. And more time comes. Love the movie

  • Jane Dough
    Jane Dough 3 months ago

    Well - I will not be seeing that movie. Any male (or female) who has
    that little judgement - no, it's beyond that. This man needs to be
    arrested. That is a crime - it's called Indecent Exposure.
    I'm so sick of the evil stench in "Hollywood".
    And the BLONDE C. Diaz is guilty of condoning it.
    Pure white trash - both of them.

  • Matěj Brandejs
    Matěj Brandejs 3 months ago +3

    That was a great interview. Everybody was chill and honest, great job done by the interviewer - very relevant and interesting questions, very professional. We need to start seeing more of this guy :)

  • kevin cunningham
    kevin cunningham 3 months ago

    good questions! fuck fox!

  • Kristian Brandt
    Kristian Brandt 3 months ago

    Starting to notice a trend of international actors playing very American roles. Fawke, Charlie Cox, Elba, Hunnam, Christian Bale recently in Vice and now Viggo Mortensen, a Dane, playing Italian American.

  • Marg Chris
    Marg Chris 3 months ago +256

    Viggo is long overdue for awards. He’s such a talented actor - speaks many languages and can mimic any accent!

    • HN YS
      HN YS 20 days ago

      I'm surprised he wasn't even nominated for the road. Amazing performance as always by Viggo

    • Marg Chris
      Marg Chris Month ago +5

      @ Andy Baughman - yup. I wish he won the best actor award too !

    • Andy Baughman
      Andy Baughman Month ago +4

      Well man, you got your wish! Best Picture!

  • Lorraine Densen
    Lorraine Densen 3 months ago +5


  • sajidkhanmahmood
    sajidkhanmahmood 3 months ago +2

    very good movie and to know it really happened. Not to many movies like this these days.

  • Mary Calhoun
    Mary Calhoun 3 months ago +7

    Have such great respect for Viggo.

  • Raphael Seeck
    Raphael Seeck 3 months ago +1

    Great Acting, Great Movie!

  • dimkacracker
    dimkacracker 3 months ago +3

    the interviewer is a soyboy and it stands out when hes in the presence of viggo.

  • Ddd Kkk
    Ddd Kkk 3 months ago +41

    I want to watch this over and over it is so good. Love this movie so much.

  • Sakja
    Sakja 3 months ago +30

    Ha, I did not know that was Viggo. He can act his ass off.

  • steven bill
    steven bill 3 months ago +41

    Pick one, either one of them for best actor. Slap a best picture on there for good measure.

  • Lee Sher
    Lee Sher 3 months ago +1

    Fabulous film; I'd see it again. That interviewer was a bit annoying.

  • Drew Henriksen
    Drew Henriksen 4 months ago +24

    What a wonderful film.

  • Tricia Johansen
    Tricia Johansen 4 months ago

    I just ask the person how I say their name or just call them Mr., Ms., or Mrs. last name. It's just respectful. Just ask the person!

  • Drunken_ox
    Drunken_ox 4 months ago

    This is the first video that comes up when you type in viggo n word interview. I hate TVcliprs use this type of dirty clickbait!

    • Tom de Kler
      Tom de Kler 27 days ago

      Literally nothing about the title is clickbait.

  • タランティーノエディ

    The interview is the best

  • runningbrook
    runningbrook 4 months ago +1

    I read about the green book years ago. I had no idea there was any more drama behind it other than the reason why it was necessary. I'm going to enjoy this movie.

  • Last Man Standing
    Last Man Standing 4 months ago

    Movie is full of lies and untruths about the man's upbringing his family and who is was.

  • deqa hussein
    deqa hussein 4 months ago

    WORST QUESTIONS IN AN INTERVIEW..... seriously if you know what the green book meant and what this kind of movie is really about you would hate this lame so called reporter. his FIRST Question was literally..... " what's the worst pronounciation of your names?????" Really? what a miss brother. lets talk about the characters and their real lives and the history and the elephant in the room for gods sakes! lets talk about how the green book was not all that positive at the time n in hindsight because it undermined the overarching civil rights movement at the time. lets really talk though.....

    • Ronald Forbes
      Ronald Forbes 4 months ago +2

      I actually thought it was great. It put the actors at ease, and allowed them to also enjoy ANOTHER interview. They either sit in rooms, or go from room-to-room doing interview, after interview for hours.

  • Yeon Song
    Yeon Song 4 months ago +105

    This interviewer is amazing. He asks really good questions and makes a comfortable atmosphere. I can feel his respect toward this film.

  • Qasid Bhatti
    Qasid Bhatti 4 months ago +247

    This guy consistently asks great questions

    • Simone Ammon
      Simone Ammon 2 months ago +7

      Yes, and I love that he is so enthusiastic!

    • Funk O'Matic
      Funk O'Matic 2 months ago +2

      yup... ive been noticing from his sessions with the cast of the mcu movies.... 👍

    • Wenxin L
      Wenxin L 2 months ago +8

      totally agree, one of my favorite. we won't hear boring workout questions from him.

  • Soon Forgot
    Soon Forgot 4 months ago +46

    Both these dudes are top notch